basil the gardevoir

okay so I’ve actually done a pretty good job thusfar of keeping things on here either confined to headcanon or to the Rocket HQ group

but I need to break form today I am sorry :c

So after I posted the Redevoir picture a blog I didn’t know called askbasilandendive liked it

and you know this happens sometimes

and being a creepy stalker I like to peek at the blogs of the people who like my art to see what they have going on

so I peeked at this blog that had a really cool looking icon thinking okay neat this could be co–

and promptly spent until 5am going through their archives

I really love the characters.  The art is honestly just a bonus.  The characters, the characterization, and the continuing development of not only the characters but the story are just beautiful.  I have gone through 25 pages of the archive and only have 20 to go and I don’t know what I’m going to do when I hit the end ;m;

but basically it’s lovely and Basil is the sweetest Gardevoir and I just love him and want to root for him forever

SO TAKE MY SHITTY FANART and forgive me for being a creepy stalker because I really really am ;m;

You know what I’ve been missing lately?

Basil and Endive :c

It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything across my dash from them and I hope their mod is okay

but since I’ve been thinking about them I figured I would draw another Basil because Basil is still the best Gardevoir ;w; ~ <3

A (Belated) Christmas at the Shelter

(So yeah, I should have had this ready weeks ago.  I’m a slow person who treats deadlines more as loose, vague suggestions.  OTL  I had meant to have it ready Christmas day, but kept putting it off.

So here’s a little somethin’ about this past Christmas at the shelter - thanks to Loaym of askbasilandendive for letting me borrow his character Basil a bit!

Also do yourself a favor and PLEASE read this by reading it on my blog, and not the dash - I have yet to find a SINGLE way to format my stories that isn’t stripped out entirely by displaying on the dashboard.  It will probably be an unreadable nightmare anywhere else.)

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clhimself-deactivated20150624  asked:

*A male Gardevoir with a blue streak running along the mid-section of his head walks up to Basil and asks the following question* William: "Hey Basil, is there anyway that you're able to have the Dawn Stone energy extracted from your body? Or is that not possible?"


It doesn’t… really… work that way.

Evolution causes permanent chemical changes in a pokemon’s body that can’t be reversed. It’s kind of like how you can’t “extract the fire” from a burnt piece of wood and have it be un-burnt again.

…Endive could probably explain it better, sorry.



it was totally me

got sidetracked for a while there and just kept it up in a tab to read later and just finished reading like half an hour ago

I can’t wait for more updaaaaaaaaaates ;n;


I might need to go read more of askarbok because hot damn that’s good writing