basil the gardevoir

(( So… I should be working on stuff actually relevant to my plot right now. But I felt a little bit inspired after seeing ask-musharna’s posts in the Dream World where injured pokemon appeared healed…

I kind of started to think Dream World!Basil might appear as a real Gardevoir, at least if it’s a good dream. Which may not happen too often, but still.

I probably could have done something better for the world, but I was lazy so… bubbles. ))

okay so I’ve actually done a pretty good job thusfar of keeping things on here either confined to headcanon or to the Rocket HQ group

but I need to break form today I am sorry :c

So after I posted the Redevoir picture a blog I didn’t know called askbasilandendive liked it

and you know this happens sometimes

and being a creepy stalker I like to peek at the blogs of the people who like my art to see what they have going on

so I peeked at this blog that had a really cool looking icon thinking okay neat this could be co–

and promptly spent until 5am going through their archives

I really love the characters.  The art is honestly just a bonus.  The characters, the characterization, and the continuing development of not only the characters but the story are just beautiful.  I have gone through 25 pages of the archive and only have 20 to go and I don’t know what I’m going to do when I hit the end ;m;

but basically it’s lovely and Basil is the sweetest Gardevoir and I just love him and want to root for him forever

SO TAKE MY SHITTY FANART and forgive me for being a creepy stalker because I really really am ;m;

You know what I’ve been missing lately?

Basil and Endive :c

It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything across my dash from them and I hope their mod is okay

but since I’ve been thinking about them I figured I would draw another Basil because Basil is still the best Gardevoir ;w; ~ <3

A (Belated) Christmas at the Shelter

(So yeah, I should have had this ready weeks ago.  I’m a slow person who treats deadlines more as loose, vague suggestions.  OTL  I had meant to have it ready Christmas day, but kept putting it off.

So here’s a little somethin’ about this past Christmas at the shelter - thanks to Loaym of askbasilandendive for letting me borrow his character Basil a bit!

Also do yourself a favor and PLEASE read this by reading it on my blog, and not the dash - I have yet to find a SINGLE way to format my stories that isn’t stripped out entirely by displaying on the dashboard.  It will probably be an unreadable nightmare anywhere else.)

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