basil rhymes with dazzle

THIS IS BASIL (rhymes with “dazzle,” for anyone else like me who says the herb like “bay-zull”)

HE IS MY NEW BABY <3 and he’s only like an inch-and-a-half long!! :’)

this video shows him discovering the ultimate ecstasy that apparently is timothy hay. no, it’s not sped up; i have never seen a tortoise move so fast in my life.

he has the most beautiful shell. if there were tortoise shows like there are dog shows, he could win one.

he’s still a bit shy and hisses at me if i move too suddenly, but he did eat a little bit out of my hand earlier, and i’m sure we’ll be old friends in no time.

i love him… so much… so, so much… i cried on the way home from the breeders’ because he’s so cute…

im so excited to spend what will hopefully be the next forty years with you, basil!! <3 <3