basil infused

I started using a brush and cup to shave when I went to Africa and I never went back to that foam in a can.  First of all, a bar will last you about ten times as long and save you money.  Secondly, if you travel, there’s no chance of it spraying out in your bag.  The bar soap uses no propellants.  My skin is super sensitive to fragrances and I searched my whole life for a shave soap that wouldn’t burn but finally my wife just started making one for me.  She sells them for $4!

The light green color of this shave cake comes from olive oil infused with home grown basil and hemp oil. the subtle scent comes from tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils which have disinfectant and skin healing properties in case of any slip ups. I also used bentonite clay for and extra smooth lather for a great shave.

weighs ~ 2 oz

Ingredient List:

Water, basil infused olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, hemp oil, bentonite clay, tea tree essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil                    

Men’s Shave Soap at Galloping Gertie’s

From this kitchen witch’s cabinet:

Lemon and Basil Infusion for everyday wellness. Both lemon and basil are anti-inflammatory and support the immune system. To make, slice half a lemon. Squeeze the juice from the other half into a pitcher. Add agave for sweetness. Fill the pitcher with water, the sliced lemons, and a handful of basil leaves that you rubbed between your palms. Let steep for an hour.

Drink to support your health and to bring a little extra luck and protection into your life.