basil haydens

There’s something about Magnus’s loft… something almost inexplicable. Despite the frenetic decor, the hazy lighting and jars of werewolf fangs lining dark shelves, there’s something in this space that makes Luke calmer, makes him forget everything that’s happening outside.

He’s not completely sure why he accepted Magnus’s invitation to come here after tonight’s Downworld council meeting. He should be on his way back to the pack, to placate them and remind them that he has their best interests at heart. Instead…

“Here,” Magnus says, handing Luke a glass of Basil Hayden’s on the rocks, before folding himself into the loveseat across from him, a similar glass cradled in his long fingers. He’s less severe here, the ever-present stiffness in his spine gone. Even though Magnus is still dressed to the nines with his sharp jacket and gleaming rings, it’s as if that extra layer of armor he always wears – that Luke always wears, too – has been removed, and Luke is grateful for it, grateful that he’s allowed to see this.

They talk for long hours into the night. They’ve worked together before, talked before, but not like this. Magnus distracts him from his own head, drawing the conversation away from the Clave and Valentine and Clary. They talk about food at the Jade Wolf, and the fact that Jace has been hanging around the Hunter’s Moon a lot. They talk about bourbon and scotch and if Kentucky does it better than Scotland. And Luke, somehow, despite the turmoil of everything in his world right now, finds himself laughing, laughing because Magnus is genuinely nice, and Magnus… he might actually be a friend.

Sometime far later, during the odd hours of the morning when the only beings on the streets are demons and drunks stumbling under yellow streetlights, the loft door swings open. Luke’s surprise settles when he sees Alec trudge in, gaze glued to the ground as he pulls his boots off and tears his jacket off before he looks up and notices Magnus and Luke watching him.

Noting the pink staining Alec’s cheeks, Luke stands up. “It’s late. I should get going,” he says as he throws back one last sip of bourbon, feeling his blood flow warm and heavy in his veins. It’s no secret, the relationship between the High Warlock and Alec, but in this space, in Magnus’s loft… he shouldn’t bear witness to it. “Thanks for the drink, Magnus. Really.”

Magnus stands too, a kind smile on his face as he walks over to Luke and rests a hand on his arm. “You’re welcome in my home at any time, Luke.”

He wonders absentmindedly as he makes his way toward the door, how Magnus and Alec make it work. The Head of the Institute, the High Warlock, both men with targets on their backs and worlds between them, somehow sharing this. Sharing a home. He and Jocelyn only made it as far as they did because they lived a lie, and now… now, he feels alone, the last remnants of that life gone, with the only daughter he ever knew turned into a stranger with runes carved into her skin.

“Long night?” Luke hears Magnus ask as he starts to pull the door closed.

“The longest,” Alec sighs, and through the shutting doors he sees Alec fold into Magnus’s arms, his height collapsing into Magnus as his head rests on the warlock’s shoulders, eyes closed, the frown on his face relaxing away.

It’s sweet. Sweet and rare. And in another life, Luke might have thought it was wrong, that the lines between their worlds needed to be clear and bold, but now? Now he knows better. And he can’t begrudge them their happiness if they’ve somehow managed to find it amidst the chaos. Angel knows he’s still trying to find his own.

Il materiale di origine: Taylor Jewell for Invision/Basil Hayden’s / Anthony Mackie at a private Basil Hayden’s Bourbon wood-working class he taught in Brooklyn, NY. (6th November, 2013)

@oscar-isaacs-eyelashes Ok, this pretty much convinces me that Anthony was Oscar’s enabler during that Inside Llewyn Davis shoot. He even taught a class sponsored by them. 😂😂😂


So, @s75 @oscar-isaacs-eyelashes, remember when we were talking the other day about Oscar smoking it up in LA during the preparation for Inside Llewyn Davis and @oscar-isaacs-eyelashes was quoting that GQ story about how Oscar got shitfaced on Basil Hayden Bourbon Whiskey during filming?  Well, I think Anthony Mackie was his enabler!

Take a look at this quote from above: “Oscar Isaac, who wrote a song he performs in the film, ‘Never Had,’ said he was introduced to a new whiskey, Basil Hayden, on the set. He now calls it 'the devil’s tool.’ 'I wasn’t familiar with Basil Hayden till Anthony Mackie,’ Isaac said.”

On the set? He doesn’t specify WHICH set. I bet you anything that Mackie sent him that troublemaking birthday gift just in time for Llewyn Davis shenanigans… 🥃😂😂😂