basil from baker street

i just want a lighthearted fanfic where john is spring cleaning and he finds a mouse hole and is like oh hELl no and when he gets down to check it out hears voices and it really??? confused??? but ends up stumbling on basil of baker street from tgmd and this really freaks john out at first but he is also really interested and thinks it’s kind of cute because he’s like a little mouse sherlock???? and they both vent to each other and basil ends up pointing out to john sherlock likes him and is like a relationship coach and john is the same for him and dawson and everything ends happy and silly and they are like best interspecies bros


Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective was first released on July 2, 1986.

It was ultimately Vice President of Walt Disney Feature Animation Peter Schneider who made the decision to change the title of the film from “Basil of Baker Street” to its current title. On February 13, 1986, an inter-office memo was sent out to Disney employees in Schneider’s name announcing the renaming of the studio’s most beloved classics. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) would be called “Seven Little Men Help A Girl”, Fantasia (1940) received the title “Color And Music”, The Jungle Book (1967) was getting its title changed to “A Boy, A Bear And A Big Black Cat” and so on in that fashion. Schneider was furious over the memo and attempted to find the author (animator Ed Gombert) so he could fire them. All the other employees found it a harmless joke and kept quiet. A copy of the memo eventually landed in the pages of the LA Times and all the “new” names were incorporated into the “What’s In A Name?” category on Jeopardy! (1984). (x)