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Recreational Witchcraft’s Essential Healing Salve Recipes

When it comes to healing salves, there are a couple kinds that prove their need most often. Though everyone has different preferences and different recipes for those salves, these are ours.

Sore Muscle Salve

  • 3 Parts Cloves
  • 2 Parts Arnica 
  • 4 Parts Cayenne Pepper 
  • 1 Part Basil

Bug Bite Salve

  • 3 Parts Calendula
  • 1 Part Plantain
  • 2 parts Cloves

Topical Menstrual Cramp Salve (To be applied to the abdomen)

  • 1 Part Rose
  • 2 Parts Clary Sage

Cut & Scrape Salve

  • 1 Part Comfrey
  • 2 Parts Calendula
  • 2 Parts Plantain

Need help getting started? See our Simple Salve recipe here.


Basil, my sweet intersex chickie! She won’t let roosters mount her or her fellow silkies, however she presents herself to Chives, the lead hen, but Chives doesn’t seem to get the message and instead of hopping on her beloved Basil’s back to have wild chicken sex she gently preens Basil’s feathers. Basil bites people if they stop petting her and can get very pushy but we love her anyways.


Basil is more commonly referred to as witches herb or sweet basil in most books. It is one of the most universal and, argumentatively, most important herbs. In most things you come across, it’ll be mentioned or needed. Its definitely a good starting point for a garden or a herbal collection. Since it can be used in teas and foods, its uses are endless.

The planet associated with Basil is Mars, and it’s considered masculine.

Deities it represents:

  • Vishnu ~ Supreme god of hinduism.
  • Erzulie (Ezili) ~ Goddess of love and beauty in voodoo and is often seen in places such as Haiti and New Orleans.


  • Love ~ In Italy, pot of basil on a balcony means that a women ready for suitors and in Romania, an act of passing basil to a lover represents an engagement. The scent of fresh basil is also used to smooth tempers between lovers. Often it is added to most sachets and incenses regarding love, and is considered a natural love perfume.
  • Exorcism ~ Basil is used during exorcism by grinding (or burning it) into ash and put on forehead of the one being exorcised. It can also be put into the nasal cavities if the person being exorcised is going into comatose, bringing them back into consciousness.
  • Wealth ~ It can bring forth wealth if carried in pockets. You can also put the leaves in your register or above the store’s door, which will bring in customers.
  • Flying ~ Witches used to brew half a cup of basil juice before riding their broomstick. Basil can also aid in astral travel.
  • Protection ~ Basil leaves (or crushed basil) can be put into pockets and sachets for protection, or can be ingested. You can also place it underneath your pillow for good dreams.

Magical Uses:

Basil is great for cleansing baths before spells and rituals, and is extremely helpful during skyclad. You can also burn it to purify energies in a room or area.

Medicinal Uses:

  • Sharpens memory
  • Strengthens nerves
  • Removes phlegm from bronchial tubes
  • Strengthens stomach
  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Fevers ~ Basil leaves mixed with 2 cups water, sugar, and milk will help bring down the temperature. Every 2 to 3 hours you can give the sick some sips of cold water. Works best for children. If taken over hours, it can cause profuse sweating (which is often a remedy for fevers).
  • Coughs ~ Basil is an important ingredient in cough syrups and can help with bronchitis. You can relieve cold and flu symptoms by chewing on the leaves. 
  • Sore throat ~ Water boiled with basil leaves can be taken as tonic and can relieve symptoms.
  • Respiratory disorders ~ Boiling basil with honey and ginger is useful for asthma, bronchitis, and cold symptoms. For a rapid relief of influenza, boil basil with sea salt and water. Both combinations boiled in 2 quarts until half the water remains works wonders on respiratory problems.
  • Kidney stones ~ Basil can strengthen your kidneys. In cases of kidney stones, mix juice of basil and honey, and take daily over 6 months. This will expel them through the urinary tract
  • Heart problems ~ Basil can be used to strengthen those who are weak due to heart disease 
  • reduce cholesterol
  • Children’s illnesses ~ Any pediatric complaints can be relieved slightly with basil juice.
  • Rashes ~ Rashes are reduced with a mixture of basil leaves and saffron. This brings them to surface quicker and helps relieve them in the process.
  • Stress ~ basil leaves can be used as anti-stress agent. 12 leaves a day reduces stress, purifies blood and prevents other common ailments.
  • mouth infections ~ Chewing a few leaves can cure infections and ulcers.
  • Insect bites ~ A teaspoon of basil juice is preventive of bites. Rubbing basil in any form on bites helps itching, along with the paste of basil root.
  • Skin disorders ~ Basil juice applied directly to the infected area is helpful with ringworm and other common ailments. 
  • Teeth ~ Dry basil leaves mixed with mustard oil make a toothpaste that will counter bad breath and massage gums while helping with other teeth and gum related problems.
  • Headaches ~ Boil leaves in a quart of water and cook till half the water is gone. Take a couple of teaspoons over an hour with water. Paste of basil and sandalwood can be put on your head to relieve the headache.
  • Eye disorders ~ Basil juice is good for night blindness and eye soreness. Put black basil juice in your eyes at night to sooth and relieve these problems.

Information gathered and taught by the lovely @lovinghernot, our Mistress of Herbs.

my personality is much better suited to keeping reptiles than mammals, and i maintain that having scaly friends is just as fulfilling as having furry ones, but sometimes when i’m sad, i do regret that i can’t just pick up my snake and my tortoise and cuddle with them in bed like i could with a cat and a dog.


My little garden is not large, nor lush, nor green,
A cramped and bare balcony with tiles and rails unclean,
It lacks the buzzing insects, the heady scent of loam,
Not one pink flamingo nor mischievous garden gnome,
I have not one single pot from which a flower grows,
So should I cry in shame that I should win no shows?

Scratched terracotta pots me meagre herbs,
The sea breeze floats in easily, settling my frayed nerves.
My basil bites, my pepper burns, and heady is my thyme,
My little garden, yes while simple, wins because it’s mine.