basics 1:13


Ever After High Cards. Basic. Part 2

by tanaka_joker on flickr

  • # 1-9 Hunter Huntsman. Basic
  • # 1-10 Dexter Charming. Basic
  • # 1-11 Cedar Wood. Basic
  • # 1-12 Holly O’Hair. Basic
  • # 1-13 Poppy O’Hair. Basic
  • # 1-14 Lizzie Hearts. Basic
  • # 1-15 Kitty Cheshire. Basic
  • # 1-16 Duchess Swan. Basic


so while these aren’t really emergency commissions, i really need money to buy textbooks LOL pls send help i spent over $300 on textbooks for this quarter alone, with just 3 classes ;o; so i kind of really need some money by next quarter,, because this gonna be goin down three times a school year and i’m broke as hell. it would mean the world to me if you could help me out <3

ALSO, i’ve decided to change it to only busts because it’ll be less time-consuming and easier for me and it’ll get to you faster :~)!! 

i’m willing to draw any characters or people (and OCs!!) as long as i’m provided references (the more the better)!

i take payment in advance via PayPal!

the rates are as shown above:

  • two-colored with basic shading: $13
    • +1 character: +$3
  • full color: $15
    • +1 character: +$5

more examples of my drawings can be found HERE!

if anyone is interested please email me the details at kyllucontact @ gmail . com!

i would be SUPER GRATEFUL if you guys could help me out and commission me, or reblog this and help spread it around! thank you so much!! ^__^