Drag Race - Gabriel One Shot


“Hey I requested the gabrielx reader one where he puts the boys and reader is rupaul? That was basicay the request and Gabriel and the reader ‘accidentally'leave the boys in there for a while when they go home and have the bunker to themselves and smut with gabe and the reader before they remember about the boys and go back to get the boys and that was about it thanks😁”

Word Count: 2,600

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: Just fluffy smut :)

Author’s Note: I like to think you can enjoy this even if you’ve never seen Drag Race :) Also if you haven’t seen Dean’s Eye of the Tiger rendition you should definitely find it because it sort of inspired the ending! :)

Drag Race

It had been a really long day for you and the Winchesters. You had just got back from a difficult hunt and the three of you all just collapsed in front of the TV, not quite feeling like crawling into bed yet.

“I don’t think my legs will carry me all the way to my room tonight.” He groaned, his head landing in your lap as you flicked on the evening news. You were too tired to protest and you could feel your own eye lids growing heavy as you leant your head on the arm of the sofa, feeling surprisingly comfortable. You had been living with the boys long enough that you felt completely comfortable around them and this wasn’t the first time you had fallen asleep on the sofa with one of the brothers. Sam was draped across the arm chair next to you, already snoring softly as your eyes fluttered closed and you drifted off to the sound of Dean’s soft breathing.


“Where the hell are we?!” You bolted upright at Dean’s confused shouts, almost falling off the work bench you were laying on.

“I have no idea! What is this place?” Sam quizzed, wandering around the colourful room inquisitively, looking at the bizarre dressing tables and sowing machines. One glimpse and you knew exactly where you were; in the hub of one of your favourite tv shows – RuPaul’s Drag Race!

“You remember a few weeks ago you made fun of me for watching that show about competing drag queens? Well, we’re in that show…” You tried to explain to the boys who you looked at you like you were crazy until they had a good look around and realised you were right.

“This is pretty serious payback considering we only made a joke (Y/n)! Take us home!” Dean  shouted, getting more and more uncomfortable as he looked at the benches full of glitter and make-up.

“I didn’t do this! I don’t know what’s happenin-“ The three of you froze as you heard footsteps coming towards you, and instinctively you all ducked under a table keeps your eyes peeled for trouble. Much to your surprise instead of demons or ghouls, a group of amazing-looking drag queens paraded through the room lead by RuPaul himself. He instantly spotted the three of you under a table and laughed,

“Oh Sam and Dean, you two are too much! Get out here and listen to the next challenge.” They looked at you, but all you could offer was a confused shrug as you pushed them towards the group of queens, hoping that you would wake up from this crazy dream soon!

“This week I am introducing the ‘Clothes Off Your Back’ Challenge where you must make a high fashion garment from a selection of clothes from out of your own everyday wardrobes! Good luck and we’ll see you on the catwalk later!” He sashayed away from the boys and toward you, seeming even more magical in real life and you stifled a laugh as you looked at the brothers’ horrified expressions.

“You need to come with me miss.” RuPaul took your hand and lead you out of the room but before you exited you quickly shouted to the boys,

“Just do the task and try to blend in! I’ll see what I can do!” They looked more terrified of the glitter and glue in front of them than any demon they had ever faced and you wondered where the host was leading you until you suddenly felt your stomach drop. Suddenly you were back in your bedroom at the bunker and staring at an all too familiar pair of
perfect, whiskey-coloured eyes.

“I should have known you were behind this Gabriel.” You laughed, rolling your eyes at the angel as he smiled proudly at his handiwork.

“What? I know how much you secretly love that show and I wanted to get the boys out of the bunker for a while so I could have you to myself. You were gone for ages on this case and I missed you.” He spoke so sweetly that you couldn’t even pretend to be mad at him for disturbing your much needed sleep so you wrapped your arms around his neck and rested your forehead against his.

“I missed you too Gabe.” You reluctantly admitted and the angel lit up at your words, looking up at you like an excited puppy as he pressed his lips against yours. He smiled against his lips, always happy to be reunited with your excitable, adorable angel after a long case apart. You had been together for what seemed like forever now and he always knew exactly how to make you as happy as he possibly could. When you were free he was loving and kind and always hanging out with you whether you were watching rubbish television or just making a supply run. You loved that he also respected your hunting a lot though and would stay out of your way when you were on a case unless you asked him for help. He was completely, head over heels in love with you and honestly you couldn’t imagine your life without him.

He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you into a tight embrace so happy to have you back in his arms even though you’d only been apart for a couple of weeks. You combed your fingers through his soft, blonde hair then moved your hands to the buttons of his shirt, undoing the first couple before getting frustrated,

“Gee, all these clothes are super in the way! If only I had some sort of
sexy angel boyfriend who could get rid of them…” You put on your most over the top, dramatic voice as if announcing a huge tragedy, starting to kiss Gabe’s neck as he smirked at you.

“If only…” He mumbled, half moaning as you sucked on the most sensitive part of neck, just below his ear. You felt the cool breeze and then Gabriel’s warm hands on your skin as carefully lifted you so that he could lay you down on his bed, admiring your exposed form.

“You. Are. So. Beautiful.” He breathed against your skin, punctuating each word with kiss as he made his way your body until he was supporting himself on his forearms, his lips locked back on yours. The Trickster had always had a sweet tooth but he had never tasted anything he found sweeter than your kiss. He could still vividly remember the first time he got to feel your soft, plump lips against his; you were feeling over the moon about how well a case had gone and seeing your bright smile and sparkling eyes, he knew he could deny his feelings for you any longer. The first kiss had been tentative and nervous as if he couldn’t quite imagine you wanting him the way he wanted you, but you had been waiting so long for him to make a move that you instantly pulled him close and ever since then he had been doing his best to never let you go.

Even now in the throes of passion with his lips moving hungrily against yours, his hands caressed you like you were the most precious thing to him in the world. You traced the outline of his toned stomach with your fingers before lowering your hand to rub your thumb over his sensitive tip hearing a groan rumbling from deep in his throat. You pumped your over his tip a few times before taking him in your hand and stroking over the length of him. He bucked into your, the effects of being apart for so long obvious in his already painfully hard erection. He moaned and gasped at your touches, before kissing down your front, tasting every inch of you as he made his way down until he positioned himself between your legs.

He planted hot, wet, open-mouth kisses on your thighs as he grazed his finger over your clit gently, loving how you felt squirming under his touch. His finger drew circles over the sensitive nub as his tongue licked over your folds before finally plunging inside of you sending sparks flying through your veins. You filled the air by moaning his name which just spurred on your gorgeous angel, who slowly inserted one finger into you, adding to the amazing sensations of his tongue. His finger curled forward, brushing your g-spot and practically making you scream as you felt the pleasure building inside of you quickly.

You whimpered audibly as Gabe suddenly pulled away but in an instant his lips where on yours and you felt his hard member brushing against the inside of your thigh before he slowly pushed himself inside of you. You gripped his strong biceps tightly as he filled you completely, before giving him the nod, letting him know you were ready for him.  You felt his hips rolling and his hand massaging your chest gently as he moved. You moaned as you felt him hitting your g-spot with his deliberate thrusts, his desire almost tangible as his tongue dominated yours easily. You raked your nails over his back where his wings would be, which only turned him on more as he moved more quickly, hitting your sweet spot with every move.

Your moans were like prayers to his ears as his eyes feasted on your amazing body, twisting in bliss and he smiled knowing you were all his. His kisses fell to your neck, and his kissed and nibbled on your earlobe as he whispered,

“You are so perfect, my beautiful human. I love you (Y/n).” You felt your heart skip a beat at his perfect words, and his finger softly played with your nipple as he moved strongly inside of you. You felt your walls clenching around him and you moaned loudly as your orgasm ripped through you. Your nails dug into him and you wrapped your legs around his waist as he kept thrusting, making your orgasm extra intense and wonderful as you came undone beneath him. Seeing you in your own personal heaven sent Gabriel over the edge as he spilled inside of you, collapsing on top of you slightly.

You laughed at the exhausted look on his red face as you planted soft kisses on his glistening skin.

“I told you that I missed you right?” Gabriel laughed, pulling you close against him as he kissed the top of your head, squeezing you tight enough that you lost the ability to breathe for a second.

“I think you might have mentioned it…and I love you too Gabriel, even if you mess with me and the boys when we’re trying to sleep.” You teased, kissing him before rolling over, ready to doze off finally.

“Woah there gorgeous, I’m afraid there is one more thing we have to do before you can get some much needed rest.” You raised your eyebrow at the smirk on his face and he gripped your shoulder, transporting you to a judge’s table in front of a catwalk, thankfully put some clothes on you in the process.


“I’m not doing this Sammy!” Dean protested, still wearing the same clothes he had arrived at the studio in, having refused any fashion or make-up help from the other contestants.

“Come on Dean, maybe we have to do this to get back to our own universe! Or maybe get (Y/n) back!” Sam commanded as he forced his feet into some heels, making him even more of a giant than he already was.

“Where the hell is (Y/N)?” Dean shouted to a nearby queen, who just shrugged and offered him a tube of lip gloss. “I hope she’s okay.” He mumbles, worried about you since by now you were like a little sister to him.


You stared at the impressive catwalk in awe, unable to wipe the smile off your face as you noticed Gabriel sat next to you, staring at you proudly as if he couldn’t quite believe how lucky he was to be with you. Just as the lights began to dim, he interlocked his fingers with yours, holding your hand under the judging table.

You cheered as the incredible drag queens come out and showed off their amazing fashion creations, stealing glances with Gabriel from time to time. The fifth person to come out was Dean, who was just dressed in his usual clothes, although you had to say he did have amazing presence on the catwalk, looking like a professional model! You also realised that the spotlights were so intense on the stage that he could only just make out the judge’s panel and couldn’t see that you and Gabriel were part of it. He finished his strut and stood on the side of the stage with the rest of the girls as more amazing ladies came out. They all looked fabulous but the final model to hit the catwalk truly took your breath away.

Sam had really committed to the challenge, fashioning a collection of shirts into a flawless gown, and honestly plaid had never looked so high-fashion! His make-up was pristine and of course his hair was completely on point, as it always was. It took all your restraint to no stand up and shout compliments at him as he pouted and flicked his hair at the end of the runway, but you didn’t want to let them know you were there so you stayed quiet.

When he was done with his impressive strut, all of the contestants gathered on the front of the stage and slowly RuPaul announced who was safe and who wasn’t. He stopped before he got to Dean and turned to Sam, telling him that he was the winner and that until that day he never though Hunter Chic could exist.

“Does this mean we can get (Y/n) and go home now?” He pleaded, but RuPaul shook his head and explained,

“It would, but your brother Dean is in the bottom two so I’m afraid he will have to lip sync for your safe return home, but don’t worry Dean, you definitely know this song.” He smirked as he dismissed the rest of the queens, leaving Dean just about ready to tackle him, until he the familiar music building; Eye of The Tiger. This was the moment Dean had been practicing for his entire life and he completely owned the stage, mouthing along perfect and using his leg as a very convincing guitar.

By the end of the performance everyone was on their feet and you finally locked eye with Dean who looked very unamused to see you safe and happily clapping along to his dancing. He and Sam hopped off the stage and strode towards you, Sam seeming surprisingly comfortable in heels and a dress.

“Will you please tell you boyfriend to take us home? And next time he wants to see you, he can just come over, he doesn’t have to kidnap us.” Dean muttered, clearly embarrassed by his excellent performance and really wanting to be back in his bed.

You nodded at Gabriel and he happily obliged, transporting the boys back into the library at the bunker and landing back in bed with you again, where he nuzzled up behind you, breathing in your comforting scent and watching over you contently as you finally went to sleep.