Love Is Just a Game - art by @panda-capuccino​ [Fic complete now!]

[Modern Day Hooked Wayfinder AU] When couchsurfing globetrotter Maui meets backpacking student Moana in the Harrods store in London, they are complete strangers in a part of the world that is unfamiliar to them both. Circumstances lead to them participating in a prestigious Valentine’s Day competition, pretending to be lovers, just for laughs. But when they actually win a holiday together, they learn that playing pretend that they’re in a relationship isn’t as hard as they thought it would be.

understanding astrology for beginners (part 1) ✨🔮

hi i’m making this because a friend of mine was curious about astrology and kept seeing it on their dash. this is going to be basic astrology explained in its most simplest form :)

pt2 is about planets & houses!!!

pt3 is about reading a natal chart & aspects!!!

so if you’re curious abt astrology / don’t get it / want to learn more then here ya go. 💕

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Honestly, I have to wonder if we’re going to see Lotor get into an ugly situation as a kind of nod to how Sendak captured Shiro in s1e4. Because, like Shiro, Lotor’s a hell of a combatant- not easily outmaneuvered or taken down, especially because Lotor’s specialty is fighting when hopelessly outgunned and as I’ve said many times before, the empire’s main strategy when it doesn’t like someone is “needs more guns.”

But the generals are all individually highly capable, and a close-knit team, but if the empire’s trying to hit five targets and all they have to do is catch one of them, their odds suddenly look a lot better than just one.

If we see Lotor surrender to spare one of the generals- or just leave himself open trying to protect them- I can see that being an interesting plot point. First, it’s exactly the sort of thing the empire would do- just like Sendak did for the team, mocking and degrading those interpersonal connections as “weakness”- but also assuming that cutting off the head will incapacitate the entire body.

Assuming that taking out Lotor means that the rest of his followers are immediately neutralized- when that loyalty flows both ways.

Especially if Lotor potentially sacrifices himself to make sure all four generals get out of there safely- because Lotor trusts his father’s forces as far as he can throw them.

starting a new fe game.jpg

fire emblem, whos gameplay style is essentially the same throughout all installments with minimal differences: anyway so heres how you move a unit and heres how you fight and heres how you access about 5 different clunky menu screens in this completely unskippable tutorial

anyone whos played at least like one game in this franchise: