@princessvionnet said : Heyyy! Can I request a “Dating Namjoon but being friends with BTS” list thingy? <3

  • it was actually Hoseok who introduced the two of you
  • like one night Hoseok was skyping you and Namjoon happened to walk behind him and see you and he was like “oh my God love at first sight is real”
  • the two of you hit if off right away and started dating
  • although Namjoon texted Hoseok about what kind of food you liked and what kind of stuff you liked to do like would you die of boredom if he took you to an arcade for the first date???
  • and Hoseok was like,,, calm down dude,,, y’all are so in love it’s Nasty you’ll have fun together I promise
  • … Hoseok was right you two had way too much fun
  • you kind of met the other boys by accident
  • you and Hoseok were playing video games and getting really into it when the others came back to the dorm and Namjoon kissed his head as he walked by and the other members were like ????? whom’st the fuck???
  • and Namjoon was like “this is Y/N, the person I’m dating” and Hoseok was like “Y/N’s also my best friend”
  • ?????????
  • but Taehyung just said “sweet I’m Taehyung and I call playing the winner at whatever game you’re playing” as he sat down on the couch beside you
  • and Jin would shooting Namjoon looks like “you really scored man”
  • Yoongi would surprised, but pleasantly
  • Jimin would secretly proud of Namjoon and will congratulate him later
  • and Jungkook would just kind of be in shock he’s like??? Namjoon??? wow???? when did this happen???
  • as Hoseok’s friend their first question is “do you dance?”
  • it doesn’t matter if you say yes or no they just want to see you dance
  • applause you even if you’re really bad
  • they turn into your hype men
  • you are in a group chat with them where they tease Namjoon about how much he talked about you and how much he loves you and he’s like “sTOP OH MY GOD”
  • Hoseok teases you two the most, but Yoongi teases you on the downlow all thE TIME
  • “so how many times did you tell Y/N ‘I love you’?” “cute…”
  • shopping with Namjoon
  • listen,,, he’d love to pick out clothes for you
  • and you see some of the stuff he picks and it’s like….. okay…………
  • but you try it on nonetheless
  • he’s super supportive
  • you don’t like it? no problem
  • you love the outfit? hell yeah and you look good as fuck too
  • the biggest supporter of whatever you want to do basically
  • late night dates with the entirety of BTS
  • like it was only supposed to be you and Hoseok but suddenly Jimin’s there because he heard you were going out to do fun stuff and Jin wants to go and then Jungkook’s wandering out of him room in a nice outfit because suddenly he’s going and Yoongi wants to get to know you better so he’s tagging along and Taehyung doesn’t want to be left out and Namjoon figures now’s as good a time as any to tag along
  • taking real candid photos of each other late at night
  • Jimin knows all of your good angles, but Taehyung’s more creative about capturing them
  • Jungkook likes to buy you snacks but he doesn’t buy any for Namjoon who’s literally standing RIGHT BESIDE YOU
  • so you’re like “oh no, guess we have to share” and suddenly Jungkook’s shoving his food at Namjoon because he really doesn’t want to see that
  • Jin is the main culprit of taking couple photos of you two
  • especially when the two of you fall asleep together during movie night aslas;lkdf what a snek
  • he’ll use them as blackmail too he will send them to Jimin and Taehyung
  • Hoseok sometimes gets a little sad when you spend all of your time at the dorms with Namjoon so you make it up to him by doing whatever he wants to do the next time you’re at the dorm
  • and you make a conscious effort to spend more time with him at the dorms because he is your best friend
  • dating Namjoon means gaining six other best friends
  • you already have Hoseok, but you also gain everyone else, Namjoon included
  • Namjoon likes to whisper that he loves you in your ear and usually it’s Yoongi who’s around to hear it and he gets that gummy smile because it’s cute… their leader’s in love
  • seriously… Namjoon would love you so much his heart would feel like it was going to explode because it would hold so much love for you
  • the other boys also love you, especially Hoseok

I noticed the tag is a bit slow, so I wanted to contribute something

Cute things Sectuh V does in high school:

  • Nigel making Abby watch Les Mis with him, getting mad when she doesn’t pay attention at part, and ending up crying in her arms all night
  • Abby studying for hours at the library and Hoagie running into her, pulling up a chair, and talking to her to give her a break
  • Kuki and Hoagie going to the arcade and being the DDR champions together
  • Kuki insisting she teach Nigel one of her cheer leading routines, so she does when he hangs out at her place one time, and she lets him wear some of her stuff like, I am specifically picturing him with a feather boa
  • Wally getting in a fight so Kuki patches him up, and puts rainbow monkey bandages on him, to his very clear discontent 
  • Hoagie and Wally accidentally having sleep overs because they played videogames all night and lost track of time
  • Abby taking Wally to the park to play some sports, he gives her his sweatshirt to hold onto and she wears it cuz it’s chilly and watches him run around screaming basically
  • Late night group skype calls that descend into chaos 
  • Abby driving everyone to the mall and they all loudly sing along to a song on the radio
  • Wally kicking the back of Nigel’s seat in the car and he gets MAD

my homestuck timeline is basically

late 2010-2011: fandom is a mess and i was like 12 so it was perfect

2012: the actual prime of the comic when everything was the best

2013: not the worst

2014: homestuck is dead

2015: im going to fight andrew hussie with my own two hands