I noticed the tag is a bit slow, so I wanted to contribute something

Cute things Sectuh V does in high school:

  • Nigel making Abby watch Les Mis with him, getting mad when she doesn’t pay attention at part, and ending up crying in her arms all night
  • Abby studying for hours at the library and Hoagie running into her, pulling up a chair, and talking to her to give her a break
  • Kuki and Hoagie going to the arcade and being the DDR champions together
  • Kuki insisting she teach Nigel one of her cheer leading routines, so she does when he hangs out at her place one time, and she lets him wear some of her stuff like, I am specifically picturing him with a feather boa
  • Wally getting in a fight so Kuki patches him up, and puts rainbow monkey bandages on him, to his very clear discontent 
  • Hoagie and Wally accidentally having sleep overs because they played videogames all night and lost track of time
  • Abby taking Wally to the park to play some sports, he gives her his sweatshirt to hold onto and she wears it cuz it’s chilly and watches him run around screaming basically
  • Late night group skype calls that descend into chaos 
  • Abby driving everyone to the mall and they all loudly sing along to a song on the radio
  • Wally kicking the back of Nigel’s seat in the car and he gets MAD

my homestuck timeline is basically

late 2010-2011: fandom is a mess and i was like 12 so it was perfect

2012: the actual prime of the comic when everything was the best

2013: not the worst

2014: homestuck is dead

2015: im going to fight andrew hussie with my own two hands