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The first time Kat saw Adena took off her hijab.

She makes it up to the second floor, to Adena’s apartment, in a daze. Because the taste and feel of Adena lips is still zinging through her body and Adena’s palm is warm in her hand, guiding them toward the privacy of her apartment.

Adena shuts the door behind them and the first thing that Kat registers is all the warm light illuminating her living space and the soothing smell of what she thinks is a candle or incense. She’s curious, so curious to take everything in, to learn more about Adena from the intimacy of her living space. But right now, she’s far more curious if it’ll feel just as electrifying to kiss her again.

They’re standing together in the entryway, charged silence filling the space between them, when Adena looks into her eyes, opens her mouth as if to say something. But she doesn’t want to talk right now, even though she loves talking to Adena. 

Talking is the last thing on her mind.

She leans forward, takes a shaky breath and tilts her head down to look into Adena’s eyes, to make sure this is okay. Adena looks as captivated as Kat feels, and she reaches up to cup Kat’s face again like she did outside just moments ago, slowly pulling them into another kiss.

It’s so gentle, almost fragile, and she can feel Adena’s breath fan across her face when she exhales. She doesn’t know what she’s doing, not really, other than chasing after what she wants and trying not to second-guess herself.

 And the one thing she knows with absolutely certainty right now is that she wants to keep kissing Adena.

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No Below.

A/N; so I accidentally the deleted the request itself but the person asked to have a Teen!Richie Tozier x reader with angst and fluff at the end to this song they basically gave me free reign with plot and that so I hope they’re not disappointed and that they like it Remember you can request things Here


You didn’t know me when you were a kid
In trouble at school, alone at lunch again

The lunch table was empty. The absence of the laughter and conversation that passed between the six other bodies that used to occupy the spaces left you with the same empty feeling, but they hadn’t occupied those seats in a long time and that feeling wasn’t new. You sighed fidgeting with the pink after school detention slip between your fingers, sitting alone amidst everyone else. A scene that somehow repeated itself from a similar one that happened years ago, but there was no one coming to save from being the loser this time.

I didn’t know you when I broke my knee
Spent the summer on crutches and everybody teased

You were thirteen going on fourteen when you had just come back from one of the most traumatic summers of your life, but it was also the best in many ways. It was the summer you met them and the summer you discovered what was really going on in the small Maine town you lived in. You also remembered it as the summer you broke your knee, it was funny in a way but you couldn’t remember now how it happened except for the stench of the sewers and laughter. And a pair of yellow eyes. Everyone made fun of you as you pushed yourself along on crutches for the rest of the summer but they didn’t, they waited for patiently as you slowly caught up with them and helped you climb any surface you couldn’t on your own.

For the first time you felt like you were apart of something considerably bigger than all of you and you defeated it (whatever It was); together. It formed a bond between the eight of you that couldn’t be broken, not even now. And when the seven that was once eight of you returned to school after that summer, the lunch table wasn’t empty.

Except for this one friend I almost forgot

Now it just seemed like you were all trying to forget that summer, and the memories of each other along with it. You wished you could forget but you knew you could never forget the summer you spent with the losers club, the summer you met him.

You didn’t know me, but he knew me best

Over the course of that summer you and Richie Tozier became best friends. You had week long sleepovers where you’d stay up and talk about anything and everything, laughing in to the early hours of the morning. You knew that Richie never really went home unless he had to, he used to spend nights at the arcade keeping himself awake with the sugary drinks and junk food they sold. Until they closed and he was forced to either wander mindlessly or go back to his house. You used to volunteer to stay with him to keep him company for as long as you could but you often ended up asking to go home. He never told you about his home life but you knew, you saw passed his loud mouth and glasses. He appreciated your constant invitations to sleep over more than he let show but you didn’t need him to say anything.

He on the other hand knew you were a lonely kid. Your parents told you were a burden and you rebelled out of spite. You didn’t try in school and your reputation caused people to avoid you more. When the losers club offered you their friendship you were hesitant but for once they made you feel less lonely. Richie and you connected like that, you saw each other for what you were; two dumb kids living in a dumb town with dumb parents trying to hide your feelings behind your actions in hope it would make life a little less shitty.

The weight of my brain, the fear of my cold head

When things started with the Neibolt House and the sewers and the losers clubs investigation in to the missing kids, you both got so scared. You pulled each other through the sleepless nights and the fear of what unknown thing could have been after you. When things got to bad after Eddie broke his arm, Richie was done. It wasn’t just missing children it was his friends, it was you. He wasn’t risking any of that, you were terrified even though you tried to convince him otherwise. And he was terrified too of what could happen to him but mostly what could happen to you.

You got through it all in the end, with each other.

You never saw me, interred in the ice

My friend tried to melt, but he couldn’t thaw me out right

You tried. After everything happened, you tried so hard to forget and to move on like everyone else. You did for the most part but your mind was plagued with this image of these bright yellow eyes; a frozen moment in time. You saw them when you closed your eyes to sleep at night, unblinking and watching you, and then this laughing; loud and menacing. You didn’t sleep very much after everything.

He tried too. He tried to be there and he tried to listen, on those nights when the laughter in your head got too loud and the eyes boring in you in the darkness behind your eyelids got too much. He tried. Even though over time the memory of whatever it was faded. He tried.

He couldn’t make it go away in the end, nothing could.

So I got ditched freezing, alone with my thoughts

He stopped trying eventually. Everyone else had moved on, forgotten it all. All except you.

And though I was sad, I was better off just being dead

You wished that you knew what it was that was haunting you. What everything you saw in your head would make sense enough for you to figure out why it was tormenting you. You wished it would fade like everything else seemed to over time.

Better off just being dead, without my old friend

You wished that you still had Richie to turn to when you felt this way, that you were surrounded by your old friends instead of the neglected plastic chairs they left behind. That in the midst of all your laughter and dumb conversations, you would meet his gaze again and you would be okay.

True, I once said, I was better off just being dead

You wished whatever it was had just killed you when it could have.

But I didn’t know you yet

When your eyes did meet again, it felt like meeting eyes with a stranger in a crowd.

You didn’t know me, but you got cold, too

And your mind was heavy, and you thought you might use it

They met when you saw that familiar mess of black curls and Hawaiian shirt behind the school at fifth period, cigarette in hand. His eyes were sunken and dull, they had lost that lively spark they once had in his youth, before you was something with a heavy heart. Someone who had seen and experienced things beyond his years.

Well everything fucked up, we both felt before

It was awkward at first, he hesitantly offered you a cigarette and you pulled out your own. You stood there for a while breathing the smoke in to your lungs and avoiding the glance of the other until he spoke.

“I fucked up pretty bad Y/N” He looked at you “I know I did”

“Yeah you did” you replied sternly, finally locking eyes with him.

And that was it.

I’m glad for it all if it got us where we are

With you in the boat there, I almost forgot

You spoke to each other for the first time in four long years, recalling memories from your first summer and the ones that followed. You spoke about Bill and his recovering stutter, and Stans bird watching and how he attempted to teach you both that one time but you ended up fighting after what was supposed to be a friendly game of who could name the most birds accurately.

“That bird was Definitely a Red Cardinal!”

“No! It was a vermillion Cardinal”

“I’m pretty sure those aren’t even a thing Y/N” he argued “What the fuck even is Vermillion anyway!”You giggled at his exaggerated arm gestures that expressed his frustration

You spoke about Eddie and how he hadn’t grown much but was still the bravest out of all you, and how he tried to take care of everyone even though at the time you teased him relentlessly. Then how you recruited Mike after that run in with Henry Bowers, how you all laughed off the pain you were all in after that rock war that left you all covered in bruises for weeks.

“Hey, Y/L/N, you want to get out of here?” He smirked

How I once said, I was better off just being dead

Better off just being dead, I didn’t know you yet

You put out your cigarettes, got in to your beaten up truck you had saved up so long for, and you drove away from that school. You both sung enthusiastically to your collection of cassettes like you had done many times before when you were younger.

“I remember I smashed your bedroom mirror during this song!” Richie yelled above Anarchy in the UK

And you might’ve said, you were better off just being dead

You felt more alive than you had in a longtime, driving away from the busier part of Derry. To the place where you spent a large portion of your childhood.

But looking out for you, my friend, look out

The music from the truck played in the background, as the two of you sat on the hood of the truck. Hand in hand, sharing a cigarette between you, you finally talked a out the summer, That summer. The sewers, the Neibolt house, how it all turned out to be Henry Bowers in the end. You vaguely recalled Mike pushing him down the well, you all thought he had killed him but the police found him alive. You didn’t need to ask him about what the yellow eyes meant, he said he saw them too sometimes but he didn’t know either.

“Do you talk to Bev anymore?” He finally asked

He already knew your answer. Beverly had left shortly after the Summer to move in with her aunt, she called for a while and you used to update her on the mundane goings on of Derry and she’d tell you about what was new with her. It carried on like that for a little while but she slowly started to forget the names of boys and the places you all went together, then she stated to forget your name and had to correct herself over and over, she stopped trying to say your name altogether soon and instead just listened even though her vague answers and questions gave away the fact she didn’t have a clue what or who you were talking about. Then the calls just stopped.

The same thing happened with Ben too. It hurt listening to them slowly forgetting the names of the people they once held so dearly to them.

I didn’t know you when you were a kid

“Well Y/N Y/L/N, it’s been nice getting to know you again” Richie joked shaking your hand

“You to Richard Tozier” you smiled back at him

You both looked out over at cliff and then back at each other.

Then you ran, stripping and kicking away the items of clothing you were wearing. Laughing like you were the thirteen year olds lying in your room at 2am,

“Hurry up Tozier!” You yelled at him as he struggled pulling off his Dr Marten

It felt like you did when you and Richie used to ride through town on your bikes yelling insults and cussing at each other as you raced.

You jumped, Richie shortly followed.

But swimming with you

You both hit the water below, when you resurfaced he pushed the hair back out of your face and you did the same for him. You didn’t remove your hands from each other’s faces, it felt as though if you did you would leave each other again. You just stared at each other, for a brief moment you were both kids enjoying the summer again.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD SOMETHING TOUCHED MY FOOT” he yelled, pulling away from you and trying to swim away

You laughed at him, a genuine laugh.

Despite the years that had passed and the distance that had formed between you to during that time, Richie still knew you and you still knew him.

it sure feels like I did

You weren’t passing strangers in the halls, meeting briefly and ignoring each other.

You were two best friends catching up after coming back from a long adventure.

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Oooh requests!!! I'm torn between asking for more sitcom-ghost-Donnie like that one Drabble you wrote, or maybe capril swap shenanigans, like some april/Donnie bantering? Whatever you wanna do more :)

i’m a sucker for bizarre yet domestic-ish settings, so AU of my AU: My Ghost, My Girlfriend, and Me. (basically what would happen in my poltergeist donnie AU if he never did get brought back.)

Casey is fumbling for his apartment keys when the locked door abruptly opens, and six terrified teenagers come screaming out. He reels, holding onto the groceries he’s just spent precious money on, and avoids the stampede out of his home best he can. The teens barely glance at him, just running full tilt down the hall and headed for the stairs. Their screams echo through the hallways as they escape.

Casey stands alone in the hall for a long moment, and then grimaces.

“I don’t want to know,” He mutters, even though he already definitely does know.

Casey marches into his apartment, slamming the door behind him and stepping over the mass of forgotten shoes in the teen’s escape. There’s smoke in the air, wafting and fog like, and he distinctly smells the scent of ozone and ectoplasm.

“Okay, quiz time!” He shouts as he puts the plastic bags on the counter of his kitchen. There’s suspicious bowls of murky liquid everywhere and empty bottles everywhere else. “Why did I just get run over by a bunch of people I have never met before, and why is our home filled with smoke? If the answer isn’t a good one I’m not paying the cable bill.”

“Business!” April shouts back from the living room, and Casey looks up at the ceiling, consulting patience. Patience is not his strong point.

What business, exactly?” He asks, heading for the living room.

“The business of suckering people out of their money, duh,” April says as he enters. She’s actually wearing clothes today instead of pajamas, so that’s a good sign. That’s hard to accomplish some days. Less of a good sign is that she’s dressed in morbidly black, painfully fake goth clothing and is wearing what looks like a mourning veil. The floor around her is covered in candles, and salt designs, and what Casey is fairly certain is animal bones.

Casey wishes he could be deeply weirded out, but given the people he shares his apartment with, and the family of said people he shares it with, he is not.

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luv how my parents never taught me basic life skills like any sort of cooking whatsoever (so all my cooking and baking was learned by myself or from a friend) and now they get annoyed at me for not knowing these things. fucking reap what you sow. 

Okay So...

<< @belch-huggins helped me with this idea, Meaning they pretty much came up with it and I’m posting but giving credit. :) 

So In the book, Vic approaches the losers and thinks about joining them but doesn’t. Now, my idea or headcanon whatever you wish to call it is this: 

He doesn’t because he just slowly becomes the Loser’s club mom.
Like he slowly just adopts all of them and looks after them and tries to keep them safe from Henry and the others, while still picking on them himself. No one ever said he was a good mom, but he’s a mom and he is trying his best. >>

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I know you've said before that Anna's family wasn't the most supportive initially. Have they come around? How do they feel about the engagement?

i’m debating making a whole video about this actually, but anna’s mom and sister are pretty on board, so are a few of her cousins who really like me, and i think her mom’s sisters are fairly excited. 

her dad is less than thrilled. i had to ask for his blessing (yay the south!) and he basically told me i wasn’t good enough for her because i’m trans but that he’d respect her wishes so that’s not so cool. even though i figured deep down that he had those feelings i didn’t think he’d ever say it to my face? idk. it’s kinda a sore subject right now because the whole situation with him really upset anna. 

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favourite Oc? (I think its Blu is it?)

Well, yes of course Blu.
She’s basically me.

Or at least, classic Blu is.
The rest of the AU blus (fell, swap, plunder, Casterin, etc.) have minds of their own

Yesterday was Besh and I’s self-ship wedding! (Which basically just consisted of me finally imagining it in detail during any free time I had in my busy day.)

So today I’m going to try to draw a special thing to commemorate it!


Back at it for Thanksgiving week! Hopefully I only work tomorrow and be off the rest of the week!

I’m so thankful for be almost done with this damn arc! There’s not enough sweet tea in this world to show how much tea I dropped so far in this arc…

On to the main event!

Yeah Her HQ is freaking T.V station to compared to this 

A motherfucking castle in the middle of the fucking galaxy..

Galaxia was not even on earth but waiting on her to come to her crib. 

Manga Galaxia was basically this

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Assalamualaykum sis 🌷 hope you’re well! I wanted to ask your advice about something. Basically, Me and a friend have been given the opportunity to start something at a local masjid. It would be a sort of MSA/Isoc aimed at brothers and sister between 17-25 years old. What sort of things do you think young Muslims within that age range are in need of? I was thinking something like weekly workshops aimed at things like increasing productivity, taking care of health (especially mental health) etc.

wasalaam love! 

that is such a wonderful initiative! it is aimed to be general help or focused on religion? cause either angle or a combination could be really helpful. mental health is really important. so is sex education. nutrition & exercise. self love/confidence activities. increasing their spirituality by focusing on the main tenants of islam concerning character and how we deal with each other and approaching this in a very relatable and applicable manner. i feel like we really sometimes forget that for the majority of the initial revelations, God was just emphasizing good character and charity and that this should be our utmost priority. seriously approaching topics like gossip, giving people the benefit of the doubt, checking our intentions once twice three times, really paying attention to the little things we do in our daily lives. having a group session where everyone can contribute their experiences with all this can be more effective than a general lecture. 

you guys can also pick like one surah/page/ayah/etc. to translate and delve into every week. Q&A sessions where people can ask anything without judgement. i would love to have a space where everyone can voice their doubts about islam without fear of repercussions. you can have potlucks, game nights, islam trivia nights, etc. 

idk if any of these are useful but there are plenty of people on muslim tumblr who’ve directed these sort of programs so getting the word out there for help would be good! may Allah SWT reward you for your efforts. 

if anyone has ideas for Muslim youth groups comment/reblog with them! 

OOC – I just want to say that if anyone is wondering why Raja/Astre ended, it has everything to do with me not having the time IRL to play them, and me basically not knowing how to handle Astre’s character. I feel like I’m flailing when it comes to her, and I need to figure her out more… eventually. When I have time.

 I adored every moment of RPing the two of them with @the-news-nerd , who is an amazing person and RPer. There are no OOC issues or drama or anything like that. It is due only to a lack of time and me being creatively blocked when it comes to Astre, and newsnerd is very understanding and agreed to end them. Now Raja’s story can move forward, and Astre can… shoot things and drink? Or something.

Checking in:
  • I think all of you received your Secret Santa recipients but just in case you have not please let me know ASAP.
  • If you are having issues sending anon messages to your recipient also let me know.
  • If you need any assistance with your gift or have any questions also let me know.

Basically…I am here to help and make this as stress free as possible, so reach out to me ( @balletfever89​ ) whenever you need help with anything.

Gifts are due December 19/20.

Hate? Naw, that’s way too strong a word. As you said, she’s a “cute cartoon horse,” it’d take too much energy and effort to hate a fictional character.

I just don’t like her because she’s shit.

In all seriousness–as serious as one can be when referring to colorful flying horses–Dash reminds me of myself. She’s egotistical, cocky, and super competitive, all traits that I possess but try my hardest to suppress for the sake of people I care about. But she’s also loyal, courageous, and determined, traits I wish were stronger within me. Basically, I give her a hard time because she’s me. Just with speed, instead of whatever stuff I’m supposedly good at. So I have less tolerance for her bullshit, and don’t cut her any slack.

Plus, she regularly gets away with some pretty messed up stuff (from assault all the way to industrial sabotage). So I take it upon myself to get in a jab now and then. It’s only fair. Also, I am petty. :3

@nevaylin @alviniscute

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Haven't you done that I've changed thing a couple of times. And oh yeah, it was Kyle that kept on falling for it

Yea I have but when we got together, I didn’t pull that shit off. Kyle’s learned, you guys. He knows me basically inside and out. He knows I’ll pull this shit to get something important. I have to pretend to be nice and whatever to get what I want. I’m only genuinely nice to Kyle, he fell for the real me.~