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Part 2 witch!au!!! I wanna know more about their deal and why Neil's not Andrews familiar!

Neil is not Andrew’s familiar because he is not a spirit. Familiars are essentially the essence of a witch’s spirit and inner self taking the form of an animal. Gaining a familiar is a complicated process and requires blood magic, and Neil wasn’t summoned to Andrew’s side. It’s kind of hard to explain, but you know *jazz hands* magic.

As for the deal, it went something like this:

  • it’s the beginning of summer and andrew is tired
  • being around annoyances for nine months was exhausting and the only reason andrew is letting kevin inside his car is because of their promise
  • kevin stays in the car when andrew goes out
  • not too far but far enough that andrew can pretend to be alone
  • except there’s a cat in the tree above him that’s practically suffocating in binding magic
  • really, it’s a surprise that the cat’s even keeping himself upright
  • andrew… well, he’s not about to let a cat suffer so he takes the cat and does some magic to dispel the bind
    • side note: binding magic isn’t bad in any way
    • it’s usually used to make teammates/partners stronger
    • it can also be used as a sort of marriage ceremony
    • typically, binding magic isn’t permanent and requires the consent of all parties
    • however, the deal with the cat was that a taboo sort of binding spell was used so that he wouldn’t be able to escape his master without causing pain unto himself
    • that spell is not public knowledge–only the influential are meant to know about it
    • back to the story

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Suga Daddy: Part 3

Suga Daddy: Part 3

Word count: 7.8k

Genre: smut, angst

My computer is in the shop so I had to edit on my phone. Sorry if there are a lot of mistakes. ^^

Parts: one | two

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It was now Friday, the first day of rehearsal. You’d gotten there a little early, deciding to stretch and mentally prepare yourself, this would be your focus for the next few months. You’d gotten a text from Yoongi this morning, wishing you luck, so you felt pretty good about today.

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Some of the best writing advice I’ve ever received:

Audience? You have no audience. You have that one person you are writing to. One person to impress. The truth to writing? It is personal. It is intimate. If you write it for a certain everybody, you will lose the sincerity.

Scratched (Tyler Seguin)

Prompt: Could you do a Tyler Seguin imagine about how he changes his fuckboy ways when he meets the reader? I love your imagines and you xoxo

Tyler Seguin x Reader

Requested: yep

Includes: Negative view of Tyler

note: gosh diddly darn i love that gif

also im so sorry the ending is awkward i didnt know how to end it

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Dan asked if there is a possibility of zayn coming back and liam was like 'no. Definitely not. He clearly didnt enjoy it and had such a bad time according to him so theres no point in him coming back. Also, I dont understand why he said does things cause we had amazing time.' Obviously this isnt his direct quote but thats basically what he said.

So in the last weeks, I’ve been re-reading manga chapters from the physical volumes I own, which are in my native language, and something I found very interesting to rediscover about the official italian translation, is Near’s speech pattern. In all honesty I’ve never looked through all of the Viz English translation–what I usually look for is manga caps I need for graphics, scattered scenes as quick references for meta or headcanon, but I’m sure anyway it’s gotta be similar to (most?) other translations and consequently to the original Japanese, in what I’m going to say. Near’s speech pattern is very polite; he uses quite articulate phrase constructs, including figures like metaphors and similes (though not necessarily ‘sophisticated’) which he often repeats in a variety of similar contexts.

It could just be that I’m reading too much into it so please take the following as merely a headcanon I wanna indulge in: this made me hypothesise, he might be using scripts from books he’s read, or tv news he’s heard, or earlier conversations he’s either picked up or had with people he daily interacts with like SPK members. Delayed echolalia used as scripts to interact, can be very helpful for him to express himself fluently as it wouldn’t come as spontaneous to him otherwise (especially on tiring days, or occasion when he might be on the verge of a shutdown, for example); it’s as helpful to him just as toys, finger puppets and schematisations of his thoughts on boards are.

Also, to have as much control on the conversation as possible, he prefers to initiate it most of the time; he doesn’t like being interrupted, or to be asked to repeat the same concepts over and over because it might be energy draining:

Rester’s question seems to be entirely unprompted here: Near finds it unexpected, and the first answer coming to his mind is a ‘yes?’, followed by a pause.

Next, I’m going to analyse Near’s interaction with Aizawa below.

It’s possible that ‘thank you very much for all the valuable information’ is a formula Near regularly uses when dismissing a person who’s just provided him with information he values. Aizawa, though, doesn’t seem to appreciate his formal thanks, and Near seems to be genuinely taken aback by his response: his expression changes to a pout as he remarks, ‘I thanked you for all the valuable information you gave me’. The italian version for this scene lit. translated into English goes like this:

NearThank you for the valuable information. You can both go now.

AizawaNow that you’ve obtained what you wanted, it’s just ‘so long and goodbye’?!

NearNo. If I’m not mistaken, I’ve also thanked you for the valuable information.

Aizawa sounds clearly offended, and Near is basically wondering what else should’ve he said to properly dismiss him.

This is just a small note, but it’s extremely important imo: in Aizawa here, I personally can’t help seeing all of those people who first watched/read Death Note and immediately found Near’s character ‘extremely unlikeable’.

The truth is, once again, there’s so much more than meets the eye. Near is hurt when his form of expression is perceived as ‘too stiff’ or non-genuine by others. He is someone who always speaks his mind, sure, but he actually does so in a very polite way: that’s his way of verbally showing his gratitude, and he meant it sincerely. If it’s scripted language, it doesn’t mean it’s any less genuine or heartfelt: Near means every single thank you very much or I apologise he’s said (except, of course, when he’s deliberately lying to Light, haha).

OK so I actually have a petty revenge story of my own:

So there was this guy who worked at the same grocery store that I used to work at, who kept trying to get my number and to get me to hang out with him (for some reason he always asked me to go bowling with him??).

I didn’t give him my number because he was pretty creepy and also kind of gross (there was one day he was talking about how he was going to shoot his dog because she was old and he didn’t want to pay the vet to put her down, and he was just going on about it in gross detail, so yeah. :/ ).

And after I told him no it seemed that he took it well enough, but then there was some time after that he was talking with one of the other guys in the deli, and they were talking about wages. I was there too, just kind of working around them, I guess?

And so he’s talking, and he says that he thinks everyone should be paid based on how hard they work. And then he looks at me and says:

“You would work here for free, because this place is kind of like a kitchen.”

Of course, he laughed and said it was a joke. I didn’t answer him, I just walked away.

More time passes, and one day the guy is washing dishes in the back while I’m getting ready to start mopping the floors. So I end up next to him, and he comments on how hard it is to get the dishes clean. But before I can answer he says “but cleaning dishes isn’t hard for you, right?”

And at this point, I’m sick of him and his dumb bullshit, so I look at him and I say:

“You’re a real piece of shit.”

And then I walk away while he looks on in shock.

Here’s where the petty revenge part comes in:

He at first just laughs it off after he’s done being surprised (and makes a comment about how stuff like sexism and racism doesn’t exist because he doesn’t believe in them? and that that’s why stuff like that is funny to him?).

But after a few days, he asks me if I actually meant it when I called him a piece of shit, and tells me that he’s always been told that he’s a Nice Guy™, and that no one has ever said anything like that to him before.

So I ask “do you think I meant it?”

And he just stutters and basically repeats what he just said, and I walk away.

Instead of answering a yes or no, I only give him vague answers that don’t answer anything. So he has to sit and stew over if I meant it or not, and him not knowing that is clearly having more effect than if I said that I did mean it. He begins to talk to me less, which I was grateful for.

Then one day he quit. After getting in trouble for grabbing a girls cell phone out of her back pocket and taking her number that way, he walked out shortly before I got in. And according to my other coworkers, all he was talking about was me and what I had said. I ended up closing by myself that night, but I was completely fine with that.

Long story short: I insult a guy who was being gross, and then mess with his head by refusing to give him a straight answer on if I meant it or not.

(also as a side note: you really shouldn’t just insult one of your coworkers even if they are being a piece of shit, because they can complain about harassment and you can get in trouble. I got lucky because this guy was too stupid to make a complaint)

Ha Sungwoon Fuckboi!

This turned out longer than intended whoops ^^’’’

•Sungwoon’s the type of fuckboi that looks like a cutie but is a fuckboi

•Out of his group of friends he earned the title of the flirty one

•Like he knows his ways around words and can get anything he wants out of a girl just by using his words

•He mostly uses girls to do his homework, buy him food, and have heated makeout session

•He’s in the school debate club and girls just fawn over his arguments because they think he’s so smart and believes everything he says is right

•One day you accidently joined debate club instead of drama club

•You honestly thought it would be terrible but it actually turned out to be really interesting, especially since the topics of arguments were real problems instead of trivial things

•There was only one problem though and it was you had caught the attention of Ha Sungwoon

•Honestly he knew you were part of the drama department but you never caught his interest till now

•After the end of the first debate meeting he had caught up with you before you exited out of the room to go home

•”Hey you did really well for  a girl that’s supposed to be in drama club”

•”Should I take that as a compliment or insult?” You reply back playfully with a slight hint of sarcasm

•Your tone didn’t go unmissed and he couldn’t help but smirk a little. “Take it any way you’d like sweetheart.”

•He winked and took his leave. If you hadn’t known better you would have fallen for him right then and there but he had broken too many of your friends hearts and you weren’t about to fall victim to his little fuckboi streak

•The next day you didn’t see much of him till debate club and well you didn’t mean to stare but you did

•He caught your gaze quickly a  small smirk already replacing his straight face, his tongue grazing his bottom lip before tilting his head forward from it’s previous tilted back position.

•It was practically never so difficult to rip you eyes off of him but you did, ignoring his gesture of of invitation

•During the whole debate you couldn’t think straight and when he tried arguing against your statement your tongue would get tied and you had no idea what to say

•It wasn’t that you were particularly attracted to him you just thought he was just breathtakingly attractive

•You weren’t gonna deny the obvious visuals but you also weren’t going to catch feels for him just because he was handsome and he had away with his words

•After you calmed yourself down you went back to you normal composed self catching Sungwoon by surprise

•It wasn’t average for girls to come back to their senses when he was messing with him, this quickly

•At the end of debate club he  caught up with you once more before you left, not like he was actually looking for a conversation though

•”Nice save back there babygirl, I’ll remember not to go so easy on you next time.’

•You knew he was trying to swoon you with his play  on words so you simply rolled you eyes as he exited the room before you

• I mean you only had to deal with him during debate class, how hard could that be. I mean unless he starts bugging you outside of debate club… too soon?

•Literally the next day he came up to you and casually up his arm around your shoulder catching you by surprise

•Once you realized what happened you shrugged off his arm from your shoulders and he instantly started teasing you

•”Ayee come on princess don’t get mad at me.”

•You’re literally convinced Sungwoon doesn’t know your name lmfao

•”Sungwoon do you even know my first name?”

•”Course I do darling think I’d forget such a pretty name? (y/n) was it?”

•”Thanks I’d prefer you to call me by my real name.” you replied back sharply before leaving him hanging.

•You thought he would have already gotten the memo but the boy is persistence  

•He sat next to you in classes you both shared and would hold or play with your hand that you weren’t writing with

•In the halls he calls you baby girl and princess and still attempts to hold your hand and pull you close by your waist

•By the end of the day you were beyond annoyed with Sungwoon

•The Head of the Debate team put you and Sungwoon up against each other to have a free debate

•Shit went downhill from there

•Your annoyance turned into anger with Sungwoon’s cockiness

•And the fact he still managed to look hot mad you even more ma- wait what

•AhEm anyways you both got into pretty heated debate and the class was on the edge of their seats

•The tension was so heavy between you two the whole class was practically just waiting for Sungwoon to pull you into a heated makeout session or for you to kill him either one works

•By the end of it you were sending daggers at Sungwoon as he smirked happy with his deeds

•The next day you made it your job to avoid Sungwoon

•If you saw him in the hallway you were going the other way, even if it meant going the long way to class

•You would arrive later to class than you usually would and grab the empty seat that was far away from him

•Did Sungwoon really care no, why? Because he knew he had you hooked you were just being in denial

•After school you were just kinda wondering around the dance area because one of your friends was in the dance department

•You were looking for her but you got caught off guard when you hear a guitar being played and someone seeing along to the toon (You know when like Sungwoon was singing to Downpour when Jaehwan was playing the guitar in P101)

•Out of curiosity you peeked into the room and literally wanted to die right afterwards

•The person you hated the most had literally the voice of an angle and you had no idea till now

•If you could you would have punched yourself in the face in that straight moment but Sungwoon caught your gaze at the door and instantly stopped singing.

•Out of their own curiosity his friends looked at the door and then looked at Sungwoon before they all shuffled out quietly whispering and giggling amongst themselves

•”Did you miss seeing me cutie?”

•”No you wish I just heard noises and thought my friend was here.”

•”Or was it my singing that pulled you in sweetheart?” He motioned for you to come over and you don’t know what came over you but you started walking in his direction

•”Why were you avoiding me?” He finally asks as you sit down next to him

•You simply shrug and you swear to god you hear him sight and had the look of disappointment flashover his face for a split second

•”Why do you care?”

•”Don’t worry about it too much princess.” He gets up and winks before joining his friends outside of the room

•From that day Sungwoon had started backing off and if you were being honest you missed his cocky remarks and his stupidly handsome face that could change from cutie to hottie in a matter of seconds

•You were headed to the dance department again because your friend once again was there you were looking for her when you heard that super familiar voice

•The room Sungwoon was in was dim with only the lights where he was sitting were on but dimmed

•He wasn’t singing any song in particular more like jumping from song to song as if he was practicing his vocals

•Since you kinda missed him you fully opened the door making your presence know

•His head lifted from his phone and a sly smile grazed his lips once he saw you

•”Miss me?”

•”Shut up.” You replied before sitting next to him one again.

•He watched your movement with curiosity wondering what you were going to do considering you had made it know that you wanted nothing to do with him a week ago

•”What brings a princess like you in here?”

•”It’s (y/n)”

•Silence hung over the both of you and you like kinda low key hated it?

•”You know you sing pretty well for someone that’s in the debate team.”

•Sungwoon chuckled in amusement half because you basically repeated what he said to you when he first saw you in debate club and because he was happy you liked his singing.

•”Should I take that as a compliment or as an insult?”

•”Take it anyway you’d like Sungwoon.”

•The both of you kinda laugh before your gazes meet and you cut your laugh off short

•”Is there any song you really like singing as of recently.”

•”Is this an interview.”

•”Shut up.” You reply playfully

•He laughs before starting to sing one of the songs he’s been really liking as of recently

•After this it wouldn’t be the last time both of you met up after school like this when you didn’t have debate

•Honestly because of the almost daily hang out sessions both of you got closer

•If you were freaking over a test you were going to fail Sungwoon cup your cheeks in his hands and would press his forehead against your to force you to look at him and only him as he told you softly about how everything was going to be alright

•Over time he actually grew super protective over you so if anyone was to try anything you he’d pull you close and glare at them, leaving you dumbfounded but not like you were complaining

•Oh and he deadass skipped like two period to get you your favorite flower because he knew you weren’t having a good day

•You’re also called his precious little gem amongst his friends and his ears lowkey get super read when they tease him

•But he still has his fuckboi habits and you tend to mess around with him

•Like once you and him were in a heated “argument” and you pulled him by his school tie

•He was shook, like so shook you could tell just by taking one good look at his face

•But he quickly recovered and placed one hand on your cheek before whispering “If you wanted to kiss me so bad why didn’t you just say so.”

•Yeah Sungwoon ended up getting slapped you were so shook and flustered cause part of you did want him to kiss you

•ANYWAYS you were having another chill day with Sungwoon, with him singing your favorite song by request, with his hands gently combing through your hair, because you had your head rest on his lap

•It was so painfully obvious both of you had fallen for each other but neither wanted to confess

•That was till today

•Sungwoon had just finished singing before he called out your name waiting for you to hum in acknowledgement

•Once you did you expected him to ask you what time it was, or if you wanted to get food or what song you wanted him to sing again

•But noooo honey he surprised the shit out of you with what he had to say

•”I like you (y/n)…. I like you alot. I know we both started off on the wrong foot because I was just trying to keep my fuckboi streak but honestly when  you started to ignore me that day it hurt. I didn’t know why it would hurt when you would look at me in the hall and turn the other way.  But when we got closer I couldn’t help but just want you as all mine. I didn’t want other boys looking at you. I just wanted you to smile for me only.”

•You sat up and looked and Sungwoon slightly bewildered, not fully comprehending his confession

•He wouldn’t met your gaze however has he quietly played with the fabric of his shirt

•A smile smirk made it’s way to your lips as you crawled closer

•Out of curiosity he lifted his head and his eyes widened slight as he saw how close you were

•You leaned in first,and Sungwoon quickly responded his hand gently resting on your cheek

•The kiss lasted long and you pulled back when the need for air became unbearable

•Your eyes met Sungwoons and a small smirk appeared on his face

•”Take that as you like me back.”

•”Take it anyways you’d like?”

•With a roll of his eyes he pulled you into another kiss before finally pulling you besides him

•Dating Sungwoon wouldn’t really bring much difference

•He’s still a sweetheart with a fuckboi said but let’s just say he’s a lot more touchy and protective


[LEGENDS OF TOMORROW VERSE] Mick Rory is NOT dumb, he is NOT quiet, and he is NOT an animal.
Firstly, quiet. Mick Rory is NOT quiet. He normally left the talking to Leonard, granted. However, he always responded when talked to directly and he even talked to the flash on occasion. He has a sense of humour (although a little dark) still amusing. Mick also talked aloud, whilst the Ramon siblings were kidnapped. Mick does talk, even to himself! The reason he doesn’t talk much on the ship, probably has something to do with everyone calling him, rude, mean and frankly disrespectful things, whilst he is and isn’t present. Doesn’t matter how thick your skin is, that still hurts, and has an effect on you. Especially if they are the only people around you, on a day to day basis.

((Spoilers for 02x13 LoT))

As well as that, the Waverider crew is also unbelievably insensitive around Mick. Yes, he’s not exactly the most open character, and yes he’s a little violent (okay, really violent), sometimes. But can you really blame him? His life has been one shit storm after another.
Rip chose to mess it up, even more for him.
He was betrayed by his best, and ONLY, friend. The single person who actually saw him for how he really was, not just some savage animal. To add to that, following the betrayal he was Tortured, Brainwashed and programmed to kill the crew (involving a method that transfers another person into your subconscious, which in 2X13 Gideon informs us that Rip Hunter considers it inhuman)
During this episode, Mick Rory is trying to help, hELP! MARTIN FUCKING STEIN, Calm the fuck down! (In turn helping Jax)
Do you know what that self-centred scientist responded with? Do you know what he basically said, to a man he knows, fULL WELL, IS STILL HALLUCINATING HIS DEAD PARTNER?!
He basically said, I’m not listening to you ‘cause your partners dead. He put it bluntly, and with complete indifference, as if the loss of Leonard meant nothing to him. As if Leonard was somebody he had never met.
We never saw anyone else jump in to ‘stop fates plan’, as it were. Nobody else stepped up to save Ray ‘actual puppy’ Palmer from certain death. Nah, they were all content to let him die.

Not the the criminals from central city though, no nO NO! THE ONLY CROOKS ON THE SHIP, were not about to let that happen.
Mick Rory did not even hesitate to to save him, and Leonard Snart was NOT leaving his best friend to die, again.

So yes, Leonard Snart is dead.

But he would not be dead, if he didn’t care about his partner, or trust him to carry on with his life.

Martin ‘head rammed so far up his arse’ Stein, if anyone, anYONE ON THE WAVERIDER CAN GIVE YOU PARTNERSHIP ADVICE it is Mick Rory!
If their 20+ year friendship isn’t proof enough.
How about their fight when Mick was imprisoned in the ships cells? Leonard knew Mick wouldn’t kill him, in fact Leonard knew the moment he stepped foot in that cell he was out-matched. Have you seen the size of Rory? there is no way, Leonard Snart walked in there thinking he would win, in hand to hand combat.

Is that not enough? Okay, how about when we first meet Mick Rory in the flash.
Leonard and Mick had obviously not talked in a while…but the moment, THE MOMENT SNART GETS THE ICE GUN, AND FINISHES HIS FIRST ROUND WITH THE FLASH, THE FIRST GUY HE PHONES UP IS MICK!
Len: ‘Hey, I know we haven’t talked in a while, but do you wanna become supervillans?’

If that is not proof ENOUGH for you that Mick and Lens partnership is hard to challenge,
Mick is not dumb, and Mick is not a wild beast. How about his relationships with the Snarts?

Both Leonard and Lisa Snart came from an abusive background. Leonard basically raised his sister, do you understand how close a relationship he would have with Lisa? He would treat her as his own daughter as opposed to a sibling.
Do you seriously think, with a relationship like that and their past, the lack of trust toward people or men in general, brought on by physical abuse, Leonard would just allow an unstably violent man, larger and stronger than himself, near Lisa? Because I sure as hell don’t.

Leonard and Lisa have definitely built a sort of sibling bond with Mick. Both Snarts are capable of calming and helping Mick if his anger tips over the edge. As shown in the Flash, when Cisco was Kidnaped to re-build their Temperature Guns.
Mick reacts violently when the Ramon brothers attack him. Instantly, both Snarts rush in. Leonard pushing him away, and Lisa grabbing him by the shoulders, trying to occupy his mind with something else as she directs him away.


(even consider suggesting Leonard Snarts death was Mick’s fault! and I will jump through my laptop and stab you!)

Do not call Mick Dumb! because although he does not remember everything, he still remembered the name of the contraption used to torture and manipulate his mind, now I don’t know about you but that’s the type of thing I would pray my mind would make me forget, due to the trauma.
He knows battle strategies.
He persuaded the president of America to flee, to fight another day. He has a statue, in his honour.
He is more than capable of looking after himself, and fucking you up, as well!
He didn’t go to university, or collage. So what? Neither did Sara (?), Jax or Leonard but they’re not called dumb.
Thats because they have other skills.
What I’m trying to say, in a really drawn out way, is yes, Mick is morally questionable at most times, but heroes especially shouldn’t bully a guy, or kick him when he’s already down.

[- Rage fuelled Rant over-]

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How would McCree, Hanzo, and Genji react to their S/O being a really good dancer, but their S/O is kinda shy about it and the guys don't know until they accidentally walk in on them practicing?


Walks in on them doing a pirouette, toes on perfect point. Their body moved in time to the classical music playing from their phone, and at first, McCree didn’t say a word. He just leaned on the door frame and let out a low whistle. He had no idea his s/o could move so beautifully. But his partner heard him and tensed up, their dancing coming to an abrupt halt.

“Aw, why’d ya stop?” Jesse smiled, “I was enjoyin’ the view,”

“J-Jesse!” they squeaked as a blush filled their cheeks.


“How long h-have you been standing there?!”

“Not long, but long enough to see that fancy footwork,” he chuckled.

His s/o quickly stopped the music and approached him, refusing to meet his eyes.

“W-well fine,” they stammered, “Just…if you’re going to watch, warn me next time,”

“Why? Can your man not watch you dance whenever he wants,” he smirked.

“No, he cannot,” they answered stubbornly, “I’m really…shy about this kind of stuff, and although I get nervous when people watch me dance, I’m even more freaked out when I learn someone’s been watching me without me knowing!”

McCree’s brow creased as he stroked their head lovingly, feeling a little bad for spooking them now.

“Aw, alright,” he sighed, “I’m sorry, hon. I’ll give ya a heads-up next time,”

“More than just a whistle?” they asked shrewdly.

“Ya, ok, ok,” he shrugged, “Now can I see you dance a little more. Do a few more spins for me?”

Their blush returned as they held their phone to their chest bashfully. Standing on point again, they muttered, “Ok…for you…”


When he first found out about his partner’s secret dancing talents, he didn’t interrupt them. They were alone when they were practicing, and it seemed like they had gone out of their way to remove all distractions. He didn’t want to be the one to butt in and ruin their concentration, so he would watch for a few moments, then continue on his way. But one evening, he brought it up at dinner, hoping to finally learn more about it.

“I saw you practicing your dance again, today,” he said casually.

His partner nearly did a spit take! They stared up at him in horror and he just looked at them worriedly.

“You what?” they hissed.

“I…saw you dancing,” he said carefully, “You often practice early in the mornings, don’t you?”

“You know when?!” they squealed.

“Um…Yes?” he shrugged.

“Hanzo, how long have you been watching me dance?!” they gasped.

“I-I don’t know,” he stuttered, “A few weeks now,”

“W-w-weeks?! So when I screwed up that jump, you saw?! When I hit my funny bone, you saw?! You saw all of it?!”

“Well I don’t stay for very long,” he tried to say, “I do not want to disturb you, so I–”

“I’m very conservative about my dancing!” they lectured him, leaning in on the table, “I don’t really like to show off, and I especially don’t like people watching it in secret! Practices should be for the dancer only! If people watch, they’ll see me mess up and make a fool of myself!”

Hanzo sat there and absorbed his s/o’s preaching. He didn’t know much about dance, so he believed his s/o on the matter. Now he just felt sorry for not telling them in the first place.

“I apologize,” he bowed his head slightly, “I did not realize you meant to be isolated during your practice. But…although I did see you stumble a few times in your steps…I also saw how beautiful and amazing you looked. You can choose to hide your talent, love, and I am content with that. But just know that it brought be great joy to see you dance. However, I promise never to watch you again.”

His promise was so grave, and heartfelt sounding, that now his s/o felt bad for scolding him! He did seem kind of bummed about the whole ordeal, and Hanzo was their boyfriend after all, couldn’t they trust him not to laugh or make fun of their mistakes?

“Ooooh…” they grimaced, “Alright, fine. You can watch me dance if you want. But only if you let me know you’re watching, a-and only every other day! Don’t watch me religiously every morning; that’d be weird.”

Hanzo slowly glanced up at them and smiled, “Thank you, love.”


Watching as his s/o finished their routine with a dramatic pose, Genji gave a light applause from the doorway. His partner gasped and whirled around.

“I am sorry,” he said, “I did not mean to startle you,”

“N-no…not really,” they mumbled nervously, “Just wasn’t expecting to see you there is all. Did you…see the whole thing?”

“From the start of the song to the end,” he nodded.

“Oh,” was all they said, dropping their head bashfully.

“What is wrong?” he asked them, slowly approaching, “It was beautiful,”

“Yeah, yeah, of course it was,” they suddenly shied away, crossing their arms defensively.

Genji had never seen his significant other take such a posture around him before. It was like they saw him as a stranger.

“Except for the sloppy turns and bad execution…stupid out of beat steps…can’t hit the faster parts…” they muttered under their breath, most of it inaudible to Genji.

“[Name],” he tried to walk towards them again, “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t like people watching me dance is all,” they said quickly and curtly, turning away from him.

“But why not? I never even knew you could, and it’s amazing,” he smiled from behind his visor.

“It’s not that, ugh,” they scoffed, “It’s that I suck,”

“Suck?” he echoed, “That was the most graceful dance I have ever seen, my love. It does not suck,”

“Yes it does!” they insisted sharply, now looking at him head on, “I still need to improve, and I’m nowhere near ready to show anyone my skills!”

Now Genji was the one backing away, feeling bad for lingering on such a touchy subject.

“How can you say that?” he breathed.

His partner stared down at their ballet slippers, watching their toes flex and unflex, “I went to a very prestigious dance school, and my mother was very strict on having only the best form. But I could never keep up with the rest of the class. My teachers always said I had a lot to learn before I was ready to perform in front of anyone…”

Looking up at him with a hurt expression, they whispered, “…Genji, they said to never dance in front of anyone because I was bad. That’s basically what they said,”

He was silent for a few moments, taking in the past they had just laid out before him. When he was ready to speak, he took off his visor and carefully approached them. This time, they let him come near and wrap his arms around them.

“I do not know what it was like in that school, but I think you’re dancing is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen,” he whispered in their ear, “Even if you dance for nobody every in your life…at least dance for me?”

(Shit, Genji’s got deep…)