Jealousy thy name is clearly Lance McClain????

Something I noticed when rewatching Sonic is Running. The left screencap is at the ~8:31 mark and the right one is at the ~9:29 mark. Obviously the background characters are very simply drawn, but if you look closely you can see two humanoid superhero-looking characters, one wearing clearly Superman’s cape.

So my question is…how did this happen?

Well, Batman and Superman going to a weird alien planet to eat at some diner isn’t any less plausible than any of their comic adventures.

Memory is a sieve.

Layers drifting through the snow.

 Sometimes in life-

-we brush up against people, things, times we’ve known before.

It always happens in the snow.

This was inspired by chapter one of Salt Sanford’s Elephants, and made for the RvB Big Bang! I can’t help but be extra; you inspire drama. Below, are the individual layers for your viewing pleasure! @littlefists

Johnny “Toaster-Ass” Joestar



I had a truly amazing workout tonight and the fact that I can barely use my keyboard is proof of that

It’s not exactly what my goal was (2min @ 3mph / 3min @ 5mph) BUT I did this:

2.5min @ 3mph

2.5min @ 5mph

1.5min @ 6mph

REPEAT for 30 minutes with a 2min cool down at 2.5mph

So I ran 4 minutes straight with only a 2.5 minute break.  I’m calling this a success!

Also my friend brought me a red Gatorade and I drank a little tonight but I’m gonna drink the rest tomorrow and I AM SO GRATEFUL! 

Also I found working out with someone else there really motivated me to try harder and not give up– so I also conquered my fear of the machines and used two of them today!!! @morethanjustanumber are you proud!?!?

That’s probably all for me tonight but who knows so stayed tuned pals

I’m gonna go eat some peanut butter and almond milk :)