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In all honesty, I am Tiana, minus the MULTIPLE waitressing jobs. I only have one and they’re basically double shifts everyday. 


Why must I do this to myself, working more shifts than I should be and slept for a total of over 13+ hours.

Get a regular sleep schedule kids. Or you’ll go into a sleep deprived coma like myself.

But thankfully I will be on here for tonight and answering questions and FINALLY messaging back the peeps. 

I’m truly sorry for never being on here, it’s not fair to everyone and it’s especially not fair to my friends I’ve made on here. 

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you have probably answered this before, but do you think silverflint might happen? i didn't used to think it would but for some reason all the things they've said lately about season 4 has made me think that maybe it could? like its just a vibe ive gotten? im still like 95% in doubt, just down from 99%.

oh god. oh man. oh boy. here we are >:) fjskldfjldsfjdsf. I actually don’t think I’ve ever (officially) answered this before. but I’ve talked about it with so many people and the discussion ALWAYS goes something like this:

“yeah, I’m not getting my hopes up. it’s probably not going to happen and even though it would be amazing if it did, it’s fine if it doesn’t! their relationship is still so incredible and fascinating. so YEAH. no expectations because it probably won’t! :o)” [exit stage left]

…………………….[running back on stage] “bUT LIKE WHAT IF IT DID THOUGH?!?! what if it DID happen, for real!?! WHAT IF?!?!?! WHAT IF!!!!”


anyway: I’m not even gonna pretend like this isn’t gonna get long so I’ll just say…MORE OF ME TALKING UNDER THE CUT >:)

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Tomodachi __ Imagery (2/?)


AU where Go revives Chase | Chase-Centric | ChaseXGo |  Set after Drive Saga II | Mostly follows from canon events…

Summary: The death of his friend affected Shijima Go greatly. Three years have past. Go always felt that a trace of Chase’s soul was still alive inside the Signal Chaser bike.  With having the determination to study the mechanics of the robot his father created, Go had built Chase a new body. Wishing to give Chase the breath of life with the human heart he had always desired, Go hopes to make amends for how he had taken him for granted. The ultimate consequence? Failing Chase.

i dont have a crush on keith but
he is my son
if he turns out to be part galra
i’m not a furry but
i will still love him and protect him
i will let what remains of my pride die
as i draw this fucking purple alien monstrosity son of mine
while my friends chant from the group chat
i’ll die for keith

   the plan was for her to stay at Hogwarts anyway, but since she had already saw some Auror parents taking their children to Hogsmeade and there were lot of them - she couldn’t help, but hope that they were here too. Emmeline was up a bench as her eyes traveled around the hall.parents kept coming -but, hers…were nowhere to be found. sighing deeply, she jumped off the bench and went over to the first person she saw. their parents haven’t sent a owl for about three weeks  - but, they had to come right? 

    “ hey, have you seen by any chance the Vance family? father’s this tall…” they asked, moving their hand up into the air in order to show how gigantic her father is. not as tall as Hagrid though. “ and mother’s probably as tall as me. so, any chance you saw them? oh, they’re probably eating pie already. they love Christmas pie.” they weren’t around - Emmeline knew that, but she was positive.

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the idea of cow!genos didn't really appeal to me and i've been putting off reading milk and honey and this morning i just kinda "come on this is dae it can't be BAD" and ! i love it so much ?!! i'm sorry i doubted you dae this is the best ! i got to the point where whenever a sentence starts with "if anyone asks" i start laughing before i even get to the end of it, "not in public" is my second favourite, i loved all of your jokes, a+, 10/10, moo !

I kept re-reading this during work because it makes me smile so much haha!

Thanks for giving me a chance~ I’m used to having ppl doubt me… I think part of it is that even when it’s actually a really serious idea for me I have a tendency to make it sound completely bonkers. Hahaha. I’m one of those people whose summaries are like, “AU where Genos is a cow… AU where Saitama rescues birds and idk but we’ll figure out the rest later… Fic where Saitama and Genos smooch and I can’t tell you the rest but emotions are involved ok just bring a box of tissues with you but it’ll be worth it okay IT’S BETTER THAN IT SOUNDS OK JUST TRUST ME XD” …esp if you talk to me directly oh my god I probably sound nuts to the friends I talk to every day

I was surprised tho so many people said “dae no” about cow Genos lmao it’s just crack fic okay let’s have fun ;3; and by let’s have fun I mean I’ll start the “crack” fic by killing Genos’s entire cow family bc tragic cow backstory amirite?

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Of course I did!!! I actually am very embarrassed I thought I followed you forever ago and I feel bad ‘cause I meant to AND I reposted one of your arts the other day and fucked that up and GAH I’ve been having a lot of dumb kat moments haha! 

So sorry it took forever! ‘n_n

(btdubs you are a great artist!)

Okay so at first when I saw Ezra’s haircut I was like “okay wtf” but now I could kind of get used to it

Me during school: *doesn’t talk to anyone during breaks*
*spends breaks reading textbooks*
*doodles ALL.THE.TIME*
*doesn’t give anyone her phone number*
*literally doesn’t talk to anyone if it’s not for a special reason*
*doesn’t participate in any school clubs or socialises with classmates whatsoever*
*dresses horribly*

Me now: oh so THAT’S why everyone bullied me LMAO

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Heya Ponnie! So if there were a person observing a typical day with Nick and Ponnie, what would they see?

Well, hello there, dear Anon! :D It’s a pleasure to see you in my askbox! <3 And honestly, I just have to say that seeing curious anons like yourself being interested in the relationship between my character and Nick Valentine really means a lot to a big ol’ dork like me. It’s a huge honor to know that people are not only interested, but like hearing the headcanons that I have! I’m overwhelmed and totally blushing with joy whenever I get a message like this!

And really, this is a very interesting and unique type of question, I have to say! To see the relationship between the two of them from an another person’s point of view, and just what exactly they would see and what they would think? That’s totally clever!

(Ponnie/Nick headcanons under the cut! Lots of fluff, be warned!)

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