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Pureblood Slytherin Frank and Gerard- I see Mikey more of a Ravenclaw tbh and Halfblood Gryffindor Ray fIGHT ME. Ray always stays in his lane while Mikey helps Frank and Gerard sort out whatever trouble they got in by basically bullshiting his way out of things so much Snape is just like "fINE THEY CAN GO PLEASE STOP TALKING"

I’m laughing so hard omg. 

Mikey is a Slytherin though I’ll fight u

/send me bandom hogwarts headcanons!

What will happen if SOPA passes later today.

Basically, SOPA is an act that will be passed to ‘stop internet piracy.' 

This law will allow not only the Government to control what is to be censored on the internet, but it will also allow Corporations to do the same.

So, basically it’ll be like the situation in China, but maybe even worse. Anything you read on the internet will have gone through a filter. That means any news you watch will be only what the people controlling the filters, in the case the Government, want you to know. The Government fucks up in Foreign Affairs? You won’t hear about it. We invade a foreign nation? Unless someone you know was sent there, you’ll have no idea. It puts a HUGE block between what goes on in the world and what we know. This is a really, really fucking bad thing. It keeps people kind of dumbed down.

Also, Corporations can choose what to censor. So, if a private website decides that they don’t like what Wal-Mart is doing as of late, about how they treat employees and how they are wrecking the economy, Wal-Mart could decide to take action against that website, and have it DDOS-ed, or just shut down entirely.

As for social networking, it’d be done. Social Networking has caused more problems to the Government than anything else. Twitter was actually one of the best ways to stay in communication during the protests in both Egypt and Libya. Companies had to turn off cell phone reception to all it’s customers to ensure people couldn’t electronically document what was going on in these protests. Social Networking unites people, and makes them angry. These are the two things that the Government fears most, other than intelligence.

Reddit, and sites like it, would be done, for a lot of reasons. It’s a great source of first hand news, and again, it keeps people up to date, keeps them informed, unites them, and makes them angry. That is more than enough reason to shut down Reddit. Also, if some new kid shows up on Reddit, and posts any link to any torrent ever, that gives the Government cause under this bill to shut down reddit entirely. Even if it’s one link that’s downvoted to oblivion.

There’s a lot more to it, but with this and the detainment bill, things have gotten incredibly bad. I very seriously may decide to live abroad after this bill is passed. 

Not sure if this made a lot of sense. I’m a lil distracted.

If you get the chance, watch the debate rightttt here: 

This really, really sucks.

(Of course, there is a lot more to it, and none of it is good.)

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Um, I really like the idea of Saviors of the World, and it seems really cool, however I'm curious and possibly confused with how the powers work, and how it seems Pre-Scratch Ancestors are clones of the Post Scratched versions, is it okay to ask for an explanation, since the story isn't ready to be read?

Pffffhahahah it’s totally reasonable to be super confused.  Their backstory is about as “RADIOACTIVE WASTE GIVES YOU SUPERPOWERS” twaddle-backstory as you can get.  I wanted to write about the main 12 trolls being a superhero team, and the backstory came later and isn’t all that central to the story, but essentially

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my top 40 albums of 2011

when i wasn’t listening to the velvet underground or the fall this year, i was listening to these albums. let me know what i missed. i’m sure there’s a lot.

1. Apocalypse (Drag City) - Bill Callahan
2. Kaputt (Merge) - Destroyer
3. Dancer Equired (Merge) - Times New Viking
4. Napa Asylum (Drag City) - Sic Alps
5. Wit’s End (Domino) - Cass McCombs
6. Carrion Crawler/The Dream (In The Red) - Thee Oh Sees
7. Howl of the Lonely Crowd (Fortuna Pop!/What’s Yr Rupture) - Comet Gain
8. Veronica Falls (Slumberland) - Veronica Falls
9. The Twerps (Underwater Peoples) - The Twerps
10. Catbirds & Cardinals (Northern Spy) - Dan Melchior & Das Menace
11. Laced (FatCat)- Psychedelic Horseshit
12. Some Easy Magic (Hozac) - Fungi Girls
13. Last Summer (Merge) - Eleanor Freidberger
14. Henge Beat (Iron Lung) - Total Control
15. Free All Monsters (Flying Nun) - The Bats
16. Dead to Me (Slumberland) - Girls Names
17. Goodbye Bread (Drag City) - Ty Segall
18. Again and Again (Slumberland) - Brilliant Colors
19. Humor Risk (Domino) - Cass McCombs
20. Castlemania (In The Red) - Thee Oh Sees
21. Starry Mind (Drag City) - P.G. Six
22. Mikal Cronin (Trouble In Mind) - Mikal Cronin
23. In Love With Oblivion (Slumberland) - Crystal Stilts
24. Mazes (Sacred Bones) - Moon Duo
25. Here Before (Bar/None) - The Feelies
26. Smoke Ring For My Halo (Matador) - Kurt Vile
27. S/T (Trouble in Mind) - The Liminanas
28. Homo (In The Red) - The UV Race
29. Mirror Traffic (Matador) - Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
30. Higher and Higher (Krazy Punx) - Silver Shampoo
31. A Thousand Heys (FatCat) - Mazes
32. Endless Now (Sub Pop) - Male Bonding
33. Ersatz G.B. (Cherry Red) - The Fall
34. Parallax (4AD) - Atlas Sound
35. S/T (Family Vineyard) - Apache Dropout
36. Real Estate (Domino) - Real Estate
37. Let England Shake (Island/Vagrant) - PJ Harvey
38. David Comes to Life (Matador) - Fucked Up
39. Left By Soft (Merge) - David Kilgour
40. U.S. Girls on KRAAK (uh, KRAAK) - U.S. Girls

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"Does he know that people are worried rn" lmao about what?

uhhhhhh idk what you see on your dash or who you follow, but for the past week people are overthinking about stupid shit like bts disbanding since bighit is releasing a new boy group and other things since it’s makbang week about how they haven’t won, aren’t considered a hip hop group, etc.

“straight white boys” this, and “annoying white girls” that.

i’m just. i’m done. ENOUGH. associating any type of race with any type of negativity is bullshit on every level.

“nothing is scarier than a drunk straight white male”

really? REALLY? because ONLY straight white males have the capability of being nasty, angry drunks. okay.

“don’t take a white girl’s Starbucks away!!!!”

shut the fuck UP already.

do not tell me that prejudice is okay towards them because there are white males/females that are prejudiced towards others. that just makes you as messed up as whatever prejudiced assholes you’re referring to in the first place.

“you’re just upset because you’re white!!! now you know how it feels.” first of all, i’m not white, my mother is hispanic and my dad is irish. so i deal with my own fair share of bullshit because i’m mixed. “you can’t refer to yourself as hispanic because you don’t look it, therefore you don’t have to put up with judgments that other ‘more obvious-looking’ hispanics do” “don’t call yourself white!!!! you’re negating your dominican heritage.”

but we won’t get into that.

but yes?? obviously it does bug me to be discriminated against. just as much as it bothers you. you don’t like it. and i don’t like it. so no, i will not accept your bullshit towards me. you don’t need to demean someone just to show them how much it hurts you to be disrespected in such a way; especially if that person never fucking caused anyone any harm.


  • <p dir="ltr">me: so you're telling me I'm gay if I like songs by female pop artists, but I'm still gay if I like songs from male pop artists?<br>
  • society:yes.<br>
  • me:OK well what can I listen to?<br>
  • society:ghetto rap music.<br>
  • me:um no thanks, anything else?<br>
  • society:hardcore rock music.<br>
  • me:why not just regular rock music?<br>
  • society:only if you want to be less manly.<br>
  • me:are you fucking kidding me.</p>

This article screams fear mongering and literally makes no fucking sense like it paints Mexican people especially Mexican immigrants as potential terrorists and it also includes so many triggering and gore photos that will make you visibly uncomfortable. Like this bullshit is basically a tactic to say no to immigration reform by scaring people with this misleading af article. He’s rich as hell and you think he’s gonna be “Milking welfare benefits” as if welfare was a lot of money to begin with? And just cause someone has a child who is a US citizen and can legally petition them for citizenship, doesn’t mean they’ll be granted legal status. You can read the whole article here if you want but it’s ugh and a lot of gore so just a trigger warning.

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Nisha, what's your opinion about this whole girl code fandom war going on? I saw someone on Twitter talking about, how this may be a case of what actually is girl code. Is girl code not dating an ex? Or is it not dating your boyfriend when youre in an open relationship? Or is it both? Is it right to compare Bonnie to Caroline in this situation or should it be a comparison between SE and DE versus SE and BD.

I’ve been traveling over the weekend, and generally speaking when I spend time away from the fandom, most of the drama tends to feel more and more like bullshit, so basically, yeah… I think it’s bullshit. lol

Taking the issue at face value, the whole point of any “girl code” would be to be considerate of your friends, ie. not dating a friend’s ex because you don’t want to make that friend uncomfortable. But Elena has already given Damon the green light to go on living his life. She’s already told Bonnie to go on and be happy. She of all people is aware that you can love more than one person, and that that’s OKAY. 

So girl code is bullshit in this specific scenario. It’s also bullshit in general on this show, not only in the comparison that Kat made, but also (as many people have pointed out) in that Damon slept with his literal brother’s ex-girlfriend like less than 24 hours after they’d officially broken up. (So basically, both of your scenarios, imo. SE/DE is a stronger case imo, but SC/DB is also apt).

It’s also bullshit irl, but that might be another conversation for another day.

Therefore, thus, etc: the whole thing is effing bullshit.

I saw the original tweets where some fans were like “Look at what Kat just said! Get mad, SC fans! GOGOGO!” Talk about manufactured drama.

Did I already use the term “bullshit”?

The whole thing is dumb, and nobody should be sending Kat Graham hate, let alone over something this stupid. Fandom, do better.

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modern grunge is such bullshit. the only grunge there is is the late 80's early 90's grunge. soft grunge, dark grunge, modern grunge is such bullshit its basically just 15 year old teenage girls that want to be original or an outcast. give me a break. this annoys me