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I don't know if you saw, but all they said was "I don't care," to summarize. I was nice, too (admittedly, a bit condescending, but that was on purpose)! Sometimes, I hate stupid people. And I can say that; they are actively ignoring evidence at this point. They didn't even respond with a petty "they hate BLM so they are racist!" or something...

I guess they didn’t have a comeback, lmao 

All their replies are basically mindless insults, bullshit claims, and blatant ignoring of evidence and facts. Anything to seem right, I guess 

(also I lost 5 followers and counting over this discourse) 

What will happen if SOPA passes later today.

Basically, SOPA is an act that will be passed to ‘stop internet piracy.' 

This law will allow not only the Government to control what is to be censored on the internet, but it will also allow Corporations to do the same.

So, basically it’ll be like the situation in China, but maybe even worse. Anything you read on the internet will have gone through a filter. That means any news you watch will be only what the people controlling the filters, in the case the Government, want you to know. The Government fucks up in Foreign Affairs? You won’t hear about it. We invade a foreign nation? Unless someone you know was sent there, you’ll have no idea. It puts a HUGE block between what goes on in the world and what we know. This is a really, really fucking bad thing. It keeps people kind of dumbed down.

Also, Corporations can choose what to censor. So, if a private website decides that they don’t like what Wal-Mart is doing as of late, about how they treat employees and how they are wrecking the economy, Wal-Mart could decide to take action against that website, and have it DDOS-ed, or just shut down entirely.

As for social networking, it’d be done. Social Networking has caused more problems to the Government than anything else. Twitter was actually one of the best ways to stay in communication during the protests in both Egypt and Libya. Companies had to turn off cell phone reception to all it’s customers to ensure people couldn’t electronically document what was going on in these protests. Social Networking unites people, and makes them angry. These are the two things that the Government fears most, other than intelligence.

Reddit, and sites like it, would be done, for a lot of reasons. It’s a great source of first hand news, and again, it keeps people up to date, keeps them informed, unites them, and makes them angry. That is more than enough reason to shut down Reddit. Also, if some new kid shows up on Reddit, and posts any link to any torrent ever, that gives the Government cause under this bill to shut down reddit entirely. Even if it’s one link that’s downvoted to oblivion.

There’s a lot more to it, but with this and the detainment bill, things have gotten incredibly bad. I very seriously may decide to live abroad after this bill is passed. 

Not sure if this made a lot of sense. I’m a lil distracted.

If you get the chance, watch the debate rightttt here: 

This really, really sucks.

(Of course, there is a lot more to it, and none of it is good.)

my top 40 albums of 2011

when i wasn’t listening to the velvet underground or the fall this year, i was listening to these albums. let me know what i missed. i’m sure there’s a lot.

1. Apocalypse (Drag City) - Bill Callahan
2. Kaputt (Merge) - Destroyer
3. Dancer Equired (Merge) - Times New Viking
4. Napa Asylum (Drag City) - Sic Alps
5. Wit’s End (Domino) - Cass McCombs
6. Carrion Crawler/The Dream (In The Red) - Thee Oh Sees
7. Howl of the Lonely Crowd (Fortuna Pop!/What’s Yr Rupture) - Comet Gain
8. Veronica Falls (Slumberland) - Veronica Falls
9. The Twerps (Underwater Peoples) - The Twerps
10. Catbirds & Cardinals (Northern Spy) - Dan Melchior & Das Menace
11. Laced (FatCat)- Psychedelic Horseshit
12. Some Easy Magic (Hozac) - Fungi Girls
13. Last Summer (Merge) - Eleanor Freidberger
14. Henge Beat (Iron Lung) - Total Control
15. Free All Monsters (Flying Nun) - The Bats
16. Dead to Me (Slumberland) - Girls Names
17. Goodbye Bread (Drag City) - Ty Segall
18. Again and Again (Slumberland) - Brilliant Colors
19. Humor Risk (Domino) - Cass McCombs
20. Castlemania (In The Red) - Thee Oh Sees
21. Starry Mind (Drag City) - P.G. Six
22. Mikal Cronin (Trouble In Mind) - Mikal Cronin
23. In Love With Oblivion (Slumberland) - Crystal Stilts
24. Mazes (Sacred Bones) - Moon Duo
25. Here Before (Bar/None) - The Feelies
26. Smoke Ring For My Halo (Matador) - Kurt Vile
27. S/T (Trouble in Mind) - The Liminanas
28. Homo (In The Red) - The UV Race
29. Mirror Traffic (Matador) - Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks
30. Higher and Higher (Krazy Punx) - Silver Shampoo
31. A Thousand Heys (FatCat) - Mazes
32. Endless Now (Sub Pop) - Male Bonding
33. Ersatz G.B. (Cherry Red) - The Fall
34. Parallax (4AD) - Atlas Sound
35. S/T (Family Vineyard) - Apache Dropout
36. Real Estate (Domino) - Real Estate
37. Let England Shake (Island/Vagrant) - PJ Harvey
38. David Comes to Life (Matador) - Fucked Up
39. Left By Soft (Merge) - David Kilgour
40. U.S. Girls on KRAAK (uh, KRAAK) - U.S. Girls

Clang. Clang. Clang. Ronan lifted the hammer and brought it back down, striking the nail until it was buried in the wood. He bend over and picked up another one, putting it in place and the lifting the hammer again, hitting it once more. He paused, glancing aside, his eyes landing on someone else. “Can I help you?”

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I think body positivity became wrong. I think the fat people who can't stand and walk (and do normal things) and are high risk of diseases and death being complimented is bullshit. They basically are killing themselves and we are supposed to applaud them? (This is not a hate for plus sized people)

strongly agree | agree | neutral | disagree | strongly disagree

i agree with some of your points there tbh but also i think some of those ppl do know that they are at risk, and are trying to combat it. hence why positivity for them is important? bc i dont really think anyone would enjoy not looking “”normal”” etc.. 

send me your opinions!

The more I hear about Teen Wolf Season 6 and the whole Stiles thing, the less I want to see it.

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business-direction tumblr com/post/148094729543/the-fighter-scribes-to-co-write-movie-about the last bit...did this woman not just say her sources were always wrong? Just give it up already and idk maybe stop lying? There's a thought


so interestingly enough, today cris says this:

But said THIS on May 30

And then this on June 28, exactly one month ago


basically, her ‘sources’ are bullshit, but we already knew that didn’t we?

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Hey! Can you explain why c.c. is somehow hated besides the fact that she killed Raphael, made Simon forget about everyone and did not resolve the conflict about Magnus imortality? Cause that's the reasons I find to be mad at her. Love your tumblr btw

Aw thanks!! And basically she has plagiarized A LOT of the books, was biphobic towards and slutshamed Magnus, slutshamed izzy, pitted two strong female characters against each other and fed into the “girls can’t be friends without being jealous of each other” bullshit, basically all her characters are white????, gave clary and Jace that disgusting invest plot, continued to say on Twitter that she shipped other incest pairings, apparently said Alec and clary would be cute together which is homophobic (idk how true this one is tho so you would have to ask other people or see if it’s on her twitter) and then back to the immortality thing,,,,, she said she gave Alec and Magnus a “happy ending” but how is having Alec grow old and die while leaving Magnus (and one of their TWO children) to live on and watch half of their family die while they don’t age a bit??? Why couldn’t she have Magnus be stripped of his immortality instead of Simon? Magnus is the half mortal one while Simon is literally dead without all the vampire mojo…… You would think the one with a heartbeat would be able to be the one who could live without any immortal abilities but noooOOOOooooo let’s let Simon become mortal again so he can marry izzy!! Forget the gay/bi pairing and let the straight pairing have a real happy ending…..
Anyway sorry for ranting but that’s the majority of it I think

  • Mom:*says something about guy I dated*
  • Me:Yeah. I wonder why every guy I've dated has been horrible. What are the odds.
  • Mom:Well, women can be just as horrible. It's not just men.
  • Me:....I didn't say anything about....
  • Mom:*goes on ten minute rant about women who have committed murder*
  • Me:...well, it's a good thing I don't date girls, then, cause they'd probably be awful too!
  • Mom:WELL please don't start dating women. Because then I'll really think there's something wrong with you.
  • Me:
  • Me:....that's what you got out of this? Really?


Remember when I made a post about why this contradictory thing in Zer//vis doesnt work  and this “shes the sun and hes the moon uwu” is basically just bullshit ?

I wont repeat everything here but to sum it up : it doesnt work because their fundamental beliefs are completely different hence a relationship whatsoever isnt possible 

Okay but I just realized that another ship already has the “light and darkness” thing and it works perfectly there. And yes this ship is Stingue

Lemme explain why it works with stingue and not with Zer//vis and also why stingue is better written and healthier than this shit ship sry for the choice of words

First of all one of my problems regarding zer//vis is, as I mentioned, that while Zeref wants to destroy humanity  mavis wants it to live on  (I explained all this in my other post)

Okay so why does it work with Stingue ? Its quite easy, actually. Both Sting and rogue have the same beliefs, both want to protect their friends and fight for the good and all. The contridactory aspect lies in their magic not their fundamental beliefs. Therefore a relationship between them is possible while that isnt the case with Zer//vis

Plus Stingue and Rogue already have a working and stable friendship. They have something that they can build their relationship on while zeref and mavis…had like…two interactions ? is there even some kind of relationship between them ? anything ? I already explained why their “love” doesnt make any fucking sense sooo

Im not telling anyone what to ship tho but im always looking at something from a writing pov and beside the fact that sting and rogue already have a healthy and stable relationship this “dark and light” thing actually works with them, but certainly not with Zer//vis so…yeah sorry but..platonic or romantic stingue is just better written 

Okay shabi out

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Obama: *drone strikes innocent civilians*

Everyone: *ignores*

Obama: *says basic bullshit of “women are people lol”*

Everyone: OMG! Best president! I would vote him for a third term if I could!

This whole #keepthesecrets bullshit from the cursed child is really pissing me off? Ya know why? Me and hundreds of other hp fans will NEVER be able to afford to see it so we’ll just have to get by with reading the script which is NOTHING LIKE SEEING THE PLAY. I really hope JK actually thinks about this and releases a filmed version bc I’m sick of this elitist bullshit. Also everyone completely believes the ‘spoilers’ which I think is also bullshit. Basically the whole thing makes me angry and I’m already pissed bc we’re living in a fucking Theresa dictatorship.

Unicorn Jelly

So the next comic I’m going to look at is Unicorn Jelly.

This is a very early webcomic - starting in 2002 - by trans woman Jennifer Diane Reitz of COGIATI infamy. This was very much before my time as an out trans woman, and I’ve mercifully been spared the Early Trans Internet. As I understood things, it was a time of extreme transmedicalism and gatekeeping each other as hard as the doctors do. Many, many trans women will shudder at mention of the COGIATI, which as I understand it is basically a really bullshit ‘are you a stereotypical 1950s housewife’ ‘are you trans’ test.

Nevertheless, there were things to like about UJ and it’s

Back when I first tried to read Unicorn Jelly (shortly after my first Homestuck reread, lol), I had a nice conversation about it with @bloodthreadsaltglassandtears​ that I hope she doesn’t mind me showing here:

BTSGAT: oh dear you’re reading unicorn jelly
CM: is that a bad idea
BTSGAT: not as such
CM: i had it on the to-read list after homestuck
BTSGAT: just…i sorta cut my teeth on it, it was connected to my very, very early transition and the immediately-before era
CM: oh right!
BTSGAT: and like, the author is a bit of a trainwreck – came up with the COGIATI ><
CM: i’m aware of that!
BTSGAT: and sort of manages to be, well
BTSGAT: shrug?
BTSGAT: like she’s BASICALLY harmless I feel
BTSGAT: and her art comes from at least a few places that ring very familiar for me
BTSGAT: but in interpersonal interactions with her I’ve mostly come away feeling
BTSGAT: “yyyeeeeiiiiikes, if we live in a multiverse there are several adjacent branches where you run a cult, because your charisma was just that little bit higher”
BTSGAT: she’s on that interesting cusp of “kind of an embarrassing artist to admit to liking some of her stuff” (not so much because of her massive hatedom but because of the real criticisms that can be levied) and “former problematic fave”, I guess. Unicorn Jelly has some really cool moments and is totally worth the read.
BTSGAT: I mean if you read Homestuck, UJ is both far less long and contains way fewer slurs!
CM: i had heard of her (i think from tumblr user nostalgebraist) as a kind of Yudkowsky-like figure, back when i was still stuck into Homestuck and feeling pretty into weird, fascinating intensely internet stuff
CM: like i think he linked to her description of her ideal transhuman body or something?
BTSGAT: She’s way too middle-of-the-road in everyday life and politics for that, I think, and her cross-sectional appeal isn’t high enough to accumulate een a targeted demographic section in anything like the same concentration, but they do really have some similar personality shit.
BTSGAT: Yeah, see, that?
BTSGAT: That was kinda fucking cool IMO
BTSGAT: it was her ideal for her body
BTSGAT: and there was a bit of
BTSGAT: “this has way more life in it, way more personal touch than anything I’ve seen to come outta the transhumanoid sphere in general”
BTSGAT: her tendency to invent fictional universes with fictional physics and make that story-relevant is really cool
CM: yeah i saw the powers of 10 thing that was linked pretty early on for the UJ universe
BTSGAT: her writing isn’t always so great, and she’s a massive weeaboo, although UJ has as much badly-misplaced Finnish as Japanese
BTSGAT: there’s a reason of sorts for it to be there at least.
CM: suddenly triangles! in a lattice! which forms a tetrahedron! surrounded by other ‘universes’ with odd mathematical structures
BTSGAT: Tryslmaistan’s cosmic structure is neat and weird.
BTSGAT: There’s one particular lifeform in it that apparently exists one to a worldplate; evolution as such isn’t a thing there and its existence is simply a matter of physical constraints.
BTSGAT: Worldplates form and leave this thing.
BTSGAT: And it apparently walks this perfectly-repeating oscillating path and i think at the end of its life reproduces or something? but it can’t even move around an obstacle, it doesn’t know how, it didn’t evolve, it has no instinct
BTSGAT: it’s just a weird mesoscale feature of the cosmos that inevitably emerges on bodies the size of worldplates
BTSGAT: shit like that just grabs me about her work
BTSGAT: it’s so WEIRD!
CM: yes!
CM: though i am definitely going to have to put some custom css on her site to stop everything being in comic sans
BTSGAT: ahahaha
BTSGAT: i can’t rememberi fi ti was always like that or she switched the font to make it accessible.
BTSGAT: it may’ve always been though, this is JDR we’re talking about.
BTSGAT: But yeah I will say that UJ is actually some of my favorite worldbuilding, at least on the alien side
BTSGAT: and that I may’ve experimented with her gryrnese cooking section in the supplemental material because holy conculture recipes batman
BTSGAT: My human-side of worldbuilding is less anime-oriented at least but I’m not sure if it’s APPRECIABLY more coherent!
BTSGAT: I just disguise it better because my view of anthropology is not stuck in the damn 60s.
CM: :p

So that should give you an idea what we’re in for. Rereading that convo, I’m pretty excited actually!