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so you know how in s2 lance feels like he has nothing special about him and basically feels like the 5th wheel? and how jeremy mentioned lance’s leadership skills and him learning more about what he’s capable of? and also how keith is pretty scared of just the thought of him replacing shiro as the leader ([defensive voice] “why are we even talking about this?”) or more like scared of something happening to shiro, which, well, happened?

so what if in s3 keith kinda loses his shit over shiro’s disappearance, both because of how much they bonded in s2 and how he’s not actually ready to lead the other paladins (because lets be real he knows lance is right about him being a hothead) and he just…. panics and shuts down?

SO this is where lance has a chance to show his leadership skills AND bond with keith! think about it, keith having minor (or major?) panic attacks and lance keeps trying to calm him down and support him, but since keith is kinda out of it, lance just takes things into his own hands and starts shouting commands during a fight, because he knows keith would have it easier focusing on just doing instead of trying to get a grip on the situation and everyone else (”he’s probably gonna shoot first and ask questions later”, remember?)

ya feel????

the signs as things my best friend has said
  • taurus: I'm the Oreo King
  • gemini: your favourite Chatty Bitch™ at your service
  • cancer: just gonna send you pics of cute cats now cause I know you’re still asleep and I feel like that’s the best thing to wake up to. cats.
  • leo: it’s always best to destroy somebody’s life when your eyeshadow is goals
  • virgo: I don't say dumb things. I'd say they're ... experimental. perhaps a little bit avant garde
  • scorpio: what a wonderful day to set myself on fire
  • sagittarius: what am I doing now? or with my life or in general?
  • capricorn: I've grown to love pumpkin spice lattes like the basic white bitch that I am
  • aquarius: stop luring me in with your memes
  • pisces: you know in movies when they have that moment and dramatically breathe in like ‘life is good" ? well I had that moment earlier but I was like “life is okay” and I almost got hit by a car but it was a nice moment

Some sketches I did X3

Cecilos Week 2017

Ah, yes. The long-awaited Cecilos week is finally here! Sorry for the delay on all this but, yknow, time is just a made-man concept anyways! Below you will find the dates, prompts, and rules/guidlines for the week below. 

Dates: January 29th to February 4th


  • Day 1: Fashion/Science
  • Day 2: Future/Past
  • Day 3: Away/Home
  • Day 4: Interloper/Night Vale
  • Day 5: Free Day
  • Day 6: Perfect/Imperfect
  • Day 7: Marriage/Proposal


  • You can use one or both of the prompts for each day. While the prompts are more like suggestions to give you ideas, I ask that you do at least try to use one seeing as they essentially will be what separates Cecilos week creations from regular fanworks. 
  • Any type of fan creation is encouraged! This includes fan art, fanfiction, edits, typography, playlists, meta posts, cosplay, and even fan crafts. Basically, if you created it, then feel free to send it here. 
  • I will be tracking the tags #cecilosweek2017 and #cecilos week 2017. Please use those if you wish for your content to appear on this blog. Also, tagging this blog directly can work too. 
  • You may make NSFW content based upon our prompts, but it will not be reblogged to this blog. I want to make this a safe space for people of all ages!
  • Anything discriminatory in nature will not be reblogged here.
  • Other characters can be featured in your fan works but we ask that whatever is that you create centers around the relationship between Cecil and Carlos, seeing as this is Cecilos week. 
  • AUs for fanworks are allowed!
  • If you wish to submit something rather than post it on your own blog, then please give me a warning ahead of time.
  • If you would rather post a fanwork on another site (Ao3, deviantart, etc.) then feel free to provide a link to your work instead in a post on here.

Well, that’s basically it! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here or on my Night Vale blog @my-niece-janice. This blog is still currently under construction, but hopefully all the kinks will be worked out soon. Thank you all, and I can’t wait to see what you all create! Have fun!

Inauguration Day Coverage: What Would You Like To See?

I’m going to be doing all-day coverage on Inauguration Day, but instead of covering the inauguration itself (because fuck trump), I want to cover everything else. That basically involves giving you an overview of what mainstream media is unlikely to cover.

So I want to ask: What do you want that to include? What would you like to hear my opinion/perspective on? What topics/questions do you want addressed which you feel haven’t gotten the attention they deserve?

And I also want to ask YOU to participate by asking questions and sharing your own opinions/predictions/fears/hopes about this weekend and what lies ahead of us.

In Solidarity~


Not to be heterophobic but I literally cannot imagine Lena, Fareeha or Angela with men.

Lena I think was basically born knowing she liked girls. Probably teased them endlessly as a kid, and was a legendary incorrigible flirt all through school. Has since cooled down only slightly. Flirting and playing around with women is part of what helps her feel grounded in time again.

Fareeha on the other hand got hit by puberty like a truck out of nowhere really late. Just woke up one day at like the age of fifteen, two feet taller and suddenly really uncomfortably attracted to all the women around her with no idea what to do about it. Has never fully understood that women are just as attracted to her as she is to them. Continues to be a gay disaster to this day, and has long conversations with Lena in the middle of the night about how every woman in the world is so pretty.

Angela was forced to grow up so quickly that she just kind of tamped down hard on any feelings towards others. Crushes and dating just seemed like a juvenile distraction from what’s really important. Between this and not feeling anything for the men around her, she thought maybe she’s just totally asexual. Then she met Ana Amari for the first time and


Oh no.

I’m gay.


My sun and moon.

~The Promise’s I keep~

(Rhack implied)

-just a little idea i quickly got down based around the au / my own take on it ,that rhys was apart of jacks life, and therefore angels before jack became ceo, and therefore felt guilt over what happened to angel as he never stopped the event from occurring.

basically atlas ceo rhys a few years after the end of tftbl, with twin baby sirens of his own; (yeah im fucking around with cannon, as rhys is also a dormant (kinda) siren in this) Helios and Elpis.

(i’ll write it up one day. feel free to ask about this rough idea if you like)

Edit: continuation (sort of) angels side xxxx

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When and how did you come out to your girl? Also what pronouns for you does she use??? From your descriptions of her i bet it was great because she seems great!

It was last week or so and a spluttering mess and in multiple conversations and she was basically like ‘okay baby what do you want for dinner’ and yeah.

I’m doing she/they right now, but at a point where I’m not really asserting “they”, but even before I came out – did I come out? is it coming out? I feel like it’s/I’m not real/valid/I’m making it up? – she got me a “birthday boy” pin for my birthday and crossed out the y and put an i and it made me so happy and I wore it all day and like she’s just perfect?

And she is just perfect and okay she’s actually summoning me now gonna go get the cuddles and possibly other things okay tmi shush shush okay byeeeeee :D <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

The HPCC Advent Calendar

What is this?

Basically what it says on the tin. For the first twenty-four days in December there will be daily postings of fic and art, all winter/holiday themed and from the HPCC fandom! 

How do I get involved?

We’re looking for artists and writers who want to create an offering for the calendar! You’ll write or draw a festive fanwork, which can be anything you like as long as it sticks with the winter/holiday theme and uses HPCC characters, then we’ll assign you a day when your piece will be unleashed upon the world.
If you want to volunteer, drop us an ask or a message before midnight GMT on Wednesday 16th November. Tell us whether you want to submit a piece of art or a fanfic and whether there are any dates you absolutely cannot do, and we’ll get back to you asap with your assigned date. Simple! 

But I’m not an artist or a writer…

We’re looking for prompts! Send an ask or a message with a holiday themed idea and we’ll pass them on to any artists or writers looking for inspiration.
And, of course, on the 1st December come back here ready to like, reblog, comment, and enjoy the festive fun! 

You haven’t answered all my questions… 

Feel free to drop us an ask or a message and we’ll do our best to answer. Chances are other people are wondering the same thing. 

We hope to hear from you soon, and we’re looking forward to all the amazing holiday feels to come! <3 

im so angry i mean im glad eunwoo is getting recognition but like at fantagio what are you doing let the boy rest he has so many solo schedules his day is packed the whole ep 1 of astro project was basically about how he feels bad about his solo stuff and how hes constantly aleeping on sets whenever he has free time because his schedule is packed and he works so much let him rest he is exhausted like if they keep doing this to him hell end up in the hospital i am so angry

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B, C, F, M and W for Seungcheol please and thank you! 😌 💕

B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) - Seungcheol is such an ass man oh my god ;;;; He’d be grabbing his partner’s butt no matter what time of day I swear. Aaaaand I feel like Cheol thinks his arms and thighs are his strong suit.

C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically… I’m a disgusting person) - Would absolutely fucking love it when his partner swallows. I rest my case.

F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. Will probably include a visual) - Doggy style, no doubt. Kind of basic but he likes being in control. 

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going) - Oh god everything????? lmao just kidding but like maybe when his partner gets a little inappropriate whether intentionally or unintentionally. Like, let’s say they’re casually sucking on a lollipop. ALSO seeing his partner working, whatever their work may be. 

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice) - CHEOL LIKES SUBBING MORE THAN HE CARES TO ADMIT

(170306) Victoria x YohoGirl ♡ interview translation

Q: describe the feeling of “love”?
Vic: perfume and fans cheering.

Q: use a color to describe yourself, which would it be?
Vic: black, red, purple, green, yellow, blue and pink! (most colors basically)

Q: when and where do you feel most happy?
Vic: at daytime when sleeping in my bed, when it’s raining.

Q: what side of you do people mostly not see?
Vic: when around people i’m lively and create an atmosphere, when it’s just me i like being alone, not doing anything and sleeping for a whole day.

Q: when people compliment you, what’s the most touching?
Vic: that i haven’t gained weight.

Q: what would you wish to have but for the moment don’t?
Vic: supernatural abilities, all kind of abilities like invisibility, teleport, shadow clone, time stopping, time slip (she was really creative with this one)

Q: what’s the thing you did last year that you would not dare to to normally?
Vic: cut my hair, actually i wanted it even shorter, too bad.

Q: if you could make something dissapear from the world, what would that be?
Vic: bad people.

Q: if you could only say one sentance, what would it be?
Vic: hi! i’m Song Qian! (smiling, waving)

Displacement behavior is when there are conflicting drives and usually indicates anxiety. So say a dog is meeting a new dog friend…there’s tension in the air.  One dog is stiff and postures when the other dog comes near.  The other dog, torn between responding to these agonistic behaviors and feeling very uncomfortable suddenly drops to the ground scratching his neck.  That’s displacement behavior. You usually see them smelling, marking, scratching etc. It’s basically “Oh god! I’m uncomfortable! What do I do?!”. The other day I was talking to someone who I couldn’t escape from.  All my subtle and bluntly direct approaches that I needed to get back to work went ignored. So I periodically just kept crouching down and interacting with the dogs I had with me at the time, tying my shoes, looking away….  When the person left my coworker was like “that was fascinating. You were offering so much displacement behavior” and it was hilarious.  behavior is the best/worst. 


How the Dragonslayers handle being injured really bad and can’t fight or do something properly for a long time.

Prepare yourself when he’s fine again, everything will built up ready to explode the day he’s ok again. So maybe someone is brave enough to fight Natsu faaaaaarr away from the guild and the city…basically everything, to calm him down.

Don’t talk to him or be reaaally careful what you say because I have the feeling he’d act like a girl with PMS from 3 girls combined. I can’t imagine him crying (even though I’d really like to see that…make it happen mashima) but he’d just be pissed and like Natsu has to somehow fight it off afterwards.

I think he’d enjoy the time of not being surrounded by fangirls 24/7, so he’d may do things that he’d normally wouldn’t do…like reading or cleaning his apartment. I think he’d more calm than usual actually.

Kinda like Natsu but not that bad. Lector would take good care of him for the time he’s bedridden but he may need a good old fight after recovery. But never ever call him weak, he’d fuck you up with a lightbulb anytime, anywhere with no effort.

I think he’d rely on Sting a lot and Forsch would be the cutest nurse ever. So I don’t think he’d enjoy it really, he’d just not care and relax a little. Maybe reading something to Frosch or watching a movie in bed. He’d make the best out of it.

Wendy: (the first time I can add her without feeling like a perv)
Lucy and the other’d be taking care of her, Carla may push her a little so she’d not get “lazy”. And she may feel a little bit guilty for making the other take care of her and “wasting” their time. 

Send me headcanons or a match up if you want, I have to stuy for my exams so please send me some stuff to do else :S


{FA} Yoonseok x Valentine coffee shop date

So I thought up a Yoonseok scenario (which probably isn’t even original, but whatever). 

Basically, Bangtan is given the day off on Valentines Day to do as they please. Since neither Hoseok nor Yoongi have girlfriends they decide to go to a local coffee shop in Seoul to talk about both of their upcoming mix tapes. But instead of talking about work, they spend what feels like hours in the coffee shop just telling jokes, talking about each others families and past histories, and so on.

Eventually Hoseok starts talking about something that just really captures Yoongi’s interest, and he is completely invested in what is coming from Hoseok’s mouth. Yoongi is unaware of his own actions until Hoseok speaks up and asks him why he’s looking at him so strangely. It’s not until that very moment when Hoseok mentions Yoongi’s odd behavior that Yoongi realizes just how much he truly loves Hoseok. 

Yoongi begins to think about how much Hoseok has grown as a person over the few years they’ve known each other. How Hoseok is always there for him in his time of need, and never fails to brighten his day immensely when he is feeling upset or lonely. Yoongi wishes for nothing more than to be there for Hoseok and protect him as Hoseok has unknowingly done for him. 

Hoseok speaks up once again to ask his hyung if anything is troubling him, to which Yoongi flashes him his gummy smile whilst shaking his head before taking a sip of his now chilled coffee before saying, “Nothing, everything is as it should be.”

So yeah if any of you can direct me to a fic like this, or hell even write one I would love you forever and ever and ever!

And Happy Valentine’s Day ARMY!

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mirror mirror... ?

mirror mirror: what scares you most about yourself?

Ok this is going to get really really deep and kinda depressing for a second so just bare with me. I do have 2 learning disability and some mental illnesses because of those disabilities that makes school very hard for me and that I sometimes feel like I’m fighting a loosing battle especially because my brother is a straight A student. I’m basically the fuck up in my family and I know it. I’m always scared that I will never be able to get over this part of me, that one day this disability will actually overshadow me and I just won’t have the mental strength to fight it anymore. I just want to make myself proud and I don’t know if I can do that.

Alright depressing stuff over! look at this kitten!

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Morning Adventures (Rafe Adler)

This one was probably one of my personally favorites. It was a request and once I answered it, I got right to work on it. As I was nearing the end I was trying my best to keep it in a general audience range if you know what I mean… I can’t write smut to save my life and second, I get uncomfortable writing that because I would be considered too young for that stuff. Anyways I finished this request in one day, which I kind of regret, because I basically avoided my homework like it was the black plague from the 13th century… Sorry black plague is part of my AP World History work:) I hope you guys like this one, tell me what you think about it and feel free to read my other works and message me your ideas!:)

Request: Can you do a Rafexreader one? Where they like wake up in the morning and Rafe is all cuddly and stuff and they kiss and make out and then finally it leads to something else after all the teasing ;) thank you xx

Character: Rafe Adler

Word Count: 1442


The sun peaked through the beige curtains, trying to inform me that it was time to get up, but I just didn’t want to. I turned away from the window and pulled the covers over my head, trying to hide from the sun. I kept my eyes closed as I pulled the blanket tighter against my body, trying to trap in whatever heat was under the blanket. I was too tired to be getting up at all this morning; me and Rafe were out late last night, first going to a charity event and then to eat. We were really busy and by the time we got home, I was so tired I didn’t even finish making it up the stairs; I fell asleep on the eighteenth step in my even dress. Rafe had to carry me up the rest of the way and he basically had to undress me, because I couldn’t do it myself.

He was laying next to me, and when I thought he was sleeping soundly, he manages to prove me wrong. I felt his arms pull me close to him; my face was now buried in his chest as he rested his chin on the crown of my head. His right arm wrapped around my waist as I felt his body heat radiate off of him like a furnace. His heartbeat was comforting to hear; it was slowly lulling me back to sleep right when he spoke up.

“Good morning, my love.” His voice was groggy and rough, it sounded like heaven. He rubbed up and down my back through the covers as I just wrapped my arm around his waist and pulled myself closer towards him. I groaned in response, which made him lightly laugh. His laugh vibrated throughout his chest and I could feel it. “I guess you’re still tired?”

“Mmhmm.” I pulled the cover down from my face and still faintly smell the cologne he was wearing last night. I cracked open my eyes just a bit and pulled away to look at his face. His faded sea green eyes that had flecks of sienna were open and staring down at me while a small smile graced his lips. “What time is it?” I asked him as he turned arm to look at his alarm clock and then back at me.

“It’s only six forty-eight.” He said in a calm manner, “We have to get up soon, you know that? We have that other charity event we have to make an appearance at. You told my friend Emily we would be there and if we don’t show, we might piss off a couple of people.” He reminded me as groaned and rolled flat on my back staring up at the ceiling, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.

“It’s too early to get up, besides my feet hurt from those heels I wore yesterday.” I let out a yawn before continuing, “I know I told Emily we would be there, but my brain wasn’t thinking about how early it was.”


“Oh hush. Well, it starts at ten and I know we have to get ready and all that stuff beforehand, but I’m not getting up until eight forty-five, nine-ish. We told her we would be there, we didn’t did say we would be on time.” I turned to him and flashed him a small smile.

“You have a point, but wouldn’t you like to eat a nice breakfast before doing all that?” He said as he leaned his head on the palm of his hand while his elbow dug into the mattress.

“Yeah, but I’m too lazy to get up.” I pouted at him as he chuckled and leaned over to plant a gentle kiss on my lips. He pulled away and looked at me with mirth.

“I’m gonna get up, and so are you. I refuse to let you just lay in bed and waste away like a bed potato.” I laughed at the end of his sentence.

“A bed potato? What is that?”

“You know, similar to a couch potato, but instead of a couch, it’s a bed… I don’t know, I just made it up, now kiss me.” He said as I motioned him to lean over again. I cupped the side of his face as he kissed me; he took his free hand and did the same, pulling me closer to him to deepen the kiss. As things progressed, he climbed on top of me and straddled my hips and then it hit me to what he was trying to do.

“You think you’re clever, don’t you? I know what you’re exactly trying to do, and I’m gonna tell you that I’m not in the mood.” I couldn’t keep the smile on my face at bay as I stared up at Rafe, trying to look serious and intimidating.

“I’m not doing anything… I just want to get you out of bed.” He shrugged his shoulders as he leaned down kissed me once more. His kiss was sweet, but short. He made a trail of kisses down my jaw and down my neck and my breath hitched in my throat. I tilted my head away from his to give him better access, even though I wanted to stop him.

“Rafe..:” I said as my voiced shaked a bit as he sucked on my sweet spot. He smiled against my skin once he heard how my voice shook. He stopped for a bit and then continued his journey downward. He pulled back the covers to reveal my black undergarments that I wore last night. He looked up at me as he kissed down the center of my chest right between my breasts.

“Are you still gonna stay in bed?” He asked curiously as I tried to bring his lips up to mine, but he refused. “Alright, you asked for this.” He continued, but before he could get any farther, I had enough and quickly shoved him off of me and climbed on top him. I pressed my hands to his chest as he smirked up at me.

“Woah, I didn’t think you had that type of strength in you.” He smiled at me as I rolled my eyes. His hands rested on my behind as he squeezed it a bit. “Well, since you wanna stay in bed, I thought I would just give up. You win. I’ll stay in bed with you but I thought we could do some other things rather than sleep.” His voice was low, but his classic smile graced his lips.

“What did you have in mind?”

“It’s best if I just show you.” He trailed his hand up my spine to my neck and pulled me down to kiss him. In a matter of seconds we were making out and things were progressing fast. His hands were running up and down my back and gripping my butt every once in awhile while my hands tangled in his usually combed back hair. He brought one of his hands up to my bra and unclasped it. That’s when things really got out of hand. 

“Well, that was something…” I said as I held the bed sheet up to my chest the navy blue sheets covering the majority of my body except for my legs. Rafe laid next to me, his naked torso exposed to the cool air in the room. He was a bit out of breath, but the smile on his face told me that he enjoyed it.

“Yeah that was… that thing that you did with your legs…” He didn’t even finish his sentence as he turned to look at me. We made eye contact for a moment and we both started to laugh. “I mean, how come you never told me you were that flexible?”

“I guess you can thank the twelve years of gymnastics and ballet for that.” I rolled over on my stomach and looked at him before my eyes drifted to his clock.

“Oh shit. We completely forgot about the event. It’s almost over and there would be no point in going now.” I said as I rested my head in my hands.

“Don’t worry about it, they probably would’ve talked bad about even if we were there. Besides, it was definitely worth it.” He said in a satisfied tone as he pointed between us. I smiled at him and sat up. I still held the bedsheet to my chest but readjusted it when I climbed back on to of Rafe to straddle him. His hands automatically went to my hips as he smiled at me.

“What do you say? Round two?”

“You bet.”

Basic Courtesy, please read.

Hello ! I’m sorry for not posting i have a lot of work but im gonna fix that ;)
Soo, the subjet of this message : Kindness is important ! 
Every time I do commissions I remember why I rarely do it…
So, i’m not gonna give names because it would be impolite of me.
Basic rules in ordering a commission :

  1. - Don’t show exasperation and bad feelings about us
  2. - Artist aren’t at your service
  3. - Draw takes time and guess what ? Life too.

1. Go to hell with your “oh gosh… u_u” if you’re not happy ! I draw FOR YOU, It’s not because you pay that you do not have to respect me. To insinuate that I swell you is very vulgar. That’s not my fault if you have bad days, if its thats not what i wanted. I have bad days too and you probably gonna ruins mine with doing that.

2. I’m not at your service, like all the artist. You have to respect the rules we instore. If you not okey with that go find an other person or draw your oc by yourself.

3. We don’t want things like “So?” the day after you take your order without a “hello” before and think that you’re probably not the only one or the first person in the list. If you’re not happy with the fact that your commissions can take me time (like OMG one week max) go fuck yourself. Draw takes time, that’s a fact. I can’t do better if i have like five commissions before you, you always can find a faster artist than me. Life takes time too because i have friend, high school, boyfriend and a family.

(You’ll never guess ;)

“ Oh my God, but I do not have 600 Maanas I currently have only 40 Maanas and in the French version that is the only one I play ’———‘My god… :(” and “ Okay, but I really thought I would not have to pay I thought I’d won the drawing, but that’s okay, I’ll put the Maanas together but it’s going to take a while :(”
I don’t have news since. I don’t have the money and she don’t have the draw, it’s that simple. She was aware of the rules of respect that I helped remind her… But i don’t say to her that she makes me WASTE MONEY (that’s really not the most important), TIME AND WORK, now i can’t post the drawing that i passed so much time on, i do my fucking best on it because i want her to be happy and don’t be a new time exasperate and what? She doesn’t have the maanas?… That’s totally unrespectfull. It was wrote : COMMISSION. It don’t means REQUEST IT MEANS COMMISSION. In plus i know that you know because when you see the announce the fisrt thing you say to me was “ Hello, I’m interested in your commission of drawings, I’m really wanting a drawing of my character, paid the necessary you say in the post, please :) “ 

I don’t have much to say a part : DON’T TAKE US FOR ASSHOLE, thank’s.

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Can you explain queer platonic relationships to me? Isn't it like basically being in a close friendship with someone and maybe doing some small things like hugging and hand holding but somehow in a non romantic way? I'm still trying to figure out all of this and what type of attraction I feel and things like that. Thank you :) hope you have a nice day/night!

It can be, if that’s how the people in it want to define it. It’s generally seen as something beyond what society would consider to be in the domain of friendship, but without being romantic. If you want an idea of what an example would be, Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers from the Marvel movies. They’re the most important people in the world to each other, and many people argue that their relationship /has/ to be romantic/sexual (b/c it doesn’t fit neatly inside the societal definition of friendship), but since that hasn’t been stated as canon it can also be read as completely platonic (iir there was an interview where their relationship was called “a platonic romance” or something). But it’s still seen as something so many people look at and recognize as beyond the societal expectation of friendship. (My personal headcanon is Bucky and Steve in a QPR and until the canon gods come down to tell me otherwise I’m sticking to it.)

A common type of attraction in QPRs is Alterous Attraction which might be something to look into. It’s a type of attraction that is neither platonic or romantic in nature (or both, depends on how the person experiences it) and characterized by emotional closeness.

- Mod Os