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My personal Jori En deck!

Hello hello and welcome to an article all about my personal Jori En, Ruin Diver EDH deck. I’ll show you the cards I’ve got and why I picked ‘em, as well as go over the general themes and style of play you’ll expect. Let’s do this!

So, as a quick preview, we have the commander(s), their main lieutenant, and the tokens we’ll need. You’ll have to know going in, Charmbreaker Devils is my favorite card in Magic, so of course the foil is in the mainboard; this is for when I copy it.

Lands! Enlarge the picture, please, there’s goodies in there. 7 of each basic, all the duals save for Cascade Bluffs (working on it) and on the left you see the utility land package. We have a lot of wizards in here for some reason so Riptide is an MVP. Academy Ruins gets back Expedition Map to grab the rest of these bad boys. Mirrorpool and Boseiju play well with others, and Terrain Generator uses leftover mana to dump excess basics we’ll draw.

This is our removal suite. In order, we have noncreature targeted, split card, utility/draw, mass bounce, creature targeted, and mass burn. Protip, a Quicken’d Crush of Tentacles can win the game. Time these bad boys and girls well.

Ah yes, recursion. Remember how I mentioned we had Wizards? Here are some. Time Spiral can be a big one, and Mizzix’s Mastery when Overloaded sets you so far ahead you shouldn’t lose. Goblin Dark-Dwellers is an MVP and Charmbreaker Devils is literally free cards on a fat beatstick.

(The random computer bombing from the wife! Fail safe tip fellas, don’t leave your magic blogs unattended ;)

And here we have two categories; Counterspells and utility spells. The first row has some of the best counters in the game (in my opinion) laced with utility. The second row has our one-off, silver-bullet type spells like Increasing Vengeance or the two theft spells up top (both of which make great turn 4 plays after a turn 3 Jori, as they trigger her when you nail something).

Draw! Quicken can be a precursor to any good sorcery, notably board wipes such as Slagstorm. Trinket Mage gets Expedition Map gets Academy Ruins… etc. Dracogenius is a professional finisher, and can close out a game. Honestly this is pretty self explanatory. Chasm Skulker makes great blockers too!

The goodstuff! Blockers, some equipment, and the planeswalkers. I could write an essay about them, but mainly, they’re good value engines. Runechanter’s Pike wins games as well! Honestly Talrand can run away with a game too… and Ultin Ral is fun… Man I love this deck.

There you have it! Time your spells right, don’t try to force a Jori Trigger, treat it as an opportunity when it can happen and take it! Aggressively board wipe, only counter and remove what threatens you, and basically, try to play draw-go as much as possible until you can stick a game winner or make a blowout play like Mizzix’s Mastery.

Hopefully, the new Escalate mechanic from Eldritch Moon gives this deck a few toys. That said, I hope you’ve enjoyed!