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Types of reactions to Jk’s hickeys

Not Jk biased : genuinely happy, 100% support, ‘he’s a 19 y/o ofc he’s dating someone’

Jk biased a) : high key jealous, wondering why they’re crying,*quiet sobbing in the corner*, still 99% of support (bc 1% is for hurting)

Jk biased b) : ‘lol it’s probably just a gigantic mosquito bite or smthing like that’ *hard denial*

alright guys my queue is now empty, content on here from now on is gonna be the following!!

  • stuff i make (themes, fics, graphics, headcanons/meta, photography)
  • resources (coding, writing help, wallpapers, icons, etc.)
  • d.gray-man (graphics, fanart, fics, general content)

it’s gonna be quieter here for the most part (especially since dgm hasn’t updated properly.. in nearly a year.. i cry..) but in particular the next few days while i make a new theme for my blog + clean things up a bit.

if you’re sad the multifandom personal mess on here is gone, you’re more than welcome to ask for my new personal blog (which is where all of that nonsense can now be found) !! i’m gonna be reasonably selective about who follows me over there for the moment, but may be less strict about it in the future depending on how i feel.

i hope you can continue supporting me here, and thank you for being understanding while i try and figure out what the heck i’m doing with myself

“You chose this guy for me?”

“I didn’t,” Phichit says. “Beka chose you.”

inspired by one thing i could save from the fire, a pacific rim au by strikinglight that basically made my days better for months.

I absolutely loved this fic, it’s become my favourite fic for this pair, and I absolutely believe //everybody// should give it a chance. I don’t have enough words to praise it, so, this is my little thank you to @delicadenza for bringing this world and these boys to life ;;;; 

the truth will out

humans challenge, week 3, day 7: rare pairs/engagement/wedding

Mattie is frowning, which is not exactly an unusual occurrence, but when it’s taking place in the middle of their first dance as a married couple, Leo has to be a little concerned.

“What is it?” he asks. He dares to glance down at his feet. He’s going the right way, he’s sure he is. Max has tutored him to within an inch of his life. He hasn’t stepped on her toes even once.

Mattie tilts her head ever so slightly in the direction of the stage, where Fred is playing the piano for them, and singing into the microphone. “Did I hear it wrong… or was that lyric really ‘she’s the prettiest leaf he’s ever collected?”

Leo tries to appear nonchalant. “I don’t know, was it?”

Leaf,” she repeats. “You collected leaves? How did I not know this?”

“I suppose it just never came up.”

“I can’t believe I’m married to a leaf-collector. How embarrassing.” She shakes her head, slow enough to be in time with the music. “This is a deal-breaker, Leo. I’m going to have to divorce you.”

“At least let’s finish the dance first,” he suggests.

“I also can’t believe Max didn’t put it in his speech.”

“Mm, I think he had enough material as it was.”

“Yeah, true.” She throws her head back and laughs, and it’s one of the most captivating sights he’s ever seen, even if it’s at his own expense. “Leaves. God, that’s why… is that why the bunting is so weird?”

“Mia’s little joke. She painted them especially.”

“Amazing. Honestly, this has made my night.”

He pretends to look hurt. “I feel like there should have been some other highlights.”

“I’ll let you know if I think of any,” she says, grinning. “But let’s shut up and listen to the rest of the song. I don’t want to miss any other gold.”

To Leo’s delight, they tune back in just in time for Fred to sing, ‘but as for sweet Matilda, well, Toby had a tale or two to tell…’

He twirls her a little closer to the stage, to make sure they catch every word.

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How do you make shiros Galra arm

Okay, so I previously answered this question, but apparently people want this in more detail.

Note: My Shiro arm was basically made over a 3 day weekend (minus final gluing of hand pieces (drying time included, this takes a week or a week and a half) immediately after Voltron Legendary Defender season 1 was released. It’s not perfect, but I’m happy enough with it I have no plans to remake it. That also means I didn’t take a lot of progress pics. There is not a pattern, I free-formed it. Additionally I am a terrible influence and this is probably not a healthy example in so far as glue usage.

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They were like Romeo and Juliet,
fated to fall in love.
Or maybe,
they were just fated to fall.

- the way star-crossed lovers always do. (k.b.)


So I met thomas sanders last night and he WAS SO NICE. I was unsure of how he would be as JD in Heathers the Musical, but HE ABSOLUTELY KILLED IT OH MY GOSH IT WAS SO GOOD.
>Fantastic actor
>INCREDIBLE voice (his range is basically infinite)
>Sweetest person I think I will ever meet

Thomas made my day so much better and has gotten me through some rough times, so meeting him was an absolute pleasure. I feel like I haven’t stop smiling ever since last night. Thank you so much for everything, Thomas. You positively impact more lives than anyone I know. thatsthat24 :-)


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I'm not a huge part of the SPN fandom anymore just because the fandom has been kinda cringy as of late, but I still watch the show and whatever, and ur 1 of the few people that I still follow in the SPN fandom because ur funny & sweet & an amazing lady & you make me smile & u believe in wife positivity which is important, so basically I just love u!

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Thank you, nonnie! This message made my day! 

Taemin artwork: You were dewdrops and fairytales; I the hand, ever trying to capture it.
Something I made in Febuary while I was sick; mechanical pencil & cotton ball.

Not a fuck anyone, just something that I thought was cute :)

Yesterday a little girl, maybe 8 years old, came into our store (it’s a frozen yogurt shop and it was completely empty because of the weather) with her serious-looking dad (muscular, shaved head, apparently in the military). And she was jumping around and excitedly telling me about her day (apparently her school was on lockdown for two hours but she was fine with it because she got to miss computer lab which is her least favorite class). She was really happy and outgoing and articulate and honestly adorable. So I chatted with her for a bit before I had to go do something in the back.

Our store has a security camera on top of a TV screen that shows that security feed and when I came back out to the front of the store the little girl was sort of crazily dancing for the security camera. I laughed a bit then went to the back again, and the next time I came out to the front, her serious, military dad was dancing just as crazily for the security camera. I can’t even describe how ridiculous he looked. I just started DYING laughing and he stopped as soon as he heard me and then the little girl started teasing him. It was just overall really cute and those two basically made my day. I hate this job like 90% of the time but some of the customers make it better.


BNHA Week. Day 8: OC/Self Insert.

Poe has a composite quirk, Decay and Recovery. Or perhaps this might be better as a mutated quirk? Either way it has a unique feature. During recovery usage if the subject’s own stamina is not enough then Poe can use up their own life force to heal them. They found this out due to an accident and has kept that part of the quirk a secret. 

Caden has the ability to manipulate other people’s emotions to a certain degree. It just takes one touch and the desired emotion is either amplified or negated. It doesn’t always work and sometimes it’ll rebound. 

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Thank you for posting about the "Mad Daddy." A previous "Daddy" I had was like this. He was so bad he set back all the progress I had made with my anxiety and agoraphobia to basically day one. What he did to me has left me with what my therapist has pinned as PTSD. I never knew how harmful a Daddy could be until I met him. Thank you for being an advocate for what Daddies SHOULD be. As I recover, I look to you, and thank you for being open about your agoraphobia. It shakes the stigma a little. <3

It’s just unfortunate that so many get into this lifestyle and fall prey to these people not knowing any better and thinking that this is what it’s all about.

I’m very proud of you for escaping and you should be too. It makes me happy when someone lets me know they have ended their abuse.

The road to recovery may be long, but it’s not impossible. Keep moving forward and making progress. You are amazing.

‪So i’m wearing an iron man tshirt today and some mom pointed at me and showed it to her son and he was like “omg it’s so cool!!!!” 🙊 that basically made my day because i forgot KIDS STILL LOVE IRON MAN AND TONY STARK OK. i spend so much time surrounded by this tumblr negativity that i forget that this here is just a small fraction of a whole AND THANK GOD IS SMALL AF so you can whine and hate on him all you want because in the end of the day he still will be the most beloved/popular character of the franchise and I’M THRIVING ‬