basically this is very weird and idk what am i doing

There are definitely many things worth criticizing in Steven Universe, but it’s weird because one of the biggest criticisms I see is something I personally love about the show?

It’s a lot of criticisms that basically boil down to “pacing”. 

Like “They keep setting up this big mysteries and then not paying off on them!” or “A big thing happens and then we get right back into filler episodes!” and like

Yeah? Exactly. IDK what to tell you. 

Rebecca Sugar is like reverse Steven Moffat, I almost feel like. She sets things up without you even knowing anything is being set up, so it doesn’t build tension, but then when you get the payoff it’s satisfying and obvious. Or, alternatively, she introduces a big plot element, and it’s like “Are we ever going to address this?” and then, eventually, when it naturally comes up, we finally do. 

We saw Connie’s glow bracelet in episode 1, and didn’t even know it was foreshadowing until we me Connie 8 episodes later. We didn’t learn Garnet was a fusion until 50 episodes in. 

We met Lion in episode 10, and there were SO MANY QUESTIONS. What is he? Where do his powers come from? What is his connection to Rose? And we never directly got answers to those questions - instead they were indirectly answered in a “filler” episode about a historical Beach City in episode 106 that really only raised more questions than it answered, followed by the most recent episode, 132, which was about Lars and Homeworld and also, you know, incidentally answered the entire Lion mystery. 

Over three years after it was introduced we finally learned what Lion’s deal is, and it wasn’t even in a Lion-centric story. But you know what? It was still satisfying. At least, I thought so. 

I don’t get the feeling that that explanation was made up. Watching it, I get the feeling Rebecca Sugar knew three years ago what was up with Lion. She just wasn’t going to incorporate it until it became immediately relevant. 

It’s slow, honest, sprawling worldbuilding that I can really fucking get behind. The writers know what this world is and who these characters are, they just aren’t going to force exposition or explanations where they wouldn’t naturally occur if they can avoid it. 

IDK, the whole “we just introduced this big new thing, but now the characters are just dinking around? Living their lives? Why???” thing is, to me, at least a solid half of the draw. I like the show is approachable, that the tension is present but not overbearing. 

It feels like life. Big, life-changing, worldview shifting things happen. And at the same time that it changes everything, it doesn’t actually change very much at all. 

A good friend dies suddenly, you still have to make yourself lunch. Your parents are getting a divorce, you still hang out with your friends and maybe even act like everything is normal. And maybe even forget while you’re hanging out with your friends what is going on at home. You get arrested, get out on bail, know you have a huge case coming up that could determine your whole future, you still play video games for a couple hours the next night, you still go to work the next day. You’re working with your lawyers and everyone to put together your case, of course, but normal life doesn’t stop. It rarely ever does.

IDK, I see these criticisms like “They introduces Bismuth and then just benched her!” or “They introduced the cluster and then it didn’t actually do anything” and it’s like, yet. I have no reason not to trust that those things won’t be coming back around. Everything else in this show has, in time, come back around so far. From seemingly insignificant side characters, to weird locations, to random trivia. 

There’s an old saying, “things change slowly, until they change all at once”, and it has, in my life, generally proven to be true. And it seems to be the Steven Universe approach to story pacing. And I, personally, really really like it. And it’s cool if you don’t. But I don’t think I’d like the show as much if it weren’t so chill. It’s a show that drips along in tiny, soothing, sentimental increments. 

It’s fine if that’s an aspect of the show you don’t like. I have preferences and there are things I don’t like even though they’re arguably good. But I keep seeing people propose it as an aspect of the show that is bad writing. And, I just can’t wrap my head around that? It’s perfectly fine writing. It’s even, often, great writing. I prefer a slow and quiet accruement to a plot-heavy infodump any fucking day. Not that there isn’t often call for the latter, depending on the story you want to tell and how you want to tell it. But I prefer the former. 

So far I haven’t been given any indication there isn’t a planned followthrough for all the many, many threads Steven Universe has laid. They’ve successfully followed through enough times before, often on things we weren’t even aware we should be looking out for, that I imagine they’ll keep doing so. The only reason I ever see the show failing to do so, and having a rushed and unsatisfying end, is time. If they get prematurely cancelled, or prematurely decide to end things out of personal desire to work other projects, then yeah, SU could end badly. Lots of stuff could end up unexplained or given a quick unsatisfying end. But there’s no evidence of that yet, so right now I’m going to take the pacing choices as just that. Choices. Good ones, that I like. Even if they aren’t to everyone’s taste. 

skdjfslkdfjsdf the sonic mania vid was so damn good i’m alive!!!!!!! i live for phil having way less of a filter and dan kind of just letting him take control of the game and share his passion for it while also letting him dominate the humor with his ridiculous comments and jokes. it was just so good, so obvi i gotta share my list of Moments: 

  • dan opens the vid talking about furry gateways so we already know we’re in for a ride
  • the drop-in of the clip of 2010!dnp playing sonic had me in tears within the first minute. wasn’t ready. will probably never be ready for flashbacks like that. did they watch that video back before filming? do they do that a lot? ugh. 
  • dan’s ‘nu uh can’t touch this honey’ complete w feigned spank of his own ass was a thing of beauty
  • ‘i like playing tails bc it’s closer to my furs-‘ dan reaffirms his overcooked statement that the only worthwhile fursonas are wolf/dog/fox
  • dan confesses to role playing as a psychic hedgehog at age 8 and phil couldn’t care less, he just wants to play the game
  • dan also confesses he’s too young to actually remember the first sonic game and subtly glances at phil as he says it. phil says ‘i’m not’ and then just does the cutest sheepish facial expression like he’s a little wary of admitting his age here but also at the same time doesn’t actually mind too much. it’s such an interesting little moment
  • ‘so keep up, biatch,’ phil says w feeling
  • omg phil describing dan’s role: ‘you’re like … my sous chef’ and then a giggle. the joking resentment left over from the overcooked stream is actually so funny. dan’s response is so funny. i love them
  • phil: ‘just stick with me, man’ why was that hot
  • dan: ‘this is an absolutely terrible friendship experience right now’
  • dan spends nearly two minutes trying to open a conversation with phil about how he doesn’t actually think sonic is that fun to play but he keeps getting interrupted slash probs doesn’t want to offend the shit out of phil lmaooo
  • omg when they switch levels and phil is like ‘is this vaporwave or sea punk’ aka two things he probs absolutely would not give a shit about were it not for sharing his life with dan. dan starts to say ‘well they’re kind of very similar subgenres …’ and phil is having none of that and interrupts him to go ‘just give me a yes or no’ LMAO I AM LIVING SHUT HIS ASS DOWN
  • phil: ‘i want those blue balls’
  • phil: ‘i’m close. i can taste that emeraldussy’
  • they high five and it’s awk and and phil says ‘that was awk’ and dan gives him a somehow simultaneously salty and fond look and i die
  • dan: ‘you get those blue balls, phil’
  • phil: ‘i ballsed it uppppp’
  • dan is just straight admiring phil’s gaming skills and tells everyone in the audience that this is exactly what they’ve been waiting for if they’ve been wanting to see exactly how good phil is at gaming
  • dan: ‘fuck. ing. hell. for god’s sake, lester’
  • phil: ‘my spine is tingling, and not in a good way’
  • phil: ‘dan, you are. the worst fox i’ve ever met’
  • dan wants tails and sonic to make out
  • phil caves to dan’s constant attempts to turn this video into furry propaganda and admits to having a deviantart account where he draws sonic in ‘various situations.’ bless. can we launch a fandom-wide effort to track it down lmao
  • phil offers to swap roles so dan can play more and dan declines because he thinks he’s shit. but he also feels the need to clarify that phil’s only offering bc this is being filmed lmao
  • dan: ‘bona, bonus, boners’
  • 10:41 a rare whiny!phil emerges when he wants to go into the water and isn’t able to. dan immediately searches for a way down. cuteeesdjflksdf
  • a return of their mocking bro culture by yelling bruhhh in increasingly obnoxious tones and then dan interjecting ‘bros who brunch’ with no other context other than to ostensibly ridicule the concept haha
  • phil just randomly yells ‘ass!’ and dan is living, i’m living, we’re all living
  • phil’s laugh when trolling dan that the doctor’s name is simon is so fucking intensely cute i actually felt pain in my heart
  • ‘dan’s ball time’
  • phil: ‘daddy’s home’
  • phil: ‘that is very penis-y’ dan: ‘it’s a giant eggman penis … i’ve mounted the dong’ phil: ‘mount him. i’m in his butt.’ dan: ‘i’ve taken one hole damage’ have i mentioned lately how very fricking gay dan and phil sometimes are
  • phil legit has to take a moment to collect himself after they’ve finished before saying the whole thing was more relaxed than he thought it’d be. was it, phil? idk but i’m def sweating 
  • they both like the same character at the end and phil asks dan if they should adopt it as their pet. dan just gives him a weird stare, and then phil amends pet to ‘caddy lad’ and i’m actually dying ahahahahaha. the caddy kink continues and the implications of them adopting/‘owning’ a caddy, the role that they’ve sexualized so much in the golf videos as being the sexy subservient cute guy who ‘carries your things’ is just so incredibly kinky lmao. if he was trying to avoid the perhaps romantic implications of their adopting a pet together then he unwittingly just said something so much worse. dan looks understandably incredibly uncomfortable and phil regrets nothing. meanwhile i regret ever stanning these guys
  • the whole ending is so rushed and awkward and full of word flubs and is basically just so appropriate for the wild shit they were on in this game. but it’s cute bc they keep giggling at each other and they’re both such absurd humans. this video was perfect
Season 2 Klance and Shallura Analysis

Alrighty so this is another one of those voltron prediction/theory/rant its basically an analysis of some parts of season 2 not all bc that would take me forever but just a few key parts (aka the key to my heart Klance okay bye). So grab a drink because this is an essay folks that I spent way too much time on than I should have. Let’s begin shall(ura) we? (I hate myself)

So I’m gonna start with a very good and very platonic (in my opinion) relationship, which is K//allura. Okay okay, they have so much potential to be bffs its exciting.

First off, I took the whole Galra Keith and Allura tension as a message the creators wanted to convey to the viewers about judging someone merely by their race. Honestly I really love it when tv shows, especially kids shows, integrate bigger ideas like racism into their stories. Its subtle yet satisfying and I really really appreciated this particular scene with Keith and Allura.

Allura is describing her hatred for the Galra which is basically her hatred toward a part of Keith that he can’t even control. He never chose to be Galra, it’s just in his blood. And obviously that hurts him because its a part of who he is:((

Like ugh this is so sweet guys. So as you know from the title of this, I don’t ship K//allura at all, but this scene was very special to me in a much different way than how I feel from a romantic interaction. Like this is a genuine moment between two characters that are haunted by the same group, the Galra. Keith is part Galra, he has a part of the enemy inside of him which is probably causing inner turmoil maybe even self-hatred within him. And Allura as we know hates the Galra for killing her entire civilization. These two have a deep character development from this scene alone. We see that Allura has matured from being bitter toward Keith for being Galra to understanding that a person should not be judged by their blood but who they truly are. Also we see that Keith has accepted the fact that yes he may have a part of the enemy within him, but that does not mean he has to be anything like them. He is also pretty stand-off ish and doesn’t like opening up necessarily. He’d much rather keep to himself (other than Shiro), but he is finally opening up to someone else as well. He forgives Allura immediately despite how offensive her bias opinion was towards him. I just love Keith. 

So these two are super close now or should be? Which is pretty awesome considering… Keith is super close to Shiro too. SO now he’s close to both Shiro and Allura who are both, might I remind you all, much older than would be appropriate for him to have a romantic relationship with. Anywho, this reeks of space parents and an angsty teen.

Which then leads to Shallura and why I believe it is pointing toward canon woot woot love these goobers. Alright so I’m solely focusing on a few scenes in particular where my heart was pounding and my eyes watering and I was clutching my heart while screaming at my computer screen. The feels man the feels. 

I just about swooned at this. Like these underrated moments are what really get me. Like I love the whole Shiro taking Allura’s hand and telling his wife to get some rest, that got me feeling some sort of way. But this scene guys. In the heat of battle, Shiro is concerned for Allura. He’s basically saying “I wish I could be there to take care of her but Coran you have to do it for me.” I cannot guys I cannot.

She could’ve called for anyone else. Was it Keith? NOPE IT WAS SHIRO, PEOPLE!!

Never forget honestly. This is the face of a broken man. I have never seen Shiro more distressed and this pic doesn’t do it justice but when you watch this scene his eyes are glistening like he’s about to cry. The calm, collected leader Shiro is on the verge of tears? omg I can’t. 

Honestly this is my weakness. When a character gets hurt and another character goes ballistic and rages. Like Shiro is so determined to kick ass in this scene and avenge Allura. End me. 

For Shallura, they both have an understanding that they need each other. They are each other’s support especially considering they both are the leaders and are the older ones of the group. They help bear each other’s responsibility which is much different than Klance’s dynamic. For Klance it is much more playful and focused on chemistry. And also because they are younger it is much more naive and afraid. Both Keith and Lance obviously care for each other but they try not to show it especially when the other is present. They are self-conscious and afraid of what the other will think, that the other doesn’t feel the same way. Shiro and Allura, however, both know that they care for each other and they aren’t afraid to express it through calling each other’s name during battle and other small gestures like that.

Which I forgot to mention that everyone is freaking out over a simple hug between Allura and Keith but like have you noticed that both Klance and Shallura have not had a proper hug yet? Ummmm is this a slow burn fic or… Seriously tho, I’ve watched plenty of shows and animes (I’m shameless) to know that usually the canon couple does not have that special hugging and seal-the-deal scenes quite so early in the series because all the anticipation builds up until the perfect scene is created. I swear a tender Klance and Shallura moment is coming I swear. 

Which then leads to my mains, Klance. I just have to admit that one of the many reasons I love these two is because of the fact that Keith and Lance are like my fav characters of all time. And I can relate to both of them at the same time idk. Anyway, back to what’s important: evidence of canon.

So… Do I really need to show these? Like these scenes do not need further analysis it just reeks of dorks-in-love-who-don’t-know-they’re-in-love-with-each-other-and-who-don’t-know-that-the-other-is-in-love-with-them. Man I love Klance. 

So instead let’s over-analyze a few other scenes…

“Babe I thought you would have my back.”

“First you forget the bonding moment now this.”

Look this one is a stretch lol but just look at Keith’s face. When you watch this scene, Keith goes from his signature annoyed and irritated look to a betrayed and frustrated look. Maybe that’s just me, but aside from that, he doesn’t necessarily look pissed off, his face changes from his usual pissy look to something much different. Obviously what Lance says does calm him down enough not to yell back at him, but he also looks frustrated because no one understand him or his secret about his past with the Blade of Mamora and all that good junk at this point. I think it is especially bothering him that he can’t just upfront say what he is hiding, and instead he knows he is looking like a fool in front of them (and especially Lance). 

Body language is important. Keith turns around as not to face them, I think he is hurt because obviously this whole situation is important to him but not even Lance seems to understand him. And I seriously think Keith and Lance have like this weird mutual understanding usually. Like ya they fight I get that, but usually they kinda get what the other is trying to get at I feel, idk maybe thats just me. 

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how blue Lance’s eyes are in this… I love my son…

So like if you look closely at this scene you notice that when Lance is making eye contact with Keith, Keith has his typical “I hate you Lance but really I don’t but I’m gonna pretend like I do” face. But right when Lance looks away Keith actually looks sad and kinda hurt. Out of everyone, he hates that Lance is the one revealing his flaws, and even he knows its true. Lance stop insulting your husband. He’s actually sensitive about what you think of him:(((

Uhhh lowkey I think Keith is just as insecure as Lance is, but he just doesn’t show it… Oh the Klangst!

And another thing we get to see in Season 2 is that Lance is showing ALOT of concern of Keith’s wellbeing which is pretty big if you ask me because season 1 was basically Pining!Keith worried about his boyf. Now we get to see some worried Lance.

Honestly, like I mentioned before, the creators are going for a slow burn. And both Shallura and Klance definitely have their little hints and subtle moments that are very easily missed. But that’s the point. If it’s too obvious then the ending won’t be as powerful, the couples won’t be as special. Also, the development of both of these couples is going slow but very well thought out and I actually appreciate it a lot. I know for a fact K//allura won’t be canon because their interaction is too straight-up(lol) for it to be canon. It could be said as “predictable” but idk I just get a total brotp vibe from them nothing more, plus if they were hinting at canon for them, they wouldn’t have them hug so soon. Also their reactions and facial expressions toward the hugs and touches would be very different. It wasn’t tender like the Bonding Moment™ or the Shallura hand grab™. Facial expressions and reactions are key! Keith looked indifferent when Allura fell into his arms and their hug was sweet yes but it wasn’t hesitant and nervous like a couple who just discovered their feelings for one another would react. It was a hug between two people who recognize their bond. It was a strong bond yes, between two lovers? no I don’t think so. Allura, herself even confirmed how she now viewed the paladins as her family and it just felt to much like a familial bond I couldn’t see anything more to it. If Kallura was to be canon they would have more subtle moments than in-your-face big moments. Little details in the way Keith or Allura would look, or in the background they would be gazing at each other (*cough* like Keith does to Lance *cough*) It’s the little things that count, remember that.

The only ship I was concerned that would be canon was Sh//eith, because they have an obvious bond that is much different than everyone else. But ever since the “Shiro, you’re a bro to me” happened, it basically killed any chance of it happening. Which in my opinion is much better because Klance and Shallura have so much potential and their stories can expand and be written so well. As it is, the creators are doing a really good job at unraveling their stories slowly but just enough as to give the viewers hope which is the goal usually for tv shows. They try to make the shippers suffer sometimes *sigh*. 

Anywho, if you read up to this point thanks for listening to me rambling about space parents and space ranger partners lol! I loved season 2 because it revealed a lot about Keith not only through the obvious backstories and blade of mamora stuff but also through his interactions. And yes Keith is my fav lol. Anyways, I am 99.9% sure Klance and Shallura are gonna be canon but by no means am I saying you shouldn’t ship what you want. You do you, folks. Ship on and enjoy the show!

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okay bu what is kriggory?

asdfghjkl; umm kriggory is cedric diggory x viktor krum lmao

long story short, i came across this gif and it planted headcanons that ruined my life and now my friends are on a mission to torment me for life tbh 

but like? look at how cute they are?

  • imagine them dancing together 
  • it happens completely by chance 
  • hermione and cho have gone off for drinks or something
  • idk where they’ve gone, possibly to make out in one of the carriages because hermione looks beautiful and cho is a little entranced
  • and cedric being cedric, is just too pleased and jubilant to hold still
  • so he asks viktor to teach him some of the dance moves they’d do in bulgaria.
  • viktor looks quizzical and confused
  • but he agress because no one can resist cedric diggory when he offers up that happy little grin
  • so he starts showing cedric a few things, just basic little moves and quirks 
  • and cedric immitates them well at first
  • but then the girls have been gone for so long that they’ve run out of new moves for cedric to try, at least easy ones anyways
  • cedric would say something like “i think we’ve been ditched”, though he wouldn’t say it unpleasantly.
  • quiet victor would only nod, frowning a little 
  • he likes hermione, he likes her quite a lot actually, but he’d already sensed that perhaps her affections lied elsewhere.
    • it didn’t take a genius to figure that out 
  • cedric can see the bit of sadness in viktor’s face, and cedric hates seeing anyone sad. it’s against his nature not to want to help
  • so he just grabs viktor by the arm and pulls him back into a dance, some weird thing that neither of them really know what to do with 
  • viktor is confused beyond belief, but he follows suit anyway, if only to be doing something
  • and cedric is just being so very carefree and happy and just this radiant ball of sunshine
  • how could viktor, the most stoic man alive, not be a little bit captivated by him?
  • they dance until almost everyone else is gone; until it’s clear the girls aren’t coming back
  • but neither of them really minds
  • they’ve managed to have fun all on their own, in fact
  • and viktor, who is always rather reserved, finds that his face is stiff and sore from smiling so broadly
  • and he thinks perhaps there were better things at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardly than competitions and hermione granger
  • and maybe those things were a mop of soft hair and eyes that glowed like the sun hid behind them and a complexion that magically looked good in yellow

anyway idk how this turned into headcanons but long story short i love kriggory thank you that’s all goodnight

prince!taeyong au (a bulleted scenario)

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a/n this wasn’t a request but i’ve just been getting prince feels from taeyong lately, i didn’t know how to end it ok i wrote this in an hour!!! also, announcement….. I’M SEEING NCT 127 IN MANILA NEXT MONTH!!! IM CRYING!!!! IM SO EXCITED!!!! I GOT TICKETS RIGHT NEXT TO THE STAGE IM CRYING!!!! AND…. NOT ONLY AM I SEEING THEM PERFORM BUT… I ALSO GOT A PHOTO OP PASS. IM MEETING THEM. IM ACTUALLY CRYING I CAN’T BELIEVE IT ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE SO IM TYPING THIS BUT IT DOESNT FEEL REAL TO ME OK IM SORRY IM SO PARANOID



genre: fluff

  • first off, i wanna clarify that this is kind of a mix of modern and past??? U get it
  • ok so,,, he looks like a prince
  • as a prince, i think taeyong would be the kindest most respectable dude EVER
  • like he genuinely cares about his people
  • everyone loves him basically
  • he literally goes out of his way to meet his people
  • and he’s gonna be crowned as king pretty soon since his father’s getting old
  • and in all honesty, he’s not ready to make decisions and stuff like that
  • he thinks he’s not ready but imo he is but i don’t have a say im jus the writer
  • okay so onto you….
  • you’re just from the middle class, nothing special
  • you’ve never seen the prince despite him making regular visits to the village
  • you think his whole acts of kindness thing is just a scheme to get the people to like him as a king
  • so let’s say you’re really adventurous, you’re always in the woods or whatever that’s why you’ve never seen prince taeyong
  • so one time late at night you’re just really bored and can’t seem to fall asleep
  • so you decide to go into the woods and just walk around or something
  • you really shouldn’t do that u could be eaten by wolves or something
  • but yeah ANYWAY you’re walking around in the woods it’s been like an hour dude
  • then you see this tiny hole that looks like an entrance between two trees
  • you’re like ooooo spooky so u go check to see what’s on the other side
  • and it’s a really pretty garden,,, like ,, it’s an actual garden with lanterns and a lil pond and it’s just so pretty it doesn’t look real
  • so while you’re looking around you see this dude obviously taeyong sitting by the pond and u jump a bit but he doesn’t seem to notice your presence
  • he’s just lying there with his eyes closed, humming some tune
  • so u go closer and ur like “are you awake”
  • and he opens his eyes in shock kinda and hes like “oh shit someone saw me”
  • and you’re just thinking oh this dude is wearing expensive clothes he must be rich and ur like “who are you???”
  • and then it hits him that you don’t know he’s the prince
  • he’s like “oh…. i’m TY” and you’re like “that’s a weird name but ok i’m y/n”
  • he nods and you’re like “so did you make this? do you come here often TY?” and he’s like “my grandfather did when i was little. and yeah i come here when i can’t sleep or when something’s on my mind”
  • you’re like “so which one is it?”
  • he’s like ??? and ur like “can’t sleep or is there something bothering you?”
  • he’s like “oh….kinda both, but more of the latter”
  • you’re like “you wanna talk about it?” he’s like “its nothing, its just that i have to do something that involves a lot of decision making that i’m not ready to do yet”
  • you’re like “oh well whatever it is i’m sure you’ll be ready, you seem like a really reliable guy TY” and he’s smiling bc this is coming from your heart and you’re not just saying this bc he’s the prince
  • taeyongs like “so how about you? what brought you here?” and you’re like “i dunno i just couldn’t sleep”
  • so you two are just enjoying the silence and also getting to know each other a bit
  • you’re like “you must be from a noble family huh?” and he nods and you’re like “so does that mean you’re attending the prince’s coronation next week?”
  • he’s like “uhh idk i might” and you’re like “you know i’ve never seen the prince, but i always hear stuff about him being a really nice guy but i think that’s all just crap to get the public’s approval” this kinda offends him and he frowns but he’s like “or maybe he’s just a really nice guy”
  • and you’re like “you know i could see it that way if i didn’t have this bias against royals, they seem really stuck up, im just hoping this prince isn’t the same”
  • taeyongs like “he isn’t. i’ve met him, he’s passionate about helping his people”
  • and ur like “hmmm i’ll give him a chance”
  • then u realize it’s almost 4 am and you get up
  • you’re like “i’ll see you around TY” and he’s like “you can find me here every night if you want” and you’re like “i’ll take note of that”
  • so the next night you guys meet again and you get to know each other a lot better, talking about each other’s favorite colors, food, fears, music. he tells you stories about his life, places he’s been to, you’d pretty much just talk for hours.
  • you’ve been meeting for about 8 nights now, and in the day he’d be on your mind and you’d be on his, and you eventually realize that your heart flutters when you see him waiting for you in the hidden garden
  • so basically you’ve fallen for him and his stories and just everything about him in just a matter of 8 days
  • on the 9th night, your feelings were just running through your body and you were like screw it i’m confessing tonight
  • you’re really nervous as you make your way to the garden, but he isn’t there
  • this kinda upsets you but then you remember it’s the prince’s coronation tomorrow, and TY coming from a noble family, was probably busy with preparations
  • so you leave, deciding on just telling him about your feelings the following night
  • so in the day, your family drags you to watch the parade of the new king with them, much to your dismay
  • you’re just looking around for TY, hoping he’s somewhere here
  • then you hear the crowd yelling for the king
  • you look up at the float and you’re IN SHOCK
  • like ,,, REALLY
  • your mouth is hanging wide open and your mother lightly slaps your arm telling you to bow in respect
  • and as you’re bowing you look up and you and taeyong’s eyes lock
  • you both have a look of shock on your faces and before you know it the float has passed you
  • and you’re just dumbfounded the whole day
  • in your head you’re like ,,,, ‘i’ve been talking to the prince this whole time… i’ve told him things that could get me killed…… and….. I HAVE FEELINGS FOR HIM’
  • so ur very slightly angry so at night you go off to the garden again thinking he won’t be there bc he’ll be too busy at his party
  • but there he is, sitting by the pond in his royal clothing
  • he looks exactly like he did when you first saw him, lying next to the pond with his eyes shut
  • you quietly go near him and you’re like “what’s up king taeyong
  • this time he doesn’t even bother opening his eyes he’s like “it’s TY to you”
  • then he sits up and stares at you and he’s like “are you mad that i didn’t tell you”
  • you’re like “i was, but i kinda understand why you didn’t”
  • he’s like “so are you gonna start treating me differently now”
  • you’re like “i don’t think you’d want that so i won’t”
  • and he smiles at you which makes your heart MELT
  • you’re like “so why aren’t you at your celebration”
  • he’s like “i ditched and told them i was tired”
  • you laugh and you’re like “that’s a good way to start off as king”
  • you’re like “so is this the thing that was bothering you the first night we met, the thing you said you weren’t ready to do??” and he nods
  • you’re like “from what i know about you, i think you’re going to be a great king, don’t worry too much, i believe in you”
  • he’s like “that means a lot, especially since it’s coming from you”
  • ur like “huh???” and he leans in and holds u softly be the cheeks and kisses you
  • and your heart is JUMPING
  • you both pull away and he’s like “i’ve been wanting to do that” and you’re like “honestly, same.”
  • he’s like “i ended up developing feelings for you, you got to know me as taeyong and not prince taeyong, just taeyong.” and you’re like “i feel the same way for you, you were so genuine as a person and i just couldn’t get you off my mind”
  • he’s like “you’re not just saying that bc i’m the king?” you know he’s joking but u put a fake hurt face on and he tackles u into a hug
  • you’re like “ok but you know we aren’t going to be allowed to be together right?” and taeyongs like “well why not? everythings being modernized now, who’s to say i can’t be with the person i’ve fallen for? i’m the king
  • and you just spend the rest of the night cuddling in the garden
  • he introduces you to his parents and they agree on keeping your relationship a secret until his term as king is long enough
  • he hires you to work in the palace just to spend time with you
  • its cute you’d be serving him tea and you’d bow and he’d take it then give you a peck on the cheek
  • you’d still go to the hidden garden with him, it would be your place and it would just be sacred for you two
  • and you live happily ever after
  • end
A-Z NSFW: Hoshi

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A = Aftercare 

Hoshi’s extremely affectionate in your relationship, and in sex, and of course that means he goes insanely overboard with aftercare. Even though sex is pretty tamed, there’s not exactly a way for you to even get hurt, he’s still determined to make you stay still while he runs and grabs a rag to wipe you down with, and manages to make you drink water #StayHydratedKids and smother you in kisses and cuddling you, and basically writing poetry with how much love he preaches once you’re relaxing in bed again.

B = Body part (Their favorite body part of theirs and also their partner’s) 

After he’s figured it out, his fingers have easily become Hoshi’s favorite. Just brushing them over your skin is enough to draw a shiver from you, having your body so responsive to just his fingers just gives Hoshi a blast or dominance and his ego flies sky high. You, however, he really loves your legs. He’s touching them constantly, and the soft skin is his choice place to grab and pull to him when he’s giving you that good dick all night long. why am i like this idk Seeing his finger makes all over your leg, is almost enough to make him bust right there.

C = Cum 

Not gonna lie, he’s messy as hell. Try as he might, he always ends up making a mess. Condoms are a main default just because no one wants to do laundry constantly because of his no-aim having ass jizzing all over the bed. 

D = Dirty Secret (a dirty secret of theirs) 

Lowkey he likes the idea of you in costume, role playing etc. One he really likes, is a bit of kitten play, but how in the hell does someone bring that up? ‘hey babe, put these cat ears on and meow while i pound you with my wiener’ literally not happening. He’s keeping that to himself, until he figures out how to subtly bring it up. 

E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Boy’s hips certainly know what they’re up to…..He for certain knows what he’s doing, he’s pretty good with his hips, but his finger and tongue skills had to be tuned and corrected a bit in the process, but that was an easy fix. 

F = Favorite position

Hoshi’s more traditional, he likes a bit of the basics. No acrobat training is needed, you aren’t gonna pull a muscle or anything. Missionary is how it starts, but always switches into a number of others by the time sex is over. By the time he’s done, he’s already had you on your back, on your knees and thrusting into you from behind, letting you ride him, he’s not a picky man, he loves it all.

G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)

Hoshi’s more serious, but not in a weird intense kind of way, more of he’s determined to make you feel his love for you, that he’s so focused there’s no room for clowning around. He does instantly turn into a fluff ball afterwards though. 

H = Hair (How well groomed are they)
He’s got a nice little happy trail and tree, I don’t see him being bare, but he trims pretty well, keeps things nice and neat. 

I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…)

Hoshi’s pretty affectionate with you in general, and it stays the same way during sex. The atmosphere is pretty thick with feeling, but not so much lust or and intense feeling, you can just feel the love flowing from him. Deep kisses and eye contact are constants, and pants of ‘i love you’ are spewing from his lips the entire time.

J = Jack Off (Masturbation)

He’s not shy with getting intimate with himself, he’s pretty slow with himself too. Normally he’s locked away in the bathroom after the kids have gone to bed, so he’s all alone without a worry. Few times he’s called you, got off to your voice or actually pulled you into phone sex, and a handful of times he may have just looked at your selfies…oops?

K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Hoshi’s a man of few kinks, but the few he has rule his existence. Nothing too wild, really. He’s not overbearingly dominant, but he is in control 90% of the time, he likes having you beneath him, squirming for him. Grinding is a very big one, he’s one that can get off happily to just dry humping you into next week. He’s got quite an obsession with marking your tummy and hips; a place no one is going to see besides him, and knowing you’re covered in his marks when no one else does, starts a fire inside him. 

L = Location (Favorite places to do the do)

I swear to god why do I even do this letter? They’re all in their beds lmao. Anyways, aside from the obvious, he’s pretty fond of the bath. Not shower sex, ain’t no one slipping and busting a nut when you’re with Hoshi, no no no. Bath

M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)

A slow grind is enough to set a bomb off in his pants. You crawling on his lap, such a typical thing for you two that he doesn’t think twice about it, until your hips start moving across his crotch. Grinding is one of his favorite stimulations and foreplay, it’s a foolproof way to turn Hoshi on.

N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)

Just for the hell of it, more so a birthday gift for you, to let you do what you want, he allowed himself to be handcuff. Didn’t like it one bit, Hoshi let you have your fun that one time, but he really hated the lack of movement and ability to touch you freely. That’s kind of the point of handcuffs…but he really doesn’t like it. Anything restricting, he’s not here for. At all.

O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Oral is a particular favorite of his, both ways. Hoshi is pretty keen on 69, both of you getting pleasure at the same time. His tongue is his weapon of choice, whether is be his singing ability killing your soul or his tongue attacking your pussy, he’s got you weak in the knees.

P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)

Sex with Hoshi is pretty intense in an emotional way, he’s big on affectionate being shown during sex, his pace is normal, not fast but not slow by any means, and rather sensual and emotions pour out from his pace. 

Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)

He’s okay with quickies, they’re not his favorite, but sometimes all he can squeeze in is a quick one, and you two have to learn to live with it. Hoshi’s pretty good at making sure you’re both satisfied under a time limit, so that’s not an issue. But he’d rather be spread out in bed with you for hours instead. 

R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)

Hoshi’s pretty vanilla in my mind, he’s not much for kink stuff or anything, so what he’s interested in trying is usually limited to positions. He’s not the most adventurous guy with things like locations, and toys, etc, but positions he does like to try new things.

S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
Hoshi isn’t much a jackrabbit kind of guy, he’s a one tap man. He’s pretty average in time length as well, just under 10 minutes usually, one round is all he can manage without a break.

T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
Again, he’s more on the vanilla side, toys don’t join in in the bedroom much, he doesn’t much stuff. Vibrators are the only thing he really touches on, he likes how reactive your body gets to the buzzing, amuses him to an extent, he toys with them some times, just not often.

U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Hoshi’s pretty merciful for you, he’s not one to make you beg for it, so he doesn’t tease much. But he does tease. A little bit, but he does. Orals usually his choice of teasing, he really likes watching you squirm for him, and what better than to have to all worked up over just his tongue?

V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
Ah, sweet voalists, can you imagine a vocalist being quiet in bed, honestly? He’s not incredibly loud,but Hoshi is pretty vocal. He’s a talker, letting curses slip from his mouth like to tomorrow, groaning over how you feel, panting for you to switch positions, etc. He’s not going to be heard outside the room, but you definitely will hear him.

W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
Since sex is generally more mild, as a treat, for his birthday, you two let a little lose and tried out a few things for the hell of it. The experimental day is the reason he found he kind of likes the vibrators. Seeing you twitch and squirm in response to the new stimulation for the first time, really set something off in him.

X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants, picture or words)
Hoshi’s a tiny bit under the average, pushing about 4.5″ but he’s got a bit more girth than typical, more thick than length wise. Definitely something that’s more than capable of getting the job done right but it’s not gonna cripple you, count your blessings.

Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)

Hoshi’s pretty normal, his sex drive is on a leash, it’s pretty contained. He’s not going to jump your bones 24/7 like some members, sex isn’t insanely frequent. 2-3 times a week a maximum, he’s not much of a horny toad. You may just survive him, thankfully. 

Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Sex with Hoshi is affectionate, slow and loving, it’s not overly exhausting. He’s not worn out after sex, barely out of breath, so he doesn’t need to have a break. He’s more than capable to just get up and carry on with the day but he’s extremely fond of cuddling after sex. Hoshi doesn’t sleep easy, but he’s not leaving the bed either way.

Owari no Seraph Headcanons

-Vampires click their top fangs against their bottom ones when they’re nervous. It’s usually super quiet and humans typically can’t hear them, but other vampires can

-They make this sort of rattling hiss when threatened or angry, kinda like a rattlesnake mixed with a cat. If they’re hurt when they’re hissing, they’ll shriek

-Their bottom fangs are spurs that hook into the flesh of their victem, anchoring them in and making moving difficult. Because venom production starts right before they bite, these spurs usually have a thin coating on them that numbs them to the victem, unless the bite was intentionally done without venom, which SERIOUSLY hurts and is usually something done in fighting instead of hunting because a screaming, thrashing human is difficult to drink from even with super strength

-Their claws (we sometimes see Ferid and Krul with their claws out when they’re fighting or angry, you can catch them if you watch close enough) slide out over their ordinary nails and are tough enough to dig into rock without breaking. Some vampires like to paint them in their free time (fucking Ferid with his purple-ass claws is evidence for this headcanon)

-They’re somewhat desensitized to pain. Minor injuries don’t bother them at all, and major injuries are more of a shock thing than anything else. This is because their healing abilities mean they don’t need to be careful with their injuries, as long-term healing isn’t really a thing. Therefore, the pain reflex has been mostly deactivated as feeling pain on a human level would be more of a crux than anything

-They’re mostly visual and sound-based predators, and hunt like big cats (based off their pouncing reflex). This means that they can do that thing where they can hold their head perfectly still even when the rest of their body is moving. And yes, they probably do the butt-wiggling

-Based off their ability to apparently run on the fucking walls and ceilings if they so wished (like in the first opening), their ankles and wrists are probably more flexible than ours and can pivot at angles that would make us scream to maximize their climbing ability (like that one squirrel{?}/lemur {idk I’m not that good at mammals} that can twist its back feet around to climb down trees). They probably also have longer hooked claws on their feet to hang from things so they can grab people preying-mantis style.

-Judging from how most of them seem to have really pale colouring, all of them have a strong adversion to sun (for obvious reasons lmao), the ability to climb on stone/hang from things, and a strong preference for the underground, I’m going to take a gander and say that they’re probably naturally cave dwellers

-They’re naturally solitary predators, and only usually form strong social bonds with people left over from when they are human (even if both are turned, the bond still stays)/the affection between sires and their offspring. This is why they aren’t very emotional; they don’t need it to survive and communicate, like we do. This lone hunter mentality also contributes to the tendancy to think over feeling, and is also why they don’t really care to learn things (because they can usually just figure it out by themselves). Eventually, some vampire went ‘hey, I’m strong by myself, what if instead of competing with other vampires we can team up and pool our reasorces instead of fighting over territory and prey’, and that’s how the kingdoms were formed. Vampires have since learned how to communicate with others and formed their own communication cues, but this is also where the pride and arrogance and splendor came in, because they’re essentially always trying to one-up the other vampires around them, so they eventually just started hoarding shit like dragons to prove themselves to the over vampires (a remnant of their territoriality)

-Their need to consume blood is partially a dietary need, partially magical. The blood provides the nutrients they need to get by, but it’s also a part of the curse that threw them into vampirism: essentially, you cheated death by drinking the life force of other humans (blood), but now that you’re technically supposed to be dead you’re running on borrowed time and *need* to keep stealing the life force of others to lengthen your own time. Because you weren’t supposed to cheat death, if you run out of time (starve/die), you get turned into a demon as punishment. (At least, that’s the basics of it). It takes three days to work the blood completely through the system, (as I headcanon it gets absorbed entirely, since they have only one specific food source), but they’ll still crave or enjoy drinking blood in between neccessary feeding times because it tastes good (like eating your favorite snack: you *can* have it later, but why do so when you can have it *now*) and it revitalizes their lives, giving them a sort of living high

-Vampires have the ability to echolocate if they are sunblinded (as their eyes are the most sensative). They’ll make these sort of throaty, high-frequency clicking noises that allows them to navigate them to a safe place until they are healed again.

-Fledgeling vampires are notoriously bad at learning to control their venom, and their progenitor usually gives them a few tips after they’ve drank from them for the first time because they have a higher resistance to vampire venom than humans. Fledgelings are also really bad at learning how to control their jumps and landings, so some of their first lessons are more focused on helping them learn to walk and jump again with their fancy joints and catlike reflexes than anything cool

-Then the next lessons are how to be self-sufficiant, like how to mend clothes and items and shit because no vampire wants to clean up after another one unless they’re their progenitor or special companion (and most times, not even then)
“When am I gonna learn how to do cool vampire things” “Shut up I’m trying to teach you how to fix your shit now so I don’t have to later”

-Most teaching is done by the progenitor because the most of the other vampires just don’t have the empathy or patience to care for a clumsy newborn who can’t seem to talk without biting themselves

-Sometimes vampires will start dripping venom if they’re anticipating a bite (like salivating) and they have to spit the excess venom out because it tastes bitter. The reason why they drip venom in the first place is to try to coat the rest of their teeth and numb their bite as much as possible so the human doesn’t struggle, but if the biting doesn’t actually happen it just accumulates and then their mouthes taste bad

-They have a rough patch on their tongue that puts pressure on the bite when they’re drinking, helping to increase the blood flow more than just the blood thinner in their venom. They usually press down, gather a mouthful of blood, pull back as they swallow, then press back down again to collect more, which must feel really frickin weird for the bite victem

-Their abilities to hiss, scream, and click makes being multilingual easy, which is why they can communicate with vampires across the world with little problem

Old-time vampire duels were usually fought with claws and dry-biting at necks and shoulders until one of them was killed or forced into submission

-The younger vampires are the most terrifying because they remember less of their humanity, making them more ‘purely’ vampire

Baring their fangs when fighting is an automatic reflex. Merely flashing the fangs is just aggression, whereas gaping the mouth open and baring all four fangs hints that they’re going for the kill

Because of their blood drinking and pouncing-attack style hunting, vampires have a greater range of movement in their necks that allow to look at things from many different angles and keep the movement without strain, like owls

-This is more of an observation than a headcanon, but all of the Michaela trait carriers seem to have a blood type of O, which also appears to be a delicacy in the vampire world

anonymous asked:

I love reading what you have to say about anything in general (dan and phil, politics, your work day [even in passing]) and idk I just wanted to say hi + ask what you have to say about their new gaming video? I loved it, they were so (insert a multitude of different positive adjectives) and Phil is such a broad thinker it's amazing. I think (im pretty sure) you loved it as well and I just wanna read your thoughts, hahaha thanks!

can you hear that? it’s the sound of me screaming because i have to rewrite the entirety of this ramble after tumblr DELETED IT THE FIRST TIME ifjaoiwejraoiejroaeir. but YES oh my god. i did love this video. a lot. there’s so, so much to talk about. grab a fkn snack mate, bc this is super long. 

1. there’s been a lot of discourse about dan and phil’s interaction in this video. i received a handful of messages regarding dan’s apparently aggressive treatment of phil and one regarding the way people were apparently abusing phil in the comments under the video and calling him “stupid and untalented.” um. okay so i’ll work backwards. i have watched the video three times now. all three times i scrolled really deep into the comments. NONE of those times did i see a single comment that was insulting or demeaning to phil. where are people seeing this? i feel like this is a classic case of one or two people saying something happened and then everyone repeating it without actually checking the source. if anything, the yt comments are full of people saying firstly that phil is “too creative” for this game and has a fascinating mind, and, secondly, that he’s a full-grown man who doesn’t need the protection of his fans from dan of all people, the so-called aggressive bully in this scenario, who just so happens to also be his best friend and life partner. i definitely agree with that latter point.

something else that’s been lost in this discussion and that seems extremely relevant is that a lot of this video’s central dynamic, with dan being shocked and appalled at phil’s seemingly abysmal drawing skills and phil doing the absolute most in every drawing, felt really, really put on or exaggerated for dramatic/comedic effect. i think the very first instance of it, when phil draws his fucked up umbrella, and dan just sort of jokes about it looking like a palm tree for a while and then at the end just says like a few words about how extreme phil’s interpretation was—i think this was a super authentic interaction. but i also think they quickly gathered with the drawings that followed that it would be really funny to ham it up for the sake of comedy and that’s why phil’s drawings seemed to get intentionally more and more “creative,” so to speak, while dan’s responses got correspondingly more and more extreme and high-pitched and shriek-y until basically everyone’s eardrums were bleeding. i get why the video was grating to some people bc like,,, this shit can get tiring to watch when it seems so extra. but personally i found it very funny… especially bc of my next point.

this narrative around phil being some sort of unappreciated creative genius who was constantly being berated in this video by his callous friend and just sadly tolerated all of this abuse is not only annoying bc it infantilizes phil but also because it’s just … wrong? and overlooks two of my fav things about the video which were how supportive and ENCOURAGING dan was, even while he was trying to exaggerate his “holy shit phil how are you so bad” thing, and simultaneously, how assertive and opinionated and sassy (i hate that word but literally don’t know a better one to describe him in this vid) phil was the whole time. to the first point, i don’t think there was a single one of phil’s turns in which dan wasn’t passionately yelling saying something like ‘come on phil. you can do this’ and also giving him recommendations on how best he should draw the object to get the point. even when he was in the middle of screaming about how bad phil was, he seemed to occasionally rein it in with a compliment to balance it out. for instance, during phil’s lobster drawing, he did the whole ‘what the fuck even is that’ for a while and then immediately had to dilute it by saying something like, “okay but by the end i could totally tell they were claws.” or when phil very reasonably points out that he’s using his wrong hand which is why he’s struggling, dan immediately agrees and repeats it as if for emphasis: “they’re not using their wrong hand to be fair.” and he even calls himself out about this, with the usual “WHY AM I HELPING YOU???” i honestly read dan as wanting to go to his default mode of supporting phil and celebrating his lateral/creative thinking (reminiscent of when he did this in the impossible quiz) the whole time, but then also needing to keep the comedy going by acting so confounded by phil’s inability to draw simple objects. as mentioned however, phil does not respond in the typical amazingphil™ way to all of the taunting. whereas in 2014-15 era dapg bants, he tended to just remain docile while dan would make his ‘what the fuck are you on about’ comments regarding phil’s weird sexual innuendoes or whatever else, in this video phil was anything but docile. he was in fact quite consistent in giving his own opinionated statements/retorts. just an abbreviated list:

  • the bit where he names the robot bianca and dan immediately objects and phil basically goes, yes. i named it. deal with it. hoe.
  • when they’re looking at other people’s umbrella drawings and he goes “oh shut up. look at you with your perfect umbrellas” in the sneeriest voice known to humankind
  • when dan is making fun of him pretty intensely and phil actually adamantly defends himself and says, “put me under pressure, and i can’t do things.” doesn’t seem like someone who’s just submissively accepting dan’s mockery. he’s explaining why it was hard for him.
  • “look at arty jim down here” damn. arty jim got fuckin rekt  
  • “how is ‘lobster’ easy ???? ?  i mean what the hell,” again in the sneeriest voice i’ve heard
  • his absolute disgust that dan got elbow so easily, and the way he proceeds to shove dan and threatens to “elbow [him] in the face.” like damn. he fightin back
  • when he’s like ‘i don’t  even do anything with this hand’ and flops his left hand around i s2g he is trying to sneak in a cheeky sexual innuendo and slyly allude to wanking in the way that he does best and DAN DOESNT HEAR HIM THE FIRST TIME bc he’s talking and phil just stares at him while he flops his hand around and repeats “i don’t even use this hand it’s a dead weight” and dan absolutely doesn’t take the bait. oh my god. phil intentionally trying to annoy dan with innuendoes, and checking to see if he gets it,,,, that is the shit i live for
  • ‘all or nothing on the zebra’ cheeky laugh. damn.
  • the way he’s like ‘just shut up then’ to dan as he begins drawing the zebra. because he’s not taking dan’s shit
  • etc etc etc

and i firmly believe phil was HOLDING BACK in this!!!! !! ! and was still at least partially constrained by/aware of the camera and his usual role as the quieter, gentler foil to dan’s hysteria and melodramatics. so like. just imagine how much more assertive he is when the camera isn’t on. i don’t think any of y’all need to be worried in any way about phil’s ability to handle everything dan dishes out bc i think he’s happily returning it in full measure.

2. on a similar but somewhat unrelated note, phil spent a lot of time in this video sitting patiently while dan went on some truly remarkable monologues and i thought it was noteworthy, mostly in that phil just couldn’t stop looking at dan in apparent adoration even while he was being a dramatic child. i felt like the staring was much less guarded than phil tends to be—he’s usually so aware of the camera and consciously tries to maintain eye contact with the audience as much as possible, but there were just a few moments in this where i was surprised by how long he let himself just watch dan. 

during dan’s first ‘artsy vs. creative’ monologue:

during dan’s random ass screaming about a raccoon idek:

during dan’s second ‘artsy vs. creative’ monologue:

phil was p captivated. and these def are moments where he’s looking at dan for longer than usual, not just one-off instances of the most fleeting glances that i screenshotted for effect. i promise. 

3. there were some like,,, incredible exchanges during this vid that i specifically want to analyze.

first, the ‘dabble with a robot’ bit at the beginning when dan tries to get phil to admit that he’s making an innuendo and phil won’t do it. i loved this so much. i don’t even have anything much to say other than dan is trying to kill the innocent!phil trope so hard and it’s so funny to me. also. phil was def talking about robot sex. and right after he says dabble the first time, there’s this really obvious jump cut and the immediate frame following it is THIS:


second: ‘i think bianca has a crush on you and she’s mistreating me.’ let’s unpack this. because at first i was just like oh so some inanimate object with a vaguely female voice is showing a potential preference or softness for dan, and phil immediately thinks that she’s crushing on him. and that’s interesting in itself because it’s a surprising leap to make, tbh, and i would never expect phil to say it. but then the second bit, ‘and she’s mistreating me,’ stated as a completely natural follow-up thought. i initially didn’t even pay any mind to this bc like ok whatever he’s whining about not getting his point. but like. think about it for a second. in what context would someone who has a crush on dan mistreat phil other than jealousy or irritation due to the fact that phil is the reason dan is romantically unavailable? like honestly??? ? a platonic interpretation of that comment doesn’t even exist. ‘x has a crush on you and they’re mistreating me’ is literally only a thing someone would say to their significant other. tbh.

third, and my personal fav: the convo after phil ‘cheats’ or pushes dan’s arm while he’s drawing the spoon. just every bit of it. the way that dan leans in on his second repeat of ‘how would you do it then.’ the way that phil completely drops his on-camera voice when he says, ‘no we’re not doing best of three, we’re doing three rounds. it’s 4-2 right now.’ it’s the most natural voice ever, as though he immediately assumes this convo won’t be left in the video. and i imagine a lot of their behind the scenes negotiation as they film for dapg, regarding how things will be scored/structured, happens like this. as in, without some sort of CUT CUT PAUSE interjection to break the filming, but rather just a noticeable shift in tone to demonstrate to each other that they’re saying something that should be cut out in editing. to me, this is just completely reaffirmed by the amount of eye contact that immediately follows phil talking about the score. here’s an amazing gifset of it, which i need all of yall to click and look at, to really get what i’m saying here. and here’s my own screenshot bc y not:

it feels like phil definitely is trying to just have a conversation with dan to figure how they should proceed but dan is still performing a bit, and hamming up his exasperation for the camera when he says, ‘best of three, that would mean i win.’ phil then catches on, drops some of his softness and his natural voice, and immediately looks back to the camera. just. such a good, revealing little exchange. and as soon as the little natural moment is broken, phil immediately defaults back into the sassiness that he’s been demonstrating the whole video by saying, ‘i’m not! i’m just having so much fun,” in like. the world’s most sarcastic voice. then dan chiming in with the requisite fond “this guy” followed by “he’s so sneaky, can you imagine playing monopoly with him?” and that’s interesting too bc it’s dan ~breaking the fourth wall~ more explicitly and talking directly to us, and specifically to this section of his audience that has been voraciously demanding they play board games. he knows he’s being cute and domestic or whatever but at the same time it seems like he’s been genuinely a bit insecure about so overtly denying the audience something they’ve been asking for for so long, which is why he keeps bringing it up and trying to justify it in various ways–by explaining that it would be boring (as he said in his live show) or that it’d end badly (as he said on twitter and now in this video).

wow. just such a good and unexpectedly thought-provoking video. i loved it and genuinely laughed a lot even though the bants were so dramatic and overdone. they were having so much fun the whole time, in my opinion, and that, coupled with their continued lower boundaries regarding on-camera mannerisms, eye contact, touching, etc. seem to be the running themes of post-baking universe dapg. excited to see how these things develop over the course of the year! and also just so excited to see that they are actually carrying forward and sticking to their perceived re-commitment to the gaming channel that happened with gamingmas. they’re really making an effort to film in advance and post way more regularly than we’ve been used to, despite “life things” that are happening. they’re working hard to show us that they care deeply about this channel still and it’s just so uplifting to see that, and to be reminded with each video that they also have so much fun together, always :’)

(dan vs. phil: quick draw)

hey y’all! so basically i just hit 1.4k, and I still can’t believe I’m here. tbh i’m still wrapping my head around the fact that i’ve passed 1k!! i appreciate every single one of you who follow me, and this the least i could do.

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My Podcast Idea: take 2

okay, so this is the second post I’ve made about it, because my first was all over the place and I missed a bunch of stuff. a few points to make first though so the rest is easier to read.

1) I won’t cover everything I’ve figured out in case I ever do make this into a real thing, and I don’t want to tell you guys everything that happens right now

2) I’m going to call humans two different things, humans (obviously) and deathworlders. the reason for this is that Aliens don’t refer to humans as humans, simply because that is not what they named them. Aliens refer to this insane species as “deathworlders”

3) I am going to refer to the main human character as TH (tiny human)

Okay now that I’ve covered that, time to talk about the rest of it.


So basically, the first idea I had was just this human being raised by these aliens who don’t know that this kid is a human, and humans are some mythical creature in that universe. obviously a lot has changed since then.

First off, I have TH actually living on this spaceship for most their life (Specific age isn’t hugely important, but I’ve decided that they’ve been on it since they were about four) and they can’t remember anything from before they were on the ship. 

The spaceship basically has the entire internet on it (Minus all the viruses I guess) up until the ship was sent into space. (So like when Tumblr has already loaded a whole bunch of posts, but then your internet crashes and you can look at all the already loaded posts but not any new ones) So TH knows a whole bunch about earth, they’ve seen tv shows, read books etc etc. so they know they’re human and a lot about earth. (However of course their perspective is skewed of course because they learned everything from the internet)

So I have no idea how spending all this time with no other humans around is going to affect this kid (obviously they’re going to be fucked up from lack of human contact) then I decided I didn’t want this kid to be completely alone (Because come on, the podcast doesn’t even start until they’re fourteen, that’s like ten years alone) so I gave them robots. the robots are on the ship with them, they take care of stuff, but they also have AIs so TH can sort of talk to them, but still not the same as having real humans around. 

On that note, if you know anything about psychology and how this might effect them, please message me or something, I don’t want to mess it up I’d love to talk to someone who knows what they’re talking about

okay, so next event is first contact. so TH lands on this planet. (I can’t decide if it’s a crash landing or not, because it seems weird not to have it be able to land, but I’m also pretty sure they were expecting it to be flown by someone trained to do this you know?) So anyway TH is on the planet and is found by this pair of aliens.

time for the Obvious Problem.

communication. because, don’t get me wrong, whilst I love Voltron, the whole meeting aliens and of course they speak English, why wouldn’t they? is kind of ridiculous. I can only assume that the castle has a translator (Which does raise the question of why English would be in their data base, or any human language for that matter, but that is a long post for another time and on my main account.) so I need to figure out this language barrier quick

So after a long time of pondering, I figured it out. All aliens have translators, because while the optimal world would be where everyone spoke everyone’s language, it’s not happening. so when they meet this strange species they’ve never seen before they open up their translator and try to translate what they’re saying, and it works, TH seems to speaking a strange variant of an archaic language that they cannot identify the planet of (Yes I realise this is shady af, but I’m going to have an explanation for it, but not in this post.) So they’re just about barely able to communicate the bare essentials. 

so they manage to get across that they’re friendly, and that they’re going to going to help fix their ship etc. the issue is that they seem to have a really old version of English, so they use the ships data base to update their translator. now do you remember what I said earlier about the internet not being the best way to learn stuff. these aliens cannot tell fact from fiction, they do not know the difference between slang and not. 

So that’s gonna be a real wild ride

Anyways, back to plot

So TH is going to stay with Aliens while they fix up ship and figure out what’s going on with them

At one point I think they’ll be telling TH about deathworlders, maybe TH will be telling them about horror stories and stuff like that and they jus, “Oh, you mean like deathworlders?” and they just, “What the heck is a deathworlder?” and there I could have a spooky campfire stories sort of scene.

They start talking about what they want to do

TH says they want to find other humans and figure out where they came from

Aliens want to explore space

anyway long story short they find this map with a whole bunch of places marked down

they cross reference it with a map of all the planets they know of and some of the marked places are planets, both inhabited and not, and some are in unrecorded territory

Long story short they go fuck it, and leave in TH’s spaceship to explore the cosmos. Idk if they’ll pick up others to join their crew along the way

I definitely want them to have a person on their crew that is a human conspiracist. like how we have conspiracies about aliens, they have conspiracies that deathworlders exist

anyway along the journey they’re gradually going to piece together that TH is a deathworlder. theres gonna be a whole bunch of little bits that Ima put under another section.

“The real conspiracy was the friends you made along the way”

Anyway that’s pretty much all I’ve got for plot to share with you, so

TH is a deathworlder?

early clues:

TH has an astounding pain threshold. Like they injure themselves and it sounds excruciatingly painful and like they should see a doctor if what they say is anything to go by, but insist on just walking it off

Their ability to multitask is astounding, like they’re doing three things at once while also consuming their daily required nutrients

TH threw a piece of paper into a bin while not looking and acted like it was no big deal WHAT THE ACTUAL

As they start to question it: 

“Dude, you said deathworlders digest poison to build an immunity and weed out the weak”


“They’re for flavour.”


“I thought you said that deathworlders are so eager to fight they even fight their own genetics”




About the world

so basically whenever what I am going to refer to as the alien government (AG)discovers a likely place for an inhabitable planet to be they send out an exploration squad to see is there is one, they then send another group to go visit the planet and speak to them and ask if they wish to join their big group of planets, idk what to call it.

Nobody ever refuses, because why would they? 

Communication and transport is established and they are now a part of their clique. 

so all of the aliens are very peaceful

so the priority in tech is communication, transport, and exploration. 

there isn’t really anything in the way of weapons

it’s hard to get clearance to explore

Well more specifically it’s hard to get clearance for an exploration ship. TH’s spaceship is a loophole, because they aren’t a part of their government so they can’t stop them.

which is why the aliens wanted to explore so bad, because no proper exploring is really done, it’s all just science and there should be a planet here, check it out.

you can get little ships for singular planet use about as easily as a car, but they’re effectively just used as cars because that’s the kind of thing they’re made for. you can also get ships for interplanetary travel, but only through established routes. that’s kind of the equivalent of getting an airplane.

That’s all I can think of to put in this post, I’d love to hear back from you guys with your thoughts, as I said, if you know anything about psychology and how TH might be affected by their situation please message me or something, I need help. also just feel free to message me, about this, about anything to do with my whole blog, or anything at all. or if you just want to talk. 

see you guys next time! And hey,

you’re beautiful

hey just another miraculous AU

I went all out I wrote like the entire plot of the movie
Has a tangled AU been done??? Probably ??? Who cares ???
Okay so
-“this is the story of how I died… OH DONT WORRY ITS A FUN STORY HAHA!! and it starts with a magic, golden flower”
-Queen Momma Agreste gets hella sick and she’s gotta have this baby right, so King Gabriel sends for the ‘mythical’ golden flower
-surprise surprise they find the flower, which completely enrages a forest wizard named Hawkmoth who has been using it for its intense power and the immortality it grants
-Queen Momma Agreste drinks the flower tea and boom we have a baby prince, Adrien, with a full head of blonde locks and he’s just cute and all is good
-of course Hawkmoth wants to join the fun so he kidnaps Adrien for the powers his hair possesses
-so Hawkmoth and Adrien are living up in this tower in the woods now and Adrien learns to recite this poem to use his power (the song basically but spoken)
-King Gabe and Queen Momma Agreste light off these little butterfly lanterns on his birthday and there’s just a swarm of glowing butterflies on his birthday and he knows its for him
-also important Adrien befriends a little chameleon that he names Plagg ;)
-So fast forward like nearly 17-ish years and cut to scene with Marinette, Chloé and Sabrina all pulling off a sick heist to steal the Crown of the Black Cat, which is basically Adrien’s crown he was supposed to get on his coronation day
-(So if you haven’t caught it yet, Adrien is Rapunzel and Marinette is Flynn Ryder)
-So basically Marinette’s nom de plume is Ladybug, its what she goes by on all her heists and what she’s wanted as
-So anyway Her and Chlo and Sab all break into the castle and snatch the crown, they get chased by the guards, including the best guard Alya, and the best horse Tikki
-Cue a joke by Mari with her wanted poster about how they “ just can’t get my ____ right” each time it’s a different thing
-after this, ur girl Ladybug totally is selfish at this point in the story and takes the crown and leaves Chloé and Sabrina for the guards
-Alya gets thrown off of Tikki but Tikki still chases after Marinette. Until Marinette finds a hidden lil cave, that’s more like a lil rock hallway that leads to a meadow with a fairly nice tower
-So what should Marinette do?? Climb the tower of course!
-Don’t worry Adrien doesn’t hit her with a frying pan, she literally eats shit when she walks in and knocks herself out. Clumsy Girl y’know.
-Adrien is just like ???? Wt F wHo thE heCk just smacked their face on my floo- ITS A FEMALE WHAT PLAGG HELP WHAT DO I DO IVE NEVER SEEN A REAL LIVE GIRL ONLY IN THOSE BOOKS
-Plagg is very obviously annoyed and is like “boi put her somewhere and show hawkmoth you can handle yourself (even though she knocked herself out)”
-Adrien kinda catches on so he literally just pulls her to a closet and puts her in
-her bag falls open as he’s moving her to an upright position and the black crystals of the crown catch his attention
-basically an “ooh shiny!” moment,,And he takes it and looks in the mirror and tries to figure out what it is
-he puts it on his arm and looks through it and then puts it on his head
-and he’s like “woah I look like those princes from my book” “haha as if”
-anyway so hawkmoth comes home from wherever the hell he went, town or whatever idk, and Adrien is like !! FATHER LOOK WHAT I DID!!
-Hawkmoth does not care literally at all he’s like “Adrien please recite your poem for me it calms me” and Adrien rushes through it and HM is just like ??? bOI
-Adrien tries to show him our girl Lady Luck
-Hawkmoth will have None of That
-“You can’t handle yourself, the world is dangerous”
-He literally doesn’t listen to Adrien’s pleas to leave the tower at all either
-“you are NOT like anyone else! You are my son!” (u thought)
-so what does Adrien do?? Plan an escape plan, and sends HM on a mission that will take like 3 days or smth
-Adrien has long hair btw I forgot to mention just not nearly as long as rapunzel’s was
-His is more like maybe brushing the floor
-and hawk moth climbs a rope ladder or smth to get in there’s plot holes leave me be
-ANYwaY after hawkmoth leaves, he tapes Mari to a chair or ties her or something
-and Plagg wakes her up by sticking Camembert in her mouth
-and she’s like !!! WHAt the HEck Ew
-after she wakes up Adrien is like “what you want why you here please don’t kill me”
-When he steps into the light and she sees him she’s literally rendered speechless like she can’t form words bc he is actually so beautiful
-“h-hi-I mean hello- I mean-uh-why are you in this-uh-tower, who are you???”
-Adrien doesn’t trust her at all bc the wanted poster in her bag and the crown literally screams criminal
-he’s desperate though so he’s like “alright listen up, whoever you are, something brought you to me. Call it fate, destiny-” “A horse” “Im not finished… you were brought to me today for a reason, and that’s to help me. You’re going to be my guide”
-Marinette is like “awh man I wish I could but see I have to get this cro-OH NO, WHERE IS MY BAG?”
-Adrien holds it up like ;) and she’s just so done
-“If you take me to see the lights tomorrow, I will return it to you, if you refuse, I’ll turn you in.”
-“wait the stupid butterfly lanterns they light off for the lost prince?”
-Adrien is totally in awe that they’re not some weird star thing, they’re butterflies
-she shakes her head and knows she can’t really refuse so she plans it out in her head on how she can cheat the system
-Adrien’s already covered that in his head though she can’t get away with anytHing
-(except maybe making him fall in love with her ;))))
-So she agrees and she’s like “The names Ladybug”
-he’s kinda like ¿ strange name but Okay!! “My name is Adrien!”
-ANYWAy they leave the tower and Adrien is like 👀👀 this is no bueno I should not be doing this but omg I’ve never felt so FREE!!!
-he has a blast omg that boy goes running through the woods and he’s laughing and he’s like “FATHER WOULD BE SO ANGRY BUT I DONT CARE”
-meanwhile hawkmoth sees Tikki in the woods and has an “oh SHIT Adrien” moment
-Runs back home, there’s nothing and no one there, aside from Mari’s wanted poster that fell out of the bag
-meanwhile with the Lovebirds™
-He and Mari end up at this pub with some Angry men, including the bar owner Nino, and Adrien ends up singing about his dreams and everyone has fun
-the scene that stemmed this idea happens with Mari singing about how her dream involves her being rich on an island
-and surprise surprise Hawkmoth finds them but so do the guards and they escape through a tunnel under the pub that Nino shows them, and it leads out into the dry side of a dam
-Intense Battle Scene™
-Mari is a badass but then Adrien totally comes out of nowhere like “I came here to attack and I’m honestly having a good time”
-They get trapped in a cave that’s filling with water post battle bc they broke shit
-they’re literally lowkey going to die and Adrien is like “I’m so sorry I got you into this mess. We’re going to die here and I’m so sorry Ladybug”
-and she just softly says “Marinette”
-Adrien is like “????? what”
-and Marinette starts crying and she’s like
-“my name isn’t Ladybug if you couldn’t tell. It’s Marinette. I called myself Ladybug because I always wanted to be like a superhero. I never was one though. All I am is an orphan with a permanent record.”
-and here we have Adrien “Actual Adoration” Agreste because if we wasn’t in love with her before, he is most certainly in love with her now
-and then he remembers!!
-so he’s like “marinette please go with the flow” and he recites the poem in his head and his hair just illuminates
-she’s like “WHAT THE FUCJTN”
-but she’s not ready for death so they dig rocks out and they end up dropping into a river
-they come up on the bank gasping like “oh fuck dude”
-“his hair glows? His hair glows! Plagg why does his hair glow???”
-“Marinette?” “this is surreal. I’m dead we died” “Marinette” “what the hell is going on” “MARINETTE!” “What!”
-he’s standing there dripping water and extending his hand to her
-and she’s like “oh no” because he looks so hot standing there dripping water and she maybe has the tiniest crush on him
-oh who am I kidding the sun rays behind him and his radiant smile sends her head over heels into complete love for this ray of light
-so he pulls Marinette out of the river and they go find a lil clearing and they make a campfire
-and Adrien looks at Marinette and frowns
-and she’s like “What what what’s wrong is something wrong with me??”
-and he just laughs a bit, “no no you just have a cut on your knee”
-she looks down at her knee and winces at the long, deep cut and just shrugs it off because it’ll heal eventually
-Adrien trusts Marinette to the point now that he can show her the reason he’s hidden away
-“don’t freak out okay”
-he holds a lock of hair in his hands and presses it to her cut and recites the poem
-and Marinette is like ¿ wth boI
-and once he’s done he just grins and he’s like “good as new”
-Mari is confused as hell and when he moves his hand away and the cuts not there she literally opens her mouth to shriek
-and Adrien is like “PLEASE DONT FREAK OUT IM SORRY”
-and she’s like “hahahaha why would I freak out I’m just curious whydoesyourhairglowandwhydoesithavemagicalhealingpowershowlonghasitdonethat?”
-and Adrien is sheepishly just like “forever I guess,,, that’s why I was hidden away, because people want my hair for its power.”
-He moves some hair to the side to show a pale blonde lock of hair cut off at the nape of his neck and explains that if it’s cut it turns pale and loses its power
-Marinette is like really shook but she pushes it down and suggests they sleep so they can be ready for the butterfly lights tomorrow
-cut to scene of Hawkmoth pissed as hell in the woods as he fades into the shadows
-he’s now talking to Chloé and Sabrina and making a Plan
-so next day Adrien wakes up to Marinette screaming and is very confused to see her literally trying to fight a horse
-like she literally almost has Tikki in a headlock and Tikki has a hoof pushing on her shoulder and shit
-Adrien has never been more confused but he goes and breaks it up and he’s like “hey there girly what’s your name” and he looks at her name thing and he’s like “Tikki!! That’s a nice name!”
-And Tikki whines or something and Mari chuckles or something and Tikki is back at it with trying to capture her
-But Adrien hits her with these kitten eyes and is like “I realllyyyyyyy need her to take me to the kingdom so I can see the butterflies, please let me have that, then you can fight her until you can’t stand!”
-Marinette is so very thankful for that one
-so they head to the Kingdom, now with Tikki coming along with them
-They’re having a blast and when they get to the kingdom they have all sorts of fun
-Adrien shows Marinette some of the books he has at home and she shows him the books that inspired Ladybug
-they get food from the market
-and Adrien keeps seeing images of this baby boy with bright green eyes and golden locks and theres something familiar about everything
-and then, oh boy and then, someone starts playing music and Adrien is like !! “mari come dance with me”
-and she’s like “nah I’m okay you go”
-and he starts dancing and soon a ton of people have joined in and Adrien comes around the circle and grabs Marinette
-and they dance around with people and they’re desperately hoping it works out so they can dance together
-surprise!!! They do but they join hands as the song ends and they’re like “awh damn”
-so after that ends Marinette and Adrien are both blushing and she points out that it’s almost sundown and they have somewhere to go
-they go out into the middle of the lake in a lil boat and Adrien is so so so excited and so is Mari bc Adrien is so happy
-the sun goes down and Adrien looks at Marinette completely giddy like !! :DD
-and she just smiles so wide back at him because holy fuck she’s never felt so in love in her whole life
-Adrien is flicking the surface of the water and watching the waves when he sees the first light
-suddenly literally thousands of butterfly lanterns are floating all around them and Adrien is just in complete awe
-Marinette clears her throat and he turns to look at her and she has two lanterns in her hand
-and Adrien smiles and turn behind him and grabs the bag with the crown and he’s like “I should’ve given this to you sooner, but I was scared… I’m not scared anymore. You know what I mean?”
-and she just pushes it down, “I’m starting to”
-And they’re literally a centimeter away from locking lips when Marinette can see Chloé on the beach
-and she decides right then to give Chloé the crown and go wherever with Adrien
-Adrien of course thinks at first that she’s betraying his trust but doesn’t believe that because he loves her okay?
-Cue Adrien getting worried and going to look for her
-Hawkmoth fighting Chloé or something and she passes out and he sees Adrien
-and he’s like “I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD IM SO HAPPY YOU’RE OKAY” (he says as he takes handfuls of his hair)
-Adrien is like “yea okay but Marinette”
-And hawkmoth, fricken rat, points to the boat heading toward the kingdom
-and he’s like “I think she’s got something better to do”
-Adrien is broke af how could this happen how could they love each other so much and just have her break the trust so easily
-he’s just kinda done with it so he’s accepted it and goes back to the tower with HM
-Meanwhile Marinette wakes up from getting knocked tf out and Tikki is whining super loud bc Marinette is in danger and she can tell
-some guards are drawn bc of the whines and Mari has the crown tied to her hand and she’s like “shit”
-they throw her in jail and she’s gonna be hung then next morning
-Tikki is on a mission and she books it to Nino’s pub
-back in the tower Hawkmoth has finished lecturing Adrien and leave him to himself
-Adrien takes out the little kingdom flag he got and looks at it
-and suddenly he starts to see the symbol everywhere
-it’s hidden in all his paintings around his room
-and suddenly now he knows
-that baby boy is Him
-he leaves his room determined to get somewhere
-Hawkmoth is like ?? “What’s wrong Adrien?”
-“I’m the lost Prince”
-“I’m the lost Prince! Aren’t I father? Or should I even call you that?”
-oh hawkmoth is Pissed
-Adrien tries to leave to go find Marinette and Hawkmoth is like “she’s going to be dead when you get there, she’s due to hang for her crimes”
-and Adrien is screwed and he can’t do anything so he surrenders
-back at the castle
-Nino and his bar mates have arrived and they’re kicking ass for Marinette
-And she ends up on Tikki’s back and is like all sappy like “thank you for saving me it means a lot really”
-Tikki doesn’t care she just needs to get Mari to Adrien like now
-so sick montage of tikki running to the tower
-and Marinette scales the tower
-and she’s in! And there’s Adrien! Chained to the wall with tape on his mouth?
-and suddenly Marinette has a sharp pain in her side where Hawkmoth totally just stabbed her
-she slams into a mirror and breaks it and just kinda slumps against the wall with all the shards
-Adrien is flipping shit,,, he’s taking on the chains and screaming into the tape and he’s crying and she’s crying and hawkmoth is just standing over her like
-“poor little thief got what was coming to her”
-Hawmoth goes to grab Adrien and take him to a new area, where no one could find them
-but Adrien fights him so hard
-he’s yanking back and kicking
-and Hawkmoth yells “STOP FIGHTING”
-Adrien gets the tape off enough so he can speak
-he glances at Mari and she’s staring at him with tears in her eyes, clenching her side
-“unless…unless you let me heal her. If you just let me heal her I will go wherever with you, no fighting”
-Hawkmoth doesn’t want to deal with his crap so he’s like “whatever”
-he chains Marinette to the staircase banister, “in case you get any ideas” he says
-Adrien runs over to her and he’s brushing her hair back from her face and he’s crying and she’s crying
-and he presses some hair and his hands to her wound and he’s like “shhhh shhhh it’s okay you’ll be okay we’ll be okay”
-and she’s crying so much and she’s like “no you won’t be you can’t just go be a slave to him”
-and it’s in slow motion when she grabs his hair and swings a jagged piece of the mirror up and slices it at the base of his neck
-Hawkmoth is y e l l i n g because there goes all the power he was able to have
-Adrien is completely shocked, he doesn’t really understand what the hell just happened
-all he can see is Hawkmoth drastically aging into a very very old man and stumbling until Plagg trips him and sends him falling out of the window
-it takes him a whole second to realize Marinette is still in his arms, dying with no way for him to save her
-“no no no Marinette stay with me, please please you can’t go”
-she just weakly smiles at him and she’s like “I never got to tell you”
-and she winces and tries to sit up more to reach for him
-“you were my new dream”
-“you were mine”
-cue gross ugly sobs from me because Marinette slowly slips away
-Adrien cries out in complete anguish and just holds her limp body, crying because he loved her so much oh my god
-his tears fall on her face and he’s too broken to notice the golden rays coming off of her until they completely consume the room
-and Adrien is so confused,,, why are all these golden rays surrounding Marinette
-and she shifts in his arms and he’s like !!!!!!
-he looks down at her and her eyes open and she’s like
-“have I ever told you I’ve got a thing for green eyes”
-Adrien barely has time to laugh before they’re slamming their lips together, crying and just so so so happy that they’re okay
-they leave the tower and go back to the kingdom, because Adrien knows now that he is the lost Prince
-also Marinette sort of needs to make amends with the kingdom bc she’s in love with Adrien dammit and she’s not gonna lose him
-Adrien sees Momma Agreste and Gabriel
-and everyone is So Happy!!! And they’re hugging!!!
-And Marinette is just standing off to the side content that he’s with his family
-and then momma yanks her into the hug circle
-and then there’s a mini fast forward and Look at That!!! We’re at a celebration !!!
-and we have some Cute ass scenes of Prince Adrien talking to the citizens of the kingdom
-and Mari snatches his crown off his head
-and he just rolls his eyes and they kiss
-and the camera slowly pans up onto an announcement
-For a royal wedding


hello my beautiful friends. i’ve made it to 500 FOLLOWERS, and i’m honestly so in shock rn. when i joined tumblr, i truly didn’t think that even one person would follow my blog but look at it now!! i’ve wanted to do a follow forever for a really long time because i’ve met so many new people since i first started my account and i couldn’t be happier to be apart of the tom holland fandom. i’ve been in many fandoms before, but i’ve never met such compassionate, understanding, and open minded people as i have in this one. so even if we never talk, or if we do every day, i just want you all to know how much i care about each and every one of you. thank you for your constant love and support :)

now first, i wanna give a shoutout to a few mutuals that i hold very close to my heart.

@hufflepuffholland: one of the first tom blogs i ever followed, and she continues to be my favorite blog on tumblr. charissa, you’re one of the most down to earth people that i’ve ever had the pleasure of talking to and you care so much about the wellbeing of your followers and it warms my heart. you are truly my tumblr inspiration.

@parkerpter: JENNA. ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS. you are such a BEAUT and idk what i did to deserve you in my life?? pls let me know?? your theme is my everything and ah i just love you so much. thanks for lighting up my life every day :’)

@babyparker (who i actually stole this whole idea from whoops): such a pure and kind soul. absolutely adorable and so very lovely. she’s always ready to listen and is the true embodiment of a sweetheart. mary, your entire account is my Aesthetic™ from your moodboards, to your writing, to your theme. teach me how to be you pls; you’re such an icon. much love, darling xx

@webslinqer: hanna you always calm me down and i love hearing everything about your life. you have given me such good advice and your acc is GOALS. 

@petersspidey: mads, my true love. girl where have you been all my life? you are literally my SOUL TWIN. i’m so glad that we started talking. you are one of the FUNNIEST people i’ve ever met and i always enjoy talking to you. not to mention that your writing is stellar (even though you refuse to admit it but okay i guess tHAT’S FINE).

@spideyparkerfilms: bug, thank you SO much for being the mvp. i’ll always appreciate the little blurbs and videos of cute dogs that you send me to make me feel better. you’re such a positive and bubbly person and you deserve all the followers in the world. I LOVE YOU. 

@pctcr: MY FIRST FRIEND ON TUMBLR. omg this girl gets me so well and we just automatically clicked and i think she’s such a nice person to talk to (even though i have been so flakey lately because of schoolwork pls forgive me ily)

@spiderling–parker: ik we don’t talk much any more, but you were one of my first friends on tumblr and it was so nice writing that headcannon with you and freaking out over all things peter parker hehe. i’m so proud of all your writing and how far you’ve come bb !! keep killing it xo

next, i wanna say a BIG thank you to everyone in the chat by peter parker!! such an awesome and welcoming group that has basically been there since day ONE. i’m so lucky to be a part of it and i honestly don’t know what i would do without each and every one of you. thanks for being the best pals a gal could ask for.

@hawkiye, @homecomign, @ohpeteparker, @miraculous-katsukii, @lgbtspiderman@parkerpretty, @officialpeterbparker, @peterspiders, @lucidsdream, @spidermanmcu, @samsationalwilson, @heyheyitsmk, @spidermans, @userspidey, @justiceleages, @hollandd

AND LASTLY, SOME OTHER INCREDIBLE BLOGS!! i have so many good things to say about each and every one of these blogs so if you’re ever down and need a confidence booster, please message me and i will shower you with compliments until the end of time.

@tbholland, @spiderparkerboy, @prkrptr, @tomhstories, @parkrpetey, @tomshollandss, @mc-universe, @tomsh0lland, @tom-holla, @venusparker, @homecunnings, @cmonpeter, @parker-holland, @nycspidey, @ultraspideysense, @hllands, @auntmaye, @peeterparrker, @nedandpeter, @punderoos, @peterparkereds, @penlsparker, @spxdxrmxn, @queensspiderboy, @infinityywar, @tmholland, @charmingparker, @peterplanet, @hollandtrash, @sunnystark, @peterparkerxs, @peterandchurros, @ayyholland, @cuteparkers, @hollandaised, @softspidey

fyi, if i didn’t mention your url in this list, i still love you with all my heart. it’s so hard to keep track of all my mutuals and fave accounts bECAUSE THERE’S SO MANY OF THEM! anyways this is long enough as it is so i’m signing off! 

Ok. Sorry, I have to rant, and I am normally the last person to take to my keyboard and spew my lamentations all over the place like 99% of the bleeding hearts on this site but I’m just extremely bothered by this tonight.

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so i was just casually thinking about michonne’s reaction to rick’s apparent death for the millionth time, you know as one does, and while i think i understand why people thought her reaction was out of character i can’t say i agree. tbh, i think it’s the exact opposite: it’s the natural culmination of all the character progression she’s gone through over the last few seasons.

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anonymous asked:

No pressure at all, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new Google Feud video! I love your analyses so much, thank you!!! Personally, I loved it

thanks for the lovely way you asked this :’) wow you’re so sweet. i really did enjoy this video so much! got so many messages from people saying they found it really significant and ground-breaking in the level of flirtation and openness that dnp exhibited. i sort of disagree (i mean, halloween baking as well as some of the first few vids of gamingmas are going to be hard to top at least in my opinion, as far as flirty and sexual bants are concerned). but there were still some great moments here and couple genuinely thought-provoking ones. 

instead of grouping my thoughts into larger categories this time i’m just going to paste my notes here basically unfiltered bc my night sort of got derailed and i didn’t have time to turn this into something more coherent. but i feel like all of my opinions (probably more than i would share regularly) are covered here and there were so many good bits to discuss ahhhhhh: 

  • ‘google e’ bants: dan being rude af and phil finding a positive interpretation is this just persona-driven bants or really how they are idk anymore
  • the macaroon bants: thanks @ phil for knowing the difference between macaroons and macarons. dan’s voice was very natural and he seemed genuinely surprised they were out of the biscuits. phil says he ate all of them. again, something that on a macro level could be like a phil trope™ but seems like,, that’s just genuinely how he is. phil shutting dan up with a gentle shush. dan immediately falling silent. all of this is too good. also phil said it’s the last macaroon in “our house” and ik that’s old news but it doesn’t make it any less sweet to hear it.
  • phil automatically dragging dan for the dini spon “are we having plugs right now” it was so INSTINCTIVE he didn’t even miss a beat i was literally like :O ? ? ? ??? damn. and also i was v interested in dan’s retort about phil sponning merch? because ??? the merch is both of theirs? this makes it seem like it’s usually phil’s decision to advertise their merch at the end of videos and that’s FASCINATING to me because phil is also the one who seems to take the most initiative with sponning merch in live shows, with posting about sales and new stuff on twitter, with updating us on anything to do w their ticket sales and whatnot during the tour. so it frequently seems that phil has more interest in this more business-y side of their ventures but it was surprising to hear this subtle sort of confirmation of that fact from dan in this way
  • why was dan so insistent on typing?? ? like? what about that warranted all the sassy eye rolling and the “this guy is such a need.” also. he definitely said “need.” it didn’t sound like he had been on course to say “needy” but just cut it off prematurely. but then there’s a jump cut and i automatically imagined phil making fun of him for the word flub and goading him to finish the thought and there were probs some gross “you know you’re a needy bf u spoon” bants that we will never get to hear #rip
  • dan getting things wrong and IMMEDIATELY GOING ON RANTS ABOUT HOW THE GAME IS OBVIOUSLY FLAWED AND WRONG AND BULLSHIT has there ever been anything so typically dan (and phil respectfully trying his hardest not to call him out for how dumb his guesses are like bless him,,, tbh. “does it hurt to pull out hairs” dan wyd). it’s so captivating to me how consistently dan displays this need to never be wrong or mess up on things that he feels he should be good at and so when that happens here, he automatically blames the game instead of admitting that his guesses are kinda shit (though he does admit it one time when phil gets michael jackson and jordan, but that seemed more like an acknowledgment of how good phil is and that he’s bad in comparison, rather than bad in an absolute sense lol.
  • phil happily/comfortably saying “have sex” and “penis” and not being too weird about the word “bondage” all in one video. good. progress. 
  • MORE bAby TALK I WANT TO DIE? (phil guesses “how to raise a baby” and instead of just letting it go he immediately goes into the side comment about “how does anyone actually know how to raise a baby by the way? .. do you just learn it from mother nature?”) how many videos in a row are they going to talk about babies, mention babies, discuss the difficulties of raising babies??!?!?!?!? i’m having a hard time just chalking it up to coincidence at this point, i really wonder if they’ve been correlating the discussion of not being ready to have a dog to the discussion of not being ready to have children anytime in the foreseeable future??? i mean idk why they’d even entertain the idea at this point in their lives but it’s just weird to me that it’s come up sooooo much on dapg recently
  • dans cute flirty mocking and weird faces at phil throughout… 

when he guesses puppy based on phil’s guess of kitten and he makes this face:

then later makes this face:

  • in case anyone was in any sort of doubt, dan flirts like a fuckin five year old. 
  • the effort taken to clarify to anyone who still has any doubts that dan’s ‘anger’ and aggression in dapg vids and especially in competitive dapg vids is completely played up for the purposes of entertainment/comedy. the most interesting thing about this is comparing it to past instances of dan engaging with this topic. most recent was yesterday’s live show when he read out a message that said he was kind of mean in the quickdraw vid and his instinct was to mock them by going “oooooooooohhhhhh was i?” in the most sarcastic, biting tone i’ve heard from him in a while. it reminded me forcefully of the iconic vyou answer about him being mean to phil, when he was like “no. i’m not mean to phil, i’m never mean to phil. … this may not have occurred to you .. etc. etc.” and he’s super condescending and annoyed. on face value, it seems like in the little bit during today’s vid when they’re discussing it, he’s a lot chiller about it and he’s laughing as though to brush it off as just being humorous, even though clearly in the past it’s a topic that has annoyed or upset him. which actually brings me to the thing i found most fascinating about this scene: the JUMP CUT before it, and the sort of FORCED way in which phil says “chill out dan” which gives dan the cue to clarify the whole situation. it seems like a bit that was clearly planned/scripted based on these little details, which makes me wonder if something about the bants that precede it (when dan is making those cute mock-y faces at phil and is like ew i don’t even want the “crummy macaroon”) reminded dan of these comments about him being mean and then he brought it up to phil and asked if they could discuss it for a min before moving on. it seems likely to me that something like this happened, bc the exchange seems really disjointed from the scene before, idk!!!!!!! and if this is what happened, it just cements to me that as casual and amused as dan seemed while talking about it here, it’s clearly something that STILL UPSETS HIM otherwise he wouldn’t’ve randomly remembered it and asked to clarify it to the audience, and idk something about that makes me feel v warm like dan literally won’t tolerate people actually believing he’s angry at phil or mean to him even tho .. it’s obvious .. and poor boy really doesn’t need to go to all this effort to confirm that :( he’s cute and good :(
  • phil seemed to get mildly flustered by dan’s proximity when he’s all like “a bird? a bIRD?” bc he then just gets all high pitched and forgets grammar and goes “chickens is there so yeS that is a very popular question” like honey that barely made sense but ok u tried ur best
  • not even that important but it made me happy: dan reads “how to raise a boring girlfriend” and phil says “stop being mean significant others” and a few years ago phil the Heteronormative Icon would’ve most certainly said boyfriends there and he didn’t, he used a gender neutral term, and i felt years being added onto my lifespan
  • when dan says “blood pressure, they’re basically the same thing, i’m terrible” what the fuck is he talking about? is he saying that “raising an adult” whatever the hell that means, and raising blood pressure are basically the same thing? i don’t .. understand… i replayed that so many times and i still don’t get it
  • “kidnapping your senpai” comment. literal gold. the way dan looks at the camera then pointedly at phil. he wants us to have this one. your efforts have been recognized and much appreciated dan. dw.
  • “i don’t like screaming that often,” says dan. hm.
  • “what the fuck are you doing with babies and duct tape you creepy fucking weirdos,” says dan and i am having incredibly violent flashbacks to 2011-2012. like he literally sounds straight out of 6 years ago and it’s a bit wild.
  • and then obvi. the feeding scene. when they first showed the macaroon at the beginning i literally KNEW that it would only end in feeding (or, as a possible but less likely second option, the loser eating it before the winner can get it). so i was thoroughly unsurprised that it happened. once again, the thing that interested me was the CLEAR jump cut in the scene. so dan first says “i don’t want it. no phil! it’s the dan versus phil board. here we go,” and his hand with the macaroon starts moving towards phil’s mouth, and then the jump cut happens, and it’s like dan has started the feeding process OVER, bc the angle is totally diff, the framing is totally diff, and this time dan is giving the camera that weird stare:
  • INTERESTING. so to me this means they once again paused the scene to talk about what they were going to do, and they ended up doing something that was nearly an exact duplicate of this scene from the nov. 24 live show last year where dan feeds phil chocolate and hams it up big time for the camera and phil is basically like, “what are you doing” and dan verbatim replies “i’m feeding it to you” and idk it makes me wonder what their motivation is (or, i assume, *dan’s* motivation, bc it was dan’s idea in the live show to do this) to just redo this exact exchange for a wider audience?
  • to me that scene in the live show was a big step towards them acknowledging the sort of (romantic) things they obviously know the audience wants them to do and for them to tacitly tell us that maybe once in a while they will actually start to do them but not without a healthy accompanying dose of sarcasm and teasing us for being such trash that we could possibly get excited over something as banal as them feeding each other. it seemed like a BIG step to me at the time bc i was like, ok, here’s them basically telling us that they KNOW us and they hear us and they acknowledge that their boundaries on camera have been very strict and forced and they’re gonna start making some efforts to change that, but like also, we (the audience) won’t get off scot free in that transaction bc we deserve to be made fun of a bit too, for caring so much about such simple and objectively unexciting things. it’s ‘fan service’ to the extent that it is an acknowledgment of what the audience wants to see and of the fact that they have been holding it back for some time, but it’s genuine and brave in the sense of them showing us that they may take these steps and bend some boundaries now from time to time. and it seems like they HAVE to do it this way, with all the sarcasm and blatant stares into the camera, and either vocalized or implied “giving the people what they want” comments, in order to not ACTUALLY LITERALLY be accused of baiting/fan service. think about the tricky position they are in where even if they want to loosen boundaries and act more natural, literally everything they do gets scrutinized and becomes fodder for people to accuse them of faking shit in order to gain views. it seems the only way to stave it off is to make fun of it themselves and jump out ahead of that criticism. all in all, the exchange in this vid seemed to me like they made a conscious and somewhat premeditated effort to communicate something very similar, but this time for their dapg audience of 2.6M rather than the limited live show audience of some tens of thousands. that seems significant. i want to keep thinking about it forever

ahhhhh i’m sorry this is immense but like, who expected anything different???? what a gr8 vid, they keep giving me so much to think about. and they keep UPLOADING. JFC. it’s crazy! god bless the 2017 rebranding which seems to be all about flirting and softness and touching and phil being assertive and dan being petulant and both of them following through  more than i ever expected on their promise to re-commit and focus more on making youtube content. dnp r the only thing saving my 2017 lol <3 

Ghost! au | Park Woojin

thank you anon who requested this to me!

this is a great idea~

part 2

part 3

  • it was summer of 1981
  • woojin was invincible or that’s what he thought
  • he had just landed a role in an upcoming movie, “ghost” and he was extremely excited
  • he had left the audition room with a huge smile on his face
  • he got into his beat up pickup truck, slamming the door
  • “good job, woojin. you finally made it” he hits the steering wheel excitedly
  • he starts to drive off
  • nothing was going to ruin his amazing mood
  • he was speeding through the main roads of his town
  • he was approaching a red light but what too close to fully stop so he thought it would be okay to just go through it
  • halfway through the crossing, a huge semi-truck comes barrelling towards him, hitting the side of his car harshly
  • he was dead on impact
  • he left the world without making an impact on anybody
  • so that’s why he became a ghost
  • if you die without fulfilling your dreams, you soul cant rest
  • and obviously woojin didnt complete his dreams

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Alexander Hamilton (in talking about the opening song) and COLORS SYMBOLISM

Note: I spent to much time on this and I love Hamilton and color symbolism to much not to delete this cause I’m just looking way to much into things and I tend to do this but maybe I’m right *shrugs* who knows.

So the opening number fucks me up because. Okay so let me explain a few things first, 1: I’m mostly talking about visuals so fight me about it if you don’t like it. 2: I put a lot of thought into these little things so don’t mind me.

Okay so when it starts Leslie and Anthony are on stage singing their thing. But Anthony is in white/very light tan color and Leslie is in I’m gonna say like a plum color jacket weird thing (idk how to explain it). Then Daveed comes on and he’s also in the same color as Anthony, same with Oak. And then the ensemble has the same color on. And even Lin is in white. And now you guys are probably thinking why I’m so into the colors of their costumes well sit the fuck down and let me tell you.

Okay well as Lin is singing “Just you wait” and everyone else is singing “in New York you can be a new man” Lin gets this brown jacket on and he gets some books (I think) and a bag that is also brown.

Now let’s back up for a second, I am very passionate about colors and their meaning cause it intrigues me and I’m a nerd. And so Plum (the color) is a designated purple/violet and guess what colors make purple and makes their meaning. BLLLUUE BLUE AND REDD. And the meaning of purple is historically, royalty (which ties into this but give me a minute cause it’s not what I’m talking about). And that’s because it is hard to make the color purple into cloth and so it meant if you had that color you had a lot of money because it costed so much (end quick color history). Also before I’m talking about blue and red, there is a saying that goes “born to be purple” which basically (back to the royalty) goes to people who were born into a noble or royal family AND OH LOOK AT THAT IN WAIT FOR IT BURR SINGS ABOUT LIVING UP TO LEGACY.

Okay so first up is red which means: Love, Danger, Luck, Passion, Joy, and Bravery (though I am sure there is many more I am listing some common ones). While blue means: Calm, Trust, Sad, Intelligence, and Strength (there are also many more but I don’t need to list them all let’s be real). So basically purple comes out from combing at least one from each color (symbolically). And so if I put Calm on the post (for blue) and Passion (for red) cause Aaron is a calm son of a bitch but he’s passionate (one does act I and act II) about getting ahead in life and passionate about being president (and then Alex died). BUT GUESS WHAT HE’S MORE CALM IN THE BEGINNING SO THAT MEANS THAT THE REASON THAT THE PURPLE IS SO DARK IS CAUSE HE’S SO CALM AND COLLECTED IN ACT I SO THE BLUE MAKES IT DARKER.

OKAY now back to the white and brown. So I’m gonna start with brown cause this should be fast (but idk so good luck you’ve read this far) so brown often is like an responsible color. One of its many meaning is that it has a “keen sense of duty” and “a sense of belonging with/for family”. Which is exactly what he is doing at that point. Taking charge, using his mind for benefit and trying to get ahead in his lonely unwealthy life (at the time of him being a kid).

NOW ON TO WHITE. So the ensemble actually wear white a lot in it but since almost everyone has white on it’s different. The colors that Leslie and Lin were wearing were probably to highlight those characters and contrast the white costumes to show they are important and to LiStEn To ThEm 1!1!!!1!!(the antagonist and protagonist are another good reason). But white is a very clean slate type of color(or shade what ever you call it I’m going with the majority for this though) and if someone likes it you can’t really blame them cause it’s a nice color. It’s an untelling color and so it makes sense for them to wear it. BECAUSE we know nothing about the characters yet, we don’t know where they are from or their causes. Plus almost everyone plays two characters so it leave a blank slate there as well.

Important Update

Last Tuesday we had that conversation I was fearing.
We decided that we didn’t wanted to talk about it (even when it was unclear what “it” was) in public. Making it incredibly sad for both of us to have the need to hide.
So we agreed that my place wouldn’t be ideal, without saying it just assuming it. I told her that during lunch time we could be alone at my work.
She arrived a bit late, which made me fear she wasn’t coming at all.
It was uncomfortable at first, a lot of weird silence like if we weren’t ourselves. Apparently that isn’t very possible, she started to joke I answered with some of our little private jokes and we were back to being ourselves.
We didn’t have much time and we tend to talk too much and let time pass without noticing so we wanted to get to the point quickly.
She started saying something like “I never thought I would say this but I miss highschool, well not really I miss having your class. But also not really, I miss spending so much time with you and not being weird or awkward”
I laughed and sighed at the same time, I can’t really describe how I felt. She was just staring at me and I felt so vulnerable, she was looking right through me.
I couldn’t talk or think, but she knew. She just nodded and continued talking “you know I am not great with words, actually I was expecting you would handle this but that is not happening so I’ll try"
“alright so you know right? I am pretty sure you know, I hope you know because I don’t think I can say it without crying which is so pathetic of me” her eyes were kind of watering, in that point where you try to look up and not cry and the voice starts to break. And that literally broke my heart so I started talking “no, don’t. It’s not pathetic, I shouldn’t let you handle this alone. I shouldn’t do this to you” and she interrupted me, now kind of angry almost yelling “Stop treating me like I am going to break, I can cry and still handle this ok? Just stop because I am trying to tell you something that I am not sure I can express with words I don’t even know if I am sure of what I feel for you but I would really like if you could just see yourself through my eyes so I wouldn’t have to explain it” (I hope I didn’t forget anything but we are trusting on my bad memory here so..)
As I said I can’t really explain my feelings because they have gotten much more complex, it hurts me to see how upset she can get over me. I don’t deserve someone like her caring so much about me. I also felt so happy and wonderful knowing that she feels something at all for me. And of course that uncertainty, that small but strong feeling that says “nothing matters, it can happen”
I think that when you have so many feelings you have to choose, how do you want to feel? Do you want to resign and feel that nothing matters because this could never happen? Do you want to feel awful because you can hurt her? Or do you want to feel happy because this amazing girl that you have even said you love (to strangers on the internet but still) just told you that she feels something at all for me?
And I chose to be happy, I chose to enjoy it while I can.
So I smiled and hugged her, she wasn’t crying anymore and she hugged me back. She was sitting in a couch and I was in a chair so we were in a kind of awkward position, we hugged for a long time and I decided to talk. It was just right to do it or it felt right at least.
I started “I just don’t know how to handle what I feel for you. I would never do anything that could eventually hurt you or make you even slightly upset. You have no idea how much you mean to me”
Then she moved a little so we would be forehead to forehead (Idk if you know what I mean) and she said “that is all I wanted to know, could we talk about how this is a bad idea another day? And let me enjoy what you just said for today?”

And I kissed her.

And it was amazing, it was perfect and worth everything I have been through. Like fuck it guys forget everything I have ever said. And she breathed heavily and my glasses got foggy so we laughed and just smiled for a really long time.
She had to leave on Wednesday so she asked me if she could hang around the studio for the afternoon, of course I agreed. We were talking and laughing when my friends/coworkers/boss(?) arrived, they already know A from that time we hanged in my place so they also talked a bit.
We spent all the afternoon together in a way that I could have only dreamed about, I don’t have much work so we basically sat in the couch and talked non stop.
She was really affectionate even when I wasn’t because of course I can never stop hearing that little voice in my head that tries to be logical. But she spent probably 80% of the afternoon touching my hair, when it was getting dark I offered her a ride home.
I was trying to untie the bandana she had in her head while I was driving and she laughed so hard she couldn’t breath. She played some nice songs and sang a lot.
When we arrived at her house she told me “I will be back next Wednesday and maybe then we can talk more…” I added “more realistically”
She continued “well yeah, probably but I just want to hold on to this for a little while”
I nodded and grabbed her hand I remembered a post I rebloged a while back that was actually meant to be in my main blog but it ended up here so I quoted it “Alien, en algún poema habremos de encajar” She smiled, I kissed her cheek, she kissed me again and I untied her bandana.
She told me to give it back next week and she left.
This is already long enough, if you have any questions I am more than happy to answer them and explain any doubts you might have.
Fuck guys I have been trying to be as happy as I can and think as little as I can this week so I am sorry for updating you almost a week later.

Double date?

(let’s just pretend that Aaliyah isn’t 5 years younger than Shawn, more like 2-3 idk)

Since birth, that’s how long you’ve been friends with Aaliyah Mendes. Through all the weird vines, memories of middle school and even all the random friend requests from @ilovemendes699 or @isabellamendes90. You’ve been friends for almost 19 years now and it’s been one hell of a ride. And one of the greatest drops of that roller coaster begins today, Aaliyah’s first serious boyfriend. They’ve been dating for 6 months now and you’ve known about it for 2 weeks. Asking all the juicy details and FINALLY today you meet him. 

“Hey so Shawn’s also gonna be coming with us and um I might die before we reach the restaurant ” begins Aaliyah while leaning her weight against the door frame of my room. “ okay, good to know I won’t be third wheeling the whole night” you respond, deep down you feel your heart flutter and brain buzz as if they’ve got some little secret you’re yet to know. “ yeah so it’s basically a double date” Aaliyah trails off quietly. You finally clasp the necklace you’ve been wrestling with on your neck, and give her a look that could kill “ Liyah (lea) stop it” ever since the 8th grade when your hormones began to rage (and everything started to grow) and you began to crush on Shawn, Aaliyah has been playing matchmaker. But your crush soon ended when you found out that Shawn had been into his friend, Lauren. “Come on we could be sisters, and imagine all the family pictures. Oh my gosh it would be soooooo cute” Liyah begged. You pulled on your sandals and checked your outfit in the mirror. A wrap around denim skirt with a white v-neck and a gold necklace that reads your name. “ You ready?” you asked dismissing her pleading, and walking down the hall into the living room. You grabbed the keys to your black jeep and tossed them to Aaliyah. “your driving” you called back to her while climbing into the passenger seat of the jeep. 

After high school had ended you and Aaliyah went house hunting with the help of your mums, the two of you found the perfect place that was close to both yours and Aaliyah’s university.  On the drive to Shawn’s condo Aaliyah blabs about how Tristan (her new boyfriend) got her a promise ring and how she’s excited to finally be able to wear it around you and blah blah blah blah blah… all you can think about is the exam you have next week in science class. What was it about, earth science or anatomy, like human stuff. Abdomen muscles and biceps? All things Shawn has a very large amount of… WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT! You pushed that thought aside as you feel the automobile come to a stop and the honking horn pulls you out of dreamboy-land. You see a freshly made up 21 year old Shawn walking out the doors of his condo complex. The dress shirt he chose, defining his everything and black skinny jeans covering his mile-long legs. He leans on driver side window “ hello my dear sister “ he greets Aaliyah with a kiss on the cheek “Hey Y/N , your looking stunning as usual ” Shawn greets you with a wink and a wave. “so where is he?” Shawn says looking into the back of the car from the window. “We’re meeting at the restaurant” replied Aaliyah with an eye roll. “ Alright” he sighs “ let’s get this show on the road “ Shawn says while smoothly climbing into the Jeep, you laughed thinking of how many times Shawn has said that before a concert.

As the Toronto scenery flew by Shawn asked you and Aaliyah about life. Your answers were usually short and vague due to the fact that your heart and brain would not stop buzzing whenever Shawn’s voice rang out in a question or merely just when he laughed at an answer from one of you. After a while of driving and talking and humming to the radio, the restaurant came into view. The venue looked nice. Equipped with fancy tables, crystal glasses, and nice velvet drapes on the windows. It looked like the kind of place parents would go to get away for a night. The three of you climbed out the jeep and walked to the hostess podium. Aaliyah gave a short blonde woman their reservation. You three were led to your table where you sat across from Aaliyah and Shawn to the left of you, sitting across from a empty chair waiting to be taken by Tristan. After about 5 minutes, a six foot blonde haired and blue eyed boy approached the table. Aaliyah promptly got up and hugged the boy and kissed him on the cheek. Shawn smirked at you and you chuckled before getting from your seat and introducing yourself. “ Hi, I’m Y/N. I’m Aaliyah’s best friend.” you said whilst shaking Tristan’s hand. You felt Shawn standing closely behind you. “ and I am Shawn, Aaliyah’s older brother” Shawn said trying to be as intimidating as possible “listen up dude, if you lay a hand on my sister I will hunt you down faster than you can say sorry.” you shook your head and laugh at his threat but Aaliyah rolled her eyes. Tristan became stiff and shook Shawn’s hand without answering. Shawn looked at you and smirked again “He’s joking” you said “kinda”. You all sat down and began to look over your menus. “So Tristan, where do you go to school” you asked, trying to stir a conversation from the awkward silence. “Well I’m actually not going to college, I don’t really think it’s the place for me” he replied lazily. “oh, do you have a job?” you continued “nah, I don’t really see myself as a job holder right now” Tristan continued “and you’re how old?” you asked “ I’m twenty, but it’s all good I’m not homeless or anything. I’m living in my parents house.” He finished. “ Yeah good for you man, do you have any plans for the future?” intervened Shawn “ I’m starting up a skateboard company. I like skateboarding, yeah that’s actually how Aaliyah and I met. She was on her way home from Uni and I was heading back from the skate park, I almost ran her over if it hadn’t been for her jumping out of the way. So I offered to buy her a coffee and we just kinda talked I guess.” He finished by squeezing Aaliyah’s hand and looking over at her. 

You almost felt bad for the guy, but your happy for Aaliyah. He’s not exactly your type of guy, honestly not many guys are your type. Tristan was a blonde scrappy skater who was only slightly daft but means well. Your type was tall, brunette, kind, funny, weird, athletic, talented and just a generally great person. Then a loud chuckle rang out in your ears and your heart stopped in time, your stomach jumped into your throat and the hairs on the back of your neck stood on end. Shawn. You looked over at him and realized he was the one. You sat there in deep and terrified thought until Aaliyah’s voice jumped out at you. “Y/N! Earth to Y/N” she snapped at you. You jumped and looked around startled until your eyes met his. Those big brown and green balls of fire that you were sure just set you a flame. You quickly looked away “sorry I spaced out for a second there, what were we talking about again?” you asked. “ well Shawn was just telling us about some funny things that happened on tour” Aaliyah explained “Oh, yeah cool” you said trying your best to hide the ecstatic fear coursing through you. Fortunately enough, a waitress approached your table and asked for your orders. You had been so deep in thought that you had forgotten to look over the menu, so you ordered your default choice of pasta. 

Every so often throughout dinner, Shawn would give you small yet lethal touches. On your arm, your back, bumping his hand against yours. That prick made you wanna scream for no apparent reason. Every time Shawn would speak you got lost, in the moment, trying to keep both eyes open and your head from spinning out of control. ( hehehe lost) The feels hit you like a bus going 300 miles per second. And somehow you’re stuck wishing this was a double date. 

I have a part two if you want it :-)))) leave feedback please