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autistic pidge headcanons because im procatinating on homework

  • she was one of those “gifted and talented” kids all throughout elementary school, but once she hit sixth grade her grades kinda plummeted for a while because she stopped finding all her classes interesting and her executive dysfunction kicked in because of that
  • she hated school projects, especially english ones. the instructions were too vague but she felt embarrassed to ask her teacher to go over literally everything on the rubric just for clarification.
  • the girl needs a chew toy. if she had one, she would probably gnaw on it until it was ripped and ragged. but since she doesn’t she ends up clenching her jaw unconsciously a lot, which has actually led to her having some dental problems 
  • her favorite visual stim videos are those ones where people poke/crush floam or slime. the crunch sound some of them make is just A++++ to her and she gets disappointed when there is no crunch.
  • she has echolalia. she’ll repeat new words that she just learned, or will usually repeat back what someone just said to her. she mostly does this with hunk, who realizes that she likes repeating things so when he talks he’ll sometimes come up with something that’s fun to say just incase she wants to repeat it.
  • sometimes she’ll echolalize her own name with this rhyme she made up. it starts with her just saying “pidge” and then she’ll go “pidge podge” and then “pidge podge pudge” and she’ll just continue it with the rest of the vowels in the alphabet. she only does this when she’s sure she’s 1000000% alone though. 
  • she can pass really well as a neurotypical due to how she’s watched them a lot and knows how to copy their responses and reactions to things. sometimes she’s too good at acting neurotypical and gets frustrated with NTs when they don’t respond in the usual neurotypical way, because it’s basically like they’re breaking script on her and she gets really confused.
  • she has terrible volume control at times. usually, she’s good. she can keep her voice down with no problem. but say she’s out at a restaurant with her friends or something, and is really excited? forget it, she’s practically yelling 
  • she will info dump on you like there’s no tomorrow, if you hang out with her long enough. just wait like twenty minutes after some casual conversation and soon she’ll be talking your ear off about her latest invention or the most recent tech information she learned.
  • she will love you forever if you let her info dump on you
  • her stim kit consists of a piece of yarn, a beaded bracelet, and a clicking pen. still no chew toy. she hasn’t changed anything in it since she was nine and she really needs to. 
  • she relates a lot to keith, who is also autistic, and lance, who has adhd, and they bond over #JustNeurodivergentThings together (just like i mentioned in my autistic keith headcanons post)
Keeping up with the Katsuki-Nikiforovs

Episode 9, Season 2.


Yuuri walks in to find Victor slumped on a couch across the room, his back facing him. Victor’s face is hidden, and the room is filled with boxes and a couple pieces of furniture, including the one that Victor is currently lying on. The lights are off, but the sun is shining brightly. This creates some cool lighting effects, but everyone who watches Keeping Up With the Katsuki-Nikiforovs knows that they are not watching because of any sort of avant-garde film-work. The cameraman wonders curiously what will happen today.

“Vitya, Phichit’s coming.”

“For… pictures?”

“Obviously for pictures, what do you think you’ve been trying on all those looks for?”

“Oh, well Yuuri, darling…”

The cameraman knows that Victor resorts to calling Yuuri darling when he’s a) drunk, b) hungover,  c) exhausted, or d) a healthy combination of the three. It seems to be the latter, in this case.

“Victor, what are you…”

“Yuuri, do you know when I woke up?”

“Probably just now, by the looks of it–”

“More than twenty-four hours ago.”

“You didn’t sleep?”

“Chris left at–what time is it?”

“Nine thirty.”

“Nine twenty-nine, then. Left at nine twenty-nine. Just now, I mean.”

“I didn’t see him leave.”

“That’s because you got up at an ungodly hour… in the east wing. We were here, in the west.”

“I got up at seven. And this is the east wing.”

The cameraman has been the Katsuki-Nikiforov cameraman for nearly a year now. This house has been lived in by the couple for… nearly two days. TL;DR, says the cameraman in his head, they don’t know shit about this house.

“I’m pretty sure it’s the west–”

“No, Victor, if you look at the sun–”

“The sun hurts my eyes.”

“Yeah, and this house is unnecessarily huge, but that’s not the point–”

“You know what else is unnecessarily huge?”

“Your ego, probably–”

“No, no… want me to show you?”

“Not NOW!!”

“I don’t even have the energy to show you, tbh.”

The cameraman notes that Victor says T-B-H out loud. It’s funny in a Russian accent.

“How hungover are you?”

“Somewhat. And sleep deprived.”

Ah, smiles the cameraman. He was right.

“Okay. Do you want us to cancel with Phichit?”

“No, no…” says Victor, weakly waving a hand. “I just need a hydrating mask and a glass of water.”

“Can you turn around to face me?”

“Oh, Yuuri, you’ll see my eyebags and everything–”

“We’re married. I’ve already seen your everything.”

Even the cameraman has seen their everything. In fact, the reason why there is a show in the first place is because everyone in the whole world probably has seen the Katsuki-Nikiforovs’ everything. There was that tape last year, and then there was an incredibly popular TV show, and the cameraman is pretty sure that no more than five minutes had passed in between those two events.

“You haven’t seen my dark soul.

“Vitya, I swear to god, if you don’t stop repeating everything Yurio says–”

“It doesn’t even make any sense, does it?”

“It really doesn’t.”

Victor finally turns around. The cameraman hopes that he doesn’t break into laughter, because that might shake the camera, and the ratings for the show might go down, and he wouldn’t be paid as much. Although he does get paid a very good amount; the Katsuki-Nikiforovs are scandalous, but they still remain the epitome of generosity.

“Damn it, Victor, why are you still wearing that?”

“Wearing what?”

“The–” Yuuri pauses, sighing loudly. “The makeup from last night. From when you sang Welcome to the Madness for Yurio’s party.”

“I’m still wearing that?”

“Your cheeks are literally striped. It’s worse than the pattern on the jacket Yurio was wearing.”

“They are not.”

“Just go the bathroom and wash it off, Vitya.”

“I think this is from when I was crying last night from Chris’s story.”

“What happened to Chris?”

“He got engaged.”

“Hey, that’s great!”

“Isn’t it?”

“Wait, isn’t that a good thing? Why were you crying?”

“I think I was just crying. Chris had some Swiss liquor; I don’t really remember what it was called…”

“You usually get emotional and naked, Victor. I’m surprised.”

“I think these are Chris’s clothes,” says Victor, sniffing them. “I hope he has mine. I liked those jeans. They were custom-made Calvin Klein.”

Victor staggers into the bathroom, rubbing his forehead and bumping into the doorframe. Yuuri rolls his eyes. The cameraman is sure that the viewers can tell that Yuuri loves that elegant Russian man.

Edit: Now with backstory on the cameraman here!

Okay you know how they say when you have (unprotected) sex with someone, it’s like you’re having sex with everyone they’ve had (unprotected) sex with?

Bear with me here.

So Meg kissed Dean that one time:

And Cas kissed Meg that one time:

Originally posted by bewithyouinajiffey

So basically what I’m saying is, if our sex ed teachers are to be believed…Dean and Cas have basically kissed.

Thanks, Meg.

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I would like to call this a Journalist McCree AU but I’m pretty sure Joel Morricone is McCree’s pseudonym and he actually wrote an article about himself because he’s extra like that

I don’t actually post much about myself, but I guess this is my blog. Panic attacks are scary. You’re just laying there trying to fall asleep and then you’re suddenly it feels like your chest is about to catch on fire. Mine are primarily physical symptoms that tend to very closely mimic those of a heart attack. Which I’m not having, but in the moment you’re not thinking right and you have to convince yourself that you’re not actually dying. It’s a chore. I’ve gotten so that I can recognize when it’s starting and with deep breathing pretty much keep it from getting worse, but the feeling kind of lingers for awhile, lurking and just waiting for you to stop concentrating on breathing.

I don’t know what I’m worrying about right now. Usually it’s my health. I have an irrational fear that when I get sick I’m going to be really sick, when in fact I’m in quite good health and in the care of some very skilled health care professionals. My asthma flared up a bit in the past few days, but that’s controllable. Am I worrying about school? I don’t know. There is some uncertainty about what I’ll be doing for the summer session, but I should be happy because I ended the 2nd semester with 4 As. Really that’s something I should be proud of. Getting straight As in grad school is nothing to scoff at. Maybe I’m worried about working after I finish school. I definitely am nervous about getting a job and then being on my own more or less, but that’s still a ways off. Maybe I’m worrying about being alone and not feeling wanted. I never dated anyone seriously in university and I feel like I really messed up there and don’t really know what to do now. I’m shy in person and make friends very slowly. Online I’m outgoing and strike up conversations with people all the time, but in person I don’t know what to do. I’m scared I’ll be alone and not wanted. I know this is irrational because it’s not true, but I worry about it.

I guess by writing this all down it helps me figure out what I’m panicking about. Maybe this helps someone else too.


A/N: Okay so this is basically my really terrible tribute to the biggest cinnamon roll on the planet. You guys have no idea how honestly in love with this guy I am. So, basically, @thatsthat24, this may be really creepy and I’m sorry and I’ll take it down if you want me to but please take this as a huge thank you for being the sweetest and most amazing and most precious gift to this world ever. Thank you for blessing us with your joy and beauty. ♡

You were at your friend Thomas’ house, waiting patiently on his couch while he ran into the kitchen to get snacks. As you sat, you began to tap your foot to the beat of the song stuck in your head. Naturally, you couldn’t help but belt out a few bars.

“The word got around, they said ‘this kid is insane man’. Took up a collection just to send him to the main land. ‘Get your education, don’t forget from whence you came, and the world’s gonna know your name’. What’s your name, man?”

As you finished the small part of the verse, Thomas ran into the living room, practically launching himself over the couch so as to join you in song.

“Alexander Hamilton.” Your friend sang proudly, “My name is Alexander Hamilton, and there’s a million things I haven’t done but just you wait. Just you wait.”

You beamed as you sang together, “When he was ten his father split, full of it, debt ridden. Two years later see Alex and his mother bedridden, half-dead, sitting in their own sick, the sent thick.”

The two of you bounced on the couch excitedly, screaming a line that was meant to be whispered.

“And Alex got better but his mother went quick!”

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Picture this. Harry is at college and his friends keep on trying to hook him up with someone even if Harry insists he already has a boyfriend. No one believes him. And then one day while Harry's with them, here comes Tom. I' d love to hear your headcanons about it:)

- Ok so all of Harry’s friends are coupled off and they think that Harry’s lonely. It starts off with Ron being like “oh yeah, this guy in my lecture is after a study buddy…did I mention he’s gay,” and Hermione talking about this friend she’s made who’s really smart and really pretty and did Harry want to meet her for drinks one night along with Hermione? 

- Harry is quite sweet about turning down their help to begin with, but as time goes on his friends get more insistent and finally Harry admits he has a boyfriend but they’ve been keeping it quiet because they didn’t want to make a big thing of it just yet. 

- Harry expects that to be the end of it but he soon finds out his friends thought he was lying to get them off his back and have got to the stage where they’re like “Harry, I met this person in the library. Oops, gotta dash, you two have fun together.”

- One day they’re out at lunch and Tom starts walking towards them. Harry is confused because he asked Tom if he’d meet his friends to shut them up but Tom said he found the situation amusing so wouldn’t help Harry just yet

- But instead of talking to Harry, Tom goes straight to Ron and Hermione who are really friendly with him. Tom asks Ron if he’ll go with him to get their drinks, and when they’re alone Hermione is all, “I know you don’t like us doing this but I think you’ll really like Tom if you give him a chance.”

- Harry immediately catches onto Tom’s game, and decides to make it better by ‘insulting’ Tom who accidentally spills a drink on Harry…basically competing to make the whole double date thing seem really awkward and terrible

- At the end of the date Tom stands and pulls Harry into a kiss before he strides away, and Harry says to Ron and Hermione, “I’m glad I gave this one a chance, I think he could be the real deal’

- Ron and Hermione are confused, even more so when Tom is suddenly at Harry’s side all the time and acting like the few-month dating couple they are rather than casual dates. Hermione eventually realises the truth, Ron is still none the wiser and thinks he set Harry up with the perfect guy

I just saw Valerian! It was…. wow hmm. It had incredible world-building, but sported a half-baked plot, bad acting, and a really forced “romance” that hardly even qualified as such.

Basically, anything that had to do with Human machinations was really terrible, but the idea, the world, the creatures and races of aliens, the potential was incredible. The visual effects and character design were out of this world!

Rihanna’s character was a highlight to the film, though I’ll warn you, the end of her character arc is unexpectedly swift and ultimately unsatisfying. Again- her character and acting was so lovable, but the plot disrespected her value and potential to the film.

Another highlight was the Pearls- an alien race. I felt that their design was beautiful! I only wish they had more color diversity as natural pearls do.

do you think at least one of the batkids have had their toes accidentally stepped on by a booted batman cause i do

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Getting more and more convinced that Colin is playing the EF2 version of Hook. Somehow the EF2 version of Hook has been cursed with the memories of our Hook, and that explains all the new jewelry. Last time we noticed new jewelry it's cause he was playing a different version of Hook. Dark One Hook. So I think this is basically a similar scenario.

Very possible… I’m really terrible at spec honestly. I checked wish!hook to see if he was wearing something similar, he does have the tooth shape as well. Sent YNB a tweet about Killian’s jewelry, I’d love to hear more about the significance of his various necklaces and rings, maybe we’ll get lucky. They never explain these things other than referencing his rings in S5. I’m super curious about how things will play out. :D

Book 1: The Invasion, Chapters 4-5


(Housekeeping: I don’t really have a strict timeline in mind for this, I may squish multiple chapters into one post if they’re short enough, after all, we have A LOT OF BOOKS TO GET THROUGH):

Chapter 4

And we’re back: Yeerks descending, Alienstag dying, Our Heroes trying to decide whether they want some ill-defined magic powers.  Which: yes, obviously, given the title of the series, they do.

Magic ritual time!  Conveniently, this ritual seems to involve everyone touching one side of the magic box thing that Jake brought back, and five of them plus the Alienstag is exactly enough people.  Handy, that.  Would suck if it were a magic dodecahedron and they couldn’t do the ritual.

Weirdly, the actual Getting Of Magic Powers is over in a very short paragraph. Everyone touches the cube, Everyone gets a little tingly zap from the cube. Boom!  You now have powers.

Also, says the Alienstag, make sure you don’t stay morphed for more than two hours or you can’t shift back.  Which raises a lot more questions about exactly how precise this timing is, why the powers tie so neatly into Earthling time measurements, etc., but there’s no time to get into that because it is time for ACTION and EXPOSITION.

Specifically a Big Bad Dude is arriving along with the Yeerks.  Big Bad Dude is named Visser Three, and he’s the only Yeerk who can morph, and he is basically just not a nice dude. Alienstag really thinks the kids should get to running.  Which they do, but not before Tobias pets the Alienstag and gets a little extra zap of some sort, which I assume will be important later - did he get an extra power, or the ability to morph for an extra five minutes, or something?  

Once Tobias is zapped, they all take off running. And now we’re going to meet two new kinds of creatures who just landed!

  1. The Hork-Bajir, who are doing nothing to disprove my theory that Applegate is just naming these characters after cat-vomiting noises.  They are basically some kind of knife-dinosaur-snake hybrid, but Alienstag is still telepathing from a distance, and he says they’re a soft and cuddly race generally, though these particular ones have been Controlled by Yeerks and thus aren’t soft and cuddly anymore.
  2. The Taxxon, which sounds like a prescription medication of some sort.  They’re some sort of tube-like centipede things with a bunch of teeth and lobster claws.  It is at this point that I suddenly remember @theglintoftherail​ once telling me about some sort of Hunger Tube alien, and I have a terrible feeling this is probably it.  The Alienstag is not so happy about these guys, he has nothing nice to say about their cuddliness factor even when they are not Yeerk-controlled.

And now the Alienstag and K.A. Applegate are tired from infodumping at us, so we go to chapter break, apparently.

Chapter Five

Alienstag Wikipedias some more knowledge into the kids’ heads: The Hork-Bajir are basically Space Rhinoceroses, in that they can hear really well but have terrible vision.  So probably the kids’ best chance of surviving is to hold really still and pretend to be weirdly shaped rocks.

The Alienstag is also exuding some sort of Space Xanax, telepathically calming the kids so they don’t flip out and start screaming.  Which is probably a good idea because I have to assume that sometime in the FIFTY THREE REMAINING BOOKS, things are going to continue to escalate, and so they should probably try to achieve some chill at this early juncture or they’re not going to fare well later.

So everyone holds really still, and Alienstag thinks calming thoughts at them, and Marco recovers from his terror enough to make a joke about the Hork-Bajir looking like a SaladShooter. I feel like that wouldn’t be the reference we’d reach for today.  Can’t quite make up my mind what the 2017 version of “basically a ball of knives” is, though.

The Hork-Bajir are at least temporarily fooled by all this freezing-in-place, which lets us get back to the next wave of invasion, namely: Visser Three’s landing . Visser Three, because he is a Bad Dude, is going to monologue at us for a while.  Let’s just bullet-point this:

  • V3 tells us the Alienstag’s name!  It’s Prince Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul, which is…a lot.  “My First Fantasy Novel” a lot. Also I am now left with some thoughts about database design.   I feel as if a lot of Earthling databases have enough trouble just handling things like hyphenated last names, and people with two middle names, and special characters in names.  Now I really want to know about the alien database designer responsible for keeping track of all sorts of different aliens with all sorts of naming conventions, and how he makes sure his database isn’t going to choke on triple-hyphenated first names with no last name attached.
  • We find out that V3 really wants to be Visser One, which he hopes to achieve by impressing everyone back home with his conquering of earth.  So I guess the number is a rank thing and not that he’s Visser Son of Visser, Also Son Of Visser.
  • We find out that V3 is into conquering earth because we have LOT of people and also those people are ignorant and easy to take over.  We have so many people, in fact, that back home they’re going to have to build more “Yeerk pools” to make new Yeerks to occupy all the human brains.  So I guess finding out what a Yeerk Pool is, is something we can all look forward to together.  

Finally the Alienstag, whose name I am not going to bother to learn to type if he’s dying in this chapter, gets tired of this and gets to his feet and stabs V3 with his pointy tail.  You go, Alienstag.  Might as well do some damage on your way out.

V3 gets bloody and pissy and has his minions burn the Alienstag’s ship.   The glowing light of the ship-burning artistically illuminates the fact that there are some humans hanging out behind V3. That seems important and like something we’re gonna be coming back to at some point.

But we don’t really get to dig into that right now because V3 is pissed off now and apparently when he’s pissed off he morphs into a giant head with a giant mouth and, for some reason, tentacles.  (Am I going to be saying “for some reason, tentacles” a lot in recapping these books?  Let us hope so.)  (Also I want to know whether morphing into a different animal resets the two-hour clock or not.)

V3 tentacle-grabs the Alienstag, and the kids are feeling NOT GREAT BOB about all of this, and we just sort of end the chapter on this note of Alienstag dangling over V3’s gaping maw.

Good times, good times.



Deaf!Hawkeye blog header. I made his because I got bored and learned how to animate gifs. If you don’t know ASL, the signs say B-L-O-G. I took a year of sign language and still remember the alphabet so the letters should be right. If it isn’t right, please message me so I can fix it. If you use this, and I don’t think anyone will, please credit me.

EDIT: Some lovely people pointed out that the fingers in the B needed to be closer together and that the thumb in the G needed to be parallel with the index finger. The original gif is the top gif and the corrected gif is at the bottom. I posted the original gif a while ago, so my drawing ability has changed. Anyway, enough rambling. Enjoy! And if there are any more mistakes, just give me a heads-up.

SNK Readthrough: Volume 16 Part 12

Chapter 65 confirmed something many of us had long suspected, namely, young Kenny Ackerman was hot.  It also confirmed something we couldn’t possibly have known: Levi has his grandfather’s eyes. 

Levi’s mother was Kuchel. She worked in a brothel. He and Mikasa are distant cousins. And while Kenny is undoubtedly a psychopath, he has a bit of a soft spot for his family. 

So yeah, nice details. But it all felt more “ahh” than “OMG!!!” to me.

Perhaps the biggest reveal in this most recent expository dump was that the Asian bloodline is also immune from the King’s mindwhammy, making Mikasa some sort of unholy hybrid of rebellion for the monarchy.