basically these are just some random moments where i find myself highly attracted to all of them

Voltron headcanons because why not

-agender, asexual, aromantic, and amazing
-probably 14 or 15
-knows everything, and i mean everything. They know about people’s crushes before the people even figure it out for themselves
-also they know like a bunch of the crews secrets (and kinks, wait what)
-they love technology and use it as a coping mechanism they always have some device with them to fiddle with
-doesnt really get that much sleep because they stay up so late doing things, it’s not uncommon to find them passed out on a keyboard or something
-wore a binder while at the garrison and now kinda goes back and forth between wearing it
-loves to wear baggy clothes because they’re just so much more comfortable
-they might not be able to kick your ass through sheer force alone, but they can most definitely program everything around you to kick your ass in less than a minute
-the time they spent at the garrison confirmed that they werent a dude, and at one point while in space they kinda just said, gender is kinda pointless when you have a robotic magic space lion

-hella bi and knows it (I will fight you on this)
-probably like 18??
-flirts primarily with females when hes around people he hasn’t come out to yet because biphobic people can be dickwads
-always tests the waters to see if a person has a problem with bi people. If they do, he doesn’t come, if they don’t, then he comes out in the most ridiculous ways.
-like singing bye, bye, bye
-or just saying same whenever something is not straight
-or ripping off his jacket to reveal a shirt that says “it doesn’t take an intellectual to get that I’m bisexual”
-(okay, I’m getting a bit distracted, I just have a /lot/ of feelings about bi Lance)
-when he realizes he likes Keith he doesn’t have a “gay panic” he just has a “holy crap I like Keith? I have a crush?? On KeItH?!?!?” (Pidge is in the background nodding like “dude you only do the whole rival thing so you can get his attention”)
-hes Cuban and his first language is spanish and when hes comfortable/lazy (like say after sex, what) he slips into Spanish without even realizing it
-has a huge family
-like I’m talking the middle child of seven kids
-his house is always filled with people. And it’s not even that big of a house, but somehow there’s always like 20 people roaming around in there
-some of them aren’t even related, his family basically adopts everyone, they’ve already adopted hunk and will probably adopt the whole voltron crew
-hes great with kids, kinda has to be with all his siblings and niblings who love to cling onto him.
- because his house is always so full of life he can’t stand silence. One of the reasons he has a hard time in the castle is because it’s so quiet. It’s only when he has music that he’s able to fall asleep because he’s literally never slept in a place that was quiet.
-one of the reasons he talks to loudly and animatedly is because that’s the only way to get attention in a house as chaotic as his
-very tactile. Like he needs to constantly be touching people, if you have a conversation with him you are guaranteed to have him hanging onto you at one point.
-and god forbid if you are sitting down, it doesn’t matter if every other seat is open, he will come and lay all over you. Hunk doesn’t even react anymore when lance just flings himself onto him
-one of the reasons he sucks at flirting is because he just loves using dumb pick up lines on random people. He’s always surprised when it actually works
-hes “dated” like 3 people, he actually dated 2 girls, but only fooled around with a guy before he left for the garrison (it confirmed that he was attracted to both)
-also, lance can totally cook. His momma taught him well. But he only really enjoys cooking when it’s with/for other people

-hes gay, he’s known for a while but didn’t really do much about it. He’s kissed like 2 people in his life.
-probably 17ish. Hes a bit younger than lance, but not by that much
-his mom has been dead for a few years, he never knew his father, his mom was his best friend, when she died it broke him, it was only because of shiro that he got his life back together
-tbh his mom probably wouldn’t recognize him, he used to be such a joyful little boy (oh I made myself sad)
- his dad is galra, which, when he finds out, causes Keith a lot of problems
-like he hides himself in his room, its lance that finally manages to get him out.
-lance gently teases him about the kitty ears and that’s surprisingly makes Keith feel okay about it
-thats when he has the realization that he likes lance
-depending on the level of emotion, his galra features pop up. Like sometimes he just turns a bit purple, other times he sprouts ears and his eyes turn yellow before he even realizes.
-it takes a while, but he eventually gets a hang of it. But when he gets surprised, sometimes it pops out like if someone scares him (or lance looks really hot)
-all the time in the desert makes it so he feels really comfortable being by himself or sitting in silence.
-although he always has to be doing something, even if that something is just thinking about what’s ahead

-keith realizes he likes lance first. Pidge has to tell lance. After their realization they both have a lot of oh no he’s hot moments, like he’s hot, but annoying, but cute?
- they start training a lot together. Lance does it one because he thinks lance looks damn fine when hes all sweaty, but two because he wants to make sure Keith doesn’t over do it and three because he could use the training himself
-but this also is a double-edged sword because at one point one of them will always take off a piece of clothing because theyre so sweaty. The first time Keith takes his gloves off with his teeth lance literally sprints away, Keith is very confused. Another time lance decides to take his shirt off and Keith’s brain just short circuits and all of his galra features pop out because holy crap he didn’t realize just how muscular lance was. It’s at that moment that lance thinks Keith might like him back.
-the first time they kiss it’s because lance is waxing poetic about allura because she’s gorgeous and can kick his ass(yes he has a type) and Keith kinda loses it saying something along the lines of shut up and lance says make me and unf all of a sudden they’re making out against the wall.
-keith has to get used to how much of a cuddler lance is, like he thought it was bad before, but like they can’t be in the same room without lance touching him in some way (Keith really doesn’t mind)
-and yes, there was a betting pool about when they would get together (pidge won (they know all) hunk was only off by a week)
-their main foreplay is arguing, but other times when one of them isn’t feeling well it’s gentle teasing kisses pressed all over

-hes pansexual. And highly values his platonic relationships.
-he just has a lot of love to give
- The first time he left the islands was to go to the school before the garrison. This is where he met lance. And because Hawaii was so far away, he would usually stay with Lance’s family in Cuba.
-yeah they totally bonded over being island boys and missing the surf sun and sand
-hunk also has a pretty big family, but more on the cousins side than the siblings side.
-one of the reasons hunk loves cooking is because it combines science with art in such a beautiful way.
-hes the only person who has ever managed to get the secret family recipes from Lance’s mom.
-loves to walk around barefoot because who uses shoes in Hawaii??
-also, will sometimes slip up and use pidgin words. He gets pretty embarrassed about it because people tend to assume he’s stupid when he talks like that, lance is the first one off the island to not think that, but still
-until…. he’s talking with lance while fixing his lion and asks lance to give him da kine as allura and coran are passing by. Allura is like, what is da kine? Do you mean a thermal stabilizer? Because what he just passed you is called a thermal stabilizer. And while hunk is kinda blushing and explaining that it was a dialect from his island they both just burst.
-like they are so interested and insist on hunk telling them more. And after they learn that it came from hawaiians learning English but dropping the last consonant because Hawaiian always ended in a vowel both allura and coran are like teach us.
-after that hunk allows himself to speak more freely and not monitor himself (it also helps with the homesickness)
-also later they see allura and coran walking around barefoot trying to speak pidgin and hunk kinda just sighs contently because they sound so much like tourists and it warms his heart

-hes at least 25 (they wouldn’t have sent a teenager on an exploratory mission through space)
-also he’s totally the space dad
-everyone comes to him when they need a calming energy.
-it isn’t peculiar to walk into his room and see some of the paladins lounging around quietly doing work
-he helped get Keith into the garrison and mentored him. He was the closest thing to a father figure Keith has ever had.
-shiro loves makeup. Like it started out as something he would let the younger girls in the garrison do when they were feeling down, but eventually he started doing it on his own, going to them for tips.
-for him, perfect eyeliner means that he can survive the day. He lives by the motto “I might feel like crap, but my makeup looks good”
-most of the time he does a simple eyeliner, though if he’s feeling like he needs a boost he’ll add some light eyeshadow and blush.
-he very rarely does a full face of makeup, that’s only for really special occasions.
-when he goes on the kerberos mission he only takes a small tube of gel eyeliner. When hes having a bad day he puts a bit on.
-when he gets taken by the galra and wakes up in a cell he almost cries when he realizes he still has his eyeliner.
-it becomes his coping mechanism. On the days he feels like he’s going to be killed he puts a little bit on. Like the first time he has to go in the arena or the day he escapes
-after a few days in the castle he asks allura if she has any altean equivalent of eyeliner because his jumble of memories is getting worse and he needs something
-this is actually how they start bonding, by doing their makeup together while strategizing against zarkon
-the rest of the paladins keep trying to catch shiro without makeup because they KNOW he can’t have eyes like that, but there’s no evidence otherwise???
-shiro usually does his eyeliner before he leaves his room in the morning and laughs when he sees the paladins camped outside one morning (yeah I may have stolen that from a fanfic, but it’s really good and i like it)

-shes like 2000 years old (basically alteans have longer life cycles, take away the two zeros at the end and you have their “human"age)
-her father instilled a lot of virtues/morals in her, she still lives by these
-shes rather young to be a ruler, most don’t rule until age 3000, spending the previous time traveling to different planets to make connections and spread diplomacy
-her mother died in childbirth, something which was extremely rare, it resulted in king alfor never remarrying and dedicating all his free time to his daughter
-she started training to rule from a very very young age
-coran was her nanny/personal body guard/friend
-the way you can tell she’s stressed is because she becomes extremely forceful
-also she’s a horrible actor, like it’s very surprising she was able to fool the paladins into thinking she was angry (okay she was actually super angry whatever) this kinda results from being altean and from her dad telling her to never lie
-she tends to wear her emotions on her sleeve but because alteans express emotions differently, only coran really understands what she’s feeling.
-shes absolutely fascinated by all cultures, and with all the paladins being from such diverse places she loves talking with them about earth. Like if there wasn’t a war going on and she wasn’t a princess all she would do is go around and learn about different cultures
-you can almost always tell who she last spoke to about earth because she’s trying out some earth custom
-(okay they may have totally pranked her one time by telling her a ridiculous fake custom, when she found out her lecture about not fooling around had Keith almost peeing his pants)
-she can be very scary when she goes into ultimate mom mode and scolds the paladins, it’s worse when both shiro and her are scolding.
-she relaxes by pampering herself like baths, perfume, jewels in her hair, makeup, they remind her of a more carefree time

Shallura (my phone tried to autocorrect this to Shakira)

-they both deeply admire each other for their strength and leadership abilities, but it’s really during their makeup/strategizing sessions that they start to see other sides to each other
-they both slowly fall in love as they start to open up more to each other about their worries, their concerns, but also their hopes and dreams.
-once again, it’s pidge that finally sets their relationship on track to the more romantic side.
-pidge sees them sitting side by side more and more and notices the way they move in harmony. Finally they ask, wait are you two dating.
-shiro and allura kinda look at each other and after a nonverbal conversation both say yes at the same time

-hes like 4500 years old
-he willingly went into the cryo pod because he knew that someone had to be there for allura when she woke up, and although it broke his heart to have to leave king alfor and all of altea, he piloted the castle himself to arus and went into the cryo pod
-hes pretty passionate about hair care and actually manages to get shiro and keith to join him in his hair care routine
-he loves allura so much, she’s his daughter in everything but blood and allura agrees
-when she was young she used to say she had two fathers
-hes actually not that bad at cooking, he mainly makes bland to horrible meals so that way someone else will do the cooking because goddamnit he has a whole castle to run (when lance finds out he dramatically gasps and falls onto the nearest person (it’s Keith) talking about how /betrayed/ he feels)
-he doesn’t really know or understand how humans portray their emotions (or how to deal with them) but he tries in his own way to make people feel better. Like if you’re feeling sad you might find a thing of gloop shaped like a flower (??) outside your room.
Or when Keith and Lance finally get together coran gives them what looks like really long forks (?????) they’re grateful, but confused
-when shiro and allura get together shiro expected to have the talk from coran, but he never expected coran to handcuff him in an airlock. Shiro honestly never thought coran could look so threatening, especially with a bowl and spoon full of gloop that coran had lured him here with.

Wow that was really long. I just have a lot of feelings about these characters and if you want to come scream with me about voltron please feel free.