basically the only good thing to come out of this movie

Wow that’s a lot XD; I’m not gonna tell you where to find every single thing but I can tell you what there is at least and you can search them up yourself on Google,etc. ^^

There’s 6 novels and currently 5 Replace manga volumes. Not all of them are translated. A good number of chapters from teh first 5 novels have been randomly translated and I translated the entire 6th volume and random special Replace Plus chapters which you can find here.

The Replace Plus is basically a manga version of the novels. There’s two seiyuu events called Kurobas cup 2013 and Kurobas cup 2015. So far only one stageplay with a second one coming out this summer. There are 3 fandisks each with a short mini drama of them talking about past games mainly Winter Cup. There’s A LOT of character songs but you can search them on the Kuroko no Basuke wiki and there’s a music list if I remember and you can listen to them on youtube. There are 3 movie compilations focused on Winter Cup. They literally reuse the same clips so it’s not anything new in particular. Each movie had a special “Tip Off” music video though. I think there’s 3 drama cds as far as I know. I’ve seen them on Youtube though. Though there have been short dramas too on each DVD focused on one character. Not too familiar with all ofthem though. For OVA’s there’s 22.5, 41.5 “Mou ikkai yarimasen ka” , 75.5, and one called “idiots can’t win” which takes place in season 1. 

Cross Colors is the recent phone app game. If you have a smartphone you can install it and play! Info on how to install it and more about the game can be found  here

I think that’s just about it…