basically the mesozoic was probably much fluffier than we ever imagined

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but wouldn’t it be not-feathered since sauropods don’t have any evidence of feathers (for now)?

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so wouldnt herrera… be non-feathered…. i genuinely thought this was the case due to feathers not being a sauropod thing                

It depends on where we assume fuzz originated!

I personally go with the idea that fluff is ancestral to all dinosaurs and was secondarily lost/modified into scales in certain groups. So far for sauropods we’ve only found scales, but we don’t yet know if that type of skin was also the case for their more basal saurischian ancestors – so a floofy herrerasaurid is still possible, if somewhat speculative.

(And it’s not like I haven’t put fuzz on sauropods, too!)

Sciurumimus albersdoerferi was a theropod dinosaur from the Late Jurassic of Germany, living about 150 million years ago. The only known specimen is of a juvenile with preserved feather-like filaments, and the longer fuzz along the tail gave it its genus name – Sciurumimus meaning “squirrel mimic”.

Initially it was considered to be a member of the megalosauroidea, a group not previously known to have any evidence of feathery integument. More recent analyses have suggested it might actually be a basal coelurosaur.