basically the lok and atla fandoms

The Real Answers

For those curious:

First name: Margaret (lol no one actually got this but I never go by it, so… My best friend from high school @smthnwentwrong basically exclusively calls me this and I still don’t know why)
Nickname: Meig
Age: 24
Gender: Genderfluid, but 50% of days I’m a girl, so I use she/her. Ey/em when I’m not a girl and am feeling dysphoric, which is rare, so don’t worry about it.  
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Nationality: I’m American, sadly enough.
Relationship status: @plokool and I have been together for four years tomorrow, actually. Eventually we’ll get married. 
Likes: Harry Potter, Homestuck, Orphan Black, Star Wars, Rise Against, Welcome to Night Vale, Gravity Falls, ATLA/LOK, Prehistoric life in general, feathers, genetics, a bunch of other fandoms tbh I’m trash
Dislikes: Bigots of all sorts, violence, a certain president, Nazis & KKK members, most food 
Random fact: I only like, like, two musicals: Newsies and RENT. I don’t know why. 

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I watched ATLA for the first time this past Christmas

And once I finished and started getting involved in the fandom I found out about all of these shipping wars and was like

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I obviously watched it straight through and didn’t get involved with the show on Tumblr or Instagram because I didn’t want to spoil anything, but when I watched it I felt all of the ‘ships’ ended perfectly.

Then i realized Zutara was a thing, Zutara?

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She literally hated him for 97% of the show, sure they became friends towards the end, but still… I didn’t get any sense of chemistry (for lack of a better word) from that pairing.

Also, Zuko seemed like he was only truly happy with Mai, so I didn’t get why all these Zuko fans were basically casting away the character that meant so much to him; the one girl who made him happy.

AND THEN I started to research this “war”

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They were, and still are, intense!!!! 

Now I hear that people are ‘shipping’ Sokka and Toph..?

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The Avatar fandom…not for the faint of heart.

I started to draw this in 2012, when Book 1 was still airing and times were simpler in this fandom lol and I enjoyed to headcanon future babies for the Krew (I still do!). These are Ryuji (my long lost Irosami kid), and Naoki, my first Makorra baby (named Akane by that time). In my personal headcanon they’re both firebenders and basically grew up together part of their childhood (think about Linzin). They’re constantly bickering and calling each others nicknames in that sort of super-close-kinda-platonic friendship. Later, I discarded the idea - we all know how it ends up in Atla/Lok universe… ( *coughs* Linzin *coughs* Makorra) 


Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I’m extremely grateful to have such amazing followers, and I’ve decided to repeat what I did last time by offering to do another fic giveaway! 

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By clicking around my blog (or if you just follow me already), you’ll know which fandoms I’m currently in, and I will write anything you wish (AUs, pairings, etc.). (The exception would be SPN, since I don’t follow/participate in the fandom any more.)

Due date is June 31st!