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When all your friends are posting pics with their significant other for Valentine’s Day but you’re still single

Harbor In the Tempest (1/5)

After an attack by the Lost Boys, Emma and Killian find themselves in an impossible situation. Canon divergence from 3x07.

This was an idea I had back in September, but let it sit after writing the intro and finally picked it up again recently. Working on it has basically kept me going during an intensely shitty week. The first 3 chapters are already complete. @caprelloidea​ is basically the best person ever for helping me through this one.

Rating: T

Word Count: 5165

AO3 |

They’ve just finished filling the canteens when he hears it. A familiar rustle somewhere behind him in the jungle, the same noise that kept him on edge for years in this hellish place, the one that left him looking over his shoulder for centuries. He glances over at Emma to see she’s oblivious, capping the water and adjusting the satchel over her shoulder, her ears not as attuned to this place as his are.

“Swan,” he whispers. She turns to face him and he raises a finger to his lips, tilting his head in the direction of the noise.

They stand there frozen for a long moment listening, the only sounds the occasional call of a bird or the chirping of an insect. He’s just about to relax when he hears it again, and by the tensing of Emma’s shoulders she can as well. She looks toward the noise and back at him, instinctively reaching over her shoulder for her cutlass.

The cutlass she’d given back to Baelfire.

Her eyes widen, and the first tinge of panic starts creeping up his nerves. Emma glances around for something, anything she can use as a weapon as he draws his own sword, stepping between the noise and Emma. It could just be an animal, or one of their group wondering what’s taking them so long, or -

The Lost Boys appear, faces slowly emerging from the jungle. First just in front of him, and then to his right, and his left, swords glinting in the sunlight and arrows dark-tipped with poison.

A dozen weapons against one. 

He spares the quickest of glances back and sees Emma frozen, still empty-handed. He turns back to his attackers, one last sweep of the landscape as he considers their options. There’s only one.


There’s only a split-second before they both turn and sprint, splashing over the shallow stream and barreling headlong into the jungle. They need to put some distance between them and the Lost Boys, take advantage of their longer strides and find some kind of hiding place to wait it out as they go by. But as his legs and lungs first start to burn as they duck and tumble and run, dodging arrows the whole way, he realizes what Pan’s crew is really doing.

They’re being herded.

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do you have any dad hc for the main 3?


-Is an amazingly chill dad

-Spoils his kids, but knows not to go too far

-His kids LOVE hugging him

-He’s also the best at cheering them up if they had a bad day


-When the kid was born, he was really panicky, worrying about anything

-But he’s calmed down a bit 

-He loves making his kids breakfast and always makes it funny (smily face pancakes and similar)

-Is a bit overprotective


-This guy is the best with kids

-It always surprises people

-But when he’s around kids, his personality does a 360 flip

-So, basically, the best dad ever

I'm basically the best person you'll ever meet

Hey y'allll
tbh, did this tons of times, but everyone I that I’ve ever talked to only lasted a day. But your girl has high hopes, so imma try this again 🤷‍♀️
I want an ibf but if more then one person is surprisingly interested i’m hella open to that. I live in Canada and I just turned sixteen in February (Aquarius asf). I’m really into Ariana Grande and drake, but I listen to all genres because anything with a good beat is all good to me. I think the Dolan twins are hilarious but I don’t find them ‘daddy’ material and also hate that term as well. Acting, singing, dancing and writing is what I really love to do. I have wattpad, and someone who’s interested in Jared Leto would be a bonus because im currently writing about him at the moment. He’s my current obsession at the moment tbh. I also watch tv shows like riverdale, stranger things, and the 100, but theres soooo many others I want to start. Movies from the 80’s and 90’s are my favourites, and i plan to watch all of the good ones before I’m too old (like 20). I’m looking for someone who texts back !!! Texts me first sometimes !!! Keeps up a good convo !! Has iMessage ? Isn’t self absorbed !!! Likes to talk about their aspirations in life and life itself !!! 15-19 !! Shows me off on their Social medias and cute best friend stuff like that and I’ll do the same!! I want to eventually meet, and you can literally come from the heart of the arctic, honey I’ll come with badminton rackets as snow shoes. Can I be asking for too much? Sure but imma still give it a shot.

I’m going to get a little serious. Please I will not get along people who enforce sexism, racism, who are seriously religious (to the point where it’s effecting my beliefs), or support Donald trump. I also do not believe in abortion. This is a fair warning so there isn’t any conflict.

Email me a or DM (I can’t wait to send you stuff and visa versa!)

2011 Oak Fellow: Fatima Burnad

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Ms. Burnad is the founder and president of the Society for Rural Education and Development (SRED), and has been working among the Dalit (untouchable) community in that country for the past 35 years.  In India, she has become a national leader in the social movement seeking greater economic opportunity and political influence for these largely landless and poor people and has been especially active in organizing Dalit women.  SRED, under her leadership, documents human rights abuses: from police brutality to the assassination of Dalit women leaders; from social and economic exclusion to abject poverty.  In addition, the organization trains Dalit women on their legal rights and how to document these abuses and campaign on their own behalf.  This work puts Ms. Burnad at great personal risk as she is frequently working in direct opposition to police and other authorities. Indeed, she has been detained, arrested and threatened on several occasions.  Outside India, Ms. Burnad has become an international leader in the effort to end institutionalized discrimination against the world’s most socially marginalized citizens.

Ms. Burnad, who has studied in India, at the University of Chicago and at the University of Sussex, received an honorary Doctorate from the Academy of Ecumenical Indian Theology and the Rastriya Gaurav Award (National Honorary Award) from the International Friendship Fellowship in New Delhi. She also was honored as an “International Woman of the Year” (1997-8) by the International Biographical Center in the UK.  Among her many affiliations, she is serving on the board of directors of the International Movement against All Forms of Discrimination and Racism (IMADR), a Tokyo-based NGO that consults with the UN.

We are delighted that Ms. Burnad will join the Colby community for the fall of 2011 as the Oak fellow. During her fellowship, she will teach a one-credit, non-graded course, Human Rights and Poverty (IN111). The course will examine the economic impoverishment and socio-political marginalization of entire groups of people, with a specific focus on the Dalit in India.