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im hosting a birthday party

hey guys so basically ive realised tht th best part about birthdays is the cute messges you get from people who appreciate you…… ur birthday is a day u shld feel special u know….. so im going to be making a birthday list on this blog!!!!!! if you are on the list i will be putting ur url and date there so i can wish you a happy birthday and so can many other people!!!!! i jst wnt to appreciate how dope u all are

all u have to do is reblog this and then send me an ask with ur name and birth date!!!! 💓💓💓 lov u guys

so with this whole genrex revive going on rn i thought itd be fun to make my own up to date ‘Reasons to watch genrex’ list? ??? ? ??? move im gay,

  • first of all DIVERSI-TEA (rex is latino!)
  • his pseudo parents are a doctor and an assassin and theyre blatantly heterosexual for each other but too Serious™ to do anything bout it
  • theres also grandpa piss aka his cranky boss
  • rex has major amnesia and cant remember most of his life leading up to this point so. these people are basically his new family
  • “you wanna know what the best part of amnesia is” “…” “i forgot B)” [IDIOTIC LAUGHTER] 
  • as far as plot theres?? zombies
  • and theyre not normal gay ass zombies either theyre kind of like the. resident evil zombies that mutate from humans/animals except ~fun additional concept~, literally everyone on earth is already infected with the virus (nanites) and can go evo at any time and its just up to fate
  • rex is also an evo ! (most evos are violent, but theres a good handful that are mostly humanoid and retain their control, but they usually have physical mutations and powers)
  • he looks pretty normal (lucky binch) but can make machines from his body (GIANT ROBOT HANDS FOR CRUSHING BADDIES) and return evos to their previous state
  • hes basically the only cure the world has
  • he works for the government and Dies every day (right off the bat theres a rly good arc about how hes mistreated and pressured by his job tho)
  • theres a LOT of parallels to modern politics, and a lot of moral lesson vibes regarding those topics, especially about war
  • “whats the good in winning a war if we cant live with ourselves after” <<<
  • theres a racist anti-evo dude ,,played by John Cena
  • rex kicks his ass apart
  • the characters are written so fuckign well,,,,, everyone has a past and motives and striking personalities and it all meshes so good
  • so much plotttt
  • and the humor is really good too
  • its made by man of action (aka the creators of ben ten) and kinda has that same ‘Young hero must save the whole world from certain doom but we gotta make it funny for the kids’ feel to it
  • and bc MoA owns both series theres a Crossover episode
  • rex sings the ben ten theme song
  • the soundtrack is rly good and fits the vibe of the show perfectly
  • theres an entire episode heavily referencing silent hill and it makes me want to cry into my open screaming mouth
  • did i mention theres a pirate one time

anyways heres a link where you can watch the whole series on google docs (no ads, no viruses, and buffering is basically nonexistent) (x

If they ever make films of Andrew Lane’s young Sherlock then I really want our young Holmes children to play the older Holmes children.

I desperately want to see Tom being an older, Victorian Sherlock and I’d love to see him being a little pirate again in Snake Bite.

Aaron’s got that smirky Mycroft face goin’ on that I love, and I totally want to see more of him being a big brother to Tom. (Let’s face it though no actor has ever done anything to deserve being Andrew Lane’s Mycroft, we should cut the fat jokes)

As far as I remember they even have a sister, and she’s not in it much but she’s a bit spacey and crazy like Eurus but a bit more loving and I’m sure Indica would be fab.

Basically, the best part of tfp deserves their own movies, and I’d love to see them being young Holmes children again ;)


I got to see a sneak peek of Beauty and the Beast at Disney’s Hollywood Studios this week (which was basically Belle + Belle (reprise) - it was great btw, Luke Evans was the best part) and they also had the yellow ball gown that Emma Watson wore for the movie!

I wasn’t particularly impressed with the dress with just the footage that I had seen but now, after seeing it in person and admiring all the little details, I’m absolutely in love with it!  It is much more impressive in person than on camera, and it’s sad that not a lot of people will appreciate it..

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why are you so much more negative on your main blog? it's not like you

i appreciate the concern, anon, but there is a reason why my main blog is my personal blog. i am not perfect. i get negative emotions too, and i sometimes express that on my personal blog. i want my studyblr to be a positive space for other people to visit, so that is why i choose to post those kinds of posts more on my main blog.

second of all, you cannot judge a person’s character based on their social media because social media is basically a filter for the best parts of us. you do not know what my personality is like when i’m offline, when i’m angry, when i’m tired, etc. yes, i can be cheery when i am in a good mood but i am not cheery when i’m angry.

thanks for understanding!

So i was eating ice-cream with my mom...
  • Me: *opens iPad and smiles while reading*
  • Mom: Are you texting a boy?
  • Me: God, no! You raised me good mother!
  • Mom: Why are you smiling like a fool then?
  • Me:
  • Mom:
  • Me: Oh, i just found out that baby turtles' gender depends on the nest's temperature. Isn't that interesting?
  • Me: *shows 10k words hollstein smut fic*
  • Mom: *pretends to read*
  • Mom: Oh, yeah that's so interesting!

So. I may or may not have been drinking when this word waterfall and picture mess came out of my fingers/computer (spoiler alert: I was)… but March 1st is the 20 year anniversary of the release of Young Jedi Knights: Lightsabers. And while the YJK books are for younger audiences and today are basically the best kind of cheese, they were a big part of my Star Wars love growing up. Why? Because FUCKIN’ FEELS, Y’ALL. They focused on two (and introduced one) of my favorite Star Wars characters and my OTP to end all my other effin’ OTPs. They also introduced me to what I wanted to be when I grew up: Tenel Ka Djo.

(Do you know how much it annoyed/enraged me when I was younger and I’d see people on message boards and shit not liking Tenel Ka because of the lack of her whole left arm? ASSBAGS.)

SUPER WARNING AND MANY THANKS: @chaosbria was A+ and giving me constructive tips re: this mess the other night and trying to talk me down from 11 slides and being so damn wordy but as I looked over it repeatedly in the past couple days before posting it I didn’t know what I could take out. I just have so many feelings about Tenel Ka, sober and tipsy and drunk and everywhere in between those. Thank you for looking out for me and my insanity, bro.

Cat Locks in Star Trek ‘Tribble’ Costume for Halloween

It’s not quite October yet, but Stanley, a local cat, has already decided on his costume.

“He’s a huge Star Trek fan, especially the original series from the ‘60s,” says Carol Salinger, a source familiar with the situation. “So he’s going trick-or-treating this year as a Tribble.”

The famous fictional aliens from the Shatner-led show made their first appearance in an episode titled “The Trouble With Tribbles” in 1967.

“They’re basically little balls of fluff,” explains Salinger. “The best part is, Stanley doesn’t even need to buy a costume. He’s just going to scrunch himself up into a little ball.”

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Mori Ability Theory

CH 43 MANGA SPOILERS AT VERY END. I’ll put another warning before they come up (but you’ll miss the best part of the theory imo)

Basic Theory: Mori can utilize people’s fears/vulnerabilities to manipulate their strength and body movements

first, it’s interesting to note that Mori kinda takes a back seat to things, letting these two handle things at first   

for one, Mori is smart enough to observe before he makes any moves. but even then, it’s still possible that Mori can’t make any moves yet. he may need to uncover his opponent’s vulnerabilities to activate his ability. conveniently, Lucy does just that! she exposes her fear of being lonely: 

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Percy Jackson AU where everything is the same but instead of Percy, his little sister is the daughter of Poseidon

This is super random and Just sorta popped in my mind but it would be cute

•Sally Jackson’s daughter keeps getting kicked out of all of her boarding schools

•She has a terrible step father and a wonderful mother

•Whoops, look at that- her best friend Grover is half donk- I mean a satyr

•She meets this stubborn blond girl named Annabeth

•Oh look at that she’s a daughter of Poseidon

•Nico blames her for Bianca’s death

•Imagine her getting so angry at Thalia and so jealous of Jason

•Her and Annabeth plus her few other friends go through so much. She survives Tataurus and is known throughout everywhere as the Daughter of the Sea

•In trials of Apollo she is really happy and goes IM GOING TO HAVE A LITTLE BROTHER.

•Basically the same thing but a sarcastic girl and the best part- BABY PERCY

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what did you mean with the tags about jay? (on that sugarscape article post)

My tags were: #Jay will always play her part #I strongly suspect she has layers she’s not showing #In fact I think her and Louis do persona management in a very similar way

If you read Jay’s social media you see she cares about her family and sick children. She tweets and instagrams as an incredibly proud and affectionate mother and basically the only thing that she ever talks about is various charity work.

I think there’s almost certainly more to Jay than that - I think the picture she paints of Louis has always been deliberate. And I think she’s consciously positioning herself as well.  I don’t think Jay is misrepresenting herself - I think her family is hugely important to her and she clearly does care about all the charities she promotes.  But I think there are really important parts of herself that she keeps hidden from the fandom.  I definitely think she’s smarter and more strategic than she portrays herself.  But apart from that I don’t know what those layers are - that’s the whole point of the strategy.

I think Louis and Niall do the same thing.  I mean it comes over ridiculously in Louis social media - particularly his instagram likes: sports, family, music and skating and surfing.  Niall likes sports and music and food and drink - but obviously has a lot going for him that we don’t see.  Both Niall and Louis are hiding aspects of their lives - and they do that by making other aspects more visible.

It seems to me that Harry takes a very different strategy - although obvioiusly he’s hiding things as well.  It seems that his public persona is a modified version of all of him - rather than selected aspects (it’s not who he is - it’s 80% of some parts of hiim and 150% of others - but I don’t think he . One sign of this is that his instagram likes are the instagram likes of an art-loving hipster gay man. 

Finding a way to both share and hide who you are in a way that works for you is probably incredibly important to anyone who comes to the attention of the One Direction fandom.

Best Friend!Seventeen-- An Overview

A/N: So I’m starting a new series called Best Friend!Seventeen. In this part, it’ll basically be what it’s like to have all of Seventeen as your best friends. I’ll make parts for each individual later or by request. Let me know what you think!

- Oh god bless your soul you have so many boys all vying for your attention and goofing around

- You probably bring them food during practice bc they’re all vv hungry and it’s the way to their hearts

- You visit their dorm but on the low bc you don’t want rumors to spread

- Hoshi and the Dance Crew try to get you to dance with them but nah son don’t do it it’s a trap

- They’ll end up wearing you out and oh look now you have to stay over darn it

- (They’re a sneaky bunch)

- Joshua will offer to escort you home 24/7 bc he’s concerned for you

- Jisoo’s the type to carry an extra pair of gloves on him bc he knows you always forget yours

- Meanie Squad suddenly appears whenever a guy tries to flirt with you and intimidates him bc you’re their bestie and no one’s good enough for you

- Dino tries to tag along wherever you go

- Jeonghan calls you his baby and will constantly ask you whose baby you are and he’ll be damned if you don’t answer him correctly

- S. Coups the type to tickle you at the most inappropriate times and you best believe Hoshi’s there to back him up

- Mingyu is suave and opens all the doors for you

- Him and Jun turn it into a game and are seen racing to doors

- DK and Jun send you encouraging texts 24/7 

- The8 shows you self defense moves, using Wonwoo as the attacker bc he’s the most intimidating (”but Woozi’s the scariest” Wonwoo protests)

- Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi go out for froyo with you and DK or Hoshi are always mistaken for your boyfriend and Seungkwan gets v jealous (”why don’t people think I could be your boyfriend?!?!”)

- Constant competitions on who is your favorite

- You’re the only one who can get Woozi to stop working late at night

- You have to act like their mother bc they act like fools sometimes bc they’re just boys

- When you’re upset they all but force you to live at the dorm for a few days until you feel better. 

- Thirteen amazing boys love you and are always there for you :)

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  • Dr. Watson: loses Sherlock Holmes in a crowded train station.
  • Dr. Watson: *bellows* Inspector Lestrade is the best detective London has ever seen!
  • Dr. Watson: Ah, there he is.
  • Inspector Lestrade: Why do I even put up with you two.

What’s so wrong about going crazy over it?! Are you not sad?!