basically taken

the crossroads have seen too many girls
willing to sell their souls
for a beauty that already belonged to them.

a liminal space
where boundaries thin like wisps of smoke
in early dawn light.

but there is beauty in this too, soft pastel colours,
a quiet empty echo of laughter and then darkness,
encompassing and heavy, pressing into lungs
but still radiant somehow.

for now demons count souls
like dollar bills held close to devil red chests, smiles curling
because they think that they’ve won.

but one day those girls will see past black ringed promises
bartered at an intersection of road,
down to the skin that was already perfect
and that quiet empty echo of a soul that had been perfect too.

hell will see.
the four horsemen are nothing
compared to an army of girls ready to reclaim what is theirs.

l.s. | LIMINAL SPACE © 2017 

Donald Trump isn’t even doing the bare minimum he promised to leave his company

  • Trump announced on Jan. 11 a plan to leave management of his businesses completely in order to eliminate the perception of financial conflicts of interest — and put the matter behind him.
  • As Mic has reported, legal scholars found the plan inadequate because Trump would continue to own the businesses and therefore could profit from them.
  • Now, a ProPublica investigation is suggesting that Trump hasn’t even taken the basic steps that he said he would take at last week’s conference.
  • According to ProPublica, Trump is still listed on business filings as the sole authorized representative on several of the companies he owns, and some of the paperwork haven’t been updated in “years.” Read more

Anthony Kiedis and Flea by Andy Warhol, 1985

  • okay i love Instagram famous Jack Zimmermann as much as the next person but like, 
  • can we talk about the possibility of Jack Zimmermann getting into film photography? 
  • and just like? 
  • falling in love with the whole process? 
  • like, he already loves taking pictures digitally and film is a huge adjustment, but he makes that adjustment surprisingly quickly and like
  • now he also gets to roll the film 
  • (which like- he does pretty much constantly .. like.. he gets a film changing bag and then just like.. netflix marathon? he’ll roll film. can’t sleep? he’ll roll film. just talking to somebody? he’ll roll film, because it keeps his hands busy but still lets him focus on whatever else is going on and it’s just great tbh)
  •  and then once the film is rolled he gets to develop it and just like?? 
  • the process is so calming?? like it’s always the same, and he’s never been super into science but these chemicals make sense to him because they all have a purpose and, yeah
  • once the film is developed, he’ll just spend hours in the dark room,
  • fiddling with prints to get the exposure right and to make sure everything is perfect and he just?? 
  • loves it?? 
  • like he likes being in the dark room because it gives him a place to collect his thoughts while actually doing something productive that he enjoys and like
  • it’s definitely different than being on the ice,
  • but it’s nice and it’s calming and it turns out to be one of his favourite pastimes??
  • (and like, whenever he spends a lot of time in the darkroom, bitty tends to bake, and then afterwards they eat pie and look at jack’s prints and it’s just?? really nice??)


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Two Types of Fear Going into Election Day

Hillary Supporters: scared their basic liberties will be taken away, their people will be branded rapists and thieves, they’ll be deported, gay marriage will be revoked, religious freedom will become a thing of the past, jailing political opponents will become the norm, a woman’s right to choose will be eliminated, life for all lgbt+ and people of color will become hell on earth, and civilization will step fifty years into the past

Trump supporters: scared they won’t be allowed to make racist facebook posts with impugnity anymore

The softest headcanons this World has Ever Seen

I’ve been in a horrible mood all day for reasons i honestly don’t know. So here’s some nice, soft, platonic headcanons between some characters.

  • Hanazawa “I have done horrible things in the past and feel guilt about it” Teruki has basically taken Serizawa “I have too done horrible things and am working towards being more independent” Katsuya under his wing
    • Teruki is really sympathetic with people that struggle with the same things he does.
  • Serizawa doesn’t really know how to do basic Adult Things, and unfortunately Reigen can’t be there all the time and Mob is, in fact, a Child
    • going to the grocery store, or buying new appliances that aren’t Utter Shit is pretty hard
      • Teruki, who is better at being an Adult than most adults, tends to conveniently appear out of nowhere when Serizawa is trying to figure out what kind of lose leaf tea Reigen likes
        • “Make sure to get a frying pan with a rubber or plastic handle to avoid burning yourself,” Teruki says right behind Serizawa, not even batting an eye at Seri’s frightened screech and the frying pans falling to the floor
  • Tsubomi likes to help out in some classes for younger grades, specifically English classes because she’s surprisingly fluent
    • Ritsu is shit at English pronunciation. Tsubomi helps him quite a bit
    • she also offered to tutor him after school
      • Mob nearly explodes when he see Ritsu walking home with Tsubomi one day (Ritsu is oblivious of Mob’s crush on her lmao)
  • When Shou swaps interests for a bit, going for something….. kind of strange, (his hyper fixation on Egyptian hieroglyphs basically came out of nowhere) he will spam everyone in his contact list with pictures and a lot of excited facts about it
    • Mob is the only one that gets excited with him, sending emojis as simple responses or asking questions or just egging him on somehow
  • Shou also sends Mob painting mixing/stimming/speed paint videos all the time, since he knows those calm him down quite a bit
    • Mob always thanks him in person. Shou usually tries to brush it off, gets extremely flustered, or goes invisible
  •  Mezato, nosy as hell, once followed Tome and Mob when she overheard they were going on a friend date to look for telepathic espers
    • somewhere along the line, she confronted them about it, only to get dragged into going to grab some ice cream from the ice cream parlor the always go to
      • “Hey Mob, Mezato, did you know that there’s no grape ice cream because Ben from Ben & Jerry’s–” “Made grape ice cream to impress Jerry’s sister, only to find out it’s toxic to dogs when her dog ate it? Yep, sure did.” “… Oh my god oh my god are you telepathic??”
  • Reigen and Tome follow each other on all forms of social media
    • Whenever one of them posts something,(adverts for the office, or picture’s of the latest UFO sightings) the other will add a snarky remark in a matter of seconds.
      • Always breaks out into an online argument
      • no one knows how this developed??? it’s just a thing now
    • “Ahh, I can ask him to leave you alone, if you want Tome–” “No no Mob, you don’t understand. These arguments are the highlight of my week.” “….. aah, okay…”
  • you know you’ve become an Official Adopted Child when Reigen takes you out for lunch. He’s saving up to take both Tome and Serizawa out somewhere nice

one thing that really bugs me is the stereotype that all people with ocd are organized and have perfectly clean houses 

like while that may be true in some cases, it can be quite the opposite for other people. 

like for example, hoarding is connected with ocd. but a lot of people brush off hoarders as being lazy or gross because they dont fit that clean freak stereotype everyone associates with ocd 

and when my ocd was really severe, i would avoid cleaning as much as possible because i didn’t want to deal with being triggered. cleaning meant touching contaminated things, touching contaminated things meant intrusive thoughts, and so on. honestly even today when my ocd is less focused on contamination, i still dread changing the litter box or taking out the garbage for those exact reasons 

and then there’s people with ocd who don’t have any worries about contamination whatsoever. im willing to bet a lot of these people go undiagnosed or aren’t always taken seriously 

basically the whole stereotype that ocd = neat freak is extremely harmful. yes, some of us fit that stereotype, but it does not define ocd, and that idea is actively hurting people 


Okay, so I’ve basically taken the last couple years off from a lot of social media and other distractions so that I could really focus on myself. And as selfish as that sounds it worked. I much healthier than I was, I have so much more energy and happiness, I’m not in a constant state of depression. I’m slowly starting to love myself again.


I only have happy memories of Cory. He was not his addiction — unfortunately, it won. But that wasn’t who he was. Cory made me feel like a queen every day. From the minute he said, ‘I’m your boyfriend,’ I loved every day, and I thank him for being the best boyfriend and making me feel so beautiful.”



Could you please do an imagine where you’re a kid who Morgan had rescued from an unsub before and he’s basically taken you in. So one day Morgan has to stay late at the office and you don’t want to be home alone so you stay at the office with him and fall asleep in his lap? The team takes pictures of him playing with your hair in one hand and working with the other? 

Requested by Anon~

“Morgan! You still here…?”

Derek quickly pressed his finger to his lips, silencing Prentiss from speaking so loud. Though, it must not have been enough to rouse you from sleep. You merely shuffled your feet and sighed, falling back into a deep sleep with your head in his lap.

Emily blinked in surprise at the sight, watching Morgan return to his paperwork. Soon enough, Spencer came up to her side, looking tired and just about to ask the same question. But Prentiss silenced the genius with a look and a smile on her face.

Derek didn’t bother to look up when he heard their amused whispers. And he didn’t notice Emily pull out her phone and take a few pictures.

Garcia would be mad that she missed this.

This election is closer than it should be. I’m not angry that Trump is ahead on the election, I am afraid. Millions of Americans are feeling the same fear; the fear of living under the presidency of a fascist, the fear of being deported and removed from their families, the fear of having less access to healthcare, the fear of our BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS being taken from us and from those who will be bombed and slaughtered under the Trump presidency. This is a truly frightening situation and even if he doesn’t win, it’s scary to think I live in a country where so many can maintain unwavering faith for a violent racist. Edit: I AM actually angry that he got this far. Mostly scared, but still angry.

@cogairealta got me thinking about how Vader might discover Obi-Wan’s thought’s RE: Vader’s Fall and his Jedi Master’s role in it.

I’m not entirely sure it’s ever going to come up that Obi-Wan considers Vader’s Fall his fault? Obi-Wan’s already internalized that as a fact - but perhaps someone like Qui-Gon, not knowing any better (Qui-Gon does not, in fact, know that Obi-Wan became Anakin’s master) mentions something about Vader’s unhelpful Jedi master to Vader, only to get a face full of sith lightning because Do NOT badmouth Obi-Wan D O N O T. Only after which everyone discovers the truth and makes the connection to all the really vague and disapproving things that Obi-Wan has said about Vader’s Jedi master. 

bc Obi-Wan has already started subtweeting his thoughts about the subject and given his general interpersonal acuity, people are gonna assume he knows what he’s talking about.

I took my old green jacket and hoodie combo I’ve been wearing for years and turned it into a Lance jacket!

I can’t wait to fully cosplay him but I’m starting to get really self conscious since I’m extremely pale and he’s got a darker skin tone

Here, some headcanons of Hyde and Jackie as parents :) Par 1 of 2.

PS: I did these a while ago but somehow got lost in my other blog (poetdameron), so I re-write them here.

  • They would be the supportive parents, but also the kind that spoils without noticing. Both of them grow up without feeling loved by their parents until they were basically taken by the Formans, so in a way they feel like their kids deserve all the damn love ever. Eventually, they will find a balance in it and things will be fine.
  • Older baby would be a girl, and the naming would be an event. The girl would be the Forman’s first grandchildren, none of them want their daughter to have their mother’s name, but naming her after Kitty embarrass the hell out of both (under the “you know, she isn’t our mom, maybe Eric or Laurie would name their child after her… so… maybe no….” point of view), so maybe Kitty can tell them how to call her? But none of the names she suggest are what they feel their baby should be named, and soon their friends starts giving suggestions too. Nothing suits her. Until they came out with a name during a long night without sleep because the baby refused to go to bed.
  • Eventually, Jackie will come to the conclusion that they need to have three kids. “Why?”, would Hyde asks maybe thinking those are two too many, “Because what if one of them is a genious but the second one isn’t? The third one will be normal like the second one, to compensate the first one’s best at something else thing! That way we can have a happy genius and two happy dummies too!”, it will actually work on Hyde. She is damn right, man.
  • Even thought she likes buying them stuff and taking them to the salon, to shopping and helping them get ready for stuff, Jackie seriously doesn’t want her daughters to be like her in the sense that she recognizes she grows up thinking you show love on presents and money, and now she knows that’s not correct. So she tries her best to not rotten her girls like that, Steven always tells her she is doing a great job even when she doesn’t notice. One day, she will see them and finally realize her husband was always right about her. It’s fine.
  • After their first baby was born and brought home, and everyone finally left, they put her on their bed and they sat in front, looking at her from the floor, in complete silence. They don’t know how much time passed, but both remember the calm sensation of the minutes they spend only listening to their baby’s soft breathing and the warm of the other’s hand in theirs.
  • Donna wasn’t allowed to carry the girl at first because, since she has cats, Jackie was scared shit it may do something to the baby. Kitty had to do a little intervention to Jackie so she would stop worrying so much about the girl’s health.
  • While Hyde is more relaxed about germs and so, he gets that the kid needs to explore and get strengthen its defenses. Yet, he is the first one to run to their kid if she is about to do/touch/just look at something that may be dangerous.
  • He likes to pretend he is a cool dad, but he is as paranoid as Jackie or even worse when it comes to certain things: the baby is not going out without a blanket for if it gets cold, baby is not going out without a cap and solar protection if the day is sunny, baby is not going out at night, if she/he sneezes he stays around to heard if she/he breaths okay and doesn’t sneezes again; fourth sneezes and they are calling Kitty, six and they are going to the doctor. Jackie thinks is endearing.
  • Jackie organize play dates for their kids with their nephews and nieces, the bunch of Kelso’s are a big ‘but’ at first, but at the end she accepts them because they are family and her kids love them. But none of the Kelso boys are allowed to look too much to any of Hyde’s girls. Any of them (imagine if his princess, Baby Zen (1) eventually dates Kelso’s older boy? lmao).