basically one of my favorite parts ever

One of my favorite parts of any Superman show ever is in Lois and Clark: the New Adventures of Superman. 
Basically, Superman violates a really stupid injunction against saving people using his powers, so he is temporarily sent to prison. But when the Metropolis police take mugshots of him, everyone in the room (including the police) uses it as a photo op with Superman like

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7 from the prompt list for drarry please I love you and you're writing :) I'm so happy you're doing it again

thank you so much!!

My Writing

Draco loved being around Harry. His favorite part of the day was when the two of them could go up to Harry’s room in the eighth year dorms and just cuddle in his bed. Basically, he just liked it when Harry was touching him. If his hands were on him, Draco was happy.

They only ever acted like that privately, though. In front of others, the most touching they did was holding hands, which Draco still loved.

So one day, when Harry suddenly wrapped his arms around Draco from behind and kissed the back of his neck while everyone was hanging out in the common room, it was safe to say that Draco was a little surprised.

Draco gasped and began to squirm in Harry’s arms, trying to free himself.

“Please let go of me,” Draco murmured quietly, loud enough only for Harry to hear, while tugging at Harry’s arms.

Harry gave him a confused look.

Why are you being like this?” He asked, only tightening his arms around Draco. “I thought you liked this.”

Draco’s cheeks turned bright red and he tried to turn so he was facing Harry, who loosened his arms enough to allow Draco to do so.

“I do…b-but everyone can see us.”

Harry chuckled. He didn’t think he had ever seen Draco so flustered and genuinely concerned.

“They all know that we’re dating, Draco.”

“I know, but-”

“Are you embarrassed of me?” Harry asked in a teasing tone, raising an eyebrow at Draco.

“No!” Draco quickly assured even though Harry already knew that wasn’t the case. “I’m just not used to it, is all.”

Harry smiled at him.

“Well then we just have to get you used to it, don’t we? Let’s start with this.” Harry then leaned in the few inches that were necessary to close the distance between his and Draco’s lips.

Draco smiled and kissed Harry back eagerly, completely forgetting everyone else in the room. 

When they pulled away, Draco looked around to see that no one was even paying attention to the two of them. Like Harry said, everyone already knew that they were together.

“Would you like to go upstairs and cuddle in the privacy of my room?”

Draco nodded eagerly, suspecting that Harry meant more than just cuddling, and grabbed Harry’s hand to pull him there because Harry’s bed was Draco’s favorite place to be when Harry touched him.

You know what amazing show gets kind of ignored?

Dollhouse. Dollhouse is so damn good and so many actors do such amazing work on it but nobody seems to ever talk about it.

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Dichen Lachman gives a ton of flawless performances (I say a ton because she basically plays several parts)

As does Enver Gjokaj.

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Amy Acker, who is amazing in everything I’ve ever seen her in, has what is perhaps my favorite role of hers here. 

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Fran Kranz became one of my favorite male actors with this show and Cabin In the Woods. He plays a “sociopath in a sweater vest” and oh does he ever do it well. 

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Olivia Williams plays the head of the LA Dollhouse, and is she EVER a force to be reckoned with.

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You may have noticed that I haven’t talked about Eliza Dushku, the lead. Now I LOVE Eliza Dushku. I’m more than a little bit obsessed with Faith Lehane. But she is not the high point of this show. If only because the other actors are SO DAMN GOOD. 

Things you should know before getting into this show:

It starts slowly. FOX wanted them to make the first several episodes pilots, so you go over the same things over and over. By the time you get to episode 6 things really start moving.

For the second season, they knew they were going to be cancelled, so they shoved several seasons of material into one. The result is a wild, wild ride. 

I’d put a trigger warning for rape on the whole show.

Never Too Late

Summary: Bucky’s POV. The reader lives with the Avengers after they rescue her from HYDRA, having been put through almost the same torture as Bucky, but has trouble adjusting to her new life. Based off of the song “Never Too Late” by Three Days Grace.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 1,436 (lyrics not included)

Warnings: mentions of suicidal thoughts, a kind-of suicide attempt, depression, angst. No actual death though.

A/N: guys I’m telling you right now, if you have a trigger problem with suicide, DO NOT READ. Don’t put yourself through that just to read this. I can’t even tell you to skip to a certain part of the story because it takes up basically the whole story. I chose to write this because Three Days Grace is one of my favorite bands and as someone who suffers from depression and anxiety, I was personally helped by this song and it’s one of my favorite songs ever. Writing this fic meant a lot to me.

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This world will never be
What I expected
And if I don’t belong
Who would have guessed it
I will not leave alone
Everything that I own
To make you feel like it’s not too late
It’s never too late

Tony reserves Friday nights for movie nights. I usually like to keep to myself, but Steve insists seeing movies is a good way for us to catch up on everything we’ve missed since the forties. Honestly, I believe Tony just likes to parade his wealth and constantly remind the team that we live under his roof, but I’ve been trying to be a good sport and play along. Not just to please Steve, but for Y/N’s sake.

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What is your favorite flower?? And color?

I adore all colors (being an artist and all), but I’d say my favorite set of colors is that transition from green leaves to fall colors; green, gold, orange, and red.  All together they’re gorgeous!  Out of those, green is my absolute favorite color, especially vibrant spring greens that speak of the first leafy buds of the year after winter.

My favorite flower is the red Indian Paintbrush!  They were the only native bright red flower in the part of the Colorado rockies I grew up in.  I found it absolutely magical to be hiking deep in the pine woods, surrounded by mostly greens, browns, and oranges, and come across a striking bright red flower in the middle of it all, like a flaming beacon. 

I also really love flowering trees, especially purple and pink ones!  Flowers are basically one of the best things ever, and so are trees.  Combine them for ultimate eye-gasm in my opinion!

My Babysitter’s a Vampire & Teen Wolf Crossover: Part 1

One of my favorite crossovers and feel free to request for more. This is basically my origin story of them meeting each other. 

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changing subjects for a quick moment - i wanted to say before, “belle” has always been my absolute favorite song of any musical, film or stage, ever since i was little. not only does the new version make me so nostalgic for the other versions i’ve listened to throughout the years (original film, broadway musical, wdw stage show), but it just makes me so happy. every new version of these songs is really better than the last.

not only is the song catchy as heck and a perfect follow-up to the prologue (who could ever love a beast, and the next song is called “belle” - foreshadowing much?), but it’s also an amazing introduction to the village and two of our leads. my favorite part has to be towards the end, when everyone’s basically talking over one another, because it’s so reflective of how an actual village would sound and it also brings me back to seeing the musical, and appreciating how those actors were able to do this back-and-forth thing so easily.

also, the new version has such wonderful new additions. not only does emma sound amazing (even with the autotune, the moments where her natural voice shines through are so beautiful), but the dialogue is also great. of course, my favorite part has to be what i already read in the novelization, with lefou and gaston, where gaston doesn’t know a basic french phrase (and he lives in france!!!). oh, and luke evans, my god, where have they been hiding you? i mean, i know he’s been working for years, but i only discovered him with this movie, so i guess what i mean is - where have you been all my life? i’m gaston’s fangirls. yes, all three of them. (“oh he’s so cute!” yes, yes he is. / “be still, my heart, i’m hardly breathing!” me too.)

basically, while people may have some things to say about this adaptation and emma’s musical talent, the soundtrack is already amazing with just the opening number. i have no doubt that the rest of the soundtrack and the film itself will be equally as wonderful.

Yoongi as Kyoya Ootori

Onto the next part of the mini series, we have Min Yoongi as Kyoya Ootori aka one of my favorite concepts bc yes plz

  • Okay but these two have quite a few similarities
  • Kyoya is witty and blunt as fuck
  • He kind of oversees the club’s madness and just watches them run around (aka yoon in basically any Bangtan bomb ever)
  • Kyoya is the “Cool” type he’s laidback and yoon is the master of swag
  • He’s an extremely hard worker and stays up really late working  
  • Okay okay but ready for this
  • He’s called the “Low Blood Pressure Lord” bc he gets pissed off when they wake him up in the morning
  • We have several cases of yoon doing the exact same thing
  • Kicking chim where it hurts when he was dancing around him while he slept, swearing at Hobi when he woke him up and just like giving him this look that said “you have 10 seconds to run”
  • They both have secret soft sides
  • Kyoya displays his in Tamaki and Yoongi displays his in Jimin (and towards the Army)
  • Kyoya’s really smart and so is yoon
  • Have you seen kyoya’s smile bc he gets these cute lil eye smiles but he also has this smirk that’s just like well okay then
  • I honestly just need this to be a thing
Business (Part 2) (Peter Parker x Reader)



PROMPT?:  Absolutely loves business make a part 2 you’re amazing at writing 😍 and (..) I was just wondering if there would ever be the possibility of a part 2 of business where the reader finds out his identity or something in that sense? (..)

A/N: wow! there was another few requests about doing a part 2 and I’m so proud and happy you want a part 2??! **post write** i think this is one of my favorites I’ve written? aside from namesake. jfc i am such peter trash

WARNINGS: cursing, harrassment, this is basically scooby-doo with spiderman, a lot of sexual tension, kissing and large amounts of fluff

It hadn’t even been days. But Pete was getting anxious. He already had the biggest crush he was sure Midtown High had ever held and he was terrified you were onto him. Sure, you were somewhat distracted by your group of friends, mainly the people you sat by in Stats. Pete felt blessed to be in the group, mainly with Jack, the jock who commonly used to beat him up, and you. Especially you. He loved being with you. Nothing elated him more. But the possibility of you putting two and two together about him being Spider-Man? Trying not to touch you was hard enough. Pete often felt like you thought that he hated you, often avoiding your touch and eye contact. He would gladly text you and hang out, but the constant voice in the back of his head made him worried that you wouldn’t think of him the same if you found out. He wasn’t about to ruin Spider-Man for you.

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((-wrings hands- mmmm yes the au talk commences

ghost!au has deviations, actually. i dont think it’s like…big enough to have any one common storyline? my favorite has to be “kara Tried to ‘leave’ but is stuck in ghosthood to forever wallow in misery”

i can’t point to any specific work for this one though  (;´∀`) i mainly adopted it through Pixiv LMAO

as for contract!kara, i kinda picked that one up in passing? i’ve only ever heard oso friends talk about it >B( so I don’t know of any work that’s been produced for it. eh…but, story is kara makes a contract w/ the demon of revelation to make his brothers notice him. it’s basically demon hijinks

my fav. part of it is the angst potential tho >>B) i mean, to what measures is he willing to go to be noticed!? will he ever find love?!? what happened to his sparkly pants?!?!?! find out next time. .. . on contract!kara…. the television show…that exists now…season finale next week… 

feel free to ask about more au stuff ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ ))

We are one

Hello my lovelies :D! This is a project I’ve been working on for a while now. It’s a bit different from everything I’ve ever written. There’ll be only two parts and each parts shows our favorite couple in different circumstances. The first part is basically all I’ve ever wanted to write in terms of fluff and happiness xD :D But you’ll see the cliffhanger at the end shows what they’re going to have to go through in the second part… 

Also, this was based on the beginning of “A bumpy ride” by @ililypop. You can basically read it until the plot twist in part 6 to have a bit of a background for Rae and Finn in this one. 

Ok Marie stop talking now. Enjoy!

PART 1 : In The Light

“We’re home!”

Finn’s head popped through the door to welcome his future wife and his daughter.


“Daddyyyy!” Nina exclaimed, running into her father’s arms.

“Hello angel.” His soft voice whispered as he hugged his daughter tight in his arms. “Hello to you, too.” He approached Rae and pecked her lips several times.

“Ughh I want kisses too daddy!”

“Don’t scream like that baby, please.” Rae said, stroking her daughter’s hair.

“Oh you want kisses, huh? Wet kisses that is?” Finn addressed a devilish smile to Nina as a wide grin appeared on her face. He suddenly ran with Nina in his arms, threw her softly on the couch and attacked her with kisses everywhere. Rae smiled as she heard Nina’s laugh echoing in the room. She went to the kitchen and began tidying it up for dinner.

“Stop, daddy, stop!!” But her laugh kept on echoing and Finn couldn’t help but wanting to make her laugh.

After a few minutes he eventually released her and put a last peck on her forehead. She sat and he kneeled in front of her. She gave him a huge smile and suddenly the house was very calm.

“Now, how about we help mommy for dinner?”

“Yes but how can I help mommy? You always say I’m a dwarf.”

Finn laughed and Rae’s laughter could be heard too from the kitchen.

“You think dwarves can’t help mommy for dinner?”

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There was one time when I was playing for my high school’s volleyball team and I misplaced my jump when going for a spike, so the only way to make a play was to headbutt the ball.

It was apparently my strongest spike ever because the poor guy on the other end fell over/was knocked over.

That’s my favorite play of mine that I remember even above my slide kick moments.

Day 120

I’ve found my heaven on earth. It took me 18 years to find but now that I have I want to spend every second of every day there. Bookshops have a special place in my heart but this one tops them all. Technically, it’s not a bookshop. It’s a coffee shop, a cute little nook on the corner of a street full of chain restaurants and department stores.

Besides having the best coffee I’ve ever tasted, this place sells vinyl records, old films, and of course: shelves upon shelves of used books. From Hemingway to Twain to Nick Offerman (yes, Nick Offerman) this place has it all. Words are everywhere.

I have two favorite parts.

1. They hold poetry slams, open mics, writing workshops, and live music basically every day of the week.

2. All of the drinks are named after classic authors. Melville, Poe, Shakespeare. I mean, where else on Earth can I order a Mary Shelley?

No, seriously. Please tell me…