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Jonsa Fic

Excerpt from a Modern AU Jonsa fic that I’ve started as a gift for my bestie @obiwan-katnobi, also known as @sansypantsfanfic

Fans of my Jily stuff, never fear, I may be spending some time working on this oneshot for my lovely Katie, but the next chapter of Filthy Animals should be up within the next two weeks!!!


Sansa Stark has always enjoyed the idea of being swept off her feet.

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It's not personal, it's fiction (Biadore) - shadyqueenie

A/N: awwww baes, I’m sorry this took so long – but this chap is twice the first one and I really had struggles with some sentences :(((( also, I’m not that happy of how it came out but I needed to write it that way since I have plans for the next one ;)))

I don’t know when I will be able to update again – I hope it will be at the end of the month but ehy, it’s the MFW and guess who’s working as hell?!
Btw, I really love you (: thank you for your support, I wasn’t expecting it! As I always say, please keep on writing me!
Your duh, shady

In this episode (?) ~

“Do you want to come out?” He started off suddenly, nervous as hell.
“Outside! We need to celebrate my win!”
“You know it’s forbidden… do you?”

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Hardware Problems

Jensen x Reader (Part 2)

Word Count: 2,287

Warnings: Awkward fluff (yes, I think that’s a warning lol)

Summary: Jensen keeps coming to your work to buy things for the·“list” his mother gave him to do.·

Part 1

Originally posted by sensitivehandsomeactionman

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We need to talk about this.

What the fuck on Earth makes someone tell other people to kill themselves? Hannah (@petrifiedpadfoot) is getting negative asks since yesterday and today it got extremely out of control.

Someone said on anon that hoped she’d die. It was basically a “why don’t you kill yourself?”. Yes, she asked for honest opinions, but what the heck, world??? No one has the right to do this. It’s so mentally sick and bloody cruel. Who do these ppl think they are? Hannah’s human, just like all of us. She has a heart, ppl. She has feelings. She doesn’t deserve to read these gross things you tell her. No one deserves, actually.

I’ve been so pissed off, so sick of all of this… Frankly, fuck off. I know she doesn’t care when ppl say they don’t like her or stuff, but who wouldn’t care if someone said they should die? It’s too easy to say these things when the world doesn’t know who you are, since the person did it on anon.

Seriously, guys… If I’m tired, you can just imagine how she’s feeling. This is sick. And it’s not in a good way. I really felt the urge to write this because it’s something that’s insanely bothering me.


Back then, two years ago.. We met right here, at the #fbm14 . Now, we’re back at the same convention in 2016, this time as couple IRL 💕 Both times were a blast, and I remember everything so well from back then. How we directly ran hand in hand through the convention, as Naruko and Naruto, pranked people, ran through the water, hid behind trees so a certain guy wouldn’t find us and smiled at each other like two suns that met.

This time, hand in hand, walking through the cold days as BoruSara and NaruSaku couple, looking even deeper in our eyes. For real, I need to make the next post about that necklace you bought me yesterday, the very special one with a wish inside it
Just as special as the person who presented it to me.. Which is you, you, youuuu 💕
Who would knew that two years later, we would return to the #fbm2016 as a couple since 5+ months now? ….
Okay basically everyone except of us BUT STILL 😂!!! Thank you so much, I don’t even know what to say what would do you and the shared time and memories enough justice 💕💖💏 ⠀

ー ♕ Sakura

🍥🅾🍥🅾🍥🅾🍥🅾🍥🅾🍥🅾🍥🅾 ⠀

First Date

(Thanks to a prompt from @cassellate- this is probably less fluffy than expected. Also for the purposes of this, Alex is not a 00 agent)

Alex really wants this to work out. Okay, that’s a lie; he needs this to work out. If it doesn’t…well he doesn’t know if his supposedly genius brain could handle it.

He met Q about four months ago when his department happened to require assistance from Q branch and had felt an immediate connection. He supposes it must be something to do with his striking physical resemblance to Danny but Alex felt and instant attraction towards him.

Q was brilliant. He was the sort of man Alex used to daydream he’d meet one day whilst studying alone in his room at Cambridge. He’d always imagined his perfect match, an intellectual equal who could make sarcastic quips but then become intensely invested in some obscure coding seconds later. He was a literal walking dream come true, with glasses and cute hair to top it off.

But then there was the guilt. He loved Danny, he loves him no matter what, even if he might not be as smart or witty. He loves Danny like nothing he’s ever felt before, a really genuine emotion that courses through his veins like so much blood. What he felt for Q was just attraction, intellectual or sexual whichever took prominence at the time. He’d almost convinced himself of that when Q kissed him.

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You guys are absolutely the most amazing followers ever! I’m just so lucky that you would want to follow a little blog like me. Thank you so much for pressing that little follow button, that was incredibly nice of you to do. Thank you to all the amazing friends that I’ve made on tumblr (truth be told you’re better than most of my real life friends). Tumblr is this magical place where everything is magical and all taylor-y and I don’t have to worry about assignments or speeches or any of that. You guys have made it a magical place for me. I owe so much to every single one of you, for friends gone and past, to ones I have only just begun to speak to more regularly, you all actually mean the world to me! There are so many people that I couldn’t even imagine unfollowing, like ever (sorry I’ll stop). And most of all thank you so much for putting up with me and my days without editing, shitty edits when I do edit, and my 5 month break… I am still amazed that so  many of you still follow me. THANK YOU and I hope 2014 is your year! 

                                                        - EMILY (KINGDOMLIGHTSSHINE)


Thank you, Judith (timeersaingyou). Thank you for everything you have done for me this year, and for being the amazing person (and blog) that you are. I love seeing you on my dash with your incredible edits and amazing personality. You are actually one of my favourite people on tumblr right now :)  Thankyou for being there for me if I ever wanted to talk to someone and putting up with me. You are actually amazing! I hope you had a merry christmas and an even better 2014! I love you, Judith. Never change (unless you want to.)


And thank you to you, Chris (plaidswiftdays), for absolutely everything you’ve done for me! You are hands down one of the nicest people on tumblr.  Thank you for every time you made me genuinely laugh out loud, and for every little thing you say that most definitely brings a smile to my face.  Thank you so much for wanting me to be a part of tayloralisonlyrics, that was really nice of you. I completely love making graphic and handwritten lyrics for that blog. So all in all, thank you for being the amazing person that you are and I really wished we talked more. I hope you had an absolutely amazing Christmas and have a happy new year. P.s. congrats on getting to 5K xx  


First off how did you even GET that url, like srsly.  Anna (feelingtwentytwo), you are  just all-round amazing and flawless. I am actually SO SO glad that we’re friends.  You mean a heck of a lot to me, girl, and you’re literally so gorgeous, please share some of your pretty with me. Do you remember when we called each other Aria and Spencer from PLL (i just found the old messages in the dark depths of my inbox). You ARE my favourite person and I hope we’ll be friends for a long long time. I am actually so excited to be a part of the ‘fearless family’ thing, it’s such an amazing idea. Thankyou for being there if I wanted to talk or have a laugh :) THANK YOU. Have an amazing New Year and 2014 x stay beautiful! x


Hey, Natalliya (alltowell)! We don’t speak now as much as we used to, and that makes me sad, but I still love you loads, and you’ve made 2013 so magical for me. You’re one of the first proper friends I made. You mean so much to me and I miss speaking to you so much. You are one of the prettiest girls I’ve ever seen, like can I plz steal your face? x   love your sarcastic humour, it makes my dash 100x better. I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season, and a happy new year!  I hope we can start speaking regularly again soon in the future. Thank you for making 2013 so special. Seriously though, WE NEED TO MEET ONE DAY, I DON’T CARE IF I HAVE TO FLY DOWN TO SEE YOU, IT WILL HAPPEN ONE DAY! 


Hello, Vivian! You’re just a very special person, and I don’t think you realise just how wonderful you are. You are just the most amazing special person ever. I am so happy that I got to meet you at the concert (even though I’m completely awkward, sorry about that). You are so adorable and pretty and you have just the most amazing blog ever. Keep being the amazing person that you are and I hope that 2014 is an amazing year for you! Never Change x


CONNIE! You’re perfect and stunning and amazing (and I could keep going with the adjectives but I’ll stop). Thank you for always being there for me, you are so nice! You make my dash an amazing place to be and I could never be here on tumblr without you! I hope one day we get to meet, wouldn’t that be amazing? I hope you have a happy new year and a Fab 2014! x I LOVE YOU!


Cindy (voguetaylor) omg you don’t have a lyric url so I hope you like the one that I picked! Your blog is just asdgghfjg and I still can’t believe that you follow me and that we talk and are friends. I have ALWAYS adored your blog, srsly always. You are one of the prettiest girl ever, your instagram photos are the cutest and make me wanna curl up in a corner. I am going to come to LA one day and we need to meet up. I would seriously love to meet you in real life, you seem like the type of person that I could be great friends with! I hope you had a fantastic Christmas and I hope you have a Happy New Year!  x


hey hey Krizza (everythinhaschanged). You are so nice to me and I hope that you consider me and you friends. You make the most amazing edits and you’re so nice to everyone… so basically you’re perfect.  LOVE YOU GIRL! Thankyou for putting up with me and never unfollowing me, I couldn’t imagine tumblr without you, you make my dash a much better place with your amazing blog. CONTINUE TO BE THE AMAZING GIRL I KNOW YOU ARE and I hope that 2014 brings you nothing but the best x



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hey guys,

ok, so i know this will sound terrible and i feel awful about this but i’m in a pretty dire situation once again

my mother had to pay around $300 for a doctor visit and antibiotics for a combination of an inner and outer ear infection my younger brother had developed at the beginning of this week. since he has nonverbal autism he could not voice his discomfort until he was screaming nonstop in pain yesterday. that was money that was supposed to go towards rent (which i now share with her b/c i am an adult living in her home), and now we’re basically scrambling to find any money we can so we can make the payments on time.

right now we have no way of acquiring all the money we need before January 1st. i am already doing commissions for people so i cannot offer art in return but pls pls pls if u can donate what u can using the button on my blog or signal boost i would be eternally thankful,  and my paypal email is, if you can’t donate or you don’t want to, that is fine, i know plenty of u are also struggling and don’t like giving up money to people on the internet. just please spread the word if u can

My Theory on the Lotto MV

-In the Monster MV Kyungsoo sat on the Security Camera Pole, which could imply that Exo knew/saw everything from the beginnig on

-And in the Lotto MV he was taping something with a Camera 

-At the end of the MV Chanyeol is giving the girl the tape Kyungsoo recorded

-The tape is probably the reason why they were stuck in some kind of secret Facility in the Lucky One MV and tortured because they caught some government/mafia illigal shit going on and they wanted to know where the girl/tape is 

-And the reason why they got away in the Monster MV is because Baekhyun was somewhat a spy and involved with the people that were chasing them 

-I think Baekhyun was already involved as a spy in the Lotto MV

- because he was the only one that that was being shown inside of the cage which could be parallel to the metaphor “playing in the tigers den”

-And one reason why Chanyeol was with the Girl in the Lotto MV is that in the Lucky One MV he and Baekhyun escaped together

- so that Baekhyun knew that the tape was save 

-so he could do his spy thing 

-And because they escaped they got fucked up in the Monster MV

-And because they knew what was going on (Lotto MV) they rebelled against the police because all of them probably corrupt

-So the whole plots of the MV’s would make sense when Lotto basically was a Prologue to Lucky One and then Monster.

-And Exo is like some sort of Gang/Group that wants to stop the government/mafia

- They basically are doing some robin hood shit,

 -They don’t even take the money

-They burn it and that’s why the lyrics “I don’t need no money”.

But this is just my rambling being sleep deprived if this doesnt make sense for you I’m sorry i didnt sleep and its like 6am

12 days of Christmas

AUTHOR: moose11229


Imagine Loki proposing on the 12h day of Christmas after gifting his beloved a gold chain bracelet as well as a charm a day. The charms all represent his and your essences as well as the activities that you both cherish. However, you outshine Loki’s well thought out proposal with your own little gift that he will be receiving in a few months time. 



Chapter: 4/?

Your POV

The days were going by so fast now with the Christmas day around the corner. You had had little to no time for yourself after taking in consideration the extra hours you had put in to actually enjoy your time off. Bringing work home during the holidays was out of the question and it’s not like you would be ignoring Loki while doing some overtime. Plus, you had convinced yourself it wasn’t good for the baby either and you were entitled to a well deserved break.

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Cabin #2 - Summer look

Got the basics down for the second cabin. Still need to junk it up with deco, cast the colors inside, and a few other things like lights (I always forget the ceiling and lights). The other 3 lots I’m thinking of doing a simple thing with tents and make it look really naturee. I don’t do outside so it’s going to be all from what I think camping would be like if I had to go. Secret - I’d rather you pull all of my fingernails off than go be granola in the woods. ;) Anyways, I may do more later idk. Been feeling sick since yesterday. *blah* Hoping it passes in time for Christmas.