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Just accept that Lili is a homophobe and Cole is a school shooting abuser.

Yes Lili is sooooo homophobic because you chose to mis read and take out of context what she said about Beronica. Even though she ended up apologizing for it (though she did nothing wrong).

It’s not her fault Beronica will never happen

And the people that believe the nonsense about Cole abusing his ex are the ones that need their parents to monitor their internet activity and walk with them as they cross the street: DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU READ ONLINE. TUMBLR IS WORSE THAN WIKEPEDIA.

And most people don’t even know where that whole thing came from and have never even seen Bree’s post; they just jump on the bandwagon hate, cuz you know….they’re jobless and lack a real life to worry about so they come online spouting shit and making up lies about other people.

Also if these people would do their research and use their internet to scroll through Cole’s twitter they’d see that he has tweeted his support for the BLM movement multiple times. And Lili, my God, the girl’s twitter is basically a Pride + LGBTQ account.


Hey guys!
Since there are more and more people asking me whether I have anything published (and fortunately telling me that they’d buy my work), I cannot stop thinking about it…
I’d love to publish a book with my poems, publishing a book has in fact been my biggest dream as long as I can remember and with the amount of people reading my poetry, it feels like it could actually work?
However, I have no idea how I’d have to do this and therefore: If you have any tips, are a self-publisher yourself or just anyone who could help me with this dream, please take a minute to message me on here or via
(My prose-stories are still in progress [that crime thriller I told you about and another very… poetic… story of mine about a single night that somehow changes a whole life and deals with basically every philosophical and ethical question I could come up with)

All the love,

  • Saeran: (closes eyes and tries to chill for 5 whole seconds)
  • Saeran: I cannot.

If you follow me on Instagram you may already know this, but I’m going to turn this blog into a studyblr and maybe post some outfits here and there but I won’t be posting much about my life or thoughts and especially art. I used to love this whole Tumblr community because I’ve always found everyone very welcoming, but it almost became the opposite lately. Maybe it’s also due to my fairly high amount of followers which I obviously didn’t have when I started this blog, but I constantly find my words being twisted and I basically can’t say a word without offending someone. I don’t know if you remember this illustration I’ve made, well I’ve been called insensitive, neurotypical and even accused of ableism because not everyone can ride a bike (like…my intent OBVIOUSLY wasn’t to discriminate)  and I “obviously don’t know what it means to be depressed” (well, trust me as someone who prematurely lost a parent and had to endure a lot of other shit, I fucking know what depression is and the intention of that illustration clearly wasn’t to cure depression!). I won’t even start talking about my illustrations being posted without my consent on Pinterest, weheartit, twitter, facebook etc. Some people at some point started even selling stickers with my designs. And before someone is going to be like “well you’re the one one that put yourself on the internet”…yes, but that doesn’t give you the right to be an uneducated asshole just because you can send me messages on anon!! And we’re not all the same, some people have a thought skin and just don’t care about this type of things: I’m obviously not one of those (lucky) people and I do care.

Long story short: I won’t accepting anymore anon asks, I won’t be sharing anymore my art here and I’ll mostly post about studying, books and some ootds. Also, I’m extremely sorry for all the people that did nothing but being extremely kind and give me tons of support and I hope you’ll forgive me for this rant.

That’s it. If you felt offended in any way or you don’t care about studying, books or random outfits: feel free to unfollow!

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i'm really having trouble creating a cohesive design / look for my roleplay and i was wondering if you have any advice? like, how do you decide what the color scheme, images, style, etc. will be for all of the graphics? totally get if this is too involved a question to answer. have a nice night. :)

This is actually kinda hard to answer because with being into art and shit for like… my whole life, I’ve always just been good at it? I learned it all through high school at a VoTech too and now that I’m in college, we’re learning these types of things AGAIN but figuring out fonts, images colors was never really?? an issue for me? I can’t say that at all without sounding pretentious as FUCK but hey has some youtube videos on basics: composition, typography color & images. There’s a playlist here.

Besides that, I’d say maybe…keep a tumblr tag or a pinterest of graphics that you like and try and figure out exactly why you like it? Exposing yourself to good design and analyzing good design makes you way more aware of shitty design. Wow I’m sorry if this didn’t help AT ALL I’M

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What's the most recent blog you followed and what do you think of it?

@aellagirl! She’s been following me for a few months, and I occasionally read both her Tumblr and her Wordpress manually, and it just occurred to me that this was silly given that Tumblr has this whole “follow” thing.

I think she’s a very interesting person who writes well, which is basically what I’d say of anyone else I follow, because that’s why I follow people. So, um, hmmm. Specifics? I found out about her because of her post on Reddit about doing life-threatening amounts of LSD, which I previously didn’t know was a thing that could happen.

But she is also into rationality and surveys, which are my faves, so I’ve continued stalking her blogs since. And she writes really interesting things about her brain. The last thing I read before deciding to follow was her post about sending herself messages, which combines dreams, youth rights, and self-reflection. So, again, very much my jam.

(On a completely unrelated and not at all vastly important note: She is very pretty.)

So, yeah, A+ cool human being. I would definitely try speaking to her were she not so famous. And, yes, I am fully aware of the irony of saying that while being someone who constantly screams into the void about how people should go ahead and message me even though I seem famous.

However, I feel justified in my double standard for two reasons. Firstly, I have an entire page on this blog that is nothing but detailed arguments for why people should talk to me, so there is no reasonable doubt about whether I appreciate being messaged out of the blue. Secondly, @aellagirl is particularly famous among the “horny men” demographic, so it is far less likely that no one is attempting to talk to her. If she isn’t flooded with messages due to this, I’ll find a hat and eat it …realistically, nibble on the edge of it.

(But, in the event that she does want to talk to me, I would be pleased if she interpreted this post as me saying to her “Hi, you’re cool”.)

  • <p> <b>Me:</b> *Has 1001 things to do*<p/><b>Me:</b> *Rewatches every single Gravity Falls Episode, creates a new book, eats a whole cake, reads 1000 pages of ff, summons a demon*<p/><b>Me:</b> I really need to get shit done<p/><b>Me:</b> *opens tumblr*<p/></p>
About Me

hi I’m a woman in my twenties who like many people would love to get pregnant. 

As of May 2017 I’ve been trying 9 months. And for an impatient person who has wanted children basically my whole life this has been an eternity.

I need to be doing something with my time other than stressing and getting anxious over if my body is broken. I need to stop thinking my body is unable to bear children.

This tumblr is to promote hope and patience for others trying to conceive. Its to create a positive space where I can believe my body has what it takes to carry a child to term.

But I am human. So I am going to get annoyed and I am going to get frusterated.

And you know what? I really hate pineapple.

And when I get pregnant? I’ll continue on with this tumblr trying to be a positive space for working moms who fall short of perfection.

stumbles over first intro post

So I guess I should do one of this since everyone else seems to be doing it– /caves in to peer pressure; Hey, I’m Mark and I’m Hyun-Il’s mun. I’m relatively newish to the whole tumblr rp scene I suppose, but rest assured that I’m not at all new to roleplay itself  and have quite a bit of experience. I I’d absolutely love to establish some new connections with everyone here and I’m eager to plot with you all so please don’t be scared to shoot me a message or even ask for my aim if need be. 

So, onto the basics of my muse

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Once when I was on the train reading Destiel fanfiction/browsing tumblr I noticed that one dude sitting next to me was staring at my phone //all the time// no matter what I did on it,and basically leaned on my shoulder
It pissed me off
So I started reading the most filthy Destiel porn I could find on my phone.
I had almost the whole seat for myself for the rest of the ride.

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hey i'm new to harry potter and i was wondering could you tell me about the marauders era? i saw the movies but there isn't much info so i figured it's mostly fanon? so like what are the Basics™ that i need to know? (if you don't feel like writing a response it's ok i wasn't sure who to ask but i saw your james moodboard and thought that maybe you could help) either way thank you!

hi!!! a lot of it is headcanon so you can believe basically anything you want but this is the marauders headcanon that i like to follow

  • obviously the marauders are james, sirius, remus, and peter
  • james is a fuckin dork, really tall, glasses obviously, messy black hair, hazel golden brown eyes pureblood but his parents don’t buy into the whole anti-muggleborn bullshit. he’s really naturally talented at practically everything like things just come really easy to him and he’s just a smart person in general. really good at quidditch (plays CHASER, not seeker as the movies would have you believe) - eventually becomes quidditch captain his sixth year. becomes head boy his seventh year. develops a crush on lily fourth/fifth year, kinda a dick about it but doesn’t like obsessively ask her out or something stupid like that. just shows his crush in weird ways and sometimes asks her out at innapropriate times. during his sixth year he matures a lot (partly bc quidditch captain responsibility, the war, his parents possibly dying, etc) and becomes a really really strong leader and good man. would literally die for his friends and trusts them with his life and is possibly a little too trusting but it’s just because he thinks the best of everyone unless they give him a reason not to, in which case they are now on his permanent shit list. gets together with lily his seventh year and they’re the cutest ass power couple ever. basically half the school looks up to him because he’s just a natural born leader and charismatic etc etc etc
  • sirius is kind of a moody little shit but i love him anyway. shaggy black hair, gray eyes, looks very regal, tall. i’m sure you know everything about his family back story but he gets sorted into gryffindor, and his family tries to redeem him but it never really works because he thinks they’re full of shit. can be a little reckless and headstrong but always has the best intentions at heart. kinda bitter because of the whole family situation but it’s fine. starts to gather a lot of female attention as he grows older but never pays much attention to it because he’s not really looking for like a relationship or anything. has the occasional shag in a broom closet. i like the headcanon that he was a beater on the quidditch team, but to each their own. things come easily to him, as they do to james, but he cares less about his image/performance/grades than james does so while he does get good grades he’s not top of the class like james is. will literally beat you the fuck up if you do anything to his friends. runs away from his family home summer before seventh (i’m pretty sure) year and goes to live with the potters. he’s basically been a fourth potter since like second year and they’re basically his real family. buys a motorbike because he’s cool as fuck
  • james and sirius are literal brothers. like their friendship is solid as stone it’s golden it’s the most beautiful thing ever. they would die for each other. they would kill for each other. i love them
  • remus is at first hesitant about being friends w the marauders because of the whole werewolf thing he’s got going on but james weasels his way into remus’ heart because james kind of has that effect on everyone and he drags peter and sirius along with him so remus ends up a marauder. very into self-deprecating humor. always a lil tired and sickly looking but he’s got a bright personality. smart, but has to work for it more than sirius and james do. very sweet and good at listening to people’s problems and making them feel better. always has chocolate with him? kinda rolls his eyes at james and sirius’ antics but participates anyway because he loves them with all his heart. gets made a prefect but is pretty shit at keeping his friends in line. in most fanfiction, he’s usually friends with lily because of the fact that they’re both prefects and the only one of the marauders lily really likes before sixth/seventh year. anyway remus lupin is my child i love him very much
  • peter IS A MARAUDER like he wasn’t friends with them because of pity or some crap he was actually their friend, which is something people tend to (annoyingly) forget. there’s not much to really say about him except for that he was always a little less popular than them, a little shorter and pudgier and more shy. didn’t really talk all that much to other people and had kind of an inferiority complex and never had good self-esteem like ever which is probably why he was swayed over to work for voldemort and eventually betrayed everyone. basically peter was a nasty little shit but he was their friend so we gotta respect that
  • james, sirius, and peter became animagi to help remus out during his transformations (which i’m sure you know)
  • they made the marauder’s map (which i’m sure you know)
  • they were literally the best of friends forever except for peter because he betrayed them but y’know before that all happened
  • JILY - james potter and lily evans, the loves of my life and the loves of each other’s lives. got together seventh year after james had matured a bit and grown up and i’m sure lily went through some character development. i like to headcanon that they became sort of friends their sixth year and then when they became co-heads they became really close and eventually fell in love
  • ALSO it’s widely accepted that these were minerva mcgonagall’s favorite students. like she was as hard on them as ever and outwardly looked at them disapprovingly and gave them detentions and stuff but really she loved them to DEATH and james and sirius would joke around with her and she’d roll her eyes but when they were having a bad day or something went wrong with sirius’ family or something she’d bring them into her office and give them a biscuit and they were basically her sons, especially after they all joined the order of the phoenix and the marauders graduated. also she cried like a baby when each of them died (just like me)
  • basically i love all of them with the whole of my heart

you should also read some marauders fanfiction to kinda get yourself familiar with the universe/time period - i’d recomment the life and times. there are also a looooot of other ones out there that you can find on etc. also you can check jilyarchive for a whole slew of jily fics and if you search on that tumblr for longer fics, some marauder centric fics.

also, follow some blogs that post a lot about the marauders!! a few are @alrightevans @snapslikethis @poppypomfrey @gxldentrio @jamesstruttingpotter @jilyislife 

anyway, the marauders fandom is great and i welcome you to it!!! it’s kinda painful considering like.., james and lily die before the series even starts and they all kinda die in really sad ways and peter betrays everyone and they don’t get to grow old and happy together but we try to ignore that ahahah

hope this helped!!!

Heyo!  I’m Bojangles, and I’ve been roleplaying for quite a while!  This is the beginning of a new series I’m starting: Getting Ahead In Roleplaying. It’s going to essentially be a little helpful guide (as well as a reminder to myself) on how I roleplay.  This is in no way a “you have to do this or you’ll be bad at roleplaying” kind of thing!  Take this all with a grain of salt.  I hope it’s helpful!

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Man, sometimes I forget what the Sansa!dialogue is like in the ASOIAF fandom. I used to be very very heavily involved in it (before Arianne took over my life), but since stepping back and moving more to engagement primarily on tumblr, I’ve found myself more irritated with her stans than detractors (that whole YAHS QUEEN thing feels so out of place, and then many are quite into conflating her with Field Marshel Sansa Snark because it suits their projections).

But holy crap I checked out one thread on westeros and it’s all like “she’s a fundamentally selfish person” and “she’s a moron” and it’s like, good gods, I forgot this hellhole.

Protect Sansa. She’s a character that’s basically defined by her empathy who was thrown into a ridiculously complex political situation without understand most to all of the context, after being sexually groomed her entire life and having very a fucked up understanding of her value and duty.

Misha's panel v.2
  • Fan: where did you get the rings you’re wearing? misha: well one of them is my wedding ring..actually they both are #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • Misha is answering a direct question about his rings I am dying he looks so uncomfortable #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • Misha is a good swimmer, so it does not need to be stuck on an island with Jensen and Jared #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • West never gets socks, he always takes them as a sign of rebellion, freedom #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • Misha says that the guy Sherbet gishwhes was fired […] “great man, terrible waiter” #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • Misha apologizes for an insinuation about someone and their brother. Fan: this is a spn on. #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • Misha is NOT on tumblr…. As far as you know #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • I wouldn’t want an eternity of having my nipples tweaked.. #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • Misha did not want to go to drama school, “my whole life has basically been built on a lie” #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • Misha just “accidentally” poured all the worm snacks in some volunteers’ mouthes! #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • this stays in the room but i am lucky to work with jensen and jared. dont tell them that though. this better not go online. #MishaCollins
  • Misha: If Dean and Cas were canon? Misha: I’d try to make myself as aerodynamic as possible. #MishaCollins #Destiel #VanCon
  • “Jensen was initially friendly & Jared was initially gruff… Kind of intimidating" #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • Misha states that he is not on tumblr, but he wishes he was. It’s too confusing for him. #MishaCollins #VanCon
  • Then Misha’s wife bought him a ring- $30. She made him another w/ holes in it to represent years but got number of holes/years wrong #VanConIf
  • Misha were a pair of socks, he’d like to be West’s because they don’t stay on long, he takes them off immed. - instant freedom #VanCon



         aw y eah, shitty ps skills must be showcased at all costs!!
; hi, hello. story time, yes?? when this blog was
         first created, it was meant to be PRIVATE. meaning, i was
         only going to rp with people i knew && wanted to write with.
         but three days && TWO HUNDRED FIFTY followers later,
         so manylovely people believe i’m worthy of writing w them
         && speaking to them. as a thank you to all, here’s my ff!!


         my closest friends, who have r e a l l y been there for me
through all my blogs, obsessions, muses, && losses of 
         muse. if you don’t follow/speak, to them, do so por favor.

     ➤➤➤➤ deadmxnwalking / tori / dean winchester ;;
      the everything to my everything, in a nutshell. one of my
      bestest friends not only on tumblr, but in life in general!!
not only that, but a phenomenal writer && great at lit
      everything she does. i can’t overstate how m u c h she
      means to me. she’s le sam to my dean, kirk to my spock,
      paul to my john,  caroline to my elena, && basically life.

      ➤➤➤➤ laidre / megan / maggie greene ;;
      m EGAN. gah, you’re one of my favorite people in the 
      whole friggin world. i’m so glad i met you on sam, bc
now you’re one of my bestest friends and i love you.
      i’m so happy to have you in my life pls never change.

      ➤➤➤➤ animaliism / rocio / wolverine ;;
      my beautiful babe!! i’m so proud of you for all that we
      have accomplished together. tho we may not speak
 v often anymore, i’m here for you no matter what
      am v excited to hear you’re having a gr10 life!! ily!!


&& now onto my new friends, which i love just as much as
my old ; i already see a beautiful friendship growing w all
of you && i  hope  you  know  you're STUCK w me forever.
+ people who helped me reach where i am today, thanks!!

❖ ———  peetaxalways (peeta to my katniss, probably my soulmate tbh.) 
❖ ———  huntingpartner (admire u so much i cant believe we’re rlly friends???)
❖ ———  xducktail (marvelous prim, marvelous mun, such a gorg person.)
❖ ———  constantgrief (promo’d me so much, deserves all the happiness!!.)
❖ ———  comprobata (already in love with u!! beautiful person all around.)


&&  now!! people  who  i write with && would  love  to get to 
know better && people who i admire from afar,  only  wishing
i could one day write with. every single one of you is precious
too && i hope to get to know you/write  with  you all!!in  order
of who i followed first, not who i heart more, bc youre all great.
please remember that you’re adored  &&  loved, cupcakes!!

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hi so this will be a post about my experience at dan and phil’s tour at newcastle, i’m not going to describe the whole show or anything but there will be some spoilers obviously.

before anyone has a go at me i will not be posting pictures and i just really want this on my blog for me and for anyone else who is maybe interested. :)


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I dunno if you can really give me an answer other than "I just work fast lol" but I wanted to ask... how do you manage to get so many pages out in a weekly schedule??? I've been working on a oneshot comic at 40 panels in total for the past 2 weeks and I've only just gotten 10 panels finished -crying-

Wowie! Well…. I can sketch out 10 panels in a good 3-4 hour period if i’m doing nothing but drawing. I do kinda work fast though XD At least according to the people i stream with, so yeah that helps a whole lot.

Also, what people don’t see is that I have like… no life. I do almost nothing but draw between Friday and Sunday. I wake up, make coffee, open tumblr, and draw until i get hungry and repeat. I don’t have work at all on the weekends so I’m not bothered by much during this time. I dedicate so much of my day into the weekly updates. 

Basically, if you’re a normal person who goes out and has other interests besides drawing… You probs need a lot more time to get that much work done. Also! I don’t put a lot of detail into backgrounds! XD If you’re spending a lot of ur talents on that, that is also going to add to ur time making comics. P:

Started my Kerala project. I’m out here for the whole month.

My grandad opened this ration shop to provide basic amenities such as rice, wheat and fuel for the poor in our village at subsidised rates. 57 years later, it’s still here making a difference to the local community. My aunty (pictured above) looks after the shop now. Humbling. Life is so different here, being disconnected from the internet for much of the time has been challenging but liberating.

                       HELLO LOVELY LOVELY GALS AND GUYS! 
  • so this is the pro network! it stands for peers reaching out. its a real life club at my school so i thought why not bring it to my lovely friends at tumblr!
  • so basically what this whole network is about, is about the nice kids. its a group of kids who are voted the nicest kids in school (Or in this case tumblr) In school you must get two teacher nominations! 
  • you do not have to be nominated but you must reblog this
  • it doesnt matter to me how many times you reblog it!
  • you do not have to be following me! its not about followers its about putting something a little more positive in to the world!
  • for one you will be acknowledge for the beautiful person you are!
  • you will have a new friend (me)
  • you get to help brighten each others day and people not in the group! 
                                                What we will do
  • what we will do is we will try to help brighten peoples day! 
  • we will send cute anons, if we see someone needs a pick me up we will all contribute to make their day feel better!
  • we will try to make the world a little brighter!
                                               higher chance
  • there really isnt much you can do! im not gonna make you follow my instagram, or make you reblog this 100+ times
  • you do not have to be any certain blog and you do not have to have 100000 followers
  • you could message me and show me how nice you are! tell me a story of a random act of kindness you did that would help
  • if the story is long tag it under the tag #sahturhn or #cloeseph
  • ultimately I’m choosing based on the personality of your blog. most of the time ill be messaging you asking how you are and what not!
  • i made the banner
  • ill pick when i feel we have a solid team on our backs! im not picking everyone at once! 
get reblogging so i don't feel stupid!