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Headcanon of the Day #3

Oliver used to be a stereotypical hardcore Christian boys (and still is). He has the seven middle names and goes to church whenever he can. He was also homophobic. Then one day, Allen came out to him. Oliver could tell Allen was struggling to tell him because he knew Ollie was against it. He just told the typical dad joke and hugged him, thanking him.

Ollie asked himself this simple thing: Why would God create gays if he was against them? The answer: He wouldn’t. So Oliver became more and more accepting, treating each of Allen’s partners with the same level of ‘Hurt him and I’ll make you into cupcakes, teehee.’

One day Ollie went into mass for a gay couple’s wedding. It was a beautiful wedding. However, this one guy that was there started cursing out the couple at the after party, telling them how this was wrong.

Oliver went up to him and slapped him. 'Cursing’ him out with 'gosh diddly’s and 'mother-father’s. The couple thanked him when the man left.

A mysterious man with a cigarette walked up to him. He introduced himself with a 'I’m Louie,’ and then the two of them sat at a bar drinking, water and wine respectively. Louie talked about how he admired how Ollie did that for the two newly weds. But he soon got drunk and asked if Ollie could take him home.

Oliver instead brought him back to his own place with Allen. Oliver soon realized his feelings towards Louie and started dating him. He asked Louie to move in and he did; along with his son, James. But everyone called him 'Matt’ because of his middle name. Allen and Matt treated each other like brothers and fought all the time.

Somehow, they became a sort of messed up family.


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“Can you do a first kiss with Niall and make it really sweet?“ 

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 I parked on the tarmac once I checked in with security and hurriedly clambered out of my car. I brush my hair behind my ears as the wind whips it over my face. I spot him as he walks down the stairs of his private jet, I smile as my eyes scan his familiar blonde hair in its usual quiff and his sunglasses concealing the blue eyes I was so familiar with and his pillow tucked underneath his arm. The person who I had been in love with since I was seven years old, my best friend. 

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