basically my favourite from the album

hey people who listen to giriboy, just wondering what do u think of his latest album? what do you think of giriboy’s diff style of music? what do u think of the wybh crew joining in his music now? the fatal album era, take care of you, adult, heavy rapping from coac, mechanical/basic album, and also lonely 4 songs, his remixes, his instrumentals, soundcloud etc. what kinda giriboy music do u love best

if u know me or read my tags or my rants, you’ll know i always say fatal album is my favourite album. but sometimes i think i don’t have a favourite album. like it just depends u know sometimes i’ll blast fatal album for a year and sometimes i wont listen to fatal album and i’ll listen to the 7 songs from mechanical album for that whole year..? sometimes i only listen to the instrumentals.

when i first listened to zoa/lo:op, it didnt grow on me, but after a few days i went back and listened to it again and it became my jam. and even then i wasn’t disappointed in giriboy or anything bcs i feel like i want him to do whatever he wants and it doesnt matter if i like his songs or not bcs i just want to listen to HIS SONGS like u get me? i want to listen to him. and its nt like his music changed bcs i can still listen to some weird fun beats that i like even in his latest songs and it feels the same. the songs r so different but its still the same.

yeah but wow sometimes i think i want him to do more instrumentals, i want him to make a ballad, i want him to make songs like my body is on fire/breath. but sometimes i dont care at all i just want him to release whatever he is into at the moment. sometimes it’s like i feel i’m here for his passion lol. its like i’m intrigued by his dedication and his passion for this one thing. i’m here to watch him grow. i’m here to make sure he doesnt go to a faraway village and leave us alone without his music. (add on: HONESTLY i think we r all here bcs we were given a chance from the universe to listen to what giriboy makes for giriboy to listen to).

idk what is the main point of this rant but yea i wanna know what people think esp those who came from listening to the legendary fatal album/sensual album.

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You like Jay Park right? I just bought his album Everything You Wanted and I was wondering if you have a fav from it? My fav right now is Forever

yes love him, and forever is prob one of my favourite songs on the album along with all I wanna do and I got this and stay with me???

like the whole album basically

:D Happy Valentine’s Day, my lovelies!! … Also Happy belated birthday, Rinrin and Happy late Sourin Week LOL @sourinweek​  - This is my Day 8: Free Day contribution.

This video was a year in the making. Part One came out V-Day of last year and because of how much work went into it and all the encouragement I got from people and friends, I wanted to make it special - so I hope this video works… (I  know that tumblr video is…… temperamental, at best sometimes…)

Please enjoy!

Disclaimer things:

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Hello! Do you listen to music while you paint? If so, what kind?

i HAVE to listen to music while I paint. Music helps me basically mute the world, and get into that zone where it’s just me and the paper. It really gets you in that mood, and helps my creativity flow. 

My music taste seriously is pretty whack - I go from genre A to Z real easily, but when it comes to painting I like to listen to music that has a very prominent mood, not necessarily slow or instrumental, but very moody. 

Lately I’ve been listening to Yann Tiersen’s Eusa album. He’s one of my favourite pianists and composers ever!

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what do you do when you feel like giving up?

I let myself get upset. I let myself feel everything I’m feeling. I don’t try to suppress it. I have an evening where I close myself off in my bedroom, put my headphones in and listen to all the songs I know are going to help me cry, and I let myself hurt. I get everything out. Sometimes I write down everything that I’m feeling, and I write down what triggered me to feel that way. When I’m done crying or I’m too tired to stay awake, I let myself sleep. Then the next morning, I pick myself up. I start the day off with a mug of green tea and nothing else. I sit with no phone, no TV, nothing. If it’s nice out, I drink my tea in the garden and just let myself remember how big the world is out there, and how many opportunities I have yet to take. When I’ve finished my tea, I have breakfast, and then I go to the gym. Exercising lets me focus on something else. I find counting down the minutes and counting reps to be therapeutic, and I know I always feel really accomplished and productive after being to the gym. I work out hard. Then I go home and I shower. I take my time. I shave my legs, I leave the conditioner in my hair longer than usual, I use my favourite body scrub freely instead of rationing it like I usually do. I put my favourite Spotify playlist on as I shower and just focus on the music and letting the room fill with steam. When I’m done I dry myself off and I blow dry my hair and I do my makeup. I’m not going out anywhere, I just want to fucking feel good. I get dressed. Maybe paint my nails. Put some perfume on just for me. I pull up YouTube interviews with my favourite band, The Killers, and watch them until my eyes go square. Then I’ll watch some more stuff. Usually Pretty In Pink, it’s one of my favourite films. I’ll put one of my favourite comedians’ DVDs on and literally not give a fuck about anything else for the whole day. I’ll pick up my guitar and fuck around with that for a little bit. I’ll eat shitty food and drink more Coke than is probably medically advised. I’ll read trashy fan fiction because let’s be real it’s the best kind. I’ll put my phone on airplane mode and take my dog for a nice, long walk, regardless of whether or not it’s raining. I order food in for dinner because I can’t be arsed cooking. I leave the curtains open in my bedroom and I let my little bit of the world go dark around me. I tidy my bedroom. I arrange my books in alphabetical order. Next time I’ll arrange them by colour. I listen to my favourite vinyl records back to back because sometimes it’s nice to hear an album from start to finish, as the work of art it was intended to be. I go to bed early, put on my sleep mask and go to sleep.

Basically, I have a day that’s just about me. I focus on myself for a second. I remind myself how much time there is in a day. I remind myself that the day will always go by even if I don’t want it to. And then? Then I get on with it. Because I know that’s just what has to be done. Time doesn’t wait around for anyone. But I flip it around. I don’t look at myself as being a tiny cog in a huge machine that nobody’d give a fuck if I just stopped and broke off. I look at myself as being the biggest fucking cog there is in ME. I realise how much control I have. I reestablish myself as the maker of my own fate and my own fortune. I stop looking at deadlines and commitments as chores I have to complete, I look at them at things that will help me out. Things that I have to do for me as opposed to other people. I take the reins again and keep hold of them for as long as I can before I need to take another “me” day.

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Hello! I recently came across your work and very inspired by it! Particularly your watercolors. Do you have any tips for someone just starting watercolor painting? Any books/resources on watercolor painting? Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work in the future!

Thanks for your question! I haven’t really used any books to learn the technique (which was a mistake probably haha) other than albums with art from my favourite anime etc. So I can only give you some advice I have learned by myself:

  • go bold and brave. Paint (especially watercolours) doesn’t like hesitant, safe little moves. It’s a lot better to fail spectacularly a lot than produce safe and uninteresting works.
  • use basic, vibrant colours. Not too wet not too dry. And don’t overlay them too much on the paper. The power of watercolours (real watercolours, not illustrations like I do) is in the light and colour.
  • Do not mix colours too much - when you put together more and more colours the saturation of the resulting one drops really fast and you fail the previous tip.
  • Use good watercolours, brushes (it’s amazing how a good brush makes everything easier) and paper.
  • Experiment a lot with wetting the paper before you paint.
  • Mix watercolours with other mediums like pens, inks, pencils, acrylic paint etc.
  • Having a hair dryer ready at your table helps a LOT!

before I start, would like to say that I’m so grateful that I got the chance to attend, I never thought something like this would happen to me in a million years.
okay so this is gonna be kinda long but here goes:
so we got to the hotel where the listening party was gonna be held and we waited for a little while, then someone came and got us & brought us up to like a hang out room. we sat in the room for about 40 minutes, we had free snacks and a fridge full of drinks so it was cool. we got to know each other a little bit & as there was only 10 of us , we exchanged Twitters. but obviously y'all don’t wanna know that so I’ll move on to the important part. so we were sat there for quite a while & then a woman came and opened the door and whispered “I think he’s coming” and closed the door again. so then we freaked out. then another woman came in the room and told us that troye is downstairs & he will be coming up an meeting us all and chatting for a little bit & then we’ll listen to the album. so then we waited for about 5 more minutes and the troye came in & he was with laurelle, sage, connor and sage’s boyfriend. troye came around and hugged us all and asked for our names, but when he got to me he said “I’ve met you before haven’t i” and when I said yes he said “it’s nice to see a familiar face”. he then hugged me & I was secretly freaking out. while troye was hugging everyone connor slid down the wall to sit down on the floor & made this really cute sound while he was doing it & we all looked at him and he just had that look of “shit they saw that” on his face & he was so embarrassed aw my little bean. anyway so the troye sat down and opened a packet of sweets and we just talked about a bunch of stuff for a little while. he asked us how we are & if we went to the show last night, if we’re excited to hear blue neighbourhood and stuff like that. he asked us advice on nail colours which was adorable. he then told us that we’ll be hearing the whole album, every single song on bn and he said they have never played the whole for anyone before, which was so weird cause we were literally the only people to hear it all?? omfg I’m so grateful. anyway, after we chatted a little, troye came around and took selfies with us, when he got to me he asked me “wait so how many times have me met?” and I couldn’t count the amount of times I met him on the last trip quick enough so I was just like “uh many” and he laughed and said “it’s so nice to see you again!” and then we took selfies ( which I will post right after this ). I also took a selfie with laurelle (which I will also post haha). me and a couple of my friends met troye exactly 3 months ago today, so we told him that & he said “that’s such a weird coincidence, okay well I should come back in 3 months so we can all hang out again” which was so cute omfg. anyway after the selfies we took group photos in different poses and it was so funny because we couldn’t figure out where to take the photos so we were all just standing around awkwardly until we decided to sit down on the couch and floor. after the group photos troye had to leave, so he asked for our Twitter names and we gave him a list, so hopefully he’ll tweet us or follow us or something. I don’t get to properly talk with anyone apart from troye and laurelle ( who had a beautiful necklace on that she got on troye’s first show which I think is adorable ). troye and everyone else then left, and it was time to listen to the album. they gave us a little bit of time after troye left to calm down, look at our photos, tweet them etc. which was so nice of the girls. then they took our phones for obvious reasons and put on the album and left us on our own to listen and drown in our tears. all the songs from wild played first obviously because they are also on the album, so we were all dancing and singing along. whenever songs that we hadn’t heard before came on we all went quiet and were remembering some lyrics of the songs (if u go on my Twitter you might find some *hint hint* ;) ). can I just tell you now, the album was AMAZING. it exceeded my expectations and my expectations were so high because troye’s music is always so good but blue neighbourhood is amazing. I can’t choose I favourite of the album, I love them all. you guys are not ready for this album, I’ll tell u that. anyway so then the album stopped playing, we got our phones back and we were sooo emotional. we literally didn’t want to leave. me and the people from the listening party have a group DM rn and we are just basically crying to each other haha. today was so amazing, I can’t believe I was lucky to be chosen to be one of the people there. I love troye so much, he’s such an angel & he means the world to me.

(spelling mistakes and mess ups are included in this bc I didn’t proof read)
Summary of results from the Arcade Fire fanbase survey

Some trends from the survey I linked a while ago, now that it’s got a good few responses and is losing steam (full results here). These statistics come from  ~315 individual responses from Arcade Fire listeners, with the respondent pool primarily being Tumblr and reddit (r/arcadefire), the two places I posted it.


  • Age: A slight majority (59.3%) of people are aged 18 to 25, with people 17 and less being the second largest group (28.2%) , followed by 26-35 year olds (9.8%).
  • Location: Pretty much half (51%) of the fans are from the United States. The United Kingdom is second (15.5%), Canada third (9.5%) and Mexico fourth (3.3%).
  • Gender: A slight majority of people, 58%, are male. 34.3% are female and 4.6% are non-binary/genderqueer. It should be noted that the gap between male and female respondents likely results from the face that the reddit community is mostly all male whereas tumblr is more evenly split.
  • Race/ethnicity: At least ¾ of fans (75.2%) identify as white (this is the clearest majority of anything on the survey, so yeah, white people like Arcade Fire☺). Second by a large margin is Hispanic (11.2%). 3rd: People of mixed race (5.6%), with all other ethnicities having 1-2%.
  • Sexuality: 60% of fans identify as heterosexual. The second most common sexual orientation is bisexual (19%). 7.9% selected ‘I don’t know/care’ and 7% said homosexual. (Pansexual - 2.3%, chose not to answer - 2%, asexual - 1.7%).



  • 37.5% of people said The Suburbs was their favourite AF album and 26.6% said Funeral (this surprised some people! but they were often in pretty close contention when I checked, with The Suburbs having a slight lead all the way through). 18.8%’s favourite is Neon Bible. 7.9% said Reflektor :( which is less than the 9.2% who said they couldn’t choose.
  • 39.6% can’t choose a least favourite album. 24.4% said Reflektor was their least favourite and 22.8% said Neon Bible (so Reflekor is officially the new NB??) Funeral - 7.3%, The Suburbs, 6%.
  • 30.7% think The Suburbs is the most overrated album, very closely tailed by Reflektor (29.9%). More or less equal there.
  • 59.6% agree that Neon Bible is the most underrated.
  • 32% of people think that Reflektor has the best visual aesthetic/ artwork; 31% say The Suburbs. They’re pretty much tied again here.


  • For overall favourite AF song (if you have one), the most mentioned was ‘Tunnels’ (13 mentions), with ‘Sprawl II’ (10 mentions) in 2nd placed, and ‘The Suburbs’ (9 mentions) and ‘Power Out’ (9 mentions) joint 3rd.
  • Favourite unreleased/unofficial AF song: Cars and Telephones by far (12 mentions), second: Burning Bridges, Breaking Hearts (7 mentions).
  • Favourite cover by AF: ‘This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)’ by the talking Heads (13 mentions), runners up: ‘Poupee de Cire Poupee de Son’ by France Gall and ‘I’ll Believe in Anything’ by Wolf Parade (9 each).
  • Most underrated song: ‘(Antichrist Television Blues)’ (7 mentions), followed by ‘Haiti’, ‘In the Backseat’, ‘7 Kettles’, ‘Laika’ and ‘The Well and the Lighthouse’ all with 5 votes. Most overrated: ‘Rebellion (Lies)’, ‘Wake Up’, ‘Ready to Start’ and ‘Reflektor’ have 5 mentions each at the top.
  • The best loved song on Funeral is ‘Tunnels’, with a majority of people picking it as a favourite song (55%). It’s followed by Rebellion (Lies) (45.8%), then Wake Up (37.5%). The least picked is 7 Kettles.
  • The best loved song on Neon Bible is ‘No Cars Go’ (39.2%’s chose it as a favourite), followed by ‘Intervention’ (37.2%) and ‘My Body Is A Cage’ (35.8%). The least popular is ‘The Well and the Lighthouse’.
  • The best loved song on The Suburbs is ‘Sprawl II’ (57.7% - a majority and the most picked song from all albums). It’s followed by ‘The Suburbs’ (44.3%), then ‘Suburban War’ (25.3%). There’s also a huge difference between the next two, ‘Ready to Start’ and ‘We Used to Wait’, and the rest of the album - basically, these 5 are the very clear favourites from The Suburbs. The least popular is ‘Sprawl I’.
  • The best loved song on Reflektor is ‘Afterlife’ (47.2%’s favourite), then ‘Reflektor’ (41%), super closely followed by ‘It’s Never Over’ (40.2%) - three very clear winners. Equally unpopular are ‘Here Comes the Nighttime II’ and ‘Flashbulb Eyes’.
  • The two best loved songs on the 2003 EP are, by a very large margin, ‘Headlights Look Like Diamonds’ (44.7%) and ‘No Cars Go’ (41.7%.

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Aqua pls educate me on Ryden

oh shit dude.. u wanna know some of the Ryden Truth? are u ready for pain? ok let’s go, here’s a link about Myrtle Beach in detail: x but basically Ryan made a really ambiguous and beautiful LJ entry about it and they totally fucked @ the beach u can’t tell me this didn’t happen, he referenced the blurred lines between friendship and lovers and travelling, and also Seattle oh holy shit!! Seattle!!! basically when Ryan turned 21 no one else was old enough to go and he had a bday party in New York so no one from the band could come so Ryan left in the middle of the night and got on a plane to Seattle to see Brendon (not anyone else from the band, not even Spencer who he’s known ever since they were little) and ppl wouldnt’ve found out about this but a fan took a pic of them together at the airport and Ryan was wearing the same outfit, so it was on the same day!! yikes! then Ryan and Jon wrote a song called Northern Downpour (important gifset w/ lots of context here: x) which had the lyrics ‘I missed your skin when you were east, you clicked your heels and wished for me’, are u suffering already? then prepare urself for the fact that Ryan wrote “One day, we’ll settle in Seattle“ on his LJ in 2006 and Seattle is one of his fav cities so it was special but y’know nothing special about leaving your girlfriend in the middle of the night on your birthday and flying all the way from NYC to Seattle to see your best bro :) haha nothing special at all :) also once Brendon changed the lyrics when singing That Green Gentleman and sang ‘I never said I’d leave Seattle.. When everybody gets there, everybody gets there, everybody gets off on Ryan Ross’ (link to audio of this: x) also after Ryan left the band Brendon got rly frustrated and cried when singing it live at Bush Hall (warning: watch the vid w/ caution because u WILL suffer) and also I could talk about Sun/Moon (basically Ryan was the moon and Brendon was the Sun in their songs, hence Ryan’s song Lonely Moonlight and also When The Day Met The Night was about them and!! so many sun/moon/sea references in all of Pretty. Odd. holy shit, lots of lyrics from the album, like ‘Reinvent love’ which is abt not loving women, were referenced from Arthur Rimbaud who was a gay poet) and also their references to Cape Cod (Brendon’s in “I’ve been to Tokyo and to South Africa…but my favourite place is the warm embrace of holding your hair back in a bathroom stall“ and Ryan’s “I saw you, I met you. I loved you, I left you in Cape Town“ so take from that what you like but I hope you enjoyed this short lesson on why I love suffering and love Ryden and eternal pain