basically me right now with my sketches


OC COMMISSION TIME (always open)

money is very tight for me right now, i need to pay my tuition as well. i’m not getting a lot of hours at work anymore either, so all funds are going to go towards basic care products and food, so my paycheck just goes towards my tuition. even if you can’t buy, reblog ples and spread this around ;u;


$10 - simple headshot of your character, minimal colour, with or without decorum

$15 - B/W lined pose of your character

$20 - coloured, full-body sketch of your character

$40 - rendered original character, concept art style

*you can add bigger props to any style (animal companions, familiars, sidekicks etc) for an extra fee.

things that i will do: animals/monsters (not furries don’t know the art style), props if your character has them (weapon, ability, object, blood etc), simple backgrounds but will add on to price, your OC can be your player character from a game, OC from a tv show, anime, a self insert etc, anything really.

things i will NOT do: machinery (unless your design or weapon is steam punk or mechanical),  furries, as i mentioned before, detailed backgrounds, NSFW (nudity if it’s part of your character is ok), and inappropriate themes. 

info i will need: your image references, possible face claims, screenshots of your player character, weapon references etc. if you don’t have these and have no idea what they look like, then it’s okay! just describe them lightly, maybe their personality too and i will conceptualize them. i may ask you questions here and there for clarification and ideas. 

i prefer Paypal as my form of payment, and i will send you an invoice after the commission is finished. once i receive the money then i will send you the file (clarify what file type you would like!)

email me at                                                                or dm/message me if you’re interested! thanks 

“Warmth of Cardassian Sun”

I’m not drawing. Like at all. I mean, I would like to - have lots of ideas but no skill, so my sketches had never reached publishing stage before. This is too scary for me right now, I hope everything goes well.
And here I am, just couldn’t resist giving those two a happy ending with sunset and etc. Basically - it’s somewhen post-canon. 


Suddenly I got into this ‘need to draw concept art’ mode, in the middle of the night. It’s so late right now TTvTT Brain why must you do this to me in the middle of the night~? Each took less than 45 minutes

“Giant King” Basically it’s a warrior (maybe Tebanam XD) who’s taking shelter inside a giant’s skull, where it’s also a graveyard of giant warriors from the past.

“My Worlds” I got a bit emo here, thinking about how sometimes reality can be difficult,but that’s life, but I’d sometimes escape into my worlds for a while to keep sane. 

So I’m in a bind

It’s coming down to deciding if I get food to not starve, or if I put what little I have towards gas and things i need for school. (For a project that basically decides if I fail the class or pass and graduate)

So if some of you are willing to commission something from me, or simply donate, or even buy something off my redbubble… I’d greatly appreciate it. I’m sorry to have to ask you guys for assistance but things are super tight right now. 

My gwallet and paypal email is: I prefer gwallet since it’s faster and less hassle for both ends. 

My redbubble is:

I’m only going to be able to do sketch commissions and fairly simple ones at that, and with this big project eating up my time, I cannot guarantee I’ll be able to finish within the week. I’m sorry about that, but this project is very important. Your patience is very much appreciated. I’ll send you an estimate on price if necessary. (Base prices for sketches are $7) Just remember: No fetishes, no NSFW, and no illegal things such as pedophillia, beastiality, etc. 

Thank you so much for all your help. I appreciate it.

Hey guys! i just graduated art school and job hunting right now, and all them jobs are in very expensive cities. i’d really like to save up and move there. i don’t really have another source of income because of visa reasons (i’m in the states, but i’m from australia), and i really appreciate any help you guys can give me! my laptop is also on its way out, so i’d really like to replace it as soon as possible. 

i’ll draw basically anything; all content is negotiable. shoot me an ask or an email if you’re not sure, or if there’s something you want but don’t see on the pricing board, i.e, sketch portraits, painted sketches, inventories, etc. i’m happy to drawing fanart, fan characters, etc.

i take paypal only, in USD!!

reblogs are very much appreciated!

thanks guys <3

Hey everyone! Here is something new for you. After the newest discovery about Spinosaurus (which you can read about here), I got super inspired to draw me some Spino heads!

Spinosaurus happens to be my favorite dinosaur, so this was a lot of fun for me. The process itself was a lot of fun as well which was me basically painting right on top of Spinosaurus skulls.

Anyways, that is it for now. I hope you all enjoy!


so @under-the-bed-tales joined me in doodling things on iscribble this evening with inspiration/ silliness inspired some by @frankpanioncube! we wanted fluff so we made our own dammit!

It actually started with baby doodles and then just went flat-out OT3 stuff. Also, a chubby Grillby was an unlikely scenario that I needed badly apparently. *whispers* (so now who’s a chubby bunny….)

Bed did all the sketchs on the right hand sides except I drew that “Sans stuck in a manhole wearing a tiara”. Because… reasons.

anonymous asked:

Oh, sweetie... Do you wanna talk some more about your ex?

so I’m back home. I thought it would be easier y’know? No chance of seeing him. It’s easier to feel safe and–in control? maybe that’s not the right word. Just…like I’m ok and I can choose what I do and what I don’t. 

my sister was kinda shitty over the phone, though. She didn’t mean to set me off. But she was talking about her boyfriend like my ex used to talk about me. I told her basically “thanks for coming to me for empathy, but the way you’re talking right now reminds me of him and I can’t deal right now”. My roommate found me shaking while I was trying to sketch. 

I should be proud of myself right? I just feel like a fucking failure. He shouldn’t have this much power over me. His shadow shouldn’t follow me everywhere. 

And people should stop comparing us 

4:45 AM and I am still so grateful for the peace that airports bring me. Last night I was anxious- there are so many factors of my life in flux right now, but my travel routine is steadfast. Airports are really just an amalgamation of people doing awkward things and hoping no one notices. Prime people watching, personal reflecting, and early morning sketching.

A shitty doodle of how I basically view the twins right now. XD

Yay for 2 AM shitposts!! ;D

Kuroshitsuji / Black Butler © Yana Toboso

Shitty 2 AM drawing © Myself


Hello! It’s time again to clear out my inbox. Thank you so much for all your sweet and lovely messages!!! */////* (Please right-click / Open in New Window to view properly.) And for sticking by my blog and buying my stuff, even though I don’t update nearly often enough, gosh. And to those of you who send me messages every now and then even though I don’t reply, I see you and I appreciate you so so much, thank you! *tackle hugs* <333

Uhm, so… 1. You guys will probably be seeing even less of me during the next couple of months, but only cos I’ll be working on two Big Bang collabs this year – one with Footloose and another with Polomonkey. And I’ve done a couple of illustrations for this Chinese-language fanbook anthology which I can’t reveal until later this year, so there is also that…

And 2. Tumblr’s now blocked from my country. I can still log in via proxy but I can’t get New X-kit’s Tag Reader (among other extensions) to work properly on my miracle-working browser so… I can’t read y’all’s tags… (Serves me right for never replying to messages I guess… OTL)

Anyway I’ll try to answer a few questions from my inbox later tonight.

For now I leave you with this quick sketch (never thought I’d draw this type of wing!AU but here we are):

I drew this as part of an art game / meme that seems to be popular in the Japanese / Chinese / other fandoms, where a group of artists come together and basically form a train of remixed art. As in: Person A draws Pic 1 which is passed on to Person B who then makes a remix, Pic 2, which is passed on to Person C who then makes a remix, Pic 3 – on and on and you only get to see the pic made by the person in line ahead of you, until the last player finishes their turn and a collage is revealed. (So it’s a little bit like Chinese Whispers, except not?) If you’re curious, here is the rest of the circuit. <3


All prices listed are in USD and payment is required up-front through PAYPAL ONLY. If you’re interested, please send inquiries to, but please don’t send me an email just asking if my commissions are open x____x that info is always kept updated here!

Right now I am only taking sketch slots, and there are more examples of those in my #commission tag

★★ please include in your message ★★

★ paypal name and tumblr username
★ reference images (I won’t work off descriptions alone, sorry!)
★ some basic details of your characters personality/traits
★ a prompt for posing if you have one!

I try to respond to all messages, but please do not send any money before I have sent you an email confirming the details! I reserve the right to refuse any commission if I choose not to take it on ;w; thank!

Feel free to ask me about stuff, and I’ll see what I can do (ノ*゚ー゚)ノ~*

Thank you for reading!!


Hey everyone!

ok so my UK trip is next month and I don’t think I have enough money for it. The temporary job I have right now pays by commission (it’s a phone survey and I get paid per survey) and not everyday is a lucky good day so after I calculated I won’t be able to meet the budget goal I intended for the trip.

Basically I’m still short of around £300 so I’ll just do this quick commissions instead.

£15 per sketch

*only b/w
* just drop me a message on my art blog
* any character and any ships as long as it’s bbc Sherlock
* NSFW accepted - I don’t usually do nsfw but I’m desperate so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
*payment via Paypal only. Don’t pay until I’ve told you I accept your commission

If you have some money to spare, please consider commissioning me, it will help me a ton!! If you can’t commission me, just a simple reblog of this post is greatly appreciated too :)

Status update…

and some sketches and wip…

The past three weeks I hadn’t had anything to upload, for which I have several reasons. Firstly, I’d become ill and suffered for a week, after that I could only sleep, so I did not even hope to draw… I’d spent a week sickly and completely alone in my flat, so to say, it was a state that lacked creative impulses… so neither the energy, nor the creative impulses I had for being actually creative (to draw and/or write…). I felt extremely nervous about it and finally I ended up crying. :’D I have a couple of sketches, but that’s not much and I’m kinda disappointed right now. -.- I do not know when my motivation will come back, but hopefully soon enough, ‘cause if this goes on, I surely will be neurotic. :’D Moreover, Christmas is here (making gifts, family, etc.) and this is the first time that I can’t spend it with my mother, because she works abroad and can’t come home until next April. So my state of being freaked-out has basically doubled, or tripled.

Oh and I’ve started a larger piece of work, but eventually I gave it up, ‘cause it drove me crazy… maybe I’ll sketch another composition to make it better… :’D but only after the holidays.

Here it is….:


Sketch commissions

Basically i’m going to uni and I’d like to earn some money to be able to give back to my parents since the situation isn’t great right now.

  1. Chibi headshot: £3
  2. Normal headshot: £5
  3. Full body £12 
  • Bust up: £7
  • Waist up: £9

[for one colour shading add £4]

These are per character so for an extra character double it. Limited slots but I can get these done asap

send me an ask or e-mail me (probably best to e-mail because your message might get eaten by tumblr)

If you want to just donate my paypal is that e-mail

Reblogs are appreciated


Kim Possible has been airing on DisneyXD lately, which is pretty cool. Both this and last week, have had Kim Possible run right after Randy Cunningham comes on in the mornings also, so it’s always more fun seeing that right after Cunningham.

I’m sure her show is like the “big sister I want to be like” show to Cunningham now. You can not tell me Howard and Randy wouldn’t admire her.

This is probably my second crossover with KP and Cunningham. Also Randy had more text but I didn’t feel it was worth keeping, but it was basically just “Well my hair is almost the same shade as her mission-outfit” Also did Kim by memory, so she might not be spot-on.


Hey everyone! 

So I’ve been having a really tough time finding work lately and I’m running out of savings to afford my rent/bills/meds, etc. There’s a few hopeful things coming up, but it’s nothing I can really depend on right now. So I’m opening up commissions in hopes that it’ll keep me going in the meantime :-)

I can do known characters, OC’s, portraits, etc. Plus I’m happy to work out any other ideas you have for a little extra– sketches, full illustrations, multiple characters, blah blah– but these are the basics to give you an idea.

  • B/W Bust: $20
  • B/W Body: $25
  • Full Color Bust: $25
  • Full Color Body: $30

It’s easier for me to keep track by email (same as my paypal), but you can message me here if it’s easier, too! Let me know if you have any questions or anything!

Thanks so much!! ( ᐛ )و

anonymous asked:

So I'm a a big fan of your art! &amp; lately I've been having a hard time drawing bodies and I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how you do it? It would be a big help! - Meg

Oh sure! It’s pretty simple actually, but even with how I do it, took me forever to finally figure it out. The bottom line is going to be endless practicing and just getting the feel of it haha

I always draw a rectangle for the base and then work from there. For example:

Here we have our lovely friends from High School Musical posing beautifully for us. They’re basically just complicated stick figures right now. You can squish the rectangle body to add a waist/emphasize pose etc. I usually start my drawings with a pose like this and then build it up in the line art.

Here’s a little example doodle to show the quick sketch and the finished line art:

Super fast, rough, just figure out where everything goes…

Flesh it out a bit because we’re not drawing toothpick people here haha

Here’s proof that it works for other characters as well, just change the size of the rectangle to fit your needs: 

So yeah, I hope that helps! If you need anymore help or advice feel free to ask!

Good luck with your art! :D