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If you had to choose between an exoskeleton, a proboscis or mandibles, which one would you rather have?

definitely not a proboscis, not really my brand. i think overall the best choice would be an exoskeleton, there would be  a lot of other features included in that

Just a friendly reminder from your resident Loki troublemaker~

Due to me own forgetfulness I keep forgetting to put this in my rules. More like since the first day I made Kira’s blog. Anyway! This blog is CANON DIVERGENT/AU and is primarily setup to REFLECT THE GAMES more than the anime. Meaning, Kira DOES NOT BY DEFAULT live in the agency dorms. Kira has his OWN PLACE and only ever stays at the dorms when he too tired to make it back home. This double applies to the HEAVENS muses I have on @xxfabulae. All of them are basically setup to be more game than anime. I still take influences from the anime.

so I walking to this little convenient store we have in my dorm/building and as I was arriving this white boy and his friend were leaving. the convenient store usually plays a variety of music, and at that moment they were playing Umbrella by Rihanna and the white boy started dancing, like he was really starting to get it, but then we made eye contact and he immediately stopped dancing and gave me an awkward/nervous smile but then I said, “no, buddy if the spirit moves you go ahead and let it move you” and he burst out laughing and basically my night was made.


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        ↳ When someone asks Cas to choose them over Dean.

friends whomst i love:

@-tequilaselai7 who is super talented and did my makeup last night and made me pretty and also basically organized our night out yesterday 

-my friend alex who took care of my drunk and vomiting into my purse ass when we went to Penn station at the end of the night and also got stranded there bc i left my stuff w him when i went to the bathroom (down the street bc the Penn bathroom was closed lmao) and i took so long that he got up (with my stuff) to try to find me so when i got back i couldnt find him so i just got onto the train without my stuff holding my heels in my hand with no ticket and spent the whole ride hiding in the bathroom napping on the floor and then took a taxi back to my house and then he CALLED ME ON MY HOUSE PHONE TO TELL ME HE WAS STILL THERE WITH MY VOMIT FILLED PURSE AND MY BRA AND MY PHONE AND MY CHARGER i feel really bad!!!!!

- @pansonofhermes who is just the best in general and i haven’t seen in a while and had a great time hanging out with last night 

So last night at work I had to train a new girl while one of the other servers trained another girl. Half way through the shift the other trainee asked to shadow me becuase she was literally just sitting outside doing nothing and so I had 2 people following me all night. Basically made all my money and had two people clean my tables, give refills and run food for me. Perks of being a certified trainer

Alright, here is the live performance of “You” from The 1975’s performance at the House of Blues in NOLA on 6/1/14. 

So here’s the story:  Lemme tell you about the amazing, absolutely stunning human being that is Matty Healy. He basically made not only my night, but my entire life

Okay, okay. To the story. So I decided to bring in a small notebook and a marker just in case we got to meet them. During the beginning of the show, it was all gravy. We were right next to them in the balcony seats. Then these other people who were like abnormally gargantuan took our spot and we couldn’t see the band at all. Like seriously. They were massive. We thought we were going to have an absolutely terrible time since we couldn’t see for two straight songs. So eventually the bouncer made them move since we couldn’t see, brightening our night drastically. After a while, I moved back down since I was literally in the speaker and lost hearing in my left ear (I’m not kidding). I started to really notice that every time someone threw something on the stage, Matty would go to pick it up. So I then had the single most important and brilliant thought in my entire effing boring ass life. I HAD PAPER AND A FUDGING MARKER AND I WAS GONNA WRITE MATTY A FUCKIN LOVE LETTER. So the letter said: 

“Dear 1975, we love you & your music. Plus being shirtless is nice, Matty! Love, Brette, McKenna, & Jaelyn”

When they went off the stage and came back on, I found the perfect opportunity to toss the paper at his feet. He picked it up and said, “Oooh, what’s this? A love letter?!” Then proceeded to READ THE ENTIRE THING OUT LOUD PRONOUNCING MY EFFING NAME CORRECTLY. OH MY EFFING GOD MY NAME LEFT THE LIPS OF THE MOST MAGNIFICENT CREATURE THAT HAS EVER INHABITED THIS EARTH.Okay okay…I’m chill again. So we’re screaming like a bunch of psychos, right. He points at us, grinning widely. Ya know, generally looking like the precious, adorable Matty Healy, like normal. “Was it you?” He asks, looking up at me. We scream like the biggest fangirls ever AGAIN. Then he goes, “Yeah, I see you” Laughs. “Everyone can fucking see you!” He then proceeded to look up at the three of us throughout the rest of the show. 

Alright, so at one point, he climbed on the speakers on the other side of the balcony, hugged one person, and ran through back down to the stage, not really stopping at all. So they all finish the show. Adam and Ross throw guitar picks and water bottles, the oh-so-deliciously-masculine George chunks all of his drumsticks to some pretty lucky ladies. And Matty just stays on the stage, looking out at everyone. Then, he turns on his heel to look up at us, points at us, and runs off to the side of the stage. OR AT LEAST THAT’S WHAT WE THOUGHT. OH YEAH HERE COMES THE REAL GOOD SHIT. So suddenly, I see that beautiful mess of black curls climbing the mother effing speakers to come to my ever-open arms. Oh yeah. Do you even know what that is like? A person you think you might love more than your own family members is climbing a freakin wall just to come to you. I KNOW RIGHT. MY HEART IS POUNDING IN MY CHEST SO HARD RIGHT NOW JUST THINKING ABOUT IT. Then, he pulled me into his bare chest. HIS BARE CHESTTTT. I thought, oh my dear god I am being hugged so tightly by Matty Healy. Then he pulls in McKenna. Next Jaelyn. He did not let go of me even when this other girl rudely interrupted us. Like, bitch, excuse you this is my shining moment, aiiight? So Jaelyn got a selfie with him, and the guy standing next to us filmed the whole thing. Basically, I’m just waiting to get that video. So until then, here is the best 1975 song out there. 

Single greatest moment of my life. We didn’t speak to each other, but that moment needed no words. Just the fact that he acknowledged how much I love him and made an effort to make my night the best it could possibly be is just the most emotionally fulfilling feeling I think I will ever have. Matty Healy is such a special human being. I have and always will love Matty and this band that has literally changed my life. 

jaelyndanee - selfies with Matty

mckennadawn15 - the one who basically inhaled Matty’s beautiful hair

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I’m going to start off by saying thank you to my group for making all of this possible. yuuidflourite (Undertaker) in particular because she was the one to drive all of us up there and get the hotel~<33)

I must say this has to be one of, if not the, most fun of all of the cons I’ve been to yet. Everyone I talked to was extremely nice and just… Amazing memories from all thee days. ;u;<3 I got to talk to a lot of great people, posed for a lot of pictures, and even got a little Hijack commission. >D<

So here’s just a few of the most memorable pictures from my Jack Frost cosplay. I generally switched to this about half way through the day from about 3-4 PM to like 8. x’D

We were eating pizza when yuuidflourite spotted a tree and had the idea to take a few pictures in it. Not long did a Dave Strider walk by and said, “What are you taking a picture of?!” (Cue the “OOOOHs” and “Uncalled Fors” by us. LOL~) that basically made my night

The next one is a comparison between the size of my staff (which is well over six feet) and yuuidflourite ’s Undertaker staff. Then featherwind21 ’s (( Alois // Yogi)) rose who was ah… trying to be impressive. //shot

Then I spotted the Elsa that I kept seeing when I was cosplaying Hiccup and jumped on the chance to get a picture with her when I was finally Jack. |D The Elsa is its-safer-i-stick-to-my-books if I’m not mistaken~ ^^

The next picture is a rather unexplainable picture in our hotel’s hallway as we were waiting for our Mikasa to finish getting ready. x’D The Alois is featherwind21 and the Undertaker is yuuidflourite

The next picture was actually Friday night when the group was taking a break in the outside balcony area. Yogi is featherwind21

The last one is my favorite picture of the con.<3
There was a spotlight type thing that faced the wall, and we decided to take a group shot after taking a few Jack shots there too.
Left to right is me (Jack Frost), Undertaker yuuidflourite, Yogi featherwind21, and Ririchiyo (Sam // No Tumblr).

I had a wonderful time with all of you guys and everyone I met and talked to… Gosh it was a pleasure, really. ;u; <33 I already can’t wait for next Sac. :‘3

Hiccup Cosplay SacAnime Post


hi okay so i’m just gonna share my little 1975 story because it honestly made my life. Matt Healy is honestly the most raddest person in the whole world. I went to see the 1975, cruisr and young rising sons november 13, 2014 and it was the best and happiest nights of my life. Basically, I made a poster that said Matty sing to me and brought to the concert and my friend Megan got 2nd row so I was able to stand with her and literally right before the last song my friend who was closest to the stage tossed it up there and he picked it up:
Matty: This says Matty, which is me. Sing to me. I’ve been singing for hours now you aren’t very observant okay where are you?
Then the group of girls I was around and I were all screaming right here and then he saw me and I’m pretty sure i died and came back to life.
Matty: You’re quite cute as well it’s very nice to meet you. Okay this song is for you then, darling.
I’m still screaming. He dedicated the song Sex to me and I’m still not okay thank you for the best night in the world :~) Honestly, don’t give up. I didn’t think he’d ever see my sign and I want to thank everyone who helped me make this happen :)


“Jesus, you’re burning up! Are you in heat?”

“You have to ask? Do I look as if I enjoy the cold breeze right now?” Crowley hissed weakly, his body shaking. He probably looked pathetic, his hair damp and sticking to his forehead, his cheeks flushed and PANTING