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One thing I do need from S13 is for Dean and Cas to hug with nobody else around. It's crazy to think it's never happened, there's always been somebody else there. And it's sad to see the way that impacts Dean's reactions. There's always the hesitation, the side-eye to check if the other person is watching, judging. Completely the opposite of Sam's hugs with Cas.

If this happens…. it will basically canonise Destiel cos come on…they just cannot hug and reconcile without it being romantic at this point, so I’m not expecting it too soon tbh.

I say this tongue in cheek but it is kinda true, there’s a reason why they’re kept separated, because every time they’re on their own shit like this happens

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And before the other two snapped Dean out of it:

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Then the last time they were alone before this was 10x09

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Literally, if you watch the scenes where they’re ALONE in SPN its just looks like an all out romance story.

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Can i request an imagine of spn? where you are the bestie of the winchesters? thank you!

Being besties with the Winchesters would include…

• Them knowing you can handle yourself
• And if you want to hunt they have no objection and even let you take the lead sometimes
• The boys are very smart but they might be a little blinded when it comes to cleaning or cooking somethings (I had to teach a 16-year-old boy how to use a potato peeler in my hospitality class)
• So, they would be up for advice whenever they need it
• Burger and beer runs when staying at the bunker
• Introducing them to new things since they are kiiiinda closed off from the world because they have bigger things to worry about
• Helping them out with their lore when they need it
• Them teaching you things
• Like how to change a tyre or how to check the oil just basic stuff all people should know
• Them ranting to you about each other or Cas(s) when you’re around
• Them being protective but not too over bearing
• Being able to tell them when they’re wrong about a certain case or whatever and it’s their choice if they take your advice or not
• I’d say there would be a lot of eye rolls when their bestie is with them
• Teasing Dean about Baby but never doing anything too harmful
• “I think you’ve had enough beer, Dean.”
• “Please, it’s just like water to him now.”
• “Sam, you’ve had enough as well.”
• Understanding and supporting Dean in his confusion and anger about Mary and Cas(s) and letting him rant about how he’s feeling and not interrupting
• Kind of shielding Sam from Lucifer but knowing he can deal and he can look after himself
• Being wary of Mary
• Not questioning their decisions but stating loudly where you stand
• #themumfriend

Calling Positive Sam Winchester Blogs!!

Why is it every time I find a blog devoted to Sam Winchester that I think I might like to follow because I want more Sam on my dash, they turn out to be anti-castiel blogs or hate blogs?! FFS the characters are FRIENDS and love and care for each other, why can’t we all love and care for BOTH characters?!?

If you are primarily a Sam Winchester blog that does not at ANY POINT do the following:
- hates on Castiel
- hates on Misha
- reblogs anti cas/misha posts
- supports anti cas/ misha blogs
- hates destiel (don’t have to ship it just accept it and respect that people ship it)
- also loves Dean and Jensen I mean that’s kinda obvious but I’ll mention it as well
- are basically a decent human being who treats people with respect and love not hate
- look basically I won’t tolerate hate or unecessary negativity about any character or actor at all.

Then please reblog this and I’ll check you out as I need more Sam love on my dash!! :)

Can we please focus on love instead of hate and nastiness? I know you guys are out there and you shouldn’t have to have your voices drowned out by haters!

Secret Artist


Summary: Yay it’s Monday! Could you do an imagine where the reader is an artist/art student and doesn’t tell any of the guys about a really important show, but they find out and show up late and all gross after a hunt which is super awkward but she’s still glad they came?

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can i just share the deancas fic that got me obsessed with human/mermaid stuff and one of the main reasons im fucking ecstatic for the shape of water

its called Specimen 001 by AlreadyPainfullyGone and though i havent read it since 2013 i remember LOVING it, especially the first couple chapters. its super lovely (though highly NSFW) it seems to hold up pretty well now too

its basically octo-cas and scientist dean falling in love and dean helps him escape the lab. which is why im excited for the shape of water because YEAH!!!!

you guys should check it out if youre into that kind of thing   ❤ ❤

An Exploration of Dean, Jimmy, and Cas in the Rapture

Okay, so I was originally going to make post about how Dean treats Cas as opposed to how Dean treats Jimmy, but I’m not sure if this post will entirely be just that. It may have a little bit of this and a little bit of that, so I hope y'all are okay with that.

I’m rewatching the episode. Because I feel like it’s a good thing to do while trying to understand the differences in body movements, tone, etc., especially since I haven’t seen the episode in a while.

Okay, so I made a meta for the dream already. You can probably check this linky link out if you wish to know more about what I thought about that dream Dean had in the beginning of this episode (x). Basically, Cas seems to be in a bad place and tells Dean to go to a certain place to meet because talking about whatever Cas was about to talk about was not safe in Dean’s head.

Dean, after the dream, goes straight to where Cas asks him to go. He doesn’t question Cas, he doesn’t wait until morning, he doesn’t think about whether or not this could be a trap, he just wakes Sam up and goes.

Sam, however, does something that’s different. Sam asks why they’re there, if this is important. It is the middle of the night, and Dean just dragged him to an abandoned place in nowheresville. Dean sounds a bit shaky when he replies. Dean doesn’t give Sam any snark either. He just flat out says he doesn’t know. Dean, who would kill a monster right on the spot, was going into a place that could be a trap, solely because Cas had asked him. Given him no other information, nothing to tell him that this was a bad idea, just gave Dean a look and told him to come. Character development, people, character development.

Dean looks pretty worried as he goes around and surveys the area with Sam. He’s the one who said there was a fight. He’s the one who pointed out the enochian markings. He’s the one who finds Cas’ vessel lying on the floor.

And the tone of his voice when he finds Cas? No, it’s not at the point that it was when Cas dies in 9x03. There’s an evolution when it comes to feelings, as we all know. But Dean sure as hell sounds panicked. He grabs Cas’ vessel, and shakes the meat suit. He’s the one who tells what he thinks is a panicked Cas to take it easy, has his hand wavering near Cas’ arm, as if to hold onto it, but perhaps not okay with the idea in his head, not open enough to grab his friend while Sam’s around. Which, could possibly parallel other times Dean got the courage or forgot about everything except Cas enough to hold onto him while people were looking, but I won’t get into that. I already have a meta about that and this meta (x) is about this episode.

I’m just gonna put this out there before I go any further: I don’t think Dean’s in love with Cas in season 4. Feelings that pull him towards Cas? Maybe. A deepening of a bond he felt the second he met the little nerdy dude with wings that has made Cas into a good friend of his by that time, maybe even his best friend by then? That is certainly possible. This is Dean Winchester, King of Constipated Feels. He was getting better by Season 4, way better than he was with his emotions in Season 1. But I bet he was not at a point in which it would be healthy for him to have a freaking relationship with anyone. Not with him dealing with what he did in hell, what may be happening with the angels, what he must do for Heaven as the Righteous Man. It may not been love just yet, but there was something there in the way he called out for Cas, the way he helped his friend.

However, something changes in Dean once he realizes that the man who just woke up on the wreckage of the angel fight is not Cas. He goes from a worried look to something more defensive and slightly alarmed when Jimmy tells him that he’s not Cas.

He seems almost appalled and slightly disgusted by Jimmy, especially when he’s eating-something Cas never does. Dean acts irritated and, honestly, tired when Jimmy’s around. His remarks are a bit rude. Even though Dean’s usually the one who asks Cas questions, Sam takes charge and asks Jimmy most, if not all of the questions as Dean just stares at Jimmy with horror something fierce and looks clearly not okay with this situation when Jimmy has no information on Cas. Dean looks up. As if he was hoping Cas would just come down from heaven and make things better. But that doesn’t happen.

And Dean’s fine with sending Jimmy off even though he should know that demons would be after Jimmy and that Jimmy is their only lead to help solve what happened to Cas. So, why does Dean want Jimmy to leave so badly? Is he becoming emotional and not thinking straight? Can he not deal with looking at the meat suit that was once his best friend and see the meat suit act completely different, have a different voice, be a real, live human being forcing Dean to remember that Cas can only talk to him when hir’s possessing someone, some innocent person who had a family, a home, friends? Is it killing Dean that Jimmy is a walking reminder that Cas walking about on earth comes with a cost that he knows is wrong yet Dean probably feels repulsed by the fact that it’s Cas’ body, but it’s not Cas. Man, talk about Dean sinking lower into his guilt complex, as if he needed another reason to think he’s a bad person. And that shows through how he talks. He talks about how they used to save people, how they should just send Jimmy back. I think Dean has his wires slightly crossed when it comes to Cas and Jimmy because Jimmy could know some information subconsciously, but Dean believes Jimmy doesn’t because Jimmy says so. Cas didn’t lie to Dean back in those days, so Jimmy looking exactly like Cas and all, it could be screwing with Dean.

When they get back from the flashback, Dean and Sam are talking outside, and honestly…Dean sounds sort of bummed. I mean, yeah, Dean probably thinks he just lost a good friend of his for good, but Dean doesn’t usually show that sort of stuff, not with his character development up until then. And you know how I talked about how Dean probably trusts Jimmy’s word because Dean trusts Cas so much and since Jimmy is Cas’ meat suit, that might be confusing Dean’s sense of trust? Well, I think that’s partially why he suggests just sending they guy home. That, and the fact that he probably doesn’t want a reminder of someone he couldn’t save around, and the fact that he probably feels guilty because he’d rather have Cas using a person with an actual life’s body than have Jimmy Novak around. And the look Dean gives Sam when he asks Sam if he wants to go “Guantanamo” on the guy. He looks as freaked as though it were actually Cas. And Dean’s face the whole time he’s talking to Sam! It wreaks of sadness and loss of words and just loss. However, none of this helps Dean in sending Jimmy home right then and there. He half-heartedly gave into Sam’s logic.

Maybe some part of Dean knew Jimmy would react this way. How, even though he agreed with Jimmy, he stuck to Sam’s logic. Dean let’s Jimmy talk over him. He can barely look Jimmy in the eye. He just seems tired and sad. When Jimmy goes to the door, Dean doesn’t try to stop him. Sam’s the one who steps in front of the door. Dean is sort of going with Sam’s correct ideas, but he’s barely putting any effort into helping Sam with keeping Jimmy from running. I mean, Dean saying “Hey, where you going?” was the most flat sounding thing ever. No freaking emotion at all.

Dean’s freaking happy when Jimmy’s gone. Which made me think something’s up. Because, you know…Jimmy + Danger = Cas may come back. Which may be why Dean’s so happy? I mean, if it was any other person who was possessed by an angel and was back in their meat suit, I don’t think Dean would be laughing and not be in a hurry and making jokes. Am I the only person who thinks something is seriously off in that scene? Dean doesn’t seem to be in such a great mood when Anna comes by and tells Dean how bad it is for Cas to be dragged up to Heaven, though.

It’s Cas. He got sent back home. Well, more like dragged back. 

To heaven? That’s not a good thing? 

No. That’s a very bad thing. Painfully, awfully bad. He must have seriously pissed someone off. 

Cas said he had something to tell me. Something important. 


I don’t know. 

Does Jimmy know? 

I don’t think so. 

You don’t think so? Whatever it is, it’s huge. You gotta find out for sure. 

That’s why we’re going after Jimmy. 

That’s why you shouldn’t have let him go in the first place. He’s probably dead already.

It surprises Dean that being back up in Heaven isn’t something an angel would really want. Which made me wonder if he was just acting stupid (because he saw the mess the angels left after their brawl) or if he was in denial about how truly screwed Cas was at the moment.

Dean seems to be making a lot of weird choices this episode, weird, bad choices that he should probably know are bad choices. Like when, instead of just sneaking up behind the demon before slitting her throat like the last demon he killed, he decides to yell something out which gives the demon time to leave the woman’s body. Hmmm. Is Dean just really off because of what’s happening, Cas not being around and all? Or is Dean…choosing to act this dumb for a reason?

And they just happen to not splash Jimmy or his family with holy water just to make sure the demon is not in any of them? It’s hard to say, since Dean doesn’t ever say it out loud, but I think Dean had this plan to get Cas back from Heaven. A really bad idea, yes, but a way to bring Cas back.

Again, Dean’s voice is just…flat. And his face, it’s not super serious. It’s either a poker face or really…tired. I don’t know, he usually seems to be…different with civilians he works with on cases. He’s being curt. He’s critiquing Sam in front of the guy. He’s not saying much. It’s just REALLY making me wonder. I mean, you’d think Dean would show some guilt or be pissed off that this man must leave his wife and daughter forever, but he doesn’t. Just the same flat poker face.

They’re expecting you to come alone and that’s exactly what you’ll do.”

I mean…Dean’s a brilliant strategist. It’s just REALLY hard for me to think that he was THIS off his game. Like, it does not make sense with what we know of how Dean works in battle, especially when it comes to demons.

This will work, nobody’s going to get hurt.”

Is Dean telling Jimmy this or he telling himself this? And another thing I noticed-Dean only used Jimmy’s name once, and it was to make fun of Sam. Anyways, even Sam knows this is probably a trap. And Dean ignores it. He ignores what he knows will be true. WHY? When Sam asks him, Dean says:

Yeah, I know. That’s why I have a plan.”

Only one demon gets Dean? REALLY? Dean doesn’t even seem that pissed. He sort of seems okay with getting captured by demons. Who have Cas’ vessel and hir vessel’s family. Making them all in danger.



Dean DID NOT PLAN THAT. You can just see a part of Dean dying at this very moment. He is realizing he made a really terrible mistake and that, because of him, Cas may have never come back. And it is just killing him.

And Dean was just devastated for a moment in time, because Jimmy got shot in the stomach and the demons were about to beat a kid’s head in with a pipe. The only other true vessel Cas could take. But, I don’t know what luck pills Dean took that morning, because Cas comes to the rescue, which is his cue to try to defeat some demons. Like, demons I feel like he could have defeated if not for the fact that he may or may not be emotionally compromised by the fact that Cas is back but, because of his own actions, is in a little girl’s body.

And can I mention how Claire!Cas stands as close to Dean as long as ze possibly can throughout the whole spiel? I feel like that’s important.

Even when Cas has been tortured by Heaven, ze still keeps hir kindness. Or at least, what ze thinks is kindness.

Sacrifice! One of the major themes of this freaking depressing TV show. Cas faltered a bit when ze saw Jimmy’s sacrifice for his daughter. I think that brought about some of Cas’ character development, which is, quite awesome. Dean seems to be looking intently at the scene too, with a mixture of awe and what may be a bit of guilt? Because I am QUITE SURE that Dean sort of made this all happen in a very passive way.

A bittersweet way to finish of THAT storyline. Where Amelia and Claire never come back and Team Free Will never speak of it again. Can I mention how Cas passes Amelia completely and goes directly to Dean? Ze doesn’t stop to see if Claire is okay, ze completely rejects Amelia’s almost hug, doesn’t even acknowledge her. Hir eyes were set on Dean the moment Cas was back in hir original meat suit. Ze didn’t take hir eyes off of Dean. Even as ze got up. Then, BAM, Cas turns AWAY from Dean when ze gets close to the brothers. It’s not like everything is okie dokey fine with Dean and Cas right now. Cas was tortured in Heaven because of Dean.

When Cas begins to walk away, it’s Dean who stops hir, asks what Cas was going to tell him. And Cas? When ze looks at Dean, there’s flatness. That statuesque, coldness angels have that Cas was just beginning to lose. All back there again. And Dean can see it. And it hurts Dean. I mean, seriously, even with the coldness in Cas’ eyes, you can see the reeducation plastered on hir eyes with a bit of anger as well. And Dean knows that Cas got tortured because of him.

I serve Heaven. I don’t serve man. And I certainly don’t serve you.”

So, Dean got what he wanted. He got Cas back.

But I guess he didn’t really think ahead about how Cas was going to be after being tortured.

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I just read a fic last night called mirrors that had that premise of dean and Cas being together in every AU. It wasn't because of fate but because one of the versions of Cas was helping them get together so they'd be happy in every world. It was basically Dean learning lessons about himself and his feelings through each pairing. I think it was written long before season 12 introducing AU in canon too. Fanfictionnet I think it was

I love it! Will try to check it out…

I love that there is often a running theme in fics and fandom like this based on canon :)

This was written by my best tumblr friend, enjoy~

“Hello everyone! I’m Fem, a friend of Ari’s. Since, I love to write I decided to ask the majorly talented Ari if I could write one for you guys and she said yes! So, here it is:”

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Summary: babysitting Cas while he binge-watches Netflix

Written by: thefangirllifeismine 

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So my new fav fic writer is Sass_Master and you should go read their fics immediately.

They have a series called Dream of Now that’s basically cataloguing the development of Dean and Cas’ relationship, starting off in the bunker. 70k words in total, as of now, but the first one in the series, More Than Ever (20k), can definitely stand on its own if you wanna just start off with that.

I want to compliment the author’s use of humor in this series. There were moments when I was actually laughing out loud, all by myself. And what’s great is that those moments of humor came from the characters doing something mildly amusing but also so incredibly in character that I just needed to laugh.

Anyway, definitely check out this series, especially if you like:

  • slow build/ slow burn
  • human!cas
  • sub!dean
  • bunker fic
  • fics in which Sam obviously knows but doesn’t say anything
  • Charlie being super supportive (later in the series)
  • Dean and Cas going on hunts together
  • Dean in panties (though that only shows up in parts 4 & 5, as of now)
  • direct acknowledgement/discussion of bi!dean



How many million years of human evolution, and this is what I use my brain for?  >.>

After 10x17 I spent a lot of time scrutinizing Dean’s body language and and facial expressions and direction of gaze because of the whole was it flirting debate.  And one of the questions I came away with was “Dude, is Dean watching Donnie walk away?”  If you know what I mean.

After 10x18, same story.  “Dude.  Is Dean checking Cas out?”

These aren’t good GIFs so I recommend going back to the source video.  (That’s what I was looking at, these are just to illustrate the basic idea.)  The answer I came away with was “Maybe, but there’s tons of plausible deniability.”

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Hi, do you think Destiel is still on track?

Hi there!

I guess that kind of depends on what you mean by “on track.”  I know that back in season 8 a lot of us meta writers were talking about Carver’s three year plan and all that, which obviously isn’t applicable anymore given that the show is running longer than that.  A lot of the narrative arcs have accordingly (accordion-ly?) been stretched out and warped a little with time.  SO that means that when we talk about “on track,” we’re not talking about the measured- and frankly fast-paced- structure of season 8 with a very clear potential endgame, but about a much more nebulous and unpredictable structure just by the nature of television.

However, I do think that all the structural subtext that prompted half the fandom to double take in season 8 because holy shit are they actually going to do it??? is still there, and still being built upon.  I haven’t wavered on that point in three years (wow, it’s been three years).  There’s been a lot of building it on Cas’ side of things (basically 9x06-10x22) after the Dean-pining-fest that was season 8, and now with the first three episodes of s11 aired, it’s pretty clear that we’re back to building it on both sides, now that Dean is Mark-free.

I won’t go into details about season 9 & 10, because that’s a super long meta for another time.  (check out The Weight of the World is Love by @thevioletcaptain for analysis up to mid s9).  But looking at these first three episodes of season 11, we already have a plethora of not just Dean/Cas subtext, but also examinations of queerness that especially relate to Dean.

I talked about queerness in 11x01 here, primarily regarding Crowley but also how that reflects back on Dean.  Specifically, with all the male to female imagery, there’s a pretty persistent push against the idea of toxic masculinity that Dean has held onto for so long, and has only recently been rebelling against.  With the Mark gone, we’ll have a chance to see how Dean deals with his own rebellion under its influence, as an examination of Dean outside of the traditionally masculine spaces he’s carved for himself.  Of course, that examination doesn’t necessarily include sexuality, but given that the subtext of Dean’s sexuality has frequently been tied with his gender performance, it’s hard to imagine that it won’t.

11x02 features a textually queer character, Jenna, who was consistently tied with Dean in the ways they bonded and later worked together.  They were even color coded to be mirrors of one another:

It’s also been speculated that soulless!Jenna immediately went after her grandmother because of her strict religious upbringing, which probably included a healthy dose of homophobia, a tough situation for a young queer girl.  Incidentally, soulless!Jenna’s actions- lashing out at the parental figure who had restricted her in her childhood- is pretty similar to Dean’s actions as a demon- he also lashed out at the restrictions and orders that had been assigned to him as a child.  And visually tying all of that together is the fact that the most memorable time Dean wore this particular outfit was in 10x03, when demon!Dean tried to kill his brother with a hammer.  With all of that, it’s hard not to see 11x02 as an examination of the dangers relating to oppressive childhood experiences, including religious upbringing (which the hunting lifestyle could certainly be called; at the very least, religion in spn is related to destiny, which has been hanging over the Winchesters their whole lives) but also including sexuality.

Ironically, I felt that 11x03 was the weakest in terms of Dean/Cas or queer!Dean subtext- not in the sense that it didn’t have any, but because it was all due to the acting/directing rather than the structural subtext.  I don’t take that as a bad sign though.  Historically, Buckleming have been the most inconsistent and hamhanded with their structural subtext, either hitting us over the head with it, or lacking it entirely (see: 9x03).  Paired with a good director, their episodes are salvageable and can sometimes been very enjoyable with good Dean/Cas moments, but I’ve never been thrilled with their ability to actually write in subtext indicating the show is moving anywhere with the characters.

Basically, I don’t think that I can say that Destiel is “on track” because it’s hard to say what that means anymore.  I will say that I haven’t seen any dampening of the subtext between them, and that it all still feels like it’s moving toward an endgame.  How that happens will depend entirely on when that endgame is, but I’m still pretty optimistic about our chances.

Thank you for 14.5k!!!!! You’re all amazing and wonderful and I just love you all so much!

even you, porn blogs!!!! ;)

I decided to do something a little different and challenge myself to write more because I know I’ve been slacking (I promise there is a good reason for it and I hope you all like that said reason!!)

So, basically, there’s a list of 100 kinks and I need your help to find characters and pairings for each one!!!

All you have to do is…

  • be following me (if you want!)
  • reblog (maybe??)
  • check out the list of kinks
  • send me:
    • Number of the kink you have chosen 
        • if you want it to be anonymous, send it to me with a * and I will just write ANON 1 
    • Character (for reader insert) OR Pairing
      • I will not write: Sam/Benny, Dean/Benny, Cas/Benny, Sabriel, Dean/Gabriel, or Cas/any other angel, Lucifer or John Winchester with anyone (sorry)
    • Feel free to throw in a mini prompt if you have anything specific

I will fill out the list according to whosever ask I get first, so choose wisely!!!


let’s get kinky

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I had intended to send this as an anon ask, because I’m shy, but it got way too long, so I hope you don’t mind me sending it this way instead.

I know it’s not going to go down this way, based on what we know about season 10 so far, but my ideal scenario for dealing with the demon!Dean/MoC stuff would be for Sam & Cas to realize that the cure won’t work with human blood because of the MoC, but angel blood will work, because grace, only it will probably kill the angel, and they are trying to get away from the whole sacrifice thing. But as Cas points out, he’s dying anyway and at least this will be less slow and agonizing. So he performs the cure, only to collapse at the end of it, and Dean’s still tied up and can’t go to him, so he’s bellowing for Sam to come untie him, and Sam comes and sees the situation, and lets Dean go, and Dean scoops up Cas’s body and sits there with him cradled close, and he’s so raw after just coming through the cure, and so devastated, and all he can manage is just a broken “I loved him, Sammy.” And all Sam can do is put a hand on Dean’s shoulder, because they’ve got to relearn how to be brothers, and it’s going to be so hard and so painful, but he still loves his brother and he just fucking aches for him right now. And they stay like this for awhile, and Dean’s probably got tears on his face, but then eventually it registers - movement - Cas is breathing, and seems to be getting stronger, not weaker, so they bring him upstairs to a bed, and it turns out that instead of killing him, the cure just drained out the last of his stolen grace, making him basically human again, and he’s going to be fine, but Dean still insists on sitting beside him until he wakes up, and when Sam comes into the room later to check on them, they have their hands clasped together, and are talking in hushed voices, and Sam just backs out of the room quietly, because there’s lots that’s still broken, and lot’s that needs fixing, but right now he’s going to let these two have a moment of peace.

Ahhhhh I’m so happy you decided to come off anon for this because it is wonderful! As you said, I don’t see it going down in canon quite this way (although I absolutely DO thing angelic grace, and Cas’ in particular, will play a big part in saving Dean from being a demon and/or the MoC), but wow this is really beautiful and thank you for sharing. :’)

Message me (or reply to this post) your favorite Sam/Dean/Cas alternate characters

I am doing my top ten list again (if you just started following me, each week I pick a category and you guys message me your favorite 10 like before I did Top Ten angels, demons, minor characters, funny episodes, monsters, etc) and then I post the results

(I never used to tag everything like I did now, so I only have a few I have done before tagged if you want to check them out–Supernatural top ten

So if you want to be a part of it, awesome just message me your ten favorite (or even just one or a few just no more than 10)

Basically any form of Sam, Dean or Cas or anything Jared, Jensen or Misha have played on spn

(Soulless!Sam, Demon!Dean, Godstiel, Crazy!Cas, High!Dean, Sam Smith & Dean Wesson, Meta!Jensen/Jared/Misha–these can be lumped together since it was on a show together, Emanuel, Jimmy, Levi!Sam/Dean/Cas, Vamp!Dean, Shifter!Dean, Samifer, End!verse…you get the idea)

So just message that to me and I will post the results probably next weekend. Also, if you have an idea for a future top ten let me know, and remember this is just for fun I add up what people get and sometimes we don’t all agree with it but it is still fun to do.

Thanks =)

I’m Good With Forever

Written for the Destiel Christmas Mini Bang! Prompt: Lights
Tags: Pure Fluff, Engagement Fic
Read on AO3 HERE

After only thirty minutes spent at the outside market with Cas, Dean was sure his arm was going to fall off.

“Dean, look at this?”

“Dean, wow, that’s so pretty!”

“Dean, what about this one?”


Pulled in every single direction constantly for thirty minutes. It was still a wonder to him that he wasn’t more agitated with Castiel’s antics. But that’s kind of the side effect of loving someone—you learn how to put up with them when they’re a little bit crazy. Or a lotta bit crazy, but either way, he thought Cas was pretty damn cute.

His arm was still getting tired though, and he stopped to pull Cas in close to his side. Looping an arm low on his waist, Dean leaned over to kiss Cas’ shoulder through his multiple layers. It was colder out than they had anticipated, so the chill was bleeding through Dean’s two jackets and long-sleeved shirt. Cas, being the hot-blooded one in their relationship, was wearing only a tshirt and a thin sweater. “All right, all right, so is there anywhere in particular that you want to look at?”

Castiel looked around at all of the little glass houses on the row and then smiled at Dean. “All of them,” he said before looking back out at them. Having never been to an outdoor market before, he hadn’t known what to expect, but this was so much better. If anything he thought there might just be tables set up in a row with the shop owners pedalling their wares. Instead each shop had its own glass cottage, brightly lit and beautiful.

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