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That painful moment

When you have to hold back a comment because you know the other person is going to get all defensive and emotional and you’ve already dealt with too much of it that day and will quite possibly lose your cool and go into overdrive if one more person starts acting stupid.

OK where is your off switch?

First drawn on iPad, then at the halfway of the colouring process I moved to work on the computer. I’m a sucker for mermaid!aus, so of course I needed one for McLennon. I only used watercolour brushes + a crayon brush, and topped it with a watercolour texture in the background. Read more for the 2300 word story that I wrote to accompany this!

Paulos, the youngest son of King Triton, is forbidden from going on land. Ever since the kingdom of Atlantis lost its queen, Mary, to a mysterious disease, King Triton has strictly refused from letting anyone ashore. There is nothing else that Paulos wants, though, his curiosity too strong.

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Imagine Woozi surprising you by getting the food that you’ve been craving a lot recently.

Derek finds Will on a beach in Maine, just as the sun is beginning to set, and when he gets out of his car, he’s struck once again with how fucking beautiful Will looks.

The orange glow the sunset is casting makes his hair look almost gold, matching the dark yellow of the flannel he was wearing (and with a jolt, Derek realizes that the flannel is his, one he hadn’t seen in ages, just a little big on Will).

Will’s sweats are rolled up to his knees, sand flecked up his shins and covering his feet, and he looks more loose and at home than Derek has seen him in a long while, and he’s almost sure if he could see Will’s face, there would be a small smile on his face as he looks out on the water.

But then again, Derek can never be sure of what Will’s thinking, even after all these years.

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i’m so angry rn i can’t even

so a company big wig is coming to visit our office today

and i was asked to tidy my desk (i wasn’t offended. it was a hot mess)

so i basically just took all the crap that was on top of the desk and shoved it into drawers without filing it.

and i feel like that was a good metaphor for autistic assimilation/trying to pass .

because you don’t address the issues, really, you just sort of… make everything a little prettier on the outside for your guests.

My internet was out, so I spent basically the whole day drawing these guys. I love em. I love em so much.

cough i’m not exactly a master of drawing wings tho surry :S


       ❝ well…my mother’s in rare form today. DARE I ASK what the commander did to anger her this time ?

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Noona? (G-Dragon Scenario)

Archived | Posted October 29, 2015

Requested by anonymous

Hope you’ll like it, sweetie ^^ Enjoy~

Summary: The two of you are dating. You’re a 97 liner and feel very hurt when he, during an interview, says that he’d prefer to date someone older than him - because she can take care of him. You become cold and distant with him because of that and, when you get sick, you don’t tell him. He finds out, though.

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anonymous asked:

hey i've never lifted before but i've been following the community for sometime and would like to start. do you have any tips? i'm honestly clueless about how any of it works haha

hey welcome to the club!!😊 i’ll give u some tips i think all bby lifters should know
1. Start off smol, e.g. drugstore makeup. if u want bigger things it’s best to build slowly bc with experience n time comes like rly good lifting skilz😋✨
2. Always check for tags. Printed-on barcodes, or the kind made of just paper don’t set off alarms, but rfids do. They can look like barcodes but the paper they’re made out of is thicker and has a funny metal pattern on the sticky side. Sometimes they can look like featureless puffy stickers. ALWAYS remove them and never forget to check if they’re there. Tags on clothes are more difficult - you’ll need a magnet or hook to remove them, but I wouldn’t recommend going that far just yet
3. Concealing. i started off w the sleeve method which is basically just sticking crap up ur sleeves without being obvious about it. a good way to do it is to grab two of the same item and pretend to examine one while casually pushing the other into ur sleeve, and then putting the first one back. that way ppl don’t just see an item vanish into thin air
4. Never let anyone see u conceal. This includes cameras. Try to find a blind spot (a place where no cameras have u in their sights) and conceal there. It sounds obvious but it’s worth mentioning. If concealing w the method I explained above, don’t conceal in the sleeve facing the camera
5. It’s worth reading up on the shoplifting policies of the stores u intend to hit; are they allowed to pursue u outside the store if they’ve sussed u, etc.
6. If for some reason u beep as ur leaving, keep walking n act as if u didn’t notice - it’s unlikely they’ll tackle u lol. I usually try to exit along with a group of ppl or while pretending to be on my phone - I’ve never beeped but it helps w nervousness
7. Don’t lift stuff u don’t want. Ur risking urself for these things, at least make sure they’re worth it
8. We tend to have lil policies ourselves. Don’t take from charities or independent businesses - they need the money. Don’t take from individual ppl. Don’t rat out other lifters.
9. Don’t get overconfident. When u do that u make mistakes and eventually you’ll get caught. When u feel like ur endangering urself, that’s a sign it’s time to take a break
This is all I could think of off the top of my head. If anyone has anything else to add I hope they’ll go ahead!! And I wish u luck bby lifter, lemme know if everything goes well (sorry for the long post lol)❤️❤️✨


5 years ago I drew comics of my fav scenes in fanfics and now my life has come full circle LMFAOHFDJOIGF Scene from the latest chapter of probably the only ongoing RinMaki English fic LMAOOO I was like OH BOY TEENAGE MELODRAMA MY FAVORITE but then I got upset cos Rin was upset and my biggest weakness is cheerful genki characters all sad and upset ok

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hey hey so im 15 and ive never been on a plane before and ive been trying to express to my parents that im terrified of flying. they keep telling me that they'll drug me up (basically just a crap ton of benadryl) before we get on so i'll be unaware that im even on it, but honestly i am absolutely convinced that the one plane that i get on will be the one that crashes and we all will die. ive told them that and they keep giving me statistics but honestly im so scared. would you have any advice???

that’s flight anxiety my dude (i get nervous when someone talks about getting me on a plane too)

totally normal for first time flyers. i say take a benedryl, something to listen to music on, and an eye mask so you can easily close your eyes and sleep and just relax for the flight

it wont crash, it’ll be absolutely fine. it isnt even that often for planes to crash so im confident in your safe trip!


reckless serenade a barney/robin fanmix made from random songs i like


reckless serenade arctic monkeys // lies CHVRCHES // all of me john legend // do it anyway ben folds five // stolen dance milky chance // VCR the xx // fire augustana // love me harder ariana grande & the weeknd // new york blind pilot // hey pixies 

This is currently my line up. I started a few days ago but thanks to this 0 ap weekend I’ve made a lot of progress. I bought some jewels just to unlock everything during this 0 ap event and I think I got enough materials and mythril to upgrade everything to the max hopefully.  But I have a few questions. #1 anything I should farm the crap out of now specifically before the 0 ap goes away? #2 what did you mean by “usually boxes overlap by a day so you can see if the next box is any good before pulling the trigger.” #3. Is there a way (without paying) to get medals besides just the basic crap common ones i get 100 of like donald and goofy? And #4 I’m hitting the peak of my damage I think….my starlight is 27 and every medal I use is lv 100…any other tips for improving damage? Any help is greatly appreciated. 

1. evolution medals; i don’t do this myself anymore bc i don’t have the patience but i know some people keep a stack or two of mickeys and a bunch of fairies on hand for future evolution needs

2. i’m not sure how global lines up their boxes, but right now we’ve got the last 24 hours of the 6 boxes from last week overlapping with the first 24 hours of the new Aqua box. if i wasn’t sure if i wanted to spend jewels on a box from last week, i could wait until today to see what the new box is and make a decision based on that information.

3. honestly the majority of the medals you get will be from pulling, whether you do it with free jewels or paid. events are another source, and you’ll usually be able to get some good ones there. i think right now past event medals drop from Adventurer in global union cross (we have Hayner B, Pence B and Olette B dropping in JP multiplayer right now).

4. if you don’t have chips and dales maxed out on your medals, do that now if you can. other than that, your setup has some decent buffs but there’s no medal for them all to concentrate on, if that makes sense - ideally you’d want a bunch of buffers at the beginning so you can have some damage dealers at the end to hit cleanup. i’d swap out orchestra sora and sora & roxas, at the very least.

hope that helps!