basically i'm making all their scenes or something like that xd

hyperbravedubs  asked:

I've been hesitant to ask anything here but, I've been struggling when it comes to drawing and coloring. I'm not sure how to get better. I've asked for tips many times and well just practice is all I get. Heh. I'm really trying. I'd just like some way of helping myself. Is there a way too?

Hmm. Okay, this is going to be a LOOOOOOONG POST. 

I don’t know how much advise I can offer but I will tell you what helps me, and how I colour. I’ll break it down into sections. XD 


I very much recommend live drawing. Particularly for anatomy. Live drawing helps you learn the basic structures of the human body. How the skin folds, how joints bend and move, how to gain perspective. It trains your brain and makes you able to draw a lot better, a lot faster and more accurately.

With anatomical drawing: Do break it down into shapes and lines. Shapes and lines are your friends in drawing.

Like, the shape of the basic human ribcage can be described like a shape of an egg. Artists like Leonardo De Vinci broke down the anatomical forms of the human body into basic shapes.

Lines helps you gain movement into the body. They, along with shapes, are you basic frame for anatomical drawing.

Don’t be afraid of failure or mistakes. If a drawing failures or has mistakes, then it’s something you’ve learnt. You can then apply what you know now from your to a new drawing.

Drawing Style

Drawing style does very from person to person. But looking at comic artists styles can be a great source of inspiration. And maybe mix styles up.

I’d say my style is like a combination of Naruto and Deadman Wonderland.

With time, drawing style does develop and it does. Like, mine has changes so much within a year.

This one was made on the 5th of January 2016. 

And then there’s this one:

 This was made on the 6th of January 2017. 

They may be subtle changes, but anatomically speaking, it’s a lot better than last year. 


Let’s use a visual example to explain this: 

Colouring is really dependent on the style of the artist. For any tips with digital colouring, always have separate layers from your base colour and your shading.

As you can see, I love layers. I am very thankful for them. And use a lot of them. 

So I always start with a layer for  base colours:


 For my shading style, I prefer to use cell shading, so sharp lines and blocked colours to represent tone. However, instead of using a black colour as my shading, I think about what colours would be suitable for the setting and lighting of a scene. So, say the lighting or scene was more pigment with reds and oranges, then I’d want the same colours for my shading (and highlighting). 

The darkest red in the top right side is my shading colour, whilst the two on the two of the left (the lighter coloured reds) are more to be used for highlighting. 

 When setting my layers, I set them to “Multiply”, and turn the opacity to about 50-70%.  Up to you.

I usually make two layers of shading, one for the main and primary shading:

And another for secondary: 

And one other layer for highlights. For highlighting, I set the layers settings to “add” or “add (glow)”. Some programs may call it something else, like Sai calls it “luminosity”.

It may not seem much, but it definitely brightens up the eyes and the shine of the metal neck (brace?). 

It just gives your character more dimension and lil’ touch of realism. Whether you decide to have soft or cell shading is up to you. 

Once you’ve feel happy with it, you can always add any extra effects. 

So, usually to brighten up the colours and the character, I use similar colours on a separate layer, and set that layers setting to “overlay”. Again, set that to around 50-60%. But it’s up to you.

And for effects like the magic, I use the “add (glow)” layer setting again. For colour, I use the most vibrant red on my colour pallet. So the one on the top left.

Now, something that my lovely friend Cross taught me. When I know I’ve finished everything, but want to give it a bit more “oomph”, then I make a duplicate of the completed drawing, use a “gaussain blur” and set the opacity to about 60-80%.  Once that’s done, I go to edit and use a “colour balance” effect. 

Giving me this result. It just gives the drawing more charisma and “badassery”. 

How you shade and colour is entirely up to you. It is a practice thing, but it doesn’t hurt to experiment with other techniques. 

I’m not very skilled when it comes to soft shading, with the exception of some architectural backgrounds (sometimes). But I can definitely see the appeal.

 Say @kiacii for example, rather than cell shading, she uses soft shading that almost has a sharp edge. She uses SAI and the ’shade’ setting of her layer. And her drawing and colouring style is stunning. With just subtle changes in colour and layer settings, it really makes her work come to life. Which is one of the reasons I hold her so highly. 


 Brush type is really up to you and which you feel most comfortable with. Or experiment. 

Traditional work: 

I really can’t do traditional comics. So instead I save the comics for digital, and use traditional mediums like oil paints, acrylics, watercolours,  inks etc. for traditional life painting. 

One of my artist studies on Melanie Rothman’s paintings. 

Pencil portrait of my friend from school.

It seriously takes practice and patience. But you can do it :D I hope this helps xDD 

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I'm writing a scene in my fanfic in which a sci-fi geek from Earth and a science geek from a magitech society compare notes on interdimensional transportation, and I thought it would be a nice tribute if the Earth geek mentioned the YW series as an example. Since the Errantry is down for maintenance at the moment, could you give me a quick rundown on how planet- or dimension-hopping wizardry works, just so I can be sure I get it right? Technobabble will do just fine, of course. XD

I’m having kind of a horrific day as regards Earth-based tech, so it’s a pleasure to deal with a different kind for a bit. :)

Worldgating, whether just planet-to-planet or dimension-to-dimension, exploits the same basic phenomenon. It’s all about wormholes of one kind or another, which are the simplest way to work one’s way around the small-beer issues of mere distance or the boundaries between universes. Convincing one piece of space that another one is right next to it is mostly math: solving for incidental local motion after the fact is way less complicated.

“Convince” is a key word here: both the strictly mechanical and the strictly wizardly modes of gating do this, though in different ways (and the wizardly one is more about persuasion. (No harm in remembering that the word “convince” has the old word for brute-force conquest at its root). Mechanical worldgating forces the issue with straightforward temporospatial equivalences in physics, and hence is colossally energy-intensive. Wizardry is a dodgier and less certain instrumentality for gating – space and time may decline to cooperate for a number of reasons – but lower in energy requirements, because, frankly, persuasion is more congenial to everybody involved than brute force. Even “insensate” matter prefers to be asked for consent, and to give it. And you really wouldn’t like subspace when it gets angry.

Many professional worldgating systems operate on mechanical versions of the equivalence protocols, and get around the energy requirements with big energy-harvesting systems like the SunTap technology, which stimulates and then cannibalizes the energy output of a nearby energetic star. (When we saw STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, my immediate reaction to Starkiller Base was to snicker a bit and lean over to Peter and mutter, “Oh look, they bought themselves a second-hand SunTap.”) Others prefer the hybrid approach, and build systems that expolit both science and wizardry. This methodology is what the Crossings uses, having built itself in its earliest days on top of an already-standing worldgate; such are always more amenable when wizardry makes up at least part of the equation. The Crossings also has and uses a SunTap, since its star is high-powered and energetic enough not to mind the minuscule [for a type O giant star] power parasitization, and the two systems work more or less in parallel, with some interleave when high-traffic situations or other more complicated conditions require.

It’s perhaps a touch paradoxical that between-planets / “intraspatial” gatings require more computation and more energy than between-dimensions “extraspatial” / “extracontinual” transport. Separate universes (especially if they bubbled / spawned from common parent superstrata) apparently find one another easier to reblend with, even over vast interfaces, than separate parts of the same space. Possibly this is because time tends to run more or less the same way (regardless of direction) inside a given universe; and there may be something to the old saying that “time is Nature’s way of keeping everything from happening at once”: as it did, once upon a time, in this universe anyway. Different universes, when brought briefly enough into sync to allow passage, seem to be less fussed about the issue. Some philosophers here and there have theorized that the One Itself is only one of many, a bubble of singularity in a far vaster continuum of Deity than we’re at all capable of perceiving, let alone understanding; and that the snuggliness of universes is just a symptom of the greater truth that the Many  like to get together for a chat now and then. But no one really knows.

…Philosophizing aside, hope this helps. :)


Guys, guys, guys, I really like how this turned out, I mean everyones faces are so cute! Anyway, everyone ready for a really long explanation, alright, let’s gooooooo!

 Okay so since it’s a long story, I’m just gonna write the basics. 

 Final battle.

 Foot vs Hamato clan.

 Shredder fighting Splinter. Splinter is now unconscious.

 Mikey shows up on the scene and without even thinking he yells out to shredder to stop. Shredder turns on Mikey (this scene can be found here) Shredder fights Mikey and is winning April shows up and saves Mikey. Splinter and the gang (April,Miwa, and Casey) take Mikey back to the lair cause he’s hurt pretty bad. 

 Mikey stays with them and heals for months (at least 5) (Random things happen in that time x, x, and x. [I need to draw more of this time]) 

 Meanwhile he’s bros are going crazy searching for him and trying to get him back (shredder lied to them and told them the Hamatos kidnapped Mikey) Finally Mikey is able to go to his bros, but can’t go with them cause shredder will kill him for his betrayal (a comic about that can be found here. Mikey tries to explain that April and Splinter, all the Hamatos are good. His bros think that Splinter must have tricked Mikey or mind controlled him or something to get him to say that and is laying out a trap (or something like that) cause why would their Master lie to them.

 But when Mikey looks to Don and calls him “Donnie” for the first time since before Mikey lost his arm (which is at least 6 to 7 years, [this little part about the name was @purpletechtyrtle ]). Donnie is so shocked by this and then he notices the tiny spark of light in Mikeys eyes that he hasn’t seen in so many many years, and Donnie believes him. (Hence the comic above) And there you have it so far XD haha this is waaaaaay near the end of my story buuuut, these parts are the most clear in my mind. I hope all this makes sense and is not too confusing!

Star Wars Fanfic Recs: Part 2 (one-shots and collections)

Onto the second “arbitrary list of really awesome Star Wars fics” (Part 1 here)  - these are mainly one-shots, or short fics with a common theme. The great thing about one-shots is that they’re a really quick read, so it’s like being punched in the heart multiple times in a row?! This is quite a long list, so please please read under the cut for all of them!

→ Inversion and Aggressive Negotiations by Lisse | “I’m Leia Skywalker. I’m here to rescue you.” & “Five times Prince Luke Organa’s diplomatic powers failed him.”

Connected scenes of a Luke and Leia switcharound AU, this is such a wonderful portrayal of Leia as a Jedi and Luke as a diplomat - their reactions to canon events are very in-character, especially, especially with how they react to Vader. The final scene basically hit me with a million feelings.

→ Third Face of Reality by Fialleril | “Order. Stability. Change.”

 A series of three drabbles for three Jedi (guess who) and the cycle of nature they represent. Brilliantly written and it fits so well, such genius.

 Greyspace by Fialleril | “Fights were defined by words you couldn’t take back.”

A very interesting AU where Anakin turns on and defeats Sidious during his confrontation with Windu, except Sidious does end up a prisoner of the Jedi Council. What I love about this is that it also has a really realistic look at the issues that Anakin and Padme’s marriage would have, even if it were no longer a secret. This Palpatine is so perfectly… Palpatine, and the final sentence sets up such potential for this universe, that I really wish I could see how it continues.

 The Hero With No Fear by RoxieFlash | “They finally begin to remember.”

If there’s one thing better than Luke–Anakin parallels, it’s references to Matthew Stover’s ROTS novelisation, and this blends both into a really powerful one-shot.

 Perfect Odds by PlaidButterfly | “He saw the light of recognition in Luke’s eyes, and grinned a jackal’s smile, something unkind and more full of fangs than a Jedi’s should ever be.”

Most depictions of Anakin as a Force ghost portray him after he’s found peace, but this takes another angle with the “Vader” part of his spirit instead – it’s very chilling and confronting, and reminds you just how frightening Vader really was.

The next three fics by Fialleril explore facets of Anakin’s PTSD during the Clone Wars:

→ Psalm 137 | “Sometimes, there is collateral damage.”

During the storming of the Jedi Temple, Anakin has a flashback to the war. I know a lot of people think the scene where he murders the younglings to be jarring and inexplicable, but this fic does an incredible job at connecting the dots and making his thought process tragically, and disturbingly, believable. It’s a very dark and very powerful piece.

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gamezxd  asked:

Omg I'm in love with your blog 💘 the latest ep 19 of snb had me shook!!😵 hope they make up and MAPPA gives them the happy ending they DESERVE! Do you by any chance know and recommend me some charinina fan fiction? Haven't found many 😢... Also what's ur prediction on so ep20😱 I've seen pic of nina in her doctor suite it appears .....what if nina got hurt battling that psycho!! What if they told charioce they killed and he believes it!!!!! *sorry if I asked too much*

Omg this is so cute and nice thank you so much. Don’t apologize you didn’t ask to much and your ask made my really happy.

Originally posted by dailyskyfox

I’m sorry it took me so long to respond but adult live and all the responsibilities that come with it sucks. I couldn’t finish writing this until now.  Please pardon my english since is not my native language and sorry because this is kind of messy.

Now let’s go in order here. Are nina and charioce gonna make up?? I think they would. I mean they give us this moment? 

We’ll probably get a “putting the glass shoes on cinderella” kind of scene. They ending hints that after all.

That is unless mappa decides that the shoes should suffer the same destiny as other significant objects in the story such as charioce’ ring or the chili pepper that had potencial be used more but were lost forever and never brought up again. But i have trust in Mappa so i think they’re gonna have more beautiful scenes and an good ending that fits their love history.

About the fanfiction disgracefully I haven’t been reading to much of it lately. I just have been busy and in the actual free time I hace i’m either doing more fanarts for my portfolio or discussing the chapters or simply speaking with other in discord. On top of it just as you said there’s really little amount of charinina fanficts so apart from this one here I can’t really give you more recommendations i’m sorry. Please take into account that this fanfict is:

  1. In completely in spanish so if you don’t know the language you won’t be able to understand it
  2. If you can actually read it I have to warn you that is little angsty. The story is about charioce pov in all his encounters with nina, what he think of her and all his feelings until episode 13 more or less. Is beautifully written and the angst is nothing heartbreaking more is really tasteful but taking into account how angsty ep 19 was maybe you wouldn’t like to read it

Now if you ask me about my predictions I have to say that I don’t really have one. I have many xD i’ll put a tl;dr here with what I actually think is what gonna happen in episode 20:

Basically what I expect to happen the next episode is: Nina fights the hunter and transform into a dragon to do so. The explosion free kaisar and favaro and then they help her. Nina manage to defeat the hunter but gets badly hurt in the progress. Her transformation attracts the other knights that were searching for them. Just when the three of then are about to get killed. Azazel and co. appears after speaking a bit with Jeanne and Sofiel as they also saw the light of nina transformation and went to save them. They manage to escape and then rita has to health nina. Episode end with charioce eating the next day only to be informed falsely that the red dragon was killed. 

Apart from all that we also may see more of Gabriel and her possible transformation(?) in a fallen angel?? I mean she isn’t glowing anymore and dark feathers are around her.

Or maybe Lucifer will finally finish his book and do wharever he was planing??

I also have some analysis of a theory i heard and other options I thought about that scene with rita in her doctor clothes but that would go under a read more because this have become way to long xD.

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Okay wait let me explain

Okay, so me @mushlord and were talking about this Hubworld type of thing where Toons from all over different cartoons and stuff could all meet (though I mostly sent them asks explaining my ideas ans they responded, heh xD) and these ideas have lain dormant in my head forever, so I finally decided to make an AU out of it. Pretty much a crossover of all types of Western Cartoons, how they work, and what they do. I’ll also include Anime in this too!

Okay, before I start- this is NOT like @indygnation ’s Crossover World AU for Western Cartoons and Anime. We have seperate ideas, and while mine might be similar, I repeat, I do not intend to STEAL or TAKE any of ideas. They deserve all the credit they should have for their sideblog @akiburg dedicated to that AU.

ALSO NOTE that some of this is made up, as this IS an AU, but it is meant as a small filler to help explain how the AU works.

Okay, ready?


Let’s start off with Toon basics.

First off- Toon Classes.

Toon classes list from A-D, A being the best, and D being the worst. A-class Cartoons are usually Toons like Mickey, or Bugs, from Disney, and Warner Brothers respectively.

An example of a D-class cartoon would be a small Humanoid toon, such as, ohhh, lets say Kids Next Door. Humanoid toons have the same abilities as toons, but… well, different.

It goes like this in a durability scale.

Anthropomorths are on the top of this list. They can take the most abuse and jump right back without being hurt- it makes it funny.

Organic beings come next, like Rabbits (not anthropomorphs) or something. This also includes plants.

Next would be inorganic beings, like hydrants or houses…

And finally, Humanoid toons.

Humanoids don’t have the same durability as Anthropomorphs and other beings, mostly because they were drawn that way- to be as close to humans as possible.

As seen from Who Framed Roger Rabbit (WFRR), Jessica Rabbit clearly states that she was “Drawn this way”. She was drawn to be sexually attractive- her toon ability being able to stay calm and cool during a massicre, unless it threatens her life, “Oh my GOD, THAT’S DIP!!” (WFRR).

HOWEVER! Jessica would be considered a Toon in a highee durability class than D-class- as Humanoid Toons in D-class have no toon abilities at all, remaining the “weakest” of toons. However, their one strength to being so fragile, is their ability to think like a Human. There is one song in WFRR that can always get a toon to come out- Cut and Shave. While an Anthropomorph or any other toon can’t resist it… most Humanoid toons can- especially D-class. They have a human mind that helps rationalize, rather than being run by something being funny.

Okay, other than that… C-class is next!

Jessica would be part of the C-class. She has a Toonic ability that sets her apart from other humanoid toons. C-class toons usually don’t have access to their hammerspaces, (I’ll explain this later) so they usually use other items to help negate that. Ed Edd and Eddy would probably be part of this class too, because of their weird shenanigans.

C-class doesn’t really have anything different about them, other than having more toonlike abilities- but there IS a difference, I assure you. Alright, moving right along…


Okay, this one opens up the range a little bit.

B-class toons would probably consist of toons such as the Duck nephews from Disney, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Able to access their hammerspace (again, explained later) and able to use Toonspeed and Toontornado with some difficulty at best. Tooncut is something very few B-class toons can achieve.

What is Toonspeed, Tooncut, and Toontornado? Wellll- you know how a character seems to go from one space, to zooming away with a cloud of dust folowing them? Well, that’s Toonspeed. It allows a Toon to reach faster than light speeds for a short amount of time- or longer, depending on the scene. If you’re Sonic, however, it would be considered your “Toon ability”.

Toontornado is that thing where a character spins around and changes clothes- A-class toons can do this in a matter of seconds. Another example of a Toon Tornado is when two characters fight each other- it can end of with both of them wearing each other’s clothes, only to swich back later. The simplest of Toon Abilities.

Finally, Tooncut. Tooncut is when you see a character on one screen, get then off screen and walk the other direction- only to find then there too. It’s like cutting across time and space to the space where it would seem the funniest. Also helpful when cutting someone off when they’re leaving.

Okay, now with that explained- finally, A-class toons!

This would include Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Bugs, Daffy, etc- they’re the top of the top, most durable and funny cartoons. Roger would be a part of this class too. Able to use any Toon Ability to their advantage, Toonspeed, Toontornado, and Tooncut. They’re also able to take out ANYTHING from their Hammerspace.

And finally time to explain Hammerspaces!

Hammerspace is a name given to the strange happenings when a Toon reaches behind their back to bring out a random seeming item, or something important to the plot. This would explain Animaniacs bringing in of Mallets and other things.

As explaines by the Wiki-

“Hammerspace (also known as malletspace) is a fan-envisioned extradimensional, instantly accessible storage area in fiction, which is used to explain how animated, comic, and game characters can produce objects out of thin air. This phenomenon has existed in animation for years, dating back to early Warner Bros.‘ Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies animated cartoons”. (Wikipedia)

D-class toons can’t access hammerspace at all, C-class needs the assistance of external items, B-class can take small to medium items, while A-class can take out ANYTHING and EVERYTHING.

A and B-class toons are usually the ones with TV and Cartoon shows, obviously.

Okay, I think that’s all I have to share for this beginning intro thing for this AU… so, until next time! Oh, if you have any questions, feel free to ask!


How’s this is going to be structured. I write a small comparison between each character because I don’t want to:

- Be over-explaining something to the point of annoyance

- Repeat the same themes

- Be not concise or clear

One thing to make clear however before I start! I am aware that their personalities have been formulated by their pasts and are ‘justified’ - not necessarily justified, but the beginning leads well to the conclusion sort of justified - by them (even if they are wrong ways to behave, etc.) As well, this is biased based on my preference in personalities (and whatever my memory can sustain of the routes, so some information may be inaccurate or can be interpreted differently by someone else), so don’t take this as 100% objective gold, which should now convince you that Mr. Vroom Vroom Sakamki is the best gosh darn vampire and person that ever was and you cannot like or love another, he is the only you must like, etc. etc. etc. Also, I am not the greatest fan of all the Mukamis other then Azusa, that has to be said. So, my review will be biased mostly likely harsher on them more. Just warning you all. Otherwise, have fun reading this long piece of shit writing! XD

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I saw your 19 days comic and I just want to say it is illegal to be that amazing at art I thought there was a new chapter ((also got any tips because I hate most things I draw and I'm kinda losing motivation I guess?))

Thank you so much! I’m not amazing at art at all so I guess I’m far from being illegal! :9 I don’t know if I’m in the right position to give any advice in drawing since I’m also an artist-in-training myself. But here are few advice I have during my ongoing quest to become a true artist! The answers here would be based on my personal experiences if you don’t mind. Here goes!

1. Keep practicing.

There is a saying ‘practice makes perfect improvements’ after all. Do iterative drawing everyday for at least an hour. Iterative drawing is a process where you draw the same thing over and over again but you have to tweak each one of them to look better than the last one. I’ve been doing this a lot lately. This is also how I’ve found the eyes that I desire to draw. Practice helps you find out more about what you wanna draw. It also improves your muscle memories~ both hands and brain! It’s the best way to improve.

2. Be mindful of details.

I tend to be very critical of details. My OCD at work. I’ve got this habit of staring intently at artworks. I don’t know if that’s bad or not but being attentive about details is good I think. If you’re doing fanart, the best way to make them look like the characters you wanna draw (regardless of your art style) is to take a closer look at their features. If their eyes are pointy then try to make your drawing pointy. If they have thick brows, then try your best to thicken their brows. If the brows have an arc then don’t forget that too!

I remember reading somewhere that Rei (from Free!) has a long face. Ever since then it stuck to my mind that he has a long face. KyoAni didn’t say that for any other characters either so it just stuck to me. Since then, I have to remember that Rei has to have that long face whenever I draw lol I guess it’s because of my mindfulness of details, my drawings look almost (if not exactly) like canon. The same goes for the official comment I’ve read about Rin having a nice eyebrow shape and Makoto having a big mouth (literally).

3. Do not overthink.

I did say to be mindful but also do not overthink. This happens a lot when you don’t know what to draw. When you over think, you end up procrastinating. It’s better to just randomly doodle! It’s weird but everytime I doodle randomly, the chances that I’d finish something is much higher lol Just like that fancomic for 19 Days, it all started with a doodle. I didn’t even have a story. I just wanted to see a scene where Guan Shan cries with a bloody mouth lol XD and thus, a comic was born. It was even colored. I’m very bad with colors especially since I’m color blind. I can’t differentiate most colors lol and I can’t do backgrounds to save my life either! And this has led me to another tip.

4. Do not be afraid to experiment!

It was 8am and I haven’t slept coz I was in the mood okay? I was like, to color or not to color? When I decided to color it, I thought, it needs to have a background otherwise it would look like it’s all happening in heaven. So I tried tweaking my Photoshop brushes to create a good texture for the leaves. When it looked pretty good, I was so happy. The fact that I didn’t chicken out on experimenting with the backgrounds felt great! No regrets! I learned new things because of it. And for some reason, I’m looking forward to experimenting with colors and brushes once again!

5. Set your standards.

An example is your desired style. Mine is one that captures the feel of the anime/manga/show I am drawing for. And a free-flowing body dynamics, please!

I have lots of artists I idolize! I’m sure you have your own art goals too! It’s not bad to get inspired and influenced by one or many artists. I know a few people, including myself, who started out by mimicking art styles. I learned how to draw by mimicking. I wasn’t trained. Now that I’ve got pretty much the basics down, I hope to deviate from mimicking official art styles. But of course, the influences they have on my works still show. I don’t think that’s bad in itself. Everyone is influenced by at least one thing or person.

Before, the biggest influence in my style is obviously Free! But recently, I feel like I’m seeing the influence of Kuroshitsuji, Kuroko no Basket, Shingeki no Kyojin (anime), One Piece, Bleach and CLAMP in my work. This is probably why my drawings look very similar to the style of all these anime/manga because the influences are from there! I’ve only drawn Japanese anime since I was young, so the only style I know is Japanese anime (aside from realism, I can’t draw cartoons to save my life!!!). Back in the days, where internet’s barely available, all I had was cable TV. I had to draw my favorite anime characters while watching just so I can keep them on paper lol this is probably why I’ve become quite flexible. If you wanna be flexible, you can do that! XD

Lots of people thought my fancomic was official but look at the difference~ the feel has fooled everyone. Which is what I am striving for. Not fooling the people but making the people feel the feel!

6. Keep your old drawings. Compare.

Don’t crumple them and throw them in the trash bin and burn them!! No matter how shitty or deformed they look, just DON’T! One day, when you’ve become an awesome artist, compare your recent and old drawing. You’d be proud of the progress you’ve made! It would end up becoming a hilarious remembrance instead.

7. Look at references and tutorials.

I still use some myself. I’m very bad at hands and pretty much the rest of the body. I try to rely on how I remember the human body a lot and my memory ain’t that good tbh In my mind, I have a good grasp on how the hands look like but when I draw it on canvas, it looks so weird (if you take a closer look at my drawings, you’ll see a lot of anatomical mistakes lol). So it’s good to use some references. If it’s from an existing photo/art just make sure to credit them. Oh and. I wouldn’t recommend tracing and uploading your traced drawing and claiming it yours lol. Try to avoid that please. I’ve seen people do it… o_o; You can trace for practice and compare it to your freehand drawing. It helps you with accuracy by comparing your traced and freehand drawing. Sometimes you can even memorize the entire thing haha (I do sometimes, coz muscle/brain memory)

If there’s a pose I can’t do, I make my brother pose for me or take a photo of myself and use that as my guide (I break them down into basic shapes). Also, try some live drawing! Like, go to the park and quick draw the people/animals you see! 

In regards to the tutorials, there are a lot on the web! Like thousands of them for free!! I have this habit of saving tutorials but never using them. That beats the purpose of saving them, doesn’t it? So, when you do end up being in the mood to save art tutorials, keep them in one folder and make sure you try them out like ASAP. I don’t get most of them the first try but when I take a break and do it again after a few days, I end up nailing the thing! :D

8.  Take a break.

Yes just like what I mentioned in #7! Sometimes you gotta take a break. After some heavy duty drawing practice, you need to refresh. I keep forgetting to take a break and I end up getting depressed whenever I see little to no improvement. Stop and do other things for a while, when you do come back, do a bit of sketching/doodling to get your jive back. When I do this, I end up liking what I draw. XD

9. Don’t rush………………………….. period.

There’s no magic spell that would make you draw professionally instantly. So don’t rush. It took me a lot of years to be able to draw how I draw now and it’s not even that good yet. So yeah. Don’t rush. Rushing will make you impatient and frustrated. I’ve been there so believe me. It won’t help.

10. Show your work and have people comment on it.

This is the scariest part I think. Like, who wants to be criticized, right? When I made this Tumblr blog, I didn’t have any intention of posting drawings because I was really depressed about my art. I used to mod ask-blogs until I realized I really sucked at drawing LOL I can see all my mistakes and I don’t want people to point them out because it friggin’ hurts. But there was one time my little cousin asked me to draw a Hetalia DJ for her birthday and I had nowhere to post it. I was embarrassed to post it on FB//// So I posted it here where almost no one followed me. I got some good reviews from people I don’t know and it became a motivation for me to come out of my shell once again and try.

11. Love your work.

Last year, I got really depressed about my art. Then a friend of mine (who’s an amazing artist!!!) talked to me about it. I confessed to her how I never really cared much about my art at all. I didn’t like it to the point I’ve almost hated it. I wanted to stop drawing. The only reason I started drawing was so I’d have a way to tell my stories. I can’t write novels/fanfics at all. I’m honestly bad with expressing in words.

Regardless, I’ve gained lots of followers within the 2 years I’ve been using this blog. I thank everyone who has supported me until this point. I used to not like my work because of all the imperfections. But, there is always beauty in imperfection. (Yeah that’s my blog tagline XD) I’ve learned to love my art along the way. And it’s all thanks to you guys!

I still have people who criticize my art (esp about my style) but I don’t mind it that much anymore. I have a love and hate relationship with drawing but I don’t want to divorce it because I’ve been married to it for so long. Why should I stop just because a couple of people criticizes my art when there are thousands of you who appreciates my art AND stories? 

Despite what everyone in the world says, I know that I have worked hard. I’d choose to skip dinner or sleep just so I could finish a piece of my comic for everyone to enjoy. It’s tiring but worth the effort. I receive lovely comments/messages that strengthens my resolve to draw more and improve more. That said, I’m sure that if we keep practicing, we’ll be able to art the way we like to someday!

For motivation, this varies from people to people. But here’s what I do to motivate myself!

1. Listen to music.

Put your most favorite music on your playlist. The ones where you’ll end up singing along with and loop it all. Since I work during the day/afternoon, night time is my only time to draw. I end up working all through the night til early morning so I end up getting sleepy (coz tired yeah). But when I hear my favorite music, I end up singing along with it and for some reason, I start feeling alive again haha

I like music that has this angsty feels to work so I listen to Hiroyuki Sawano’s music a lot. Songs sung by Aimer, Annabel, Maki Chang, Mika Kobayashi are A+++

2. Draw what you like to draw.

Draw anything you like. As much as possible, draw a scene you wanna see the most with your characters or smth. Not just a person standing without doing anything. For example, A is hugging B from behind. Sketch it. Even the basic form is ok. Don’t worry about it not turning out the way you want them to. This happens a lot to me and it’s frustrating to the MAX!! Like the drawing tip I mentioned before, do iterative drawing! It will come to you when it does!

3. List down things.

Get a cork board or whiteboard or even just a simple paper, write down the stuff you wanna get done ASAP. Write them big. No matter how simple the tasks are write them. And when you’re done with like “washing dishes” cross them out with a red marker/pen! The more things crossed out in your list, the more motivation you have to finish the rest. I think it’s how the mind works. Or at least, that’s how my mind works lol Just don’t write too much stuff tho, you’ll get overwhelmed! XD

4. Write down your ideas.

Similar to #3. Your ideas fuels your motivation! Especially if the idea is fun and original~ you just can’t help but want to work faster so you’d be the first one to post it! An original idea is always (if not usually) appreciated.

5. Rewatch your favorite show (like an episode or a clip).

You’ll get plenty of ideas you’d wanna draw from this. I like rewatching certain episodes because it fuels my drive!!!

6. Acceptance.

Sometimes we get depressed because we can’t achieve what we want. Thus, the lack of motivation. Let’s just accept how we are today. But never give up! Keep arting. If you give up now, you’ll never be able to show them how awesome you are and awesome-r you could have been! :3

WOW gosh. This turned out so long and I feel like I just ranted. Sorry about that, I have lots of feelings. The quest to improvement as an artist is a long, taxing and neverending journey! I don’t know if this would actually help but I hope it does. It helps me~ except when my depression is deep deep deep down in the gutters lol Goodluck with your drawing endeavors!

OH. There is also something called Peak Hour. This is the hour where our body, brain and motivation is at its peak! Try to find out yours and start working around those hours. Mine is around 2am-4am lol

Edit: I remembered another advice (it’s an advice my friend gave actually). For linearting, try holding your breath when you draw your lines. It works. For real.  (・ω・)bグッ

Another edit: Try going back to the basics. Never think that going back to basics is a waste of time. I sometimes figure out new things like positioning whenever I do this. That’s why I regularly go back to it.

anonymous asked:

I feel as though the writers tried to make Damon look the hero this season, and Stefan look like a side character - like do they really except me to believe Stefan or Caroline and even Jeremy wouldn't be involved in Bonnie's rescue mission?

Oh, that’s not just a feeling, they definitely tried that. It started in season five, they spent two years using flashbacks and retcons to provide us with a reason for Damon’s psychopath behavior (and get this, of course none of it is poor Damon’s fault, he became a psychopath because the woman he loved basically forced him to, isn’t that convenient?) and to show us that, no no no, he wasn’t in town to make Stefan’s life miserable and to kill innocent people, no, he was in town to visit poor mommy’s grave - which Stefan as the bad guy he is obviously completely forgot about!

The last three seasons have been all about Damon and his man pain. What if Damon doesn’t get the girl? What if Damon only got the girl because she was stripped of her free will? What if Damon gets the girl but the universe wants her back with her first love? What if the girl breaks up with him because he couldn’t stop himself from killing innocent people and ruining a boy’s life (the way the girl’s life was ruined, might I add)? What if the girl breaks up with him because even after all those years, he still couldn’t tell her and Katherine apart? What if the girl breaks up with him because he slaughtered his friend for no other reason than boohoohoo sooo much man pain? What if the girl doesn’t want him back now that she remembers him for what he truly is and his always been, despite that ignorant fuck Carina’s blabbing about how he got “six years of redemption”? What if the girl is going to end up miserable in the only human life she’s ever going to get because of his gross obsession with her and his unability to let her live her own life?

It’s all about Damon. Everything comes down to Damon. Even Stelena, a relationship that has been shown to be the best thing that ever happened to Stefan, a relationship where both of them fought to be together, fought compulsion, fought bloodlust, a relationship that was described as so wonderful, that it brought two dead souls back to life, a relationship that Elena pointed to as the reason she wanted to live again, that relationship, was turned into something about Damon. Because get this: no, Elena didn’t help Stefan finally feel like he was worthy of someone’s love, she didn’t stop him from feeling like a monster for which there was no hope at all, oh no, Elena was only in Stefan’s life to help him remember why he loves Damon. Even though Stefan has loved Damon his entire life, even though Damon was the one who promised him an eternity of misery, who killed his best friend, who aggressively pursued the love of his life until he won, who made disgusting jokes about Stefan’s guilt complexes, who forced human blood on him knowing what it did to him on more than one occasion, who excuses him sticking his tongue down Elena’s throat with “if you hadn’t been such a dick, she wouldn’t have let me do that” ignoring the fact that Stefan was only a “dick” because he sacrificed his soul to safe Damon’s worthless shitty life. All of that doesn’t matter, of course Damon loves his baby brother, he always has, Stefan was the monster who needed to remember what a lovely, wonderful, sweet person Damon is.

And yes, it is ridiculous to expect us to believe that Damon was the only one who cared about saving Bonnie. If they wanted Damon to be the one to save her, they could have made that happen without making everyone not give a damn. They could ahve started with the entire group working to find a solution to bring Bonnie back, only to have Caroline back out because of her mom’s brain tumor (a valid reason to want out, obviously) and have Stefan be less involved because Bonnie was no longer the only one who needed a friend. Then they could have Jeremy back out because he couldn’t take it anymore, he’d get his hopes up every time they tried something and every damn time they’d feel, so he’d throw himself in drinking and girls and weed and call that “moving on”. Then Tyler and Matt could stop being involved because, I don’t know, Enzo showed up to make their lives miserable (I’m sure we could find a reason for Enzo to do that, hell, it’s not like he ever needed a reason for anything he did since he showed up, lol) and finally we could have Damon snap at Elena for making this mission about him wanting her back, rather than him wanting Bonnie back, and voila, there you have it: Damon’s the hero, without making everyone else look like shit (well, except for Elena maybe xD). But no, the show has focused on couples rather than plot ever since season five, which means that Stefan and Caroline needed to have all their scenes together, no exceptions, and the same went for Damon and Elena. It’s ridiculous. It’s hard to imagine that most of the people writing season five and six, were already there during the first three seasons.

Wauw, this got really long, lol. Sorry. xD

anonymous asked:

Every TV writer is better than Julie. A middle school student English writer is better than Julie. A 5 year olds English writing is better than Julie. A hobo's writing is better than Julie. Everybody is better than Julie. My cat, your cat, her dog, his dog. Every fucking thing. I'm sorry. I'm so anti Julie Plec xD

My guinea pig is better than Julie! 

Hahaha, no but seriously. We’re always like; Julie stop writing. But you know, technically the woman can write, otherwise the CW wouldn’t be okay with her writing no less than three shows for them. 

I think the biggest problem with Plec is that she ignores whatever feedback she gets from the audience, and just stubbornly keeps doing her own thing no matter what. 

Now don’t get me wrong: I don’t think that writers should just willingly give the audience whatever they want. Not at all. It’s their show, they make the rules. But at the same time; If you literally ignore EVERYTHING they do want, eventually people will lose interest. 

Here are some things that significant chunks of the audience took an interest in on TVD:

Many people loved Lexi and her friendship with Stefan, yet she was killed off to never return. A lot of people liked Alaric. And Jenna. The entire fandom shipped Jalaric. Nearly everyone loved Damon’s relationship with Alaric, even the viewers who basically disliked Damon for the most part, could appreciate their scenes together. Yet they killed off Alaric to never bring him back, as well as Jenna. Everyone loved Kol, He gets killed off and only gets to be in a few scenes where he’s a ghost. So many people ship Klaroline, Kalijah, or Mabekah. The Originals leave for a spin off and all of those ships are conveniently forgotten. The love story of Finn and Sage had potential, I still see people talk about what a waste it was, but they were both killed off to never be mentioned again. Fan favorite Katherine; A huge chunk of the fandom liked her better than Elena, yet they kill her off. Silas: Paul Wesley as Silas was gold, they kill him off. The little revenge mission between him and Quetsiyah was also pretty well received. I still see people say on a daily basis that they miss that. Klefan; so much potential was wasted there. People have been begging for a decent storyline for characters like Bonnie and Caroline, but those pleas are up until now STILL ignored. And the list goes on and on and on.

Now I am not saying that Plec should give the audience ALL OF THESE THINGS. But for the love of god, you need to give them SOMETHING to keep them from quitting the show. 

Basically what’s left is the traveler crap, and the love triangle. Then in the last episode, both Stelena and Delena suddenly ‘moved into the friendzone’. So I imagine that both DErs and SErs are not too pleased about that either. 

Bottom line: is there anyone in this fandom that’s happy with the way things are going at the moment? That’s the reason that the ratings hit a series low. And the TVD fandom is very vocal about what they want, so the many ways in which the show could be improved are literally handed to Plec on a silver platter. But if she chooses to ignore that, then I give up!

f-it-imma-panda  asked:

Someone bless your so complete answers! XD anyway, what's your view on the episode Restless? I rather enjoy it, and I feel like it gives a lot of hints for the next season, specially with the quote "Comeback before dawn.", so I'm really curious about what you think and take from that episode.

Oh gosh, literally the entire episode is one giant reference to either past things or things to come (the most obvious being to Dawn). EXCEPT the Cheese Man. Joss himself has said the Cheese Man only appears to be the random bit of chaos in all of the dreams without deeper meaning. I’m going to point out a few interesting things from the episode, but this is by no means a comprehensive list. That would take me literally days! xD 

I think the most subtle thing that may have been overlooked is that they all have the dreams in the order of which they took the spell, Willow, Xander, Giles, Buffy, and then they’re all attacked/killed in the same way. (Spirit, heart, mind, strength, respectively.) 

Willow’s Dream:
Most of the dream dictates Willow’s abuse of magic later on, although it does also foreshadow her relationship with Tara when she tells her, “You don’t know everything about me” specifically alluding to “Family” when her parents come to visit. But the most damning thing about her abuse of magic is when Buffy rips off her costume to reveal her high school clothes and tells her, “Your costume is perfect. No one’s going to know the truth, about you.” Basically, everyone still sees her as smart, innocent little school-girl Willow. Willow’s actually in conflict with herself as to whether or not she actually still is that same person, but moreso it specifically addresses how her abuse of magic gets so out of control so fast: Because this is Willow. Tara also says something similar at the beginning, that “They will find out about you.”

The Dawn mention is right in the beginning:
Tara: I think it’s strange. I mean, I think I should worry that we haven’t found her name.
Willow: Who, Miss Kitty? 
Tara: You’d think she’d let us know her name by now.
Then when the play starts, the curtain opens to reveal sunrise or AKA dawn.

One of the most interesting things for me personally is Buffy in Willow’s rendition of “Death of A Salesman.” Buffy says: “But what else could I expect from a bunch of low-rent, no account hoodlums like you? Hoodlums yes! I mean you and your friends, your whole sex. Throw ‘em in the sea for all I care! Throw ‘em in and wait for the bubbles. Men with your groping and spitting, all groin, no brain, three billion of you passing around the same worn-out urge. Men! With your … sales.” I don’t think she’s referring to any specific guy here, but basically all of them combined, from the sexual assault she experienced and got blamed for on campus in, “Go Fish” to Parker from the beginning of her time in college, perhaps even Xander, which leads us to:

Xander’s Dream:

Xander’s dream is ridiculously long compared to the others, but I think that’s fair to say that Xander puts the most roadblocks up in his own path. His dream is mostly about the fear of becoming his parents, which is shown at the end of the dream when his father literally rips his heart out. However, Xander perhaps fits the best mention of “all groin, no brain” out of just the Scooby Gang, considering how when the dream first starts, Joyce is coming on to him, and then Willow and Tara show up looking like they popped out a B-grade porno and beckon for Xander to join him. I think one of the best parts of this whole dream though is when Buffy calls Xander “brother” literally referencing how she feels about him and kind of seriously dispelling any notion there could be anything more romantic between them. Yes, this is something that she stated all the way back in season 1, but this could be Xander actually coming to terms with that. His scene then in the ice cream truck is the most obvious, with him sitting in the driver’s seat and Anya asking if he knows where he’s going, obviously representing his anxiety with life. Though then she says she wants to get back into vengeance, that she has a feeling it’s going to be a big year for vengeance, foreshadowing the outcome of their wedding.

Then, later, Anya and Giles are trying to tell him what to do, where to go, but they’re speaking French so he can’t understand them, basically people trying to help Xander and point him in the right direction, but he doesn’t understand them unless they physically lead him to that conclusion. It makes me think back to season 1 when Buffy reads the note the vampires left her after they kidnapped Cordelia and he says, “They’re going to cook her dinner?” He’s always just a little bit behind on the uptake, mostly for comedic effect, but it’s part of his character now. Also: I love how he tells Snyder, “You know, I never got the chance to tell you how glad I was you were eaten by a snake,” foreshadowing the conversation he had with Snyder back in season 2 when he said that one day he hoped to be as honest with Snyder as Snyder was with him. 

Also forgot to mention, Giles’ comment, “Spike’s like a son to me.” Well, besides the obvious implications of Tabula Rasa, it also shows how Giles sees his relationship with Spike: angry/disappointed father, resentful son, which is something that Xander can relate to in a way.

Giles’ Dream:

I think Giles dream is the most obvious representation of what’s to come because it has many literal foreshadowings as opposed to opaque. For example, Olivia (his girlfriend) gently chides him about Buffy’s training, and then is sitting on an overturned baby stroller, crying. Basically, he feels conflicted about having a family life vs his role as Buffy’s father figure/Watcher, hence where he leaves for England to have a life of his own. The “look into the light” comment Giles tells her is equally as ominous, that he, her Watcher, will lead her to her death, which he did back in season 1 and will do at the end of the next season. It’s also interesting (and a post I read a long while back that I can’t find now actually pointed this out) that dream Spike is wearing the same suit he wears later in Tabula Rasa, further referencing the father/son relationship he has with Giles although Giles later laments, “I still think Buffy should’ve killed you.” Unlike Gandalf in LOTR, where Gandalf sees that Gollum yet has a part to play in all this, Giles just wants Spike dead, regardless of the role he is going to play as the champion in season 7.

Giles also bursting into song that describes the “plot” is also a clear reference of things to come, as he is the first person to start singing when the Scoobies are all together in “Once More With Feeling” when he starts singing, “I’ve Got a Theory.” The most interesting thing here isn’t actually a foreshadowing, but Giles claiming that he can defeat the Primitive with his intellect, which may be true, given how quickly she then kills him. 

Buffy’s Dream:

Tons and tons of references to Dawn here, and of things to come. Right away, Buffy tells Tara that she just made the bed, but when Tara asks for who, Buffy says, “I thought you were here to tell me.” When Buffy leaves to go find the others, Tara tells her, “Be back before dawn,” which is probably the most explicit reference possible. There’s also something about the clock that I’ll have to look up later because I honestly read it somewhere and don’t remember. Also, there’s this: 

Tara: You think you know, what’s to come, what you are. You haven’t even begun.
Dracula (next episode): You think you know who you are, what’s to come. You haven’t even begun. 

Joyce in the walls saying really weird random things is probably a reference to her erratic behavior later as a result of…well, you know, but her conversation with Riley has tons of implications. Riley calls her a killer, which is basically a callback to season 3 with her and Faith, that there was a distinction between “Slayers” and “killers” but probably alludes to the fact that Riley still doesn’t understand the difference and subtleties of the demon world, and he’s probably never going to get it, which is why at the end of the sequence he says, “If that’s the way you want it, I guess you’re on your own” and leaves, foreshadowing his leaving for good. It also shows that he is still engrossed in his military plans and stuff, again signifying that he’ll leave with the government. 

The best part of this though for me is when Buffy tells Adam that, “We’re not demons” and Adam asks, “Is that a fact?” signifying that Slayers were created with the essence of a demon, which to me is kind of one of the best foreshadowing in this entire episode, next to her encounter with the first slayer, only waking up when she doesn’t so much reject the power that the first slayer has given her, but when she says, “You are not the source of me,” rejecting that it is pure demon-power alone that gives her strength as a Slayer and that she needs the strength of her friends and family around her (something she visibly lacks in season 6, which is when Buffy is at her “weakest). 

And the clock thing I looked online to find it: “Also in Buffy’s dream, Buffy mentions how late it is, after looking at the clock in the room (which says 7:30), to which Tara replies “oh, that clock’s completely wrong.” This is a foreshadowing of her death at the end of Season 5, and a reminder of Buffy’s dream in the season 3 finale, in which Faith says “…counting down from 7-3-0” (it was approximately 730 days later that Buffy died). Tara saying that the clock is wrong means that she no longer has 730 days.” Source:

Some interesting things to point out: this episode was supposed to have a lot more cameos, and Angel specifically was supposed to be the “dream guide” which honestly doesn’t make sense to me. The role later fell to Tara which makes a lot more sense just because of how intuitive she is that the first would choose her to speak for her, but given how Joss originally wanted Angel there’s probably no real significance or deeper meaning in the selection of Tara. 

Another thing that I wanted to pointed out was that, aside from the Cheese Man, Anya was the only person to show up in everyone’s dreams as well, signifying the different kind of relationship she has with each of the Scoobies. Whereas Tara was mostly seen as an extension of Willow, Anya actually had different kinds of encounters with each of the Scoobies, from helping Giles out in the Magic Box to being at the end of Buffy’s stake when she turns back into a vengeance demon. 

Okay, that’s all I can think of for now. I’m sure none of this is new information in that other people have probably brought these things up before (I actually found a lot of things I mentioned in the Wiki….probably should have just linked back to that instead of typing everything out) but I read through the entire transcript, where it’s a bit easier to catch on to things (at least for me.)


angelprotectress  asked:

Okay... I know something like this is going to be annoying to answer so I'm really sorry, but I'm also extremely curious. I haven't played the games because I can't speak Japanese and things with my computer weren't liking me when I tried to do it... but anyway. I hear different things about everyone's personality in the games versus the HnKnA Manga and I was just wondering... how different are they? Can you give me an example of them?

Hmm, this is a horse that has been beaten to death pretty hard already, (we had so many discussions over this XD) but I’ll try explaining with what I remember (my brain shut out many of the bad memories about that manga).-edit- I went back and reread, just for you~ <3 The behavior of quite number of characters are different, but the intensity depends on what character you are looking at.

For the most part many of the characters were ‘toned down’, like Boris, Peter and Elliot (does the author have an animal ear fetish?lol). Boris was like the perfect friend one could dream of; the general flaws of his character like jealousy, lack of attachment and extreme nonchalant attitude towards death (in the games he once tried to shoot a lady just to prove the point that they were all replaceable). Peter’s ruthlessness and killing habits were almost completely hidden, he just seemed like the nice guy in love with Alice (in the game he was S enough that he declared that as long as he loves Alice, Alice’s feelings are irrelevant since his love is strong enough for two. Despite all the sweetness he can be hella dominating I shit you not). Elliot was actually close to the games since he does act nice to the people he likes, but I guess it annoyed me that he got too many sweet scenes and zero ones that showed his more violent and inflexible self. (In the game, Boris’s and Elliot’s jealousy scenes if Peter kisses her at the ball show my point well. Just how they are always so forward in their affections,  they are also hard-headed when they get angry/jealous and simply refuse to listen when Alice tries to defend herself.)

On the other hand, the dynamics of the main romantic pairing were slaughtered. Completely. In the second half of the manga Hoshino’s Blood keeps constantly cussing at Alice about how she’s a ho who seduces all the men and she fights back. Maybe Hoshino was trying to create a tsundere couple, but she failed in her attempts to create sexual tension and gave birth to a simple abusive monster. As my friend harroe puts it, “Hoshino Blood is an uncultured swine who uses vulgar terms all the time and game Blood has class.” In the games Blood indeed is one of the most jealous characters, but he doesn’t forget basic civility even when he’s complaining about the other guys like this manga shows, and he NEVER calls her a slut or anything of that sort. He’s much more level-headed and logical, and has no drive to kill people outside of his job, never mind Alice. There was only one scene at the very start of his game route where he, trying to gauge Alice’s reactions, mentioned violent stuff and the passing thought he had of killing her when he first saw her (which he didn’t and saved her instead, if you recall); but after that he never, not even in the bad ends, ever pointed his gun at Alice or tried to kill her. I don’t get how Hoshino could have him do something so disgusting like throttling her with his bare hands for no fault other than finding him with Vivaldi in his garden (according to the games it isn’t possible for Alice to get into the garden without his permission EDIT : WATCH THE ORIGINAL SCENE FROM THE GAME HERE), planning to kill her the moment he’s bored (game Blood wouldn’t even care to do anything if he finds her boring, he’d find dealing with her simply troublesome and keep his distance) or shooting at her with his machine gun in the middle of a mere verbal argument. Hoshino Blood’s expressions are also always sour or ill natured (only the first 2 chaps had some niceness then it’s all bitter insults) and game Blood’s expressions rotate mainly between weary and devilish.

In the games, Blood’s main characteristic is being an extremely intelligent and yet fickle man who’s totally bored with the world, and Alice is a charming partner who brings excitement in his life. He’s a complete and utter troll who loves to see Alice flustered and blushing, but not angry or hurt. He’s a contradictory man who even tries to make his impression worse on purpose so that doesn’t help- I pretty much wrote an essay on this so feel free to look that up. Hell, if you have time look at all the character study posts at the bottom of my alice resources page.

Anyway, manga Julius was pretty close to his game self, as well as Gowland who didn’t get that much screentime. Ace had some rather out of place yandere dialogue that didn’t really make sense in my opinion? I don’t remember him actually finding pleasure in killing even though he does do it a lot. Bloody Twins and Vivaldi were okay, but less violent compared to the games (they are the ones who are capable of killing Alice even if they love her in the game bad ends).

Anyway, I really need to go sleep now. Night!

anonymous asked:

Since you're a guy, I'm curious to know why you ship NH and SS? :)


Well first of all I would like to explain that I didn’t really think there were other ships for these characters other than SS/NH. Lol! When i started watching naruto in 2007 i saw SS and I always thought that that was basically canon. I also saw this little girl hinata and how she acted around naruto, how she always liked this guy and supported him. That neji fight and her story had me sold. I honestly didn’t know that NS was a thing and well, SK didn’t exist back then (not that is exists anyway). It should be noted that SS was my OTP, i just ship NH as a side ship so naruto would not be alone. 

After those episodes on Cartoon Network from summer 2007 that showed during the day and on evenings stopped (were shown late at night after) i got out of touch with the series. From time to time i heard classmates talk about this thing called ‘manga’ and what was going on in naruto and i heard about something called shippuden. I didn’t know what the hell that was to be honest. I also asked from time to time if Sasuke’s brother was the main villain and is SS had happened yet. (I was so out of touch) I didn’t know shit lol! I honestly acted as though SS was supposed to already happen and it was about time. I assumed they got sasuke back by then. Didn’t even know who karin was and when i found out about her in 2012 i still didn’t take her seriously or consider SK a threat.

I digress, now to your question. Aside from the fact that I always felt that SS and NH were universally understood there have been many other reasons for me to ship these pairings. It was only in november 2012 i decided to read up on naruto from the wiki and start watching shippuden. That’s when i really started to get into the series. With NH is still didn’t ship it that hard and even when i learnt of NS i shipped NH harder because i wanted SS. lol! It was only after that i re-read and watched hinata scenes, read up of NH scenes and read analyses of NH all over the net that i really started shipping NH hard and not using it to get SS. I still like SS more though, but i don’t ship NH for trivial, petty reasons anymore.



Let me just make this clear I started shipping SS from the first time i saw sasuke and sakura, mainly because they were HOT. It was the first episode so they didn’t have anything else going for them yet. I also ship SS because I am a Sakura fan and I want her happy. This is not selfish because, with regards to sasuke, i think he actually would benefit from her love. In part one they were always together, shared this weird inexplicable bond and one could see how close they grew.

Sakura went from being a fan girl to genuinely caring about him and falling in love him. She cares for him, her love is undying and she has actually had a positive effect on sasuke; her love has benefited him. Sakura really is in love with him and she would do anything for him. He also cares for her and she really gets happy and feels good about herself when he compliments her. It is evident that he means the world to her. In addition he has also inspired her and motivated her to get stronger. Most of her development is because of sasuke and her wanting to save him. Sasuke has caused this girl to go from a vain fan girl to a skilled kunoichi and lovely young woman. As a guy i can really appreciate this woman. As a guy I can also tell you that Sakura is wifey material. That is the kind of woman and wife guys want.

In Sasuke’s case i have seen how much she means to him, i have seen how he cares for her and i have seen how she can read and affect him in a way no one else could. Sasuke needs love and he needs the type of undying love that sakura would give. He is not in love with her but i honestly believe he was starting to like her in part 1. Sakura’s love devoured the darkness of his seal, she is one of his treasured people, he believes in her, her words reach him and impact him and he was truly grateful and happy to know that she loved him. You can’t tell me otherwise. Sakura is the only woman for him IMO and he is the only man for her. Again as a guy i can see clearly how a good woman can help this guy. He would never be alone, always have someone to talk to, care for him, love him and he would get someone to protect and someone who would go all out to protect him as well.


Hinata has loved Naruto when he was a shunned loser. She is the only one who never discriminated against him (ramen guy too but he doesn’t count XD). Naruto inspired her, he gave her strength and because of him she was able to grow into the woman she is today (kinda like SS). Hinata is also a very gentle, loving girl and she is in love with naruto. Hinata risked her life to save him twice. Against pain and in the war when neji took the hit for her. Naruto obviously like hinata, he is not in love with her but he really respects her and admires her as well. Naruto is an orphan and i think someone like hinata who has known pain and is perfect for him.

They are also very similar while at the same time different. They complement one another but they also have a lot in common (their will of fire, they always give themselves fully to a cause, others’ opinions do not hold them back, they are proud failures together). I can really see those 2 growing with one another because of this. People say that naruto doesn’t like her but it is clear that he does and with the latest chapters it is confirmed that he cares for her in a special way. Along with team 7 he has a strong bond with hinata that can one day surpass all others.

A lot of guys like hinata because “she is not a bitch like sakura and she liked their boy naruto ever since”. That is crap if you ask me. They look at her as a big boobed, submissive woman who would give naruto all the attention they think he deserves.

However for me i like NH for other reasons. I think they match perfectly personality wise, as i said before. As a guy i can see how much hinata loves him and i think if i or any guy can get a girl like that would be the happiest guy in the world. NH is cute, innocent and both hinata and naruto are just so good and right. She loves him and he cares for her. THE RESPECT THEY HAVE FOR ONE ANOTHER AND THEIR SHARED WILL ALSO STANDS OUT FOR ME.

Hinata is gentle but strong when she needs to be while Naruto is brash and lively but can also get down and demotivated. Therefore as i said before they fit perfectly IMO. I have many other reasons but i tried to make this as short as possible. I basically ship them because NH and SS each feel right to me.

I would finish off with this, dedicated to SS and NH

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