basically i'm just so happy ok

APH France more like actual living perfection.))

guys, we need to clarify

ok so it happened that now, in full accord with @animal-guardian, Abel and Elymas broke their relationship once for all.

I’m not gonna say that I’m happy of this, because there are MUCH IMPORTANT things I’m facing -so basically I could only post HALF of my ideas, and the stress had reduced my inspiration too-

and I can’t believe to hear that @idolaelyartist had received threatening messages, just because Anie Cupcake DARED to talk and show her feelings to Abel, as I’m tired to see anon trying to put their hands on MY character because they lack of creativity or seriously they thinks their whole life depends of what I chose to do with Abel!

-and I’m not referring to only this time, but even the past times, I jut know her and I’ve seen her facing so much hatred with a fiery courage!
never be ashamed for what you love Idol!-

Me and Abel are not puppets for those ship addicted, Abel’s not someone’s flag for lgbt community, he’s not your chance to see some more yaoi stuff,

I’m not being payed for what I’m posting here, this is my personal space and I do what the f— I want here, you like it or not

so next time you ever want to complain about Abel, SAY IT TO MY FACE! not Idolaelyartist, not @zenoxfurryman, not anyone else!

hope I’ve been clear on this.

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ok but if we get some happy scenes in last episodes of season 4, can you imagine how pure there will be when we know that cengiz makes iman laugh? like this is basically what yousef would do if he had sana, i'm seriously now questioning my life, like how many scenes were improvised??? for how many scenes we have to thank cengiz for making iman laugh?????? I NEED TO KNOW (also i think they made yousef chessy just because cengiz is where's the lie)

who are we kidding, the only reason yousef is so dorky and cheesy IS BECAUSE CENGIZ IS ULTRA DORKY AND CHEESY

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Ok so when u first started posting bmc things I literally listened to the entire thing and then returned bc I wanted to stay in the loop and I love ur content so I wanted to have more fandoms in common with u and so I could understand what makes u happy and basically I love all ur fandom content? I'm sorry I'm awkward but I'm love u and I just wanted to say that


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Ok so I'm basically someone who sleeps in everyone but my own room,like I just never sleep in my room. I just like sleeping in everyone else's room. So how would junkrat,tracer,and zarya,react to the new recruit asleep in their bed? Like it's late at night and their tired and they open the door to their room to find them asleep in their bed. Do they leave them be,snuggle up with them,or kick them out?


  • He would not be happy to find someone in his bed, after all, it is his bed
  • He would also be surprised, because he usually keeps his door locked
  • Jamison would wake them up right away, and complain about the fact they were taking up his space
  • He would continue to annoy them if they didn’t get off, poking and complaining
  • If nothing else worked, he would soon pick them up and throw them out the room himself
  • Would snicker to himself if he heard complaints from the other side of the door


  • Lena, after recovering from the surprise, would seat herself on the edge of the bed
  • She’d wake the recruit up and ask if they were lost
  • Once she found out they were not, she’d giggle at it and question why in her bed
  • After a bit of getting to know each other, she’d probably lie down next to them and chat, if not nap
  • This would definitely be the beginning of a friendship with her, a very strange but fun one


  • Aleksandra values her eight to nine hours of sleep, so she’d be annoyed to find someone in her bed after a tiring day
  • She’d calmly wake them up, though her annoyance would show a bit in her tone
  • She wouldn’t be too rough on them, especially since they were a new recruit, but she would make sure to tell them that she liked to keep her bed to herself
  • Really, she wouldn’t be too mean about it, it’s just that she values her space
  • Wouldn’t throw them out right away if she wasn’t too tired, maybe chatted a few words at first

–Mod Evie

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OK I'M REALLY HAPPY AND IT'S KIND OF STUPID BUT I DONT CARE: My mom has lived in Portland for ~30 years and has been going to the same pharmacy with the same pharmacist. The pharmacist last saw me and my brother when we were children. I'm a very closeted trans guy, so I look super feminine but my hair is really short. Basically, the pharmacist took one look at me and asked my mom, "Oh, is this your son, all grown up?" And idk man it just made my day.

That’s amazing to hear! It’s not stupid at all. It’s the little things that count the most. 💜💜💜

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Thanks for the link, I'm on my iPad so couldn't see the rules! Ok, so the crew are on shore leave and Jim takes Bones to an alpine cabin (maybe just as friends for now - both can be pining). Storm hits and they can't contact anyone, just as Bones falls sick. So Jim has to look after him until they can be rescued. Basically some sick Bones, concerned/caring Jim and a happy, McKirky ending ☺️ you can alter any aspect of my prompt, these are my main requirements 😉 Thanks!

  • “What are we doing here?” Bones asks, dropping his bag on the hard wooden floor. “Look,” Jim says, dropping his bag right next to Bones’, “you diagnosed me with stress-” “I never did that,” Bones replies. “- and I know you are. So I just thought: weekend away, just the two of us. We can go hiking tomorrow, there’s a BBQ here, and a big TV in the living. We’ll watch the game at night, and… did I mention the hot tub?” “You had me at hot tub,” Bones says, and Jim snorts. “That was literally the end of my sentence.” “Okay,” Bones says, “but I’m taking the bedroom.” Jim watches Bones’ backside as he walks away. “Wait,” Jim says, “there’s only one bedroom?”
  • The first night they’re there, the weather is fantastic. It’s chilly, yeah. But the hot tub makes up for that. They sit together, drink beer in the warm water. At night, they watch a game on TV while enjoying toast and soup Jim brought along from the small shop a few miles away. But Bones starts falling asleep on the couch after at least four beers and a movie’s on. It’s honestly among the best things Jim has ever seen. “You know,” Jim says, hand on Bones’ leg, “we can always continue this party in the bedroom.” He does that extremely over the top wink, and Bones laughs. “G'night, Jim.”
  • It’s grey and eerily quiet when Jim wakes up. His plans are to have a quiet breakfast, go for a long hike. They can even go hunting and fishing, and have a BBQ on the porch at night. Honestly, that sounds pretty great. As long as there’s another night of Bones stripping to get into the hot tub, Jim’s all for it.
  • But they never actually get very far. When Bones wakes up for breakfast, he looks pale and he has very little apetite. Not just that, it starts snowing. Which is incredible at first, because growing up in a world of climate change, Georgia is mostly warm and sunny all year around. Jim finds out, to his amazement, that Bones has never actually experienced snow before. So they go outside, Bones forgets about feeling a bit sick for a while. And he looks so good, dressed in that warm comfortable jacket, snowflakes sticking to his hair. They walk down to the lake. Fishing isn’t so bad before the water’s frozen over. But the snow continues falling, and the wind is cold. Bones pretends to be fine, and -fuck, he looks handsome- but Jim can tell he’s not feeling himself. And the walk back is terrible; a full on snow storm hits them and they make it back to the house both feeling thoroughly cold. “I’m gonna take a shower,” Bones says, and Jim grins. “Want me to join?” he asks. Bones rolls his eyes at that. He doesn’t technically say no, but Jim decides not to follow him after all.
  • Things get considerably worse quick; Bones gets a full on flu. At night, Jim hears him cough and groan, but at least it’s over tomorrow. They can go back home.
  • Or not, because their comms are down because of the storm. For some reason, no one is reacting to any of their messages, it’s just static. Bones is getting progressively more sick, too. He doesn’t really eat any solid food - which is okay, because the most they have is canned crap from back when they could still make it to the local shop. Now, though, the snow is thick and there’s just no way. Jim suggests, though, but Bones shakes his head. “Are you crazy?” he asks, “you might get lost in the snow and freeze to death. I don’t want to be stuck here by myself.” “Aw, you’d miss me too much?” Jim grins, nudging his elbow. Bones’ skin feels hot and Jim reaches out, pressing a hand on Bones’ forehead. “You playin’ doctor now?” Bones asks, tilting his head to the side, and ignoring Jim’s worried frown. “You’re sick.” “No shit,” Bones says, “who brought me to this place?” “This place is fine!” Jim counters, “I don’t control the weather.” Bones huffs, quietly turning towards the TV. He falls asleep pretty soon after, and Jim pulls him in closer when he feels the other shiver.
  • Jim did bring some chicken, so he makes chicken soup to the best of his abilities. It’s quite salty, but that seems to make Bones feel a little better. Even if just for a little while.
  • A day after they were supposed to leave, they’re still there. It’s infuriating, and now Jim starts feeling sick, too. Not as bad as Bones, honestly, but definitely a cold. So Jim curls up next to Bones on the couch, both covered under a bunch of blankets. “I hate you,” Bones mutters under his breath, and Jim smiles faintly. “This wasn’t supposed to be so bad,” Jim says, and Bones huffs. “That sounds like your life’s motto.”
  • It takes another two days before Uhura gets through to them on their communicator. “Jim? Captain, are you there?” Jim wakes up to the sound of his communicator, pressed closely against Bones’ chest while both of them sleep under a pile of blankets. “Uhura,” Jim says, voice sore as he speaks. “James,” Uhura says, sighing in relief, “where are you two? We were scheduled to leave Earth two days ago! Please don’t tell me your stupid plan to seduce Bones worked so well you forgot to leave.” “We’re stuck,” Jim says, sitting up straight and hushing her quiet, “can you beam us out?”
  • They make it back to the Enterprise finally, and Bones gives both of them a flu shot immediately. Almost instantly, Jim feels better. Still a vague headache, but Jim feels the flu eb away quick enough. “So,” Bones says, “I heard that.” “Heard what?” “Uhura was talking about your elaborate plan to seduce me.” “Ah,” Jim replies, throwing him a small grin and he rubs the back of his neck, “yeah, about that-” “You organized a weekend away to a quiet cabin to seduce me.” “Okay, don’t call it that,” Jim warns him, “it was supposed to be just a friendly weekend away, okay? And if something happened, great. Fantastic. But that wasn’t, I swear, that wasn’t the–” He’s shut up when Bones leans in, kisses him and pressing him back against the bio bed. Jim’s hands find their way around his shoulders, and he kisses him back. His skin is still a little hot, but Jim feels instantly better. Bones looks better, too, when he pulls away. “That’s the most romantic thing someone’s ever done for a friend,” Bones says, and Jim smiles. “You’ve always been more than just a friend to me.”

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If it's OK I just wanna gush about my gf because all my life I thought I'd be alone. Even more so since finding out I'm ace and mentally ill. My gf is so understanding and kind and cuddly and our first date was just us going "SAME" back at each other. She's so caring and great at cooking and has the best voice and even sang me a love song. Basically, if you want love you can find love. Even if you feel like you have qualities that make you unlovable. You are lovable!

Basically what I got outta that videos is it is Saeran that wears that outfit… and the lyrics not only talks about daffodils, but there are many parts where daffodils are shown in the videos

I’m no expert in Daffodiles and their symbolism, but looking up through search daffodiles can mean a lot of things like rebirth/new beginning/spring/balance/love/your one true/ etc… but rebirth and new beginning seems to come up a lot more in searches

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Helloooooo! I love your art (I've made a request before... oops I'm being greedy, I just love it so much!!) Can you draw your dream ending of Spn? It can be anything, and you can bring people back to life also :) thanks!


ok well there’s kind of 2 versions

the first is like, the safe happy one where everyone is somehow alive and everything is magically ok

but then there’s the more fun one which is also kind of how i’m hoping s11 goes down

so BASICALLY everyone just teams up to fight The Darkness or whatever

and destiel happens somewhere

and theres at LEAST one musical number

and then everyone dies fighting

but it’s ok because they defeated the Evil!!! or some shit like that and now get to chill in heaven

Age Of Ultron Romanogers Review

Ok Romanogers team! Grab a snack and something to drink, if you are over 21 you can grab a beer or some wine!. It is time to dissect AOU from a Romanogers POV 

WARNING: This post contains Spoilers, so you might want to skip it if you have not seen the movie. Also this post is PG13 for language :) But Enjoy!

 At the end of Age of Ultron Natasha and Steve were able to accept their past, and have come into terms with who they really are. They have been shaped by their past experiences, but they are no longer controlled by those ghosts. So lets begin with Captain America’s vision (Steve). Caps vision had to do with Peggy and the dance he never got to attend. In his vision Peggy tells Cap that the “war has ended, and he needed to go back home”. There is a scene during the party where Falcon asks, captain if he has found a house in Brooklyn, in which caps replies that he hasn’t, but still it would be to expensive to move back there. Brooklyn represents his past, that’s were he used to live before he went into that ice 75 years ago. During a scene in Clint’s farm, where Cap is standing at the front door, we hear Peggy;s voice saying “home” The ghost of Peggy still haunts him at that point of the movie. But he walks away. 

 OK so lets forward to a particular scene at the end of the film. We see Tony talking to Steve, Tony is saying his good byes. Tony tells Steve, that he will probably be building a farm house just like Clint. Steve then says, “aw the simple life”. Tony says, “You can have that”. The camera pans over to Steve, you can tell his reminiscing about the past, then he replies, “family, stability, simple life”. At this point I started saying, Oh shit Steve wanted a family too!! Just like Natasha!! We all saw how she acted around Clint’s children, you can tell that Nat wants to have that or at least something close to that. But lets continue..  Steve then says, “I wanted that too”. At that moment I started screaming with excitement!!!  he continues to say that when he went into the ice 75 yrs ago another person came out. Right then and there I realize that our Cap has moved on. He accepted that his past cannot be change. And that there is only ONE PATH. To move forward.

 Now lets dissect Natasha’s character. On the previous Avengers movie we see a strong, fearless and emotionless Nat. Hence the quote “Love is for children”. I know a lot of you guys will disagree with me, but her character has been developing. She has not been reduced to a desperate teenage girl, trying to find love like some say. Just like in real life, we all change. What was important ten years ago, might not be important now. And, what was NOT important then, might be now. Natasha’s character is transitioning, at this moment she craves to have some type of stability. She thinks she can have that with Banner. She knows Banner is a good person, she is aware that he also has demons, but she THINKS that she is able to change that. The BAR scene AHH we all love that scene right? Wrong!! lol We see Nat flirting with Bruce, she tells him that all of her friends are fighters, but there is this guy that doesn't like to fight. We all know that Banner prefers to run the other way around, he prefers to hide than face his demons. Now do you all remember what Nat did at the end of CATWS? Yep exactly she ran from her problems. In my opinion Nat sees Bruce as an equal, she can sympathize with him. She believes they are the same. “They are both monsters”.  

 Nat at this point has come into terms with everything she has lost in the past. Hence, the conversation in the farm house. She tells Bruce that she was left infertile. She knows she cannot change that. But still she wants something close to being normal. She might not be able to have a family. But still wants a chance in life. And she will do anything at this point to at least have that. She is willing to run away with Bruce, even though she is tired of running. In one of the final scenes during the battle we see Cap and Nat standing in a pile of wreckage or debris from the battle over looking the Horizon. I thought to myself, wow that is symbolic. Both of them had risen from the dark, and were able to conquer their monsters. The wreckage or pile symbolizes that, and they are both standing on top of it. But is a particular dialogue that gets my attention, the dialogue is short but meaningful. At this point in the film they are trying to get the people off of the rising city, but they don't have a plan. And if they don’t act soon, they can ALL die.  Cap tells Nat that they cannot go and leave the people stranded there. The Avengers have a choice to go, but their main priority is the PEOPLE not the Avengers. Nat tells Steve that she is not planning on Leaving. (Nope she will not run away again) I have a huge smile at this point. Nat then tells him Cap, “There are worst ways to go down”.(meaning to die) She says this while looking at Steve. Ok so who wouldn't want to die standing next to freaking Captain America?! I volunteer as tribute. ha Ok lets carry on. Steve turns around and looks at her, you can tell that he is proud of her decision. 

 So lets get back to Mr. Hulk, so he left on a jet plane, and don’t know if he’ll be back again. Good! I hope he never shows up. Just kidding. hahaha we all need a little bit of humor right? As we all know, Hulk never had a vision, he went into a rampage and began to destroy everything in his path. His demons are still in control. He has not been able to come into terms and accept who he really is. He fears that part of himself. Nat was able to control him a bit, but she was not able to fully changed him. At the end of Age of Ultron he decides to run away. And this is why I think Bruce doesn't deserve Natasha; After Nat pours her heart out to him he decides to leave her behind. Why did he leave? you may ask. He is selfish, at this point he is only thinking about him self and he is not willing to change that for Nat. He will never be able to give her what she deserves. Perhaps…maybe…because what he feels is not strong enough. 

 A funny thing is that when Nat was trying to get him to return, she tells him, “The fight is over, is time to come home”. It brought me back to the vision Steve had with Peggy, where she says, “The war is over, is time to come home”. But, due to the circumstances, neither Steve or Bruce returned “home”. But why? Because that is not the path they were or are meant to take. Bruce is not Nat’s home, And Peggy was never Steve’s home. Now lets rewind back to the infamous bar scene. I understand everyone is saying that Steve didn't give a shit, and basically told Bruce to go for it. Well I think otherwise. First of all, why would Steve walk towards Bruce in the first place? Steve tells Bruce, that whatever is going on with Nat is “NICE” LOL I LMAO when I heard that word come out of Steve’s mouth. Clever choice of words of the writers. I give them kudos. Then Bruce tells Steve, in other words that Nat was just flirting. Steve proceeds to tell Bruce that he has witness Nat flirting, and up close. (LOL I cannot believe Steve said that) then he grabs another beer! (I'm sure he will need that beer, he is getting ready to tell another man to go for the girl of his dreams) And that basically, what ever is going on with Bruce is more than just a “flirt”. Steve tells him that Nat seems relaxed with him. Come on! Steve Rogers out of all people, was able to notice that there is something going on between those two.

 Steve, the person that after 75 years of being buried in ice, has not been able to hook up with a girl. Yet he is able to notice their interactions and is giving a lousy love advice to his competition. Come on Rogers admit it, you have been spying on both of them, and have been noticing their interactions ever since. Why?? hmmm There is a particular cute scene at the farm with Clint and Laura, she asks Clint how long has the Nat/Bruce thing been going on? Clint sounds surprise at Laura’s question and says, “What thing”? Bruce and Nat? he starts laughing? haha thank you Hawkeye, we all did the same thing when we heard the news. At least we have him on our side ;) Anyway, he was obviously unaware. Clint?! You are Nats best friend, the person that saved your life. And you did not noticed the Nat/Banner thing? That ladies and gentleman prove my point that Steve had been eyeing Nat for a while. Steve believes he is not worthy. He thinks he will not be able to make her happy, like she deserves. He sees that Nat is “happy” when she is with Bruce. When you truly care for some one unconditionally you put their happiness first over all things. Steve was just being selfless, thats why told Bruce to basically “go for it” although his facial expression were saying something else. He put his head down when he said that, and he walked away. Bruce on the other hand chose himself, when he left. That’s why I believe that Bruce will never deserve Nat.

 The ending!!! Ok we are getting close. Are you all still tagging along? I sure hope so! I hope I'm not boring the shit out of you guys. So after the Steve and Tony convo the camera cuts to Nat who is standing facing a wall, the camera then zooms out and we see Steve standing right behind Nat. “Are you going to keep starring at the wall”? or “do you want to go back to work”? Steve asks. To me the wall symbolizes Bruce, or what IT could have been. Nat is still reminiscing at that. “Its an interesting wall” Cap says. Yes, it was tempting, but a wall is just a wall, there is nothing there. And Bruce is no longer there. That was not the path Natasha is supposed to take. Then Nat turns around, now she is facing Steve. She starts walking towards him. Yes thats my girl Nat!! she is finally choosing the right path. The ONE PATH she is meant to be on. And that is right by Steve’s side. 

 The End.

Side note:

 This is not the end of Romanogers guys. Have faith! There was a lot of references in this movie about children and family, and how the avengers were craving to have that at some point in their life. Specially Nat and Steve. So I have hopes that Steve and Nat will have a child. I though it was really cute that Clint named the baby Nathaniel Pietro Barton, after the two people that saved his life. The Fiji / postcard reference by Fury was hilarious. When people send postcards while vacationing is to let fam/friends know that they are having fun and they are ok. And to share their vacation experiences. Thanks Fury for letting Nat know that Bruce is doing fine without her. I though that line was genius.


Okay so here’s a story about the march

Since we were so many in the streets, the cops got on the roofs with snipers to protect us
At first they were kinda hiding, trying to be serious and discreet, but everyone noticed them and every person who walked past them would cheer and clap so at one point they just went
“ok fuck it I’m not pretending to hide anymore”
“hi everyone how you doin?”
“don’t worry we here we got snipers it’s chill carry on"and then they waved at us all happy and shit

So basically every time we saw cops they were cheered a lot


How I came to love Flaurel
  • Me, watching season 1 for the first time: Wow, that guy IS a misogynistic ass! She's smart and knows what she does, give her some credit!
  • Ok, she's "Frank's girl". That's kinda bad..
  • Helloooo, who's that hottie?! Oh, Frank saw them together.. he looks... sad. Now I kinda feel sorry for him.
  • She hooked up with Kan, great! He's so handsome. Even hotter than Frank.
  • Nooo Laurel, Kan is much better for you!
  • Ok, maybe Frank and Laurel are super hot together. And cute. But, come on. He's a bit of a bad guy.
  • Oh, he really cares about her. Like, a lot...
  • Right, Kan is a thing. Almost forgot about him. After all that stuff happened.
  • Starting season 2: Frank and Laurel are still so hot for each other, omg. And he's shirtless. Damn, he is hot. How didn't I see that in season 1???
  • They're gonna fuck. Please have sex.
  • Ok, he's kinda right. Using him only for sex is not a nice thing.. and he has feelings for her! That's so amazing.
  • I miss scenes between them. Come on, I need more..
  • OH MY GOD HOT SEX IN AK'S BASEMENT. I live for this. Let's watch that scene again.
  • Uuuuh.. I'm in love with Charlie Weber.
  • DOMESTIC FRANK AND LAUREL. His family. I can't breathe anymore..
  • Just seeing them kiss makes me swoon. Basically any interaction.
  • Ok, they have a little fight, no problem. They can get through this.
  • And now they're insulting each other. MAP. Oh..
  • THEY JUST HELD HANDS. Or did I imagine this? *rewinds* NOPE, it's real! They're so cute.
  • Uhm.. I'm a huge Flaurel shipper. Yep.
  • More domestic Flaurel! Awwww!!
  • He's wearing an apron and looks hot af. Send help.
  • He wants to save their relationship from Annalise. I could actually cry.
  • "You taste like my sauce" I'm drowning in feels and happiness.
  • They are so hot. This isn't fair. I never meant to ship them this hard!!
  • Also, Karla calls Frank "bae" on Twitter, so I'm just so happy all the time.
  • Rewatching season 1 before the winter finale: But he's YOUR misogynistic ass!
  • "Frank's girl", hell yeah she is! But still, she's smart and really good at her job.
  • Oh, Kan. Yeah. I used to be really into you. Now you annoy me.
  • Seriously, Laurel, Frank is so much hotter.
  • He loves her so much, I wanna die.
  • Now: I have to read all the fanfiction. Right now. And then I'm gonna rewatch all the Flaurel moments until HTGAWM returns. And reblog everything on tumblr. Perfect.
i have the best boyfriend ever

So, my computer has been basically dieing for the past few weeks. As I was exporting my Q&A video it locked up and started making this loud hissing sound and well… long story short my boyfriend came into the room as was like “ok so i was gonna wait til valentines day to tell you this, but this is way too sad: I’m building you a computer”. 

And I basically freaked out for the next 30 minutes and kept hugging him. D:

I don’t deserve this man. ._. I feel so unworthy. This is so huge for me because my computer is my livelihood and having this laptop has been really stiffing to my career etc etc. so long story short I am so happy right now.  

y’all were all excited about tlsp and dying for new stuff and once they release it i’ve only seen people complaining. not everything will reach your expectations and if u can’t handle it then don’t get them high. ok the sexual scenes were not nice and stuff but wanting the “am alex” back???? i don’t think i’ve ever seen alex this happy tbh he’s having the time of his life with his best friend. also tlsp is not am, so don’t expect them to do the same stuff am does, their style is different in basically every aspect bye

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Hello, Scout! I've been skimming over the asks you've answered lately and one of them was about your acrylic pieces. I'm also very passionate about acrylics and I was wondering if maybe, when you have time, you could do a little acrylic kind of tutorial? I know is a lot to ask, and it's ok if you can't or just don't feel like doing it. I just love your art and basically everything you do, you're one of my favourite humans ever, never stop being you!

hey!! first, i’m really happy people put my ask tag to use. that’s oddly satisfying to me. thanks!

second, i haven’t done traditional acrylic painting in years, unfortunately. so i don’t have any paint available to me right now. i have some old unused canvases and some old pieces that’re half-finished that i could just paint over, but again, need paint!

HOWEVER if you traverse this art tag you’ll find a couple things that’re tutorial-esque. i do my digital work almost exactly the same as i would do digital!

Anonymous said:

Hey! I just saw your selfie, and I just wanted to say: you’re absolutely gorgeous! That is all. Keep up the good work!

Smol anon says: Your face is rad and I appreciate your existence! -double finger guns themselves out of the room-

Why r u so pretty…


THANKS U GUYS that’s so sweet of you to say;;; i’m really honored my face falls under your perceptions of presentable!! ♥♥♥ but will i ever reach this level of beauty:

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bro reading your fic made me realise i'm queer and fuck me if i wasn't in the exact same mindset as laura basically the entire time so when everyone in the squad was like "laura omfg strAIGHT PEOPLE DON'T DO/THINK THAT" "laura's so gay" etc etc i was like ok but straight people do do that right? right? they just know she's gay like it's dramatic irony and it's making them impatient so they're biased straight peoPLE DO DO THIS THEY DO IT'S NORMAL IT'S FEMINISM but i'm bi af so funny story i guess

welcome to the club babe being bi af is great