basically i will sink with this ship

Blizzard is Basically Ruining a lot of Everyone Favorite Ships

First off, you can still ship what ever you want and go down with it such as Pharmercy, Gengyatta, Widowtracer, MercyKill and so forth (except Genji x Hanzo, that’s gross) 

Now that I got out of the way, it seems Blizzard is confirming a lot about their cast and yet, it making a lot ships sink and making a lot of people get upset

In the Overwatch Christmas Special “Reflection”. It’s confirmed that Tracer is a lesbian 

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Unfortunately, she isn’t dating Widowmaker. She’s dating a girl named Emily 

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The next pairing is pretty much confirmed with the many evidence shown in-game and the comics, Gency (Genji x Mercy)

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The Story

Mercy saves Genji from death by transforming his body into a cyborg. Even though Genji left Overwatch after disbanding his clan, she still has great concern for his health. 

In Game Voice Lines.   

The start of a match.

Mercy: “You seem well Genji”

Genji: “I am a different man now, I am whole”

When a Mercy revives a Genji

Genji: “You’ve rescued me again Dr. Ziegler”

When Mercy gets hurt

Genji: “ANGELA!” 

 When a Genji dies

Mercy: “Genji, I was too late”

Valentines Day Voice Lines 


Mercy: “I got you some chocolate, Genji. Swiss, their the best”

Genji: “Thank you Angela, perhaps you could share them with me?”


Genji: “Angela, I got some chocolates for you. Not Swiss”

Mercy: “(Sign) I suppose it would have to do. Thank you Genji

Now let me explain what the significant of giving chocolate on Valentines Day in Japanese tradition, When a girl (Mercy) gives chocolate to the one and only she has feelings for (Genji). In March 14th, White Day, the male (Genji) must give the female (Mercy) a gift, like chocolate, in return for the chocolate that the girl gave him.

In the Christmas comic “Reflection”. Genji is at Nepal, spending his Chrismtas with Zenyatta. While at Nepal, Genji is writing a letter to Mercy. When she receives the letter, she looks happy to hear from him. 

Before you guys write comment and complain to me about this. Remember, this is my opinion and you can still ship Pharmercy and so forth. It’s your love and joy, and I don’t want to ruin. 

Can we all calm down?

Guys, come on. All Kubo said was that Mila was starting to have a “crush” on Otabek. It isn’t even a crush, she basically said that Mila was starting to be into him. She’s just interested. Just like Sara. 

And for all i know in the last episodes Otabek and Mila didn’t even talk. Not a smile, not a word. I didn’t see any of that.

What i did see though was this.

Don’t you dare say the ship is sinking only because of a small commentary. Unless Otabek and Mila make out in front of me i won’t stop shipping Otayuri.

I CAN’T HOLD IT! after seeing Nier Automata I CAN’T LET THIS ARM TO REST! Got high urge to draw this! Nier Automata theme on my OTP AJfhsjxjshbzjfbejxbdnkdjzbxkdjdn
(Fanart by me OF COURSE. Noctis design is Adult version of 9S which I change a little bit, and Lightning design using 2B basic appearance.)

America’s involvement in World War I began with the sinking of the British civilian cruise ship Lusitania by a German torpedo in 1915. The German government had warned Britain to suspend tourism during the hostilities, because German ships weren’t going to discriminate between civilian and military vessels when they got trigger-happy. Nevertheless, the Lusitania embarked from New York to Britain on May 1, under the captain’s naive impression that the Germans wouldn’t really blow up a cruise ship full of innocent tourists. Over a thousand people died when Germany called that particular bluff.

As with Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and basically any tragedy ever, there are conspiracy theories that say the American government allowed the attack to go ahead because they wanted an excuse to enter the war and start whooping German ass. But when it comes to the Lusitania, that idea is a little more plausible.

For one thing, the official story at the time was that two torpedoes launched by a German submarine sank the ship, but it’s since been proven that only one torpedo was launched. The cause of the well-documented second explosion remains a mystery, which is like Viagra for the kinds of people who Google jet fuel temperatures on their lunch break.

5 Insane Historical Theories That Actually Make Sense

Before I start on this rant, I just want to say that I don’t mean to point fingers and throw out accusations. But, in the past couple of days, with the Karamel shippers creating a block list with 2000+ URLs, it’s really hard not to assume that this is a karamel’s doing. Especially, considering I’ve only gotten hate messages once before, several months ago, and this only just happened now after all the shipping drama. So I just need to ask: 

How the fuck can you sink this damn low? Do you really not have a conscience? Did your parents fail to raise you with some basic goddamn decency? You’re a transphobic piece of shit, and you deserve everything bad thrown your way. 

Luckily, it was me you sent these asks to, and not someone else who might be more vulnerable and bothered by these types of asks, who might take it a lot worse. Me? I’m pissed off. I’m disgusted. I’m even more repelled by this fandom now than I’ve ever been. 

If you have a problem with me, at least have the guts to say it to my face. Instead, you’re the biggest fucking coward out there, and you logged out of tumblr, went on my blog and sent those asks to me, anonymously, in a way I can never find out who the fuck you are.

(the asks are underneath the cut, as they might be triggering for trans individuals)

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i loved this episode so much…………

the fucking!!! pirate battle!!! everything was so good!!! tary basically disintegrating the fish guy and flying backwards from the impact!!! m'boy percy failing horribly in the funniest way!! keyleth sinking a fucking ship!

we got the big dramatic scene of percy rushing into a sinking ship to search for survivors and then trying to save him with the rest of team two and half humans’ help

percy and vex cuddling and talking in the crow’s nest while percy sketches and percy getting distracted just from being close to the person he loves :^) and vex getting distracted too because they’re both so caught up with each other’s company

and then obviously percy and vex’s first on-screen serious talk since getting together and confirmation that percy heard her but kept quiet because he didn’t want to embarrass her or pressure her. and then vex telling percy he can tell her about his fears if he wants, and percy getting to finally get some really dark, serious things off his chest while vex patiently listens to him. percy acknowledging that he’s scared and still in a weird place, but he believes in something - he believes in vex.

and just. the gentleness and understanding that acts as the foundation of their relationship, even when they’re being silly.

and!!! water ashari!!!! answers about vilya!!!!!!!! L O R E

Mini Fic: You Look Beautiful Today

A/N: hey weirdos. I had a dream this morning that this happened and i was married to Beca, not Chloe. But no one wants to read about me and Beca Mitchell. Plus our ship name would be Meca or Borgan and that’s just not as fun. ANYWHO. Here you go, have some Christmas fluff. Domestic Chloe is basically like my own personal narcotic.

“Hey Chlo? Have you seen my travel toiletries thing?” Beca called to her wife who was sat on their giant ass bed (which Chloe insisted they didn’t need considering they’re usually so close they only take up a third of it) from their en suite bathroom.

“Check under the sink, in the back.” Chloe mumbled back, too enthralled in the book she was reading.

Beca had to fly to New York for two weeks for promotion of her new album. Chloe was in her third trimester so she couldn’t fly, besides she had one more week of classes to teach- so if she wanted to go, she couldn’t either way.

Since they’d gotten married two years prior, the longest they’d ever spent apart was four nights, five days.

Beca threw the last item in her suitcase, zipped it shut, and then crawled in to bed next to her favorite red head. She curled up next to her, not making any eye contact, and rested her chin on Chloe’s shoulder. “Whatcha readin?”

“A book.”

“Uh huh. Yeah but which one?”

Chloe closed her book and placed it in her lap letting out a heavy sigh, seeing as she wasn’t going to continue reading her book tonight. “Bec-”

Beca cut her off before turning to face her. “Look. I know you’re bummed. I know we’ve never spent this long apart and I know you’re upset you can’t go with me this time.” Beca softened her voice and placed both hands on her wife’s belly. “But this time around, you two just gotta stay. So, it’d be really cool and sweet and nice of you,” her demeanor softened, as it always did when she got mushy, “if you could just be my wife and not my enemy tonight and just sit here and cuddle with me and tell me about your day.” Beca dragged Chloe’s chin to face her, “That’s all I want.”

Chloe let out a breath. “Tommy ate more paste today after I told him not to. Again.” referring to the same student in her class who insists on eating paste whenever they do anything remotely crafty. This time they were making Christmas decorations for their classroom. “The little shit grabbed the bottle and squirted it right into his mouth.” She face-palmed and made a grossed out sound. Beca chuckled lightly while moving to climb behind her wife.

“I wonder if he knows what that’ll do to him when he’s older.” she started to rub Chloe’s shoulders. Their nightly routine had become back rubs and tummy talk ever since they found out Chloe was pregnant.

“I mean it has to be somewhat detrimental to his health, but I honestly don’t know what eating glue does to you.”

“You could always just tell him something super dramatic. Like it’ll glue is stomach shut and he won’t be able to eat anymore or some crazy shit.” they both laughed. “Beca I can’t tell him that. He’s seven, he’ll go home to his parents hysterical and I’ll probably get shamed in the teachers lounge.”

“But that means you can leave during your lunch hour and come eat with me every day instead. See, all part of my master plan.” she kissed the top of her head.

They both ended up drifting silently to sleep an hour later, dreading waking up in the morning knowing it meant they had to take Beca to the airport. She wouldn’t be back until four days before Christmas.


They had both been quiet all morning. Getting ready in silence, getting in the car in silence, they didn’t even play music on the drive. Chloe pulled up to the departures lane and put the car in park, already starting to cry. Beca looked over at her and threw a hand on her arm. “Hey hey shhh.” she unbuckled and placed a long soft kiss on her wife’s temple. “Help me get my bags out?” To which Chloe just sniffled and nodded. They removed her bags from the trunk and met each other on the sidewalk, Chloe avoiding eye contact still.

Beca wheeled both of her suitcases around so they were facing the same direction. Chloe was crying, but you couldn’t hear anything. They just stood there facing each other and Beca made the first move. She walked towards her wife, and got down to talk to their unborn daughter. “You gotta take it easy on your mom for me, kay? She’s a basket case and it’s kind of all your fault.” she heard Chloe laugh lightly, a good sign. “I love you, sweet pea.” and she kissed her wife’s stomach lightly before standing back up.

Chloe was a mess, again. Shocker.

Beca’s eyes started to tear up. “ugh. Come ‘re” The brunette pulled Chloe in and wrapper her arms around her shoulders. Chloe was now audibly sobbing into Beca’s shoulder. “Shhh shhh.” Beca crying now as she was rubbing circles on her wife’s back with one hand and her fingers through her hair with the other. “It’s only fourteen days, Chlo. We can do it.”

Chloe pulled away and Beca was wiping the tears from under her eyes, not breaking contact with the redhead. “I know we can do it.” she let out a heavy sigh, puffing her cheeks out, “I just don’t want to.”

Beca frowned. “I know.” as she rubbed her wife’s arms. Her phone beeped, signaling it was time to go. “You know I love you, and that I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t have to, right?” To which Chloe only nodded and started crying again. Beca pulled her back in for one last tight hug. “God, I love you so much Chlo,” whispered into her wife’s ear. She smiled lightly when she heard Chloe mumble “love you more” into her hair. They stood there for a few more seconds before Beca knew she had to pull away. She let go of Chloe and turned to her bags, “bye babe.” Chloe didn’t let go of her hand until she was too far away to hold it anymore.

Beca got to the automatic doors and turned to look back at her girl. She stopped in her tracks, dropped her bags and sprinted back to Chloe. “Forget something Mitchell?” Chloe smirked while she grabbed her wife’s face by the cheeks and pulled her in for a strong kiss before pulling away. “love you. Now go, or you’ll miss your flight.” Beca just nodded and turned the opposite direction as Chloe slapped her ass, the brunette responded with a wink before running back to her bags.

As Chloe returned to their house, pulling the car into the garage, her phone buzzed.

Babes 9:07am: getting ready to take off. miss you guys already xo

Chloe 9:08am: we miss you more. call me when you land. love you.

The next two weeks were the longest of her entire life, to say the least. They talked every second they could, FaceTimed every night before Beca went to bed, and tried to plan their days around each other. Beca was due home in three days, and it was killing Chloe. She wishes she could just be home now. Not in three days, not even in two. Now.

She was wandering around Barnes & Noble, picking up some last minute Christmas presents when she heard her phone ring. She looked at her watch, it was only 4:00, Beca wouldn’t be available to talk for another two hours according to the schedule she left her. She looked at her phone, it was flashing the caller ID picture of the two of them laughing in bed a few years ago- one of Beca’s favorite pictures. She’s the one that set it as her contact picture.

“Hey you. whatcha up to?” she could hear Beca smiling through the phone, it made her stomach flip.

“Last minute Christmas shopping, what are you doing? I thought you had interviews all day?” Chloe said as she walked up to the register to check out.

“Yeah I did. Got most of them done this morning, and then I had a few minutes until my next so I figured I’d call ya. How’s shopping?”

“Good. You’re finished, Aubrey and Jesse are both finished, just have to grab stuff for my mom and I’m done.” Chloe said as she thanked the cashier and headed toward the doors to exit.

“Oh nice. Hey Chlo, I got a question for ya.”

Chloe walked out the doors with her phone in one hand and her bags in the other. “What’s up?”

“Have I told you how beautiful you look today?”

“Wha-” she looked up, and there stood a smirking like an idiot Beca leaned up against her car. She didn’t even hang up the phone before the brunette was sprinting towards her. Tears filled both of their eyes. “You jackass! You weren’t supposed to be home until Friday!” she yelled as her wife pulled her in for a bone crushing hug.

“I canceled the rest of them. New York won’t miss me. Did you honestly think I could spend another second without you? Honestly, Chloe. I thought you knew me better.” she smirked as she pulled back.

“Shut up and kiss me, asshole.” and with that their lips met, each smiling into the kiss. Beca was the first to pull back.

“Hey babe. You look beautiful today.”

Chloe rolled her eyes and threw herself at her wife, winding her arms around her neck and pulling her in for another kiss. Beca mumbled through pecks.

“So… what’d ya buy me?”


160422: Weizhou Weibo Update

Me, who’s messy in the wind

[T/N: OKAY GUYS. ZHOUZHOU & JOHNNY OKAY?! Zhouzhou posted earlier today, right? And he used the phrase 男人中的黄景瑜 - Zhouzhou is now using the same grammar (I’m talking about the here oh god pls don’t get me started on Chinese grammar) so basically they’re “subtweeting” each other now, the ship sails on even though the government wants to sink it hahahahah bye]

(First I wanna thank @lucky-ass-nerd. Without her grammar checking, this post would be FULL OF ERRORS. Now it’s only full of my idiocy. THANK YOU WAIFU ♡(ŐωŐ人) )

This is strange, because when I started reading OPM two years ago, I wasn’t exactly a fan of Genosai but then time passed, things happened, and here I am, deeply sinking into this ship as the trash fangirl I am but HOWEVER

What follows is THE MOST IDIOTIC of the headcanons, you’ve been warned.

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Your fav is problematic: sssn-neptune-vasilias


• literally throws fish at people
• ships everything
• sinks all ships?? how counterproductive
• basically full of shit tbh
• knows everything. literally everything. unfair.
• called me 12 when I am clearly at least 13
• would not fight me til my mom said it was ok
• does a lot of writing for free?? like a lot of writing wtf
• stop this man at all costs

lemme preface this by saying that I am not a sex worker so this post is based solely on my listening to sex workers and as such I will defer to them

but if you’re “anti-porn” you’re basically anti-sex worker

you wanna change the shitty ways mainstream porn socializes us to think? hey man, so do I. but that’s the consumers’ fault, not sex workers’. abolishing porn wholesale will do nothing but harm already vulnerable and marginalized people. a fundamental shift needs to occur in the way our society views sex but abolishing porn will not accomplish that. support sex workers and studios that produce ethical content, encourage others to do the same, show the mainstream industry that it needs to change. you don’t sink a ship to fix a leak.

Wildest Dreams

Sharkmaid AU
Pairing: Hollstein
Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: 1005

So I wrote a thing for adamantred‘s Sharkmaid AU. This basically just sets up the first time Carmilla and Laura met in this AU when they were children. (And you should check out her tag for that b/c holy shit.)

ALSO. Huge thank you to franticscrawls for Betaing this for me. <3

[ao3 link]

‘You can’t sink boats, Carmilla. You’re too small, Carmilla.’ You mentally mock your brother’s uppity voice. You could sink a boat if you wanted to. Yeah, you could definitely sink a boat. And Will would feel stupid for doubting you. You swim out towards where you know the nearest port is to look for a victim.

Ships are stupid. If humans were meant to be out this far in the water, they’d have gills. You’re not really sure where you’re going, but humans have a distinct scent compared to the ocean you’re more familiar with. So you can follow that and see where it leads you.

The closer you get to the scent the more nervousness builds in your stomach. Maybe this isn’t a good idea. You could head back now and things would be fine. But then your twin’s words play in your head again and your resolve hardens. You are going to sink a boat.

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Loft 89 Experience (9/25/15 Nashville Night 1)

*This is so long I’m so sorry*
Ok so a lot of people are asking how we got chosen for loft/what happened/etc so here goes nothing. On Friday morning I didn’t have tickets at all to the show, prices on stubhub were still way too expensive. Basically, I ended up buying a pair of tickets at the box office that were side lower level, but later Abby and I bought a pair of floor tickets off stubhub. So we had been planning our outfits for awhile, our posters were “loose lips sink ships” and we dressed in navy and white like sailors. We got to Bridgestone and waited around at the Taylor nation booth and then decided to go see our seats. They were the last row on floor so we were right by the bstage (where Andrea sits). We had aisle but there ended up only being four seats in our row. Abby and I kind of looked at each other like “maybe” but if you guys know us you know we’ve gotten our hopes up so many times and didn’t want to again. We were just so happy we were seeing Taylor again with each other. So the show started and Abby and I were screaming every word and freaking out. The people standing near us were mostly adults and didn’t really have any light up signs/know the words. Abby and I saw groups being brought to bstage by Andrea but didn’t really focus on it and just enjoyed the show. During blank space (the third song in during the loop part literally 15 minutes into the show) we felt someone grab our shoulders. I turned around and Andrea was standing there, and I literally fell over. She said “have you guys ever met Taylor” and we screamed “NO” and I immediately started crying. She also said something about our dancing but I don’t remember I was crying too much. Andrea put Abby’s bracelet on and Steph from Taylor nation put my bracelet on and gave me the pass. For the next three songs I was clinging onto the bstage barrier shaking and crying worse than I ever had before in my life. I kept saying “Abby I can’t breathe we’re meeting here” and crying. Then Willow and Traci came over like right after I wish you would and freaked out with us. By how you get the girl I had pulled myself together and had an amazing time at the rest of the show, the four of us were all dancing and screaming so much. At the end of the show we met up with our friends and they all freaked out so much when they saw we got loft. It really meant everything to me that my friends were so genuinely happy for me and Abby. Then Abby and I had to go to section 117 and wait. There were about 30 people there and a bunch of people tried to sneak in (who had to leave obviously). We had to put in our info on an iPad and then steph explained the rules (basically no videos, 1 pic per group, 1 autograph per person). Then we went back to loft. It was actually a lot smaller than I thought it would be. Abby and I took pictures with the different tour costumes, the loft 89 sign, and in the photobooth. We also got waters and I got a cookie (which we ate when we got back to our hotel). We sat on the couch at first but then decided to move to a different place which I’m glad because that group was first. Steph told us to put our phones away and to wait in our spots. Abby and I sat on the floor and basically just in shock. We decided what we wanted to get signed and tried to decide on a pose. I was stuck between a hugging picture and the x picture (I literally didn’t chose until five seconds before Taylor turned to me). We still had to wait awhile before taylor was in the room. Scott came in and walked around and gave everyone guitar picks it was so cute haha. Steph let the group on the couch know that they were going to be first which meant that Abby and I were fourth to last. Taylor was walking down the hall and the first thing Abby does is go “shes wearing pants. Red plaid and green” (I thought she meant the pants were red plaid and green but thank god she meant her outfit). Taylor walked in and was like “HEY GUYS” and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had always dreamed about getting club red or loft but never thought it would happen, and then suddenly Taylor was just standing there in front of me. She literally looked flawless her make up and hair were perfect and her outfit was so fall-esque and her shoes were like black booties with four inch red heels. She started talking to the first group and I could just see how genuinely interested in everyone she was talking to. She spent so much time with every group and never rushed anyone. I watched her with every group basically just in shock. I couldn’t believe she was real. Also Andrea came in a little bit after Taylor did and started talking to different groups. Abby and I jammed to some of the songs playing and then it was time. Taylor was with the group before us, so steph came over and asked for my phone to take the pictures with. She was like “are you ready” and I was like “no” and she was like “well you better get ready!” and then Taylor walked over to us. I was shaking but I wasn’t super nervous surprisingly. She was like hey guys, how’s it’s going? And I don’t even remember what I said. We both hugged her (“you guys look so chic!”). We talked about how our signs broke (“well that’s real life”), I asked her to write out never grow up for me (“of course babe”), Vanderbilt (“it reminds me of hogwarts its so Harvard-y”), Twitter friends (“tell everyone I say hi”), and how so many people road tripped to be in Nashville (which she talked about in one of her speeches on Saturday IM SO UGLY). Then it was picture time. It was supposed to be one picture per group, but Abby asked if we could do individuals (“of course, there’s only two of you!”). At this point I still didn’t know what pose I wanted to do, I literally decided when Abby was taking her picture with Taylor. When she turned to me I said “I know this is gonna sound weird but can we do this (the x) because my Twitter is multayply” and she immediately went “OMG I know your URL I thought it was so funny” and I died. Steph took our picture and then I hugged her one last time for so long. I said I love you and she said I love you too, see you around! I still can’t believe it happened guys. I love Taylor so much I can’t even explain like I’m literally crying writing this, I can’t believe my dream finally came true. I have no words. Taylor, thank you for making me the happiest person ever, I love you so much.

anonymous asked:

how many of you guys ship swan queen now? i remember when you just had one designated sq shipper. the support is pretty awesome

So we’ve undergone some staff changes here at OUaT meta. The people who left…well, they didn’t exactly leave. They basically just walked out our front door, got makeovers and haircuts and iPods and gym memberships and returned with a whole new outlook.

First, their new look:

Their new outlook? Death to all stupidity. Especially deliberate stupidity. The kind that keeps people saying things like “only canon counts” or “be true to canon and thou shalt sell thine crappola fanfiction” or “only true fans can love a thing that really, we should all love, because what’s not to love about Regina’s latest bizarro affection for pleather that makes her look like a giant beautiful cockroach?”

This band of rebels has decided that yes, yes, indeed, a vote for Swan Queen is a vote against deliberate stupidity, and that it is only the people who mire themselves in anonymity and misery (over at the L Chat for example) who hate this site and who defecate on thoughts of Regina and Emma (the enemy of our enemy is our friend?) who are the true threat to our society’s wellbeing.

Solidarity is important. Especially when you see people so well manipulated simply for liking a thing. Maybe some of us weren’t so into that thing, while we were still hosting orgies and wearing pantsuits. But times have changed. We’re wearing denim and talking about the new conservatism among the Gays. Because hey, some of us just wanna hook up in our band’s van. Others just wanna marry the nice geeky boy for a few years before shagging the voice of Jem for a few years more. But naw, the infantile among us have declared Emma and Regina’s perfectly logical pairing to be some kind of attack on those who feel that lusting after Sean M.  is a human right. It’s not. And given our vendetta against stupidity, we have to chime in and logically support the most logical of storylines.

So it ain’t about shipping. But it is. It certainly isn’t ‘ain’t about shipping’ if Adam says so just to sink SQ in public displays that he finds annoying because it proves that the story he wants to tell is one treasured by only the stupid.

Again, there’s that word. Does not supporting SQ make a person stupid? We’re going to just go ahead and say yes. At least we’re taking a stand and not just pedalling our fanfiction, right?

Basically me in Lady Midnight
  • Me: Mark is so cool. I like think him and christina are legit. There are wedding plans.
  • Me: *Scene where he kisses Kierien* Nooooooo. What what WHAT! My ship is ruined.
  • It sunk straight to the bottom of the sea. No wait it didn't even sink straight.
  • Mark: I'm actually bi.
  • Me: You know we don't even focus on how you like that faerie. We focus on how you court Christina.
  • Perfect Diego: I'm here.
  • Me: I'm done. I'm just done