basically i will sink with this ship

Me: believes that there is no way love can happen at first sight; hates it when people are stupid in love; generally bitter about couples

Also me: ScReAmS at my OTP when they just look at each other’s general direction; reads fluff 80% of the time; fight people who question my OTP’s love for each other

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what happened in 2014? what was that post about?? (Btw I only now just noticed ur url is "goth"chanbaek not "got"chanbaek...)

L O L don’t worry about the url… I haven’t changed it since summer 2016 (when Monster came out and my mutuals made “goth” urls falsdk;jfaldsf)

So 2014 basically got hit by a huge shitstorm. The Sewol Ferry sinking of course was a national tragedy and left many idols devastated; some kids on the ship were very much fans of different idol groups and relatives / friends reached out to the idols to tell them so. I cried during the whole fiasco and I wasn’t even in the country …. the debacle just made my heart ache.

Related to the actual kpop industry itself, Kris did leave EXO in May of 2014 and opened the flood gates for the biggest SM scandal since the breakup of DB5K into 2VXQ and JYJ. (DBSK had the largest fandom to date, called Cassiopeia, and it had fans in China, Korea, Japan…. they were especially known for how big they were in Japan. Breakout and steady success in what was considered Asia’s largest music market, by foreign and non-American artists was absolutely amazing. For the record, it has names specific to each language: Tong Vfan Xien Qi = TVXQ, the Mandarin name; DBSK = Dong Bang Shing Ki, Korean name; and Tohoshinki is the Japanese name. They technically debuted as a Japanese act and not a Korean act releasing things in Japanese which adds some nuance important for considering record breaking and setting, money, etc which are not important for our purposes here.) Kris’s sudden departure opened wounds older kpop fans had considered closed since the breakup of Kpop’s largest act (BigBang wasn’t shit in comparison for quite some time and even LeeSooMan apparently considered SJ throwaways from DBSK) and cast yet another huge, negative, ugly spotlight on the abuses of SM Entertainment in the past. The sticky part is how people started to analyze why this departure was not so sudden, and I will return to that in a bit.

This departure itself was ugly because Kris left in the middle of Overdose promotions and a few weeks before EXO’s first tour would commence. For context, Overdose came as a follow up to EXO’s smashing 2013 success with Growl Repackage and Miracles in December. They became the first artists to become million-album sellers in years with Growl and they won Album of the Year at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, when G Dragon had won pretty much every thing else that night (lmao) and SHINee was also up for the award. So they, a rookie group less than 2 years old, managed to win that award despite the STIFF sunbae competition on top of becoming million sellers… All eyes were on them no doubt and the public and fans were looking forward to their next promotions and their first concert tour… … SO you can imagine the laser focus this drew to the group and to the company. I will tell you right now: Not. A. Pleasant. Experience. The fandom was l i t e r a l l y imploding and people were taking pro-Kris and anti-Kris stances everywhere and calling him a traitor and calling fans fake and — and there was the part where only Suho was on stage to receive EXO’s award right after the news came out and my soul broke in half and the days you could tell EXO had been crying before coming onstage and and and – THERE WAS JUST SO MUCH SAD AND ANGRY IN THE FANDOM I hated it.

There are many bloggers who were around, who I followed during that time who aren’t around anymore. T_T

If I tell and explain everything wrong that happened in 2014 I could be here quite a while, so I’ll keep it short and jump to Baek’s instagram post. He made that post (xx) and one or two others I think, in response to the vicious and heinous reactions he and Taeyeon received after Dispatch revealed they were dating. Yes, this happened even in the aftermath of Kris’ departure. Yes, this only made things worse. Why? Well to add fuel to the fire, Baek had made a sort of cheeky promise that he wouldn’t date until EXO had made it, weren’t rookies anymore… basically he “promised” not to date until around 5 years after EXO debuted. That would be this year… so you know …. those deluded fans who took him seriously flipped out. Add on to that the fact that Taeyeon is many years his sunbae in terms of activity in the industry and the leader of the Nation’s Girl Group ™ and both jealousy of her and resentment of the fact he was in a relationship caused fans to make vicious posts and comments on Instagram–BOTH of their Instagrams, though his was far worse–and many other social media sites and forums. (Twitter comes to mind too.) THEN to top it all off, Baek was an MC on a music show (Inkigayo maybe?) and YOU COULD SEE HE HAD BEEN STRESSED, SLEEP DEPRIVED AND CRYING on many days and so-called “””fans””” had the nerve to shout and call him a traitor–among other things–ON LIVE BROADCAST like h o l y  s h i t this was bad. Baek should not have had to ~apologize~ for dating Taeyeon, as he did in the post.

Okay now winding back to what I mentioned earlier: rumor theories. Theories about every damn thing started floating around. There was a big theory about how Kris had wanted out of EXO since before Wolf (Wolf preceded Growl, but both were in 2013) and that Kris fabricated his visa issue. I have that on my blog and can hunt it down for you if you want to read the full body of “Evidence ™” but it’s actually plausible. Another theory was that Taeyeon and Baek were not actually dating–and this has many strains. One strain indicates that the entire relationship was fabricated as a distraction from the Kris departure and lawsuit , while the other states that they did date at one time but broke up way before any of the drama started–SM just used them since they had been together before as an easy cover up. These kinds of theories did not help a damn thing and just seeded further distrust and resentment within fandoms. Like seriously you had SONEs and EXOL screeching at other over this relationship, and even though they were not majority or mainstream fandom members / opinions, they still became pretty vocal. Many bad egg EXOL attacked both Baek and Taeyeon, and fewer SONEs attacked one or both. The theories that surrounded their relationship, including that they gave “hints” with couple items and that Taeyeon gave Baek a fan gift just . It was so ugly. Kpop fans showed their ugliest side. There were venomous comments for weeks. Baek and Tae even left Instagram for a while and Baek stopped being energetic and talkative when with EXO. I hated it so. fucking . much.

Let me tell you. Within SM? It only gets worse. Outside of SM? It gets much worse.

Within SM… Luhan also leaves EXO in October of that year. That’s TWO members, both Chinese, leaving the SAME up-and-coming and ~spectacular~ group, in the SAME year. Boy did that get media attention. Oh, and SM’s stocks took a much bigger dip after Luhan left than when Kris left. Oh, and Luhan’s deteriorating condition was much more visible than Kris’s and just stoked the flames of hatred against SM all over again.  Oh, and Luhan was EXO’s biggest China connection and most popular member in China … hence the stock drop. A few months later, Luhan was making literally millions on his own, which reinforced the premise that the dude was worth wayyyy too valuable for SM to give up willingly. Which of course they didn’t , which is why the main lawsuit lasted for about 2 years. But yeah now the forever-12 group with 4 Chinese members was down to 10 and only 2 Chinese members (bad for connecting to the Chinese music market which is full of $$$$) and media was losing its mind ! So was the fandom! Now the definition of traitor had shifted and you were a traitor and YOU were a traitor and we’re all traitors !!!! 

And JESSICA LEFT SNSD TOO !!! The only way I can characterize everyone’s emotions at the time is: WHAT  T HE F UC K ??? Luhan and Jessica’s respective departures literally happened within two weeks of each other !!! What were we supposed to d o ??? Between all three departures, you felt like you were getting punched in the gut, then the face, then the genitalia, then kicked on the ground. SNSD was forever nine man, nation’s girl group, biggest Kpop girl group ever and suddenly a main vocalist is gone ??? B O Y !

Oh, I forgot to mention how Tao posted on his Instagram very …. resentful things when Kris left . Mmmmm yeah it was bad, not gonna elaborate too hard but … he took it back later in 2015. You probably know that he, too, is now a former EXO member by now.

2014 was good in that you had groups GOT7, Mamamoo, RedVelvet, WINNER, Akdong Musician, Lovelyz, JJCC, etc debut that year. But it was bad due to circumstances surrounding some of  those debuts. 

Notably, Red Velvet was accused of having their debut rushed because SM wanted to cover up the ongoing lawsuit news. Now I know this sounds ridiculous: a dating scandal AND debuting an entire group early just to cover up some bad publicity about an idol leaving your company? Well given how persistent the press was and how bad the lawsuit and allegations made SM look … it’s not that difficult to believe and it most definitely was not hard to gobble up as reliable gossip at the time. At the time, it was considered the norm that SM covers up bad news by Any Means Necessary, and to generate positive publicity. The BaekYeon thing backfired tremendously in that it gave hatred to artists instead of positivity but it sure as hell kept folks’ minds off the lawsuit for a bit. (Also there’s the whole strain of thinking corporations and business control and influence the media, which is something many of us can relate to and why this can appeal so strongly.)

I believe the fact that Yeri joined RV later and was going to be a permanent addition, and the only addition, only helped this theory. After all, apparently she was intended to be with the group from the start, but she was too young when RV debuted. This seems to imply that RV debuted sooner than they were supposed to. ~X files music plays in the background~

WINNER also got shafted pretty hard. They won the big reality idol-elimination show WIN: Who’s Next? hence the title WINNER (formerly Team A) and then YG highkey neglected them because  …well honestly YG wanted the Next Big Bang ™ and WINNER’s ballad style wasn’t going to do that–no matter how much Mino you throw in the song. Plus he demonstrated obvious favoritism to Mino, Bobby and B.I. in general and once WINNER highkey disappeared after they dropped their release (as rookies you are supposed to do follow up promotions the same year and within a decent time frame – EXO did not do this like they were supposed to, again because of Kris visa issue [hey that theory’s looking mighty Fresh again]) it became clear that YG wanted the next group out of the WIN cycle to get the spotlight–that group became iKon (formerly known as Team B). 

Lovelyz had an issue with one of their to-be-debuted members name Jisoo. Jisoo was accused of … well have you heard of the things the boy trainees under Produce 101 are being accused of ? If so, think along those lines. If not: suffice to say it involved manipulation, lesbianism and abuse within the relationship…. bad stuff to be accused of in South Korea lmao so the group was involved in scandal before even debuting! In the end, Jisoo did not debut on account that the allegations were being investigated and taken seriously–in addition to claims that she was ill due to the drama on the internet and within her live as a result of the accusations, and that she needed to recover.

I will end with those three examples of debut issues. Let’s go back to a group that debuted the same year as EXO: B.A.P. 2014 was the year B.A.P sued over “slave contracts” with TS Entertainment.  According to the suit, since debuting in 2012, B.A.P had earned over 9 million dollars, yet the company had only given each member $16,000 on top of forcing members to perform to the point of hospitalization and fainting.

ZE:A, which debuted in 2010, also revealed issues with their company (shocking!!! at this point) and the group leader Junyoung (Lee Hoo) took to Twitter  to criticise his managing company’s, Star Empire’s CEO Shin Joo Hak for allegedly mistreating idol groups and their unfair contracts. He also alleged that CEO Shin Joo Hak both abused him and lost the company money. So there were accusations of financial and human capital abuses. He even posted income receipts on Twitter. You can read through (reliable!) translations of the events here: xx.

I want you to imagine hearing about all this shit throughout the year and thinking things are “over” and then just getting whacked whacked whacked whacked all about because you care about all these groups at the same time . J US T . :~)))))) I was fine : ^) everything : ^) was fine : ^) Nothing bad :~) was happening at all :~)

Oh and let’s add to this list, another thing that got negativity and didn’t deserve it: Super Junior’s Sungmin marrying Kim Sa-eun in 2014. ELF (SJ fandom name) were f u r i o u s at him for marrying so suddenly. ELF were trending #SungminOUT on Twitter because they wanted him kicked out of SJ for marrying. I was a pretty big SJ fan at the time so between everything !!! I WAS SCREAMING what the hell was wrong with people ???? Mad about a marriage ! They weren’t even mad at the lady (which doesn’t make it better), but purely the fact that he was getting married and didn’t give … idk some kind of prior notice? I knew he was enlisting soon after, but that wasn’t the source of the anger… anyway, other ELF counter-trended the #SungminOUT thing with a positive tag instead, and sent him lots of love, so it worked out…. but still many ELF were mad at him. If memory serves correctly, it was primarily K-ELF (korean SJ fans) who felt this sort of entitlement to him that led to the anger and it was …. yikes.

What else is there to say about that year? Of course people re-examined previous abuses by companies, including SM Entertainment’s maltreatment of DBSK, Hangeng of SJ (SJ’s former Chinese member who sued, won, and left the  group and the company due to mistreatment), disbandment of H.O.T., Shinhwa’s departure from SM, etc etc etc so you had layers of SM stan pain. SHINee and f(x) became known as SM’s only groups to not lose a member or disband … and then f(x) lost Sulli in 2015 … :| 

This is the most I remember or came to light when I looked up different issues I had thought of. If anyone wants to add to this list of catastrophe then please, go ahead. .-. I’m not even proofreading or else I’ll just get emotional for the umpteenth time. Hope this answers your (and 3 other folks’) question well! 

America’s involvement in World War I began with the sinking of the British civilian cruise ship Lusitania by a German torpedo in 1915. The German government had warned Britain to suspend tourism during the hostilities, because German ships weren’t going to discriminate between civilian and military vessels when they got trigger-happy. Nevertheless, the Lusitania embarked from New York to Britain on May 1, under the captain’s naive impression that the Germans wouldn’t really blow up a cruise ship full of innocent tourists. Over a thousand people died when Germany called that particular bluff.

As with Pearl Harbor, 9/11, and basically any tragedy ever, there are conspiracy theories that say the American government allowed the attack to go ahead because they wanted an excuse to enter the war and start whooping German ass. But when it comes to the Lusitania, that idea is a little more plausible.

For one thing, the official story at the time was that two torpedoes launched by a German submarine sank the ship, but it’s since been proven that only one torpedo was launched. The cause of the well-documented second explosion remains a mystery, which is like Viagra for the kinds of people who Google jet fuel temperatures on their lunch break.

5 Insane Historical Theories That Actually Make Sense

Blizzard is Basically Ruining a lot of Everyone Favorite Ships

First off, you can still ship what ever you want and go down with it such as Pharmercy, Gengyatta, Widowtracer, MercyKill and so forth (except Genji x Hanzo, that’s gross) 

Now that I got out of the way, it seems Blizzard is confirming a lot about their cast and yet, it making a lot ships sink and making a lot of people get upset

In the Overwatch Christmas Special “Reflection”. It’s confirmed that Tracer is a lesbian 

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Unfortunately, she isn’t dating Widowmaker. She’s dating a girl named Emily 

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The next pairing is pretty much confirmed with the many evidence shown in-game and the comics, Gency (Genji x Mercy)

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The Story

Mercy saves Genji from death by transforming his body into a cyborg. Even though Genji left Overwatch after disbanding his clan, she still has great concern for his health. 

In Game Voice Lines.   

The start of a match.

Mercy: “You seem well Genji”

Genji: “I am a different man now, I am whole”

When a Mercy revives a Genji

Genji: “You’ve rescued me again Dr. Ziegler”

When Mercy gets hurt

Genji: “ANGELA!” 

 When a Genji dies

Mercy: “Genji, I was too late”

Valentines Day Voice Lines 


Mercy: “I got you some chocolate, Genji. Swiss, their the best”

Genji: “Thank you Angela, perhaps you could share them with me?”


Genji: “Angela, I got some chocolates for you. Not Swiss”

Mercy: “(Sign) I suppose it would have to do. Thank you Genji

Now let me explain what the significant of giving chocolate on Valentines Day in Japanese tradition, When a girl (Mercy) gives chocolate to the one and only she has feelings for (Genji). In March 14th, White Day, the male (Genji) must give the female (Mercy) a gift, like chocolate, in return for the chocolate that the girl gave him.

In the Christmas comic “Reflection”. Genji is at Nepal, spending his Chrismtas with Zenyatta. While at Nepal, Genji is writing a letter to Mercy. When she receives the letter, she looks happy to hear from him. 

Before you guys write comment and complain to me about this. Remember, this is my opinion and you can still ship Pharmercy and so forth. It’s your love and joy, and I don’t want to ruin. 

I CAN’T HOLD IT! after seeing Nier Automata I CAN’T LET THIS ARM TO REST! Got high urge to draw this! Nier Automata theme on my OTP AJfhsjxjshbzjfbejxbdnkdjzbxkdjdn
(Fanart by me OF COURSE. Noctis design is Adult version of 9S which I change a little bit, and Lightning design using 2B basic appearance.)

i loved this episode so much…………

the fucking!!! pirate battle!!! everything was so good!!! tary basically disintegrating the fish guy and flying backwards from the impact!!! m'boy percy failing horribly in the funniest way!! keyleth sinking a fucking ship!

we got the big dramatic scene of percy rushing into a sinking ship to search for survivors and then trying to save him with the rest of team two and half humans’ help

percy and vex cuddling and talking in the crow’s nest while percy sketches and percy getting distracted just from being close to the person he loves :^) and vex getting distracted too because they’re both so caught up with each other’s company

and then obviously percy and vex’s first on-screen serious talk since getting together and confirmation that percy heard her but kept quiet because he didn’t want to embarrass her or pressure her. and then vex telling percy he can tell her about his fears if he wants, and percy getting to finally get some really dark, serious things off his chest while vex patiently listens to him. percy acknowledging that he’s scared and still in a weird place, but he believes in something - he believes in vex.

and just. the gentleness and understanding that acts as the foundation of their relationship, even when they’re being silly.

and!!! water ashari!!!! answers about vilya!!!!!!!! L O R E

Before I start on this rant, I just want to say that I don’t mean to point fingers and throw out accusations. But, in the past couple of days, with the Karamel shippers creating a block list with 2000+ URLs, it’s really hard not to assume that this is a karamel’s doing. Especially, considering I’ve only gotten hate messages once before, several months ago, and this only just happened now after all the shipping drama. So I just need to ask: 

How the fuck can you sink this damn low? Do you really not have a conscience? Did your parents fail to raise you with some basic goddamn decency? You’re a transphobic piece of shit, and you deserve everything bad thrown your way. 

Luckily, it was me you sent these asks to, and not someone else who might be more vulnerable and bothered by these types of asks, who might take it a lot worse. Me? I’m pissed off. I’m disgusted. I’m even more repelled by this fandom now than I’ve ever been. 

If you have a problem with me, at least have the guts to say it to my face. Instead, you’re the biggest fucking coward out there, and you logged out of tumblr, went on my blog and sent those asks to me, anonymously, in a way I can never find out who the fuck you are.

(the asks are underneath the cut, as they might be triggering for trans individuals)

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The True Nightmare is Living Without You

I actually wrote this before the finale aired, back in my ~denial~, but never got time to post it on Tumblr before the spoilers came in so I had to wait until now. Basically, the ending I deserved.

A thousand thoughts shot through Clarke’s mind as she returned to consciousness – where’s Bellamy did his suit fail too did the nightblood work what happened to the rocket – but she pushed them all aside because suddenly a blaring heat and noise filled her senses and oh no. The rocket.

            She scrambled to her feet, ignoring a dull throbbing in her skull, only to feel her heart sink straight back to the ground. She could see the ship, all right, and it was fine, but…it was leaving. Lifting off into space. Without her.

(Bellamy’s face rose to her mind, unbidden, warm and soft like his arms around her a few hours ago, and her heart ached all over again. Maybe she could survive on her own, but already she didn’t know how she was supposed to live without him.)

The thought of the next five years on her own was so overwhelming, in fact, it was a long time before she remembered about the radio. They’d synced them up for communication while they were spread apart readying the rocket, and she brought hers from the lab so it should’ve been….

There! She scrambled to grab it and quickly inspected for damage; thankfully, it appeared fully intact and functioning. Hands shaking, she clicked the receiver and held it close to her mouth, whispering, “Is someone there?”

No response. She tried a little louder, and then louder still, until she was practically shouting into the phone; begging someone, anyone to confirm her friends were safe and alive. “Bellamy, come in. Raven? Monty? Can anyone hear me? Bellamy, please, tell me if you’re there.”

            Then, after what could’ve been a few minutes or a few hours of this, a crackle came over the line and then a voice. “Clarke? That you?”

            Raven. Clarke nearly broke with relief, but managed to say, “Are you all right? Did you make it?”

            “Yes. Everyone but you,” she replied, a thousand emotions coloring the words.

            Clarke nodded solemnly, trying to quiet the grief welling up inside her. “Is–is Bellamy there?” she asked now, unable to hide how much she needed to hear his voice right now.

            And then there it was. “Clarke.”

            It was suddenly, overwhelmingly all too much, and Clarke let out a choked sob. “Bellamy. Oh, thank—”

            “Are you all right? Injured? Sick?” he interrupted, the words bursting out like a river surging towards a waterfall—rushed and desperate and dangerously close to the edge.

            “I’m okay. I just passed out is all. The nightblood’s working. Are you—”

            “I’m so sorry, Clarke, gods above, I never meant to leave you behind, I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t stop it and—”

            “Bellamy,” she breathed, a sigh and a plea and a whisper all at once. He sounded on the verge of tears, and it terrified her. Bellamy never let himself break, not in front of others. “It’s okay, Bellamy. We’re both safe. We made it.”

            “Not together,” he murmured brokenly, and she shut her eyes against the pain in his voice, in her heart. “I promised you we would have five years away from the horrors of the ground, we were never going to get separated again, we were going to have a future up here, and now—”

            “It’s not for forever,” Clarke said, even though she knew five years was an incredibly long time. By then they could be dead, or forced to stay in space, or completely different people, and then maybe he wouldn’t…. She swallowed down the thought.

            “Being without you for just three months felt like forever, and that was before…well.” He paused, either too nervous to go on or confident she knew what he meant.

            And she did. That was before ALIE and the end of the world and the list with their names on it; before she tumbled and tumbled and found herself opposing him, gun in hand, and knew that no matter the cost of humanity, she could not lose him. Before he had enveloped her in his arms while she cried and tucked away a loose piece of her braid, gentle as she’d ever seen him, and whispered that all he wanted was to spend the rest of his life beside her. Before she had agreed, heart thudding, and they’d rested their foreheads together as if in recognition of the confession they hadn’t quite uttered. Before Clarke finally felt the assurance deep in her bones that Bellamy Blake loved her too.

            “I know, Bellamy. I know. But can still communicate, hopefully whenever we want, and besides–” She paused, still unsure despite everything, before continuing. “You’re always with me.”

            There was barely a moment of hesitation before Bellamy murmured back, “And you with me.”

            She decided then they’d be okay.

She went nowhere without her radio after that, constantly checking on how things were going. There were soft times, when they had hours to talk and plenty to eat and hope like the blossoming flowers slowly peeking up in the fields; violent times, too, when mutated creatures arose or ALIE fought back and they went days, weeks, without communication. But most of the time, they were just times—just days, spent hunting and foraging and cataloging and always, always talking to the people she cared about most, just as she would if they were all together.

            “We will,” she murmured to herself, echoing Bellamy’s words every time she murmured may we meet again or tried to say goodbye just in case. She was out in the field, now disturbingly lush and green compared to the ashy wasteland she’d first lived in, working on a signal to communicate better with both the spaceship and the bunker. Her hair was long now, but thankfully still well-kept now that clean water was returning and she didn’t have to ration it out solely for drinking like she had for the first few years.

            It was incredible, how much time had passed. She’d lost track of the days long ago, letting them blur into nothing, but somehow…somehow she knew it was close. The end of her time alone.

            She glanced up at the sky, imagining she could already feel the heat of the rocket engines, and then her vision went black.

Clarke flew awake with a gasp, heart thudding at a hundred miles an hour, and tried to move but quickly realized she was being held back by something—a belt.

            No, not just a belt, a realized. A rocket belt. She looked around, dizzy with confusion, and saw the inside of the ship, gleaming and silver and filled with her friends. Her heart burst with relief, but the part of her that was still clinging to images of lush forests and radio conversations was wondering, how…?

            “Clarke? Oh, thank the gods, you’re awake.”

            She swung her head towards the sound, heart pounding, and suddenly her whole world condensed to just him—the freckles spanning his features, the cut above his lip, the tangled curls falling over his forehead, all half-concealed by the sheen across the front his helmet. Her voice felt nearly choked off with relief. “Bellamy.”

            “Are you feeling alright? Raven was worried about lifting off while you were unconscious,” he breathed. “But it’s okay now. We made it. We’ll land on the Ark any moment now.”

            “We’re together,” she agreed, hardly daring to believe it.

            Eyes softening, Bellamy reached his hand out to her and she took it, tangling their fingers and holding on tightly. “Yeah,” he murmured, looking at her like despite the whole vastness of space and time around them, she was all he wanted to see. “Together.”

maychorian replied to your post: Microfic: Shiro + Pirates! (Perhaps quirky, anime…

THIS IS GLORIOUS. OMG Shiro with the Straw Hat crew, what a culture shock that would be. I want him to hang out in the library with Robin. He might give Zoro a run for his money on the weight-lifting. And I’m pretty sure Sanji would feed him stupid.

Right? It’s kind of a weird mashup because One Piece is just so bizarrely quirky and Voltron has its weird moments, but it is more grounded in…well. Physics, for one. But it could definitely be an interesting sort of crossover, haha. Let’s see, off the top of my head (based purely on pre-timeskip because I basically stopped reading and writing for it afterwards)…

  • Luffy: Basically immediately agrees to give Shiro a ride because that’s what Luffy does, he randomly gives people rides on his ship. Thoroughly exasperating and Shiro ends up helping to rescue him from the ocean a lot (because apparently my sink-like-a-stone RM headcanon is very wrong). Shiro is impressed by the way his leadership works and the way he can take charge when it matters and see things differently. Luffy thinks his Hero Robot Arm is hella cool. Shiro is baffled because this guy is rubber? Like, really entirely made out of rubber, and his power is stretching? But it’s way more devastating than it seems like it should be?????
  • Zoro: mostly ignores Shiro once he’s confident he’s not a threat to the crew. They do train together sometimes though since they’re both insane and do ridiculous numbers of reps at all hours of the day and night.
  • Nami: Exasperated they’ve picked up yet another stray, but Shiro seems like a decent enough sort, and he’s not completely insane like the rest of her crew. Also, he’s surprisingly good at navigation, once taught how to use a log pose? Acceptable.
  • Usopp: Disappointed Shiro never believes his stories. Admires Shiro’s strength and leadership qualities, and also the way he always manages to find some way for Usopp to help out and not feel useless. (Shiro doesn’t tell him he’s got experience dealing with an insecure sniper back in his own world). Helps with some arm maintenance sometimes.
  • Sanji: Mostly ignores Shiro at first, or gives him crap like all the other male crew members, until he realizes the guy’s eating schedule is just an absolute mess due to some of his PTSD symptoms. He doesn’t know the specifics but suddenly he’s all over making sure this guy eats right, although he’ll never admit to it and usually curses up a storm while doing so. Shiro has no idea that he’s getting almost as much priority food treatment as the girls.
    • Shiro watches the would-be cassanova and the lone wolf sword guy bickering and fighting constantly and wonders if this kind of thing exists in literally every world because what the hell.
  • Chopper: Scared of Shiro and the glowy robot arm at first but finds he’s actually really nice. He’s also very particular about making sure Shiro is taken care of since he’s a lot like Zoro in that he’ll never admit to an injury. Shocked at the number of scars this guy has but doesn’t bring it up to be polite. Shiro is a little confused by the talking, transforming reindeer at first, but hey, he’s already met shapeshifting princesses and intelligent mice, this isn’t THAT much different.
  • Robin: Respects Shiro quite a bit, and vice versa. They spend hours discussing the various histories in their worlds, and Robin helps research some world theories to see if there’s a way to get him back. They both like that neither one is immediately struck with the stigma of their title around the other. Robin doesn’t care one bit about “Champion” or what that means, and the Demon of Ohara means nothing to Shiro. It’s nice to meet somebody without that title fouling things up.
  • Franky: Is basically a godsend. The only one on the crew who is able to actually understand, maintain, and repair Shiro’s Galra arm. He’s fascinated with the technology but a little disgusted with how poorly it’s integrated. Probably makes improvements over time, with permission. Bawls for hours over “lion bro” when he realizes the prosthetic wasn’t given by choice. Shiro is frankly stunned to hear Franky’s implants were all self-made and that he modified himself willingly, but manages to learn a lot about how to use his own prosthetic from him.
  • Brook: Finds Shiro to be a pleasant enough team member. Shiro is just baffled because this guy is dead. He’s literally dead. But still walking. What the hell? What kind of weird world is this???? Why are skeletons playing violins??? Gets along with him well enough though once he gets used to it, and even learns to tune out the skull jokes.

It’s kind of weird for Shiro since he’s not really in a position as a leader but more of a temporary crew member, but it also kind of lets him relax (as well as he can when trying to find his way home). He still gets pretty viciously protective of them though because now they’re friends and they’re helping him out, so why not?

anonymous asked:

What's Yuri on ice?

A show that reconfirmed my love for gay men.

LOL. No in all honestly it’s an anime that is perfect in every way because it’s about ice skating first but it has a romantic subplot between two men who don’t have any unhealthy relationship issues such as the need to be jealous or anything and it’s just so good. It doesn’t even focus on the romance, it’s just an emotional bond that the two men have and it’s so emotionally intense that it’s basically spelling out their love for each other without explicitly saying that they’re a couple.

They are so fucking in love though I swear to god I will not go down with this ship because it will never sink.

The main characters are also really relatable (especially Yuri Katsuki) because they struggle with anxiety and in Yuri’s case, self confidence. It’s a beautiful show that made me cry at least ten times and scream in absolute glee at least a hundred times more than that. I was so in love with it that I binged all twelve episodes at once and when I finished I looked up so. many. fanfictions.

It’s beautiful, I love it, and I love my gay sons so much. I love all of the characters. Even JJ. Even though he’s a little shit. He’s my little shit.

All in all, a definite must watch if you’re into anime 12349262/10 will recommend. I want all of the skaters to skate on my grave. Also the music is fucking bomb jfc I haven’t listened to anything other than the Yuri on ice sound track in months. I’m so obsessed with it it’s unhealthy.

-Admin Ziggy (I want season two NOW)

Basically I was eating tomatoes today and I remembered the last chriseva conversation and how cute they looked eating together and how my hopes were sooo high and how everything was ruined two seconds later and now I’m not sure I wanna eat tomatoes anymore because my chriseva heart is broken I won’t ever forget how my ship sinked in a matter of seconds


- A diver?

I’ve never gone underwater professionally before - this would be quite new indeed.

He nodded.

- I know a few people who make a good living from it. There are types of fish you can’t really catch from regular fishing and the local eateries pay well for them. Also, various clams, plants, other underwater stuff… And of course, since we’re in the tropics, there have been plenty of shipwrecks in the past.

Seeing my confusion, he explained:

- Well, you know, some ships don’t sink too far from shore, and people are basically obsessed with the idea of treasure. Not that I, ahem, ahem, approve of this practice, but I have it on good authority that plenty of local divers have sold random underwater junk as artifacts from sunken ships. The tourists buy this shit up - it’s all about the idea of having a piece of history in your house. 

Therese: You don’t say! And how hard is it to find all these things underwater?

Jeremy grimaced.

- Well, I wouldn’t know too well myself - I’m not much of a swimmer. But if there are plenty of people in the profession, it can’t be that hard.

- You know, what? I’m going to give some weight to this idea. After all, you’re right - I do have the lungs for the job. Might as well put them to a good use.

Your Name Will Live Forever pt. 3

Part 1 Part 2

Elin would’ve been more than willing to spend more time with Cassian had it not been for the fact that she hadn’t seen Rè in quite a while, and given that Feyre had invited them to dinner to meet everyone, she figured it was past time to meet up with her friend. She’d been at the studio for hours, ten to be exact, and even though she was covered in sweat and had imprints from her leotard pressed into her shoulders, she walked to the tattoo shop where Rè worked anyway, knowing she wouldn’t care if Elin was out of breath and in desperate need of food and a shower, in that order.

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Can we all calm down?

Guys, come on. All Kubo said was that Mila was starting to have a “crush” on Otabek. It isn’t even a crush, she basically said that Mila was starting to be into him. She’s just interested. Just like Sara. 

And for all i know in the last episodes Otabek and Mila didn’t even talk. Not a smile, not a word. I didn’t see any of that.

What i did see though was this.

Don’t you dare say the ship is sinking only because of a small commentary. Unless Otabek and Mila make out in front of me i won’t stop shipping Otayuri.

cursing-vermin  asked:

...about to potentially ruin what little cred I've managed to scrap together. I have never seen Titanic. Do you need to have seen the movie beforehand to understand your klance au?

Hi! I’m glad you asked this, because I’ve seen a fair number of people say that they’ve never seen the movie but still want to read the fic, which is amazing! I think most people know the basics of the film, based off of the history they know about the ship and the sinking itself.

For how it relates to our AU, I think that watching the movie will help you get a sense of the time. Of the haughtiness of the upper class, the conditions of those in third class, how one can actually be unhappy even if they’re rich, and what drives Keith’s inner turmoil which is somewhat reflective of Rose’s internal struggle in the movie. You could read my fic without having seen it and still understand it as a standalone, but if you want more depth, and especially if you want to know the importance of certain scenes and references that people keep bringing up (like the “after” party, the car scene, the door, etc), the movie will help in that way! 

I, of course, will be the first to tell you to set aside a few hours, three boxes of tissues, and a pile of blankets and watch it as soon as you can, but I’m biased because it’s been my favorite film since I was a kid and I had it on VHS in the two-cassette tape box. But I know some people get bored or don’t have time or whatever the case, so in the end, it’s whatever works for you since it isn’t necessary! It’s just recommended :) 

My ships

Out of all my ships, RivaMika makes me the happiest. It’s rather fulfilling to finally ship awesome characters together. 

I ship DraMione, SS, ReyLo, ZuTara, RyoSaku. - basically crack ships(?) where I had to fill in a million plot/character holes to make it work. LOL. So yeah, shipping this awesome perfect guy with this girl who has nothing but loads of character development waiting in store for her is just awesome. 

I cannot fault Levi. All other guys in my other ships - there is nothing but fault (canonically I mean). I hope things work out for RivaMika. If not, I’m used to sinking ships. 

Rant about recent Mystreet Comments

NOTE: Since the last rant I did ended with a ton of witch hunting and threats, I just need to say this, DO NOT TRY AND “FIND” ANY OF THESE PEOPLE. Witch hunting is disgusting, and the fact some of you sent threats to Jess and Jason last time was gross af and it didnt need to happen. So if I find out ANY of you have witch hunted these people down, I will NOT be happy. 

Last time I did a rant about Mystreet everything went way out of control so I’m not going to be going to deep about the series anymore.  

I’m not going to go into things such as “Omg it was everyone’s fault!!” because I don’t have time to go down that rabbit hole. I’m mainly here to rant about the comments on the recent Mystreet Episode; “The Break-Up”

If you all don’t know what this episode is about, Basically to sum it up everything that has happened leading up to this, Gene was getting suspicious of Zane getting “to close to Aph” and basically complained to Aaron. Aaron ignored him, His family got involved, MIchi blackmailed his sister about “Aphmau tripped and Zane caught her”. His sister showed him the picture, he THEN go suspicious. Cafe’ got burned down by Ivan, Aphmau assumed it was Aaron, Aaron is super emotional unstable at this point and is like “I need to go home” and they basically “break up”. 

Now normally I would be ranting about Mystreet but I’m honestly not interested in this series anymore, its the comments that bug me. 

Now before I show you some of these comments, I DO NOT want to see ANY comments about how “Omg they’re just kids!!” because that excuse is so stupid, you wanna know why? Because if your CHILD is online and is saying things “OMG MY FICTIONAL SHIP IS SINKING SO I WANNA KILL SOMEONE AND RIP OUT THEIR LUNGS” then idk, maybe you shouldn’t let your kids online.


This probably the MAIN comment on this video, the whole “omg aarmau is sinking so I need to kill Michi!” Like, I feel like I dont even need to EXPLAIN why these comments are messed up, and this isnt even one the worst ones. Just look at this next one: 

Do you see how psychotic these people sound? They are SO defensive of their ship they make comments such as “ILL RIP OUT YOUR LUNGS AND FEED THEM TO YOU” over a friken FICTIONAL PAIRING AND CHARACTER. Oh lets not forget the “Am I right guys?? :D” because ya know, you’re supposed to agree with that comment about this person wanting to literally dismember a fictional character from a minecraft series on youtube. Let also not forget the constant “MIchi is such a hoe!!” because that just makes things 10x better. 


I needed to just put this one in here because it honestly makes me go “???”

You all have to understand while yes, Aarmau is based off Jess’s and Jason’s real life relationship, just because a FICTIONAL pairing “breaks up”, this does not mean that their real life relationship is affected. Just putting that out there real quick since this is a common comment on this video. 


This is going to be the last comment I comment on because this entire thing is just gross and I want to be done with it. I know I am complaining about Aarmau shippers taking things to far but there is also a few “anti-aarmau” people who are taking things way to far. I’m not “pro aarmau” or “anti aarmau”, Im more “I dont really care for it anymore”, but this does not excuse these comments. Saying things like this makes you no better than the Aarmau shippers who are saying “KILL MICHI THT HOE”. 

This isnt the first time this has happened with one of Jess’s videos tbh. This has happened with Zane (ie. Kill zane!!”) Katelyn (shes getting in the way of my aphmau ship!!!), and even other ships as well (ie. Zanvis, Garmau, Laurmau, etc.), I think its just gotten out of hand and its just beyond disgusting. 

I also want to state this: If you are sending Jess and Jason death threats over Aarmau “breaking up”, I will not be afraid to call you out. Death threats are disgusting and you could go to prison from sending them, so think twice before you type something. 

Anyways, I’m done. Like i said before, I wont be commenting on the whole “its everyone’s fault they split up” thing because its exhausting and I have studying to do, so see yall later. 

I wrote this after I realized how hard it is for me to talk to normal people. It really hit me and all I knew was that I had to write down what I felt and you're gonna learn a lot about me. Not finished but enjoy my craziness.

Life is crazy. If you really take the time to think about it , everything that happens could be described as a miracle. Youre living right now and youre you right now, just think about that, there are infinite possibilities on who you could have become and you are who you are right now, but are you really being you? If you take a look at yourself right now do you like who are and how you act in the public eye? Everyone is trying to impress each other and it hasnt just become thius way and it isnt just in cleveland or ohio or america its the whole world, throughout history, forever. Its conformity, wanting to be in style is destroying the human race, limitimg us. Its sad that i cant even blame people for not wanting to be different because i know that theyre scared because people dont like different, humans are close minded and selfish and we have always hurt people for being different. And its crazy because the only reason im able to speak this way now is because ive never been good at conforming even when i tried and i ttruly did.
As far as i can remember i always felt out of place, even around family, especially around my family. I hate to say this but my family is made out of a bunch of truly dumb people and i dont mean that as an insult, i mean it truly and i hate to say this even more, my mother is the worst of them all. Everyday i realize this more and more and everday i thank whatever universal force there is that i am the way i am. My family does nothing but argue, i have no real connection with anyuone in my family and even when i was younger i realized this and so even the people that know me best know little to nothing about my family. Its sad but i think i had to learn a lot about the world on my own, I had no Father figure though i am named after him but mmaybe thats why ive been going by Hamilton lately, because he dosnt deserve me as a son. I am 19 years old now and the last time i seen him i was five and in a way i thank him for leaving because i wouldnt be me right now. I know nothing of my fathers side of the family and i have step siblings i have obly met once. Thinking about this makes me wonder how i got to this mindset even more.
My mothers side of the family consists of my grandmother, my aunt, my uncle, my aunts son (my cousin), and my uncles two kids (other two cousins), and my sister of course, these are the only ones i have interacted with. My uncle is doin the best because he got away, he moved to Japan years ago and has started his own family and is a teacher there but even he was never able to fully gain a connection with me, i dont even know if i truly care about him or anyone in my family for that matter. My aunt has basically given herself to religion (which i will talk about later) and has even married a preacher, she like my uncle has basically abandoned the the sinking ship that is my family. Her son, my cousin, who as a kid i enjoyed so much went to jail when i was still young and didnt get out until it was already too late (hes back in jail again as i write this) to make a connection with me, he is maybe the only one who couldve been a figure for me.
Being close minded is the worst thing you could be. Thats what my mom and grandma are. They completely refuse to change any idea that have in their heads so thats why they are dumb and so it is impossible for me or anyone to really talk to them. They are lonely and i know it, but its too late to save them. I dont live a privileged life, i truly had to work for everything that i have. In this house we have gone months without heat and hot water during the winter and we have gone months in scorching summers without cool air. My mothers everything wasnt enough. Its because the way she was raised by my grandmother who is just insane and angry at the world. I dont know much about how my mother and her siblings were raised, i only here passing stories like the time she held a knife to my uncles throat. Whenever she argues with one of my family members now she says that she would kill them if they were around her and i believe her.
However everything that my family is, it all goes back to how they were raised, it made them who they are and unfortunately it looks like my sister is taking after them and letting them run her life (shes 11 months older than me). Then why am i different? Was i born to think like this and not be like my family? Ive known for a long time that ive wanted to help people but today i think ive realized how im supposed to help I cant save my family members but maybe i can save you and whoever else reads this by passing on my philosophy on how we as the human race should be living. I feel like ive become more and more enlightened recently and i feel like i was always meant to reach this point but first i want everyone to understand how i got here to who i am now because while i was born different it was a process to get to where i feel like ive woken up.
The first stage of going through this process is becoming extremely arrogant and i truly did think i was better than everyone for a long time in my life, all throughout middle school and for half my highschool experience. This arrogance always made me lazy and in school i was never one to care about grades and i didnt realize until recently that its because im not meant for school and there are probably many others who feel the same. Even now when i feel good about life and everything, i still have no motivation to try in my classes and if youre reading this and feel the same way trust me when i say that you shouldnt try to force it, at least not in college. I went to a private catholic school since 2nd grade and somehow ended up graduating from middle school and i even made friends who i know to this day but unfortunately my grades (and my mothers funds) were not enough to get me into a private high school and i ended up attending a public highschool, james ford rhodes.
This ended up being the peak of my arrogance, i looked around at all these kids who acted so differently from me, even more than what i was accustomed to and they all seemed so dumb to me and all the high school work seemed so easy which made me even more lazy and i ended up doing the bare minimum for the rest of highschool as well. I forgot to mention that as a kid i had the biggest morals, didnt even start cursing until 7th grade and that was only to get attention when my middle school “popularity” went down. I read too many books and i thought i was meant to be a hero and be truly the best person, so even in high school i looked down on those who drank or smoked anything. Looking back now i realize that in those first two years of high school i was lost, i realized i had no friends and this is when i truly tried to be like the rest of kids in my generation and it worked a little bit, although i became a shadow to the little people i knew at school, i was a background character and it sucked because i knew i wasnt being me and i was realizing more and more that i didnt belong.

ok so this took approximately six hundred years to put together but i present, for your enjoyment, my star wars fic rec, including: stormpilot fic recs, hanluke fic recs, jedistormpilot fic recs and various gen fics/one shot pairings. i’ve been around fandom for a loooooong time so i’ve developed a habit of being picky with my fics so rest assured that everything included in this list comes with a big ol’ stamp of approval

this list will be added to/edited in the future as the fandom grows, so if ur fic isn’t on here don’t despair, and if any of you want to suggest fics to be added then go ahead, my ask box is always open! (UPDATED: 4TH APRIL, 2016)

stormpilot has the most fics in this rec but feel free to peruse the rest (the stormpilot recs are last, so scroll all the way dowwwwwn if u want those), and i hope u enjoy! (side note: i put stars next to the fics i REALLY love so those ones come with my super special recommendations)

[p.s there is no r*ylo in this because i do not support the ship at all lmao bye]

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Destiel Season 11 meta: 11x14 The Vessel [3]

This is part 3 of a 4 part meta series on significant Destiel scenes from season 11. Again please note, these are my interpretations, observations, metas, theories, and opinions. Some will be longer than others.

As a precursor, this particular post is part meta, part setup and preparation for the 4th and final meta on 11x18. Unfortunately, for some things I mention here you will have to read the last one to understand the connection. So, let’s jump right in, shall we?

Unbeknownst to the boys, Lucifer has been possessing Castiel’s body for 4 episodes already. Although Dean has had his suspicions. (See this fabulous meta.) (There’s also a meta on Casifer grabbing the wrong shoulder and Dean noticing, becoming more suspicious of Cas’s behavior, but I couldn’t find it.) At the end of this episode, both brothers are aware that Cas is now Casifer.

I love the double entendre of the title. The Vessel refers to both the setting of this episode and Castiel’s body. I think we all kind of knew what this episode was going to be about. (Everyone’s been in Cas except Dean!) But I ask myself, Why a ship? Why not call the episode The Vessel and have it set in another location but still be about Casifer? The episode is about the race for the hand of God, but mostly it’s centered on Dean and Sam figuring out THE VESSEL IS NOT CAS. Obviously, we’re supposed to pay attention to both meanings implied by the title.

And this is undoubtedly true based on Tweets like these from the production designer Jerry Wanek: 

And episodes like 10x05 Fan Fiction where we literally see how set design, setting, props, subtext, and music are extremely important in telling the story. Things casual viewers wouldn’t pick up on.

With this established fact, why make the setting a ship? Well, I took it in the fandom sense. It literally represents the two warring ships or if you want, you can view it as the two warring bonds Dean is facing this season. The Bluefin symbolizes Destiel, or the Dean/Cas bond, while the German ship symbolizes Demara, or the Dean/Amara (gross) forced bond. We can clearly tell which one is good and which one is evil.

The Destiel ship is good because not only does Cas love Dean, but he is an angel and literally everything he does is for Dean. Whether his good intentions lead to regretful situations, he’s always had Dean in mind. His heart has always been in the right place. The Bluefin itself is an American sub that has good men looking to stop some Nazi bastards. Just look at their missiles:

The German destroyer, or the Demara ship, is evil because 1. It’s literally a Nazi run ship (the most evil people to ever exist; need I say more?) and 2. If it does represent Amara’s bond with Dean, we know that it is FORCED on him and he is FORCED to care about Amara. Sounds a little evil to me. 

Thanks to Lucifer, Dean boards the ship. At the very tail end of the episode, the Demara ship is on the Destiel ship’s ass. Delphine makes the decision to use the hand of God to wipe it out, taking down both ships.


This is so important to my 11x18 meta. Please remember this for the finale.

Although it saddens me because the Destiel ship was also wrecked. But after thinking about it I came up with a theory: This episode is where Dean discovers Cas is possessed by Lucifer. Lucifer is also the one who got Dean on and off the Bluefin (Destiel) ship. Basically, I’m blaming Lucifer for my ship sinking. 

It makes perfect sense considering the events occur in this order: 1. Dean is on the Bluefin, 2. The German ship shows up, 3. Delphine uses the hand of God to sink the Nazis, 4. Lucifer shows up and blips Dean away, 5. Dean learns Cas is now Casifer. 

Lucifer’s presence not only obliterated the Destiel ship, but Dean as well. You can see it on his face:

Oh Chuck that gets me right in the heart. Let’s just hope that Cas’s self-worth, feelings on being possessed by Luci, and his relationship with Dean are addressed and fixed in season 12. 

Another important, often overlooked, aspect of this episode I’d like to cover is the soundtrack. In the opening scene, we meet Delphine and her German lover. The song playing in the background is Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien. It’s a love song about the “all-encompassing object arousing the transcendent emotions of the lover singing the song and the good and bad that the lover experienced…” (See link above)

Here are the translated lyrics: 

No, nothing at all
No, I regret nothing
Not the good things people have done for me,
Nor the bad, it’s all the same for me

No, nothing at all
No, I regret nothing
It’s paid for, wiped away, forgotten
I don’t care about the past

With all my memories, I lit up the fire
My troubles, my pleasures
I don’t need them anymore
Swept away my love stories and their troubles
Swept away for good
I’ll start from zero again

No, nothing at all
No, I regret nothing
Not the good things people have done for me,
Nor the bad, it’s all the same for me

No, nothing at all
No, I regret nothing
Because my life, my joys
Today they begin with you

Even without the background info, quite obviously this is a love song. We hear it twice this episode. 

The first time is in the very beginning when Delphine is with her Nazi lover and she ends up killing him for the hand of God. Through her eyes, the song means, yes, she has had bad experiences pretending to be in love with this man, but it was all worth it to finally possess the hand of God. Because of this, she regrets none of the torture she’s put herself through. She’s let go of her troubles because now that she has the hand, she can give it to the Allies to win the war and she can start her life anew, with a new lover. One she actually cares about. This is what the song means to her.

The second time is the very end after Sam and Dean have their talk about Cas and his time on the ship and it’s just Dean alone whom the song plays for. But why play a love song for Dean? Why use a love song in this scene if it doesn’t somehow apply to him? It makes no sense unless the song actually describes his circumstances with someone he loves. Couldn’t possibly be Amara because even though he is (forcefully) drawn to her, he knows it’s not romantic love he feels. And this song played just after Dean’s talk with Sam about Cas… And Dean looked utterly heartbroken… Also determined to save Cas…


If you would like further evidence that this song actually does apply to Castiel let’s look at the lyrics through Dean’s eyes. Like I’ve stated before, Cas has done good and bad things for Dean. Some examples being choosing Dean over his angel army or breaking the wall in Sam’s head, letting in his memories from the pit. I think Dean knows Cas has more than made up for his mistakes. Whatever bad Cas has done against Dean is “paid for, wiped away, forgotten.” Basically, Dean doesn’t care about what Cas, good or bad, had done to him. He just wants him back. 

His pleasures he’s all but forgotten. In the whole of season 11, we’ve seen Dean flirt with maybe two women and he slept with one off screen. The anti-shippers could chalk it up to his bond with Amara, but he’s a.) Not committed to her, b.) He’s fervently fighting the bond that he DOESN’T WANT, and c.) HE DOES NOT FEEL THE ROMANTIC LOVE CONNECTION SHE FEELS FOR HIM. (As he canonically told Casifer.) So what’s stopping him? Probably the handsome, blue eyed, black haired angel the writers have perfectly set up to be his love interest. 

Dean IS, though, the antithesis of “No, I regret nothing.” He does look like he regrets what Cas has become. What he let Cas become. Dean has the tendency to push responsibility onto himself even though he didn’t know. 

Was there something he could have done to prevent Cas from saying yes? Absolutely. Again, he could have reassured Cas somehow that he is valued and needed and not expendable. He knows this and regrets not doing this. Just like how he never got to finish his talk with Cas back in season 8 after he revealed he might kill himself. 

But Dean went with “This is Cas and he’s always fine” because it’s his default setting when it comes to Cas. (He already knows Cas is a “weird, dorky, little guy,” so that’s probably why he brushed off the strange behavior Casifer exhibited.)

If Cas isn’t fine, then Dean isn’t fine. Although Dean is getting better at expressing his feelings, he’s still emotionally constipated. 

Because if Cas isn’t fine then Dean will worry himself into a hole and mother hen him like he did in 11x03. And just like in 11x03, if Cas isn’t fine, Dean won’t stop until he is. 

Because if Cas isn’t fine, Dean becomes so distraught that he loses sleep. (See episode 11x19 The Chitters.) ((In which Dean meets a pair of hunter husbands and asks them “What’s it like settling down with a hunter?”))

None of that looks platonic to me at all. Even when Dean was worrying about Sam and the trials, he was able to fully function and get his usual 4 hours. So, his feelings for Cas? Brotherly, they are not. 

If the song is correct, then Dean’s life, his joys begin again with Cas. (HOPEFULLY in season 12.) 

From the macro-analysis, I’m moving on down to the micro. 

One very small- almost impossible to spot- detail is that Dean was faced with a beautiful woman and not once did he try to flirt with her. He has in the past flirted and picked up women while on the job and even while his life was in danger. But here, he completely drops the playboy persona for a professional one. In fact, he doesn’t give his opinion on it to Sam when he shows Dean her picture. This is because Sam didn’t comment on it, so Dean either didn’t notice it or didn’t think it important enough to remark upon. 

Then when he’s on the ship, one of the men says this: 

Shipmate: … Broad’s sittin’ pretty like the Queen of Sheba gettin’ room service in the ward room. And I can’t even gripe cuz have you seen that dame? The gams on her? [Whistles]

Dean: Yeah, yeah. She’s a hottie.

Not until someone actually stated how hot she was did Dean pay attention to it. When he actually met her, talked with her, and came to like her as a person, he still did not make a move until she started unbuttoning her shirt. Which, I mean, c’mon, I would have looked too. 

(Yes I do realize that she was doomed to die and no they couldn’t have had any kind of relationship, but things like that haven’t stopped Dean from simply flirting before.) Then he went right back into professionalism. Pretty strange behavior for Dean. Like he’s not even slightly interested, even in her looks. This just shows ASTRONOMICAL character development.

I’m not going to cover how Cas overpowers Lucifer to talk to Sam about saving Dean because that’s been analyzed to death.

I will, however, cover Dean’s reaction to Casifer.

Lucifer pops in and zaps Dean back to the bunker just as the Bluefin was going down. Sam then yells “That’s not Cas!” Dean looks both confused and pained by this information. Confused because who else could it be? And pained because he’s had suspicions before. 

Then Lucifer throws him across the room and uses his powers to pin Dean to the wall. Dean is looking… well, absolutely livid at this point. Angry that Lucifer is in Cas. Dean’s face goes from rage to terror as Lucifer starts to unwrap the towel around the hand of God. He’s seen what it can do and he knows how powerful it is. He thinks if Lucifer touches it, both he and Cas will die like Delphine.

Dean is completely helpless in this situation and all he can do is say no. The first little “no” he lets out is small, weak, and meant for himself. He’s replaying Delphine’s death in his head as Casifer touches the hand. He’s imagining the white light and seeing Cas’s body fall to the ground, dead. That’s what that little no signifies. 

When Lucifer actually lays his (Cas’s) hand on it, Dean gives a louder “no!” This one is meant for Lucifer. Remember that at this point Dean doesn’t know the hand of God is a one time thing. He thinks if Lucifer touches it, he’s going to kill Cas. But nothing happens, to Dean’s relief. 

(found on this post)

You can see the realization dawn on him and relief hits him like a bus. (That little smile, tho.)

Casifer: [Holding the hand of God] It’s kicked.

Dean: Well, who thought the hand of God woulda turned out to be a one-hitter.

This pisses Luci off and he goes after Dean, but is spirited away by Sam’s angel banishing sigil. Here are Dean’s reactions: 

(from this post)

(God, the man looks like he just figured out he really fucked up with the girl he likes and thinks there’s no way to fix it) I find it strange that Dean first looks sad and betrayed, like he’s trying to make sense of the situation, instead of looking relieved he wasn’t killed. Why would Cas do this? he’s probably asking himself. Why did he leave me again? 

His second reaction is I should have known. (In the second gif when he looks off to the side and closes his eyes.) 

His last reaction is relief Casifer didn’t get to him before Sam could banish him. He’s quite literally putting Cas before his own life. 

The very last scene of this episode takes place on a dock. There’s a really good post about it you should see which basically covers the setting of this scene. Sam and Dean have this conversation about Cas:

Sam: So…

Dean: So… Cas.

Sam: Yeah… What do we do?

Dean: What else? We hunt Lucifer, trap the bastard, and save Cas.

Sam: Like I said, Lucifer may be in control now, but Cas may not come back willingly. I mean he chose it. 

Dean: No, not possible.

Wow. The writers have laid out for us the striking difference between Sam’s love for Cas (platonic) and Dean’s love for Cas (romantic). 

Sam knows that Cas is a touchy subject for Dean. He opens with “So…” as a prompt to get Dean to address the situation. He takes the bait and they talk about Cas. 

When Sam asks, “What do we do,” he turns to and looks at Dean as if he has no say in what happens next. It’s all Dean’s decision. Your boyfriend, your move. Dean knows how mighty Lucifer is, yet he’s still willing to risk them both to save his boyfriend Cas. 

Sam can see just how far his big brother is willing to go for his angel, so he provides the objective (and quite logical) argument that maybe Cas won’t come back willingly. (Keep this in mind for 11x18) Dean shuts that idea right down with a “No, not possible.” It’s not possible Cas would choose to keep Lucifer in if he knows I want him out. He’ ll listen to me, I just have to find a way to tell him. 

Sam then changes the subject to Dean’s day on the Bluefin:

Sam: So how’d you get through today? I mean, what’d you do?

Dean: Nothing. Sam, they… [long pause] I was just a witness.

Sam: Do you wanna talk about it?

Dean: No, no. Story for another day. 

Except, Sam didn’t change the subject. Yes, it was implied that he was asking about the Bluefin, but the question he prompted Dean with (”How’d you get through today?”) was so vague that it could be applied to what happened today with Cas. The vagueness of the question is an outlet for Dean to talk about it without revealing too much emotion. (We aaaall know Dean doesn’t express emotion very well.) And Sam isn’t quite done talking about it with his brother. He is concerned and he’s well aware of how much Dean cares for Cas. 

This conversation, much like the title of the episode, is a double entendre. Sam is very sneakily asking Dean how he’s coping with the news on Cas. Dean’s answers also hold double meaning. 

“Nothing.” I was helpless against Lucifer’s powers.

“Sam, they… I was just a witness.” All I could do was stand by and watch as Lucifer used Cas’s body to touch the hand of God. I thought he was going to die and all I could do was witness it. 

Sam’s “do you wanna talk about it?” is genuine worry for his brother. He wants to know exactly how Dean feels about Casifer. 

“No, no. Story for another day.” I can’t relive that heartache so soon.  

Sam gets up and leaves Dean alone with his feelings. We get a very deliberate, in your face camera shot of Dean holding the hand of God.


At the same time, Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien starts playing, and, well you know the rest. 

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