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Voltron fic recs, the sequel


I’m struggling to get any personal art drawn this evening so I thought why not shower you with fic recs instead? 

As with any rec list, please pay attention to the tags and warnings <3

Entangled - 48K (WIP); klance; When Keith found himself mentally linked to Lance of all people he certainly never imagined that it would be a useful asset in team Voltron’s fight against the Galra Empire. Now if he can just keep his feelings in check, they might actually have a chance at defeating Zarkon.

Not That Bad - 68K; klance; Lance, flirty barista extraordinare, accidentally gives Keith a cup with his phone number on it and promptly freaks out. Things escalate from there. Or, a college AU featuring coffee shops, silly rivalries, motorcycles, arcade games, friendships, and lots of warm, fluffy feelings.

thread our way through a string of stars - 23K; klance; Lance, a humble astrophysics student, finds a strange guy sitting in his customary research spot. A strange guy looking for aliens, no less.  Lance isn’t going to stand for this.

‘Shiro and Keith’s Kickass Fighting Techniques’ by Lance Sanchez - 12K; klance; Lance starts with one role model and ends up with two, a myriad of confusing emotions, and a notebook filled with condemning evidence which Hunk must never see.

pepsicola - 10K; klance - It starts like this: Lance looking up at the scoreboard only a few days into his Garrison training and muttering to himself, “What the hell kind of a name is Keith?” Or, Keith and Lance fall in love. Eventually.

tropical drink melting in your hand; we’ll be falling in love - 12K; klance; Keith just wanted a summer job to help pay for college. He didn’t expect to be coworkers with a complete asshole who hated his guts. He didn’t expect to fall for him, either.

Dewey Despicable - 4K; klance; “To the toddler who left coffee stains all over the ancient myth books…” Lance spills coffee over some books in the library and finds an angry note when he returns to the scene of the crime. He can’t resist responding.

  • me: i'm not going to overreact when they show up together, i'll be totally cool, i'll watch as it is a norma-
  • otp: *on the screen at the same time*
  • me: *screams to a pillow*
  • me: *covers eyes while leaving a place to see*
  • me: *throwing things*
  • me: i'm cool™

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TT!! So i love your threads about Fenrir and Remus, i have a little bit of a problem though? Basically, I can't work out what Fenrir's feelings are towards Remus. (I'm autistic, so I find it hard to work out people's intentions/feelings, this isn't you or your acting ability, it's just me and the way my brain works) Could you explain how he feels about Remus? Is it a perverse kind of lust?? it feels a bit like it. or is it an obsession with a kid who's broken and self-loathing. Thank you!!

(( OOC: I haven’t really made it entirely clear, I’ve kept his feelings a bit ambiguous, so no stress. ;) I’ll explain how I see it more thoroughly.

Fenrir is the type of person that isn’t affected by anything… he does not have the ability to feel empathy or guilt. When it comes to “morality”, he doesn’t see the world the same way as other people.

Fenrir doesn’t live with the restrictions/limitations that come with having a “conscience”. He finds manipulation and destruction to be amusing. Life is a game… and his goal is to outsmart and overpower “inferior” minds. 

Because of these tendencies, Fenrir gets bored easily. People are predictable, their emotions and their reservations make it easy to determine how they will react in any given circumstance. It’s no fun to manipulate “normal” people, because the results are usually the same across the board. 

Remus is not “normal”. Remus is a werewolf, living and functioning in wizarding society. He has friends, he has support… and he’s probably the only werewolf to have ever attended Hogwarts (seeing as accommodations were made specifically for him when he arrived). Instead of embracing his curse (like Fenrir), or rejecting it and falling into madness, Remus has learned to work around his lycanthropy and find a place in the wizarding world. He’s a rarity. 

When Fenrir finds someone interesting, he zones in on them. All of his energy goes into “playing” with the people that catch his eye… and he can’t bring himself to stop until he “wins”… whatever his end game may be. 

Fenrir doesn’t have the ability to feel “love”… he doesn’t love Remus… he doesn’t care about Remus… he’s obsessed. He wants to “dismantle” Remus. He wants to see if he can break him… take away the qualities that make Remus unique. He wants to have complete control over Remus’s will… he wants to win. 

In a way, it is a form of lust… but not in the usual sense. 

That’s how I see his relationship with Remus. )) 

A list of Petty Chinese bf Guang Hong headcannons because I love the idea of GH getting pouty over small things and Leo freaking tf out:

• Leo not holding GH’s hand despite GH purposely brushing up against Leo /twice/
• GH dropping his pencil and Leo??? not immediately picking it up for him????
• leoji taking the subway and Leo not catching GH when the carriage shakes slightly
• Leo not noticing GH’s new shirt
• Leo not being the first person to like GH’s new IG post???????
• Leo not giving GH a kiss DESPITE GH DROPPING ALL THE ‘kiss me’ SIGNS
• leoji watching a movie and Leo (how dare he) not putting his arm around GH
• Leo getting advice from phitchit when he literally does not know what he did wrong
• Phichit knowing exactly what he did wrong (also phichit sharing leo’s relationship woes with seung gil bc babe loves gossip)
• Leo not crying over a scene in a drama when GH is crying over a scene in a drama
• Leo bringing GH to Burger King after GH said he didn’t know what he wanted to eat when it was obvious GH wanted McDonald’s
• Leo calling GH baby instead of babe
• Leo calling GH babe instead of baby

• and finally(credits to @julysecnd ):
*leoji walking past an ice cream store while on a date*
gh: *lets go of leo’s hand*
leo: babe why are you angry?????
gh: i eyed that ice cream store super hard and this is what i get??

of course after being angry for 10 minutes GH comes back and leoji hugs and cuddles and eat a lot of ice cream tgt because they are in love and happy

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hi i love your blog! basically i have a problem with describing characters... i have tons of inspirational boards on pinterest that help me gauge their appearance but i don't want my reader to assume everyone is beautiful, perfect, etc. is there any like prominent "ugly" facial features you can think of to make my characters more realistic looking? i don't want anyone thinking they're all models

Hi, and thank you! I’m glad this blog is helpful.

I can certainly give you a list things society defines as physical imperfections, both for face and body. Keep in mind that appearance is mostly subjective – what one person finds attractive another could think is butt-ugly. So just because you give your character one or more of these traits doesn’t mean they’re not attractive to other characters, if you need or want them to be – adding an imperfection just prevents Mary-Sueism.

- eyes set too wide apart
- a runaway chin (meaning they don’t have a defined chin)
- a big/hooked nose
- a too-sharp nose
- a large forehead
- a double chin
- eyes set too close together, which makes the face look broader
- crooked/rotten/missing/discolored teeth
- too-thin lips
- a chin that juts out
- too-light eyebrows or eyelashes (if you can’t see eyebrows or eyelashes, it makes the eyes look too wide and kind of scary)

- dark hair follicles, so girls’ legs or guys’ faces never look completely smooth
- greasy/frizzy/damaged/dead hair
- extra body fat
- cellulite
- being too skinny
- stretch marks
- scars
- physical handicaps
- skin tags
- birthmarks
- a lot of body hair
- ugly feet
- pudgy hands

- acne
- sweating too much/having an unpleasant body odor
- oily skin
- dry/ashy skin
- freckles (I personally love freckles, but some regard them as flaws)
- skin conditions like eczema, rosacea, and plaque psoriasis

I hope this helps! If you need anything else, please feel free to ask. - @authors-haven

Need your help!

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I’ve seen lots of these things, and they’re all different. Some of them have seven, some of them eleven. That’s not a problem. Maybe Satanists are like feminists, in that everyone who identifies as one will have a different understanding of what that term means, but they all agree on the basic central idea.

The problem I have with Satanism (apart from the fact that it comes across as adolescent gibberish) is the same as a problem I have with most religions: all the good stuff is totally achievable without the nonsense.

wrap up my heart

for jimon week day 4: food
(the title’s a pun I love me)

Jace glanced at the time on his phone, his fingers tapping on the counter to his food-turned-coffee truck. It was eleven thirty. The time that Simon almost always was at Java Jace by during the weekdays ever since he showed up one day, asking for Jace’s strongest coffee to make up from his lack of eating breakfast. 

Jace had felt sympathy for the college student, being a college drop-out due to a breakdown from stress, he went to the back of his truck and searched for any food like substance, managed to whip up a quick wrap for Simon. Simon had been ecstatically thankful. And well, ever since then Java Jace always carried sandwich wraps along with coffee. 

Jace leaned out of the truck, hoping that if he looked harder, that Simon would just appear. 

But a half an hour passed and Jace’s hope to see the cute nerd slowly deflated, putting the special wrap he had made just for Simon back in the small refrigerator, continuing on server coffee to the passerby clients.

It wasn’t until Jace was starting to pack up that Simon arrived, as soon as Jace saw him, his heart sunk just a little more. 

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Let me try my very best figure out what Arc-V is trying to say

Yuya’s main principles are “smiles” and “entertainment.”

Both of these are challenged with the heavy concept of becoming young soldiers and the idea that people outside of the Standard dimension and that others in general have different life experiences and different ideas of “entertainment.” Whether it’s up to Yuya to challenge that or not is something he has to seriously consider throughout the series.

That could be argued to be a connection to the other conflict happening within Yuya which is his identity crisis. Who is he, Zarc or Yuya? (And also, is he a fighter or an entertainer?) 

Arc-V seems to be trying to say that it might be necessary to be both, but to never forget who you really are. To smile through adversity and help others smile in turn is a way to not lose yourself. It doesn’t do any good to put on fake smiles either, like Yuya had done in the beginning of the series, and like Zarc had done in order to please the crowd. 

“Just smile” might be sort of the wrong way to put it then, I think, because maybe what Arc-V is really trying to get across is “happiness is something you need to work for sometimes but you’ll achieve your true self when you’re truly happy and vice versa” [”…and happiness can and should be spread, even if only for brief moments”]

Archie -Veronica

I just can’t get on board!! I love Veronica ❤❤
But I have so many problems with this relationship
So basically this is Archie- sleep with Grundy , turns down Betty, Kisses Veronica, gets back with Grundy , sleeps again with Grundy , hangs out with Val , breaks up with Grundy , kisses Val , Dates Val , goes to maple a ball with Cheryl , gets kissed by Cheryl , gets dumped by Val , hugs Veronica, try’s to get back with Val , Kisses Veronica ! Wow

Veronica to Betty- Let’s not a boy ever come between us again .. Kisses the same guy who was the reason they fought !!

Double WoW !! I am not shipping them till Archie is actually serious and they are honest with Betty!


Monet week: Day 4 -  Color!Monet
Monet’s color palette is mostly green and orange, switch those colors! Or, if you like, you can revamp her color palette all together.

Sry for taking so long with this. The party’s been over for a while and here I come with this thing..!!

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Hello, I have a few questions if you have time. I thought I was an Intj, but recently, I am having second thoughts. Most of the posts are straight up stereotypes, and I want to know if I am really an Intj. And, for cognitive functions, what are the differences between Ni and Ne? How can you tell them apart? Thanks for your time.

Ah, another INTJ typing dilemma! First, I apologize that this is so late, my ask list is really long ;’D

Alrighty, so INTJs actually are not the types to be mistyped from the start, unless it’s between INTJ/INFJ or INTJ/ENTJ. INTJs are usually pretty good at defining themselves, and finding their MBTI type is no exception. So if you’ve been having doubts for a really long time, perhaps consider INTP or INFJ, as these two types are more likely to ponder these things for long periods of time and not come to a conclusion (Ne-Ti or just Ti). 

That’s not to say an INTJ can’t have trouble typing themselves–with younger people it’s probably more common than I’m implying. But regardless, the tertiary Fi usually makes INTJs quite confident in who they are.

Ni vs Ne

This is a very, very hard thing to define, but I’ll give it a go. I’ll start with a general contrast between each (in terms of those who use it as a dominant function) and then detail the specific role of Ni for INTJs.


Ni is the function that finds the underlying importance of thoughts, feelings, and events. Its manifestation is usually directly applicable to the user in their everyday life, allowing the user to plan (some say foresee) events that will or have a very high chance of happening. This “foresight” is often hypothetical, but is also very accurate and the user is usually quite confident in these predictions. These predictions can range from what may happen later in the day or how they think their life will be 20 years from the current moment. Ni backs up beliefs and thoughts, which, again, makes the user confident where other people would not be. Ni users are also typically good memorizers and may exhibit traits that some would classify as “Si” traits–being adherent to values and systems based on their proficiency or dependability, although, unlike Si users, the reason for the adherence to these values is intuitive, or not exactly apparent. Examples:

  • Ni user may plan their day ahead of them, predicting how it will go and what must be done to achieve what they think will happen.
  • Ni user may feel that their political or religious opinion is right based on the gut feeling that it is. Their Ni has gathered a strong conclusion that they are correct in these beliefs based on either the collective feelings of their peers on the matter (Ni-Fe) or based on information they have gathered (Ni-Te)


Ne is the function that jumps to conclusions. It picks up on “vibes” that may not be too clear to the user or other people and allows the user to change the direction of conversation, thought, or planning. The original “AHA!” moment that the Ne user has is then explained by emotional appeal (Ne-Fi) or logical analysis (Ne-Ti). These bursts of thought or energy come from the user’s constant “buzz” of ideas going on in their mind. This “buzz” may manifest in the user talking to others (or to themselves when there is no audience) about a wide variety of topics in a short amount of time, which are all loosely connected but, on further inspection, do have an intuitive similarity. Ne users are also the types that are often left in charge of brainstorming in group projects, as they are especially talented at generating ideas and connecting concepts that others may not think of immediately. Examples:

  • Ne user may hear someone mention “banana” and within the next minute they’ve jumped from discussing GMOs to verbally conceptualizing a world in which every human being has to grow their own food in order to insure that it’s not contaminated
  • Ne user may drop a work/school assignment to go talk to someone about the probability of their assignment actually being used for something, and then coming up with better ideas for their job/essay/whatever it is before realizing that it’s all speculation and that they have to go all the way through with what they were working on originally

Ni in INTJs

INTJs are energized by Ni, but they feel like they must do something with their Ni. In their view, Ni is pleasurable, even entertaining, but they feel that it is worthless if there is no working model of their Ni in the real world. INTJs strongly believe in their Ni and will use their Te to help make their vision a reality via a straightforward process.

… So who’s gonna make the Power Rangers Kink Meme on LiveJournal so I can read all the OT5 fics my gay little heart desires? When’s that going to start? Like, get moving people! Trini/Kim and Zack/Jason and Jason/Billy aren’t going to happen by themselves!


Now I can’t stop thinking about a supernatural horror AU for Kastle… like… kids keep disappearing and Karen’s out to investigate, and of course she’s accompanied by Frank and their working theory has something to do with drug trafficking etc… but really……