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As much fun as people have talking about Danny getting the crap beaten out of him and hiding bruises and injuries, I’m not certain ghosts CAN be traditionally injured? At least in the context I’ve built up for Ghost Physics… Like, Danny is essentially injuring himself whenever he rips his face in half to dodge something, or when he forms a spectral tail. If you can atomize and reform your body with no consequence, then physical damage is almost meaningless.

Ghosts are very defined by self perception, so most can be convinced into thinking they’re physically injured and experience pain from it, but the only surefire way to hurt one is by targeting their ectosignature nervous system. Energy attacks seem to be most effective, maybe because the energy can travel through a ghost’s 4D connection to the GZ and stun their nervous system? Disrupting the 4D connection would also work well as a non-physical attack, or on the same note “hijacking” a ghost’s body by overriding the signal from their ectosignature and telling the mass to do something else (probably how the Fenton Thermos works)

Danny definitely gets bruises and injuries in human form, mostly from bullying, I’d imagine… I’m not sure if they’d heal at an accelerated rate on their own, but turning into Phantom or atomizing and reforming his human body could heal them instantly as well, so… Danny is terrifyingly unkillable? The most damage he’s gonna sustain from ghost battles is sleep deprivation and uhhhhhh probably PTSD


Context: We are in the middle of a campaign revolving around a destructive, anti-capitalist ghost. Said ghost has yet to be actually seen by the players.

Mage: Uh, can I date the ghost?

DM: *valiantly ignores the question*

Mage, a few minutes later: Can I date the ghost??

DM: You’re basically already dating Dorland (a human NPC in the mansion).

Mage: Can Dorland make purple glowy goo and purple flames and violets pop up? No! I want the ghost!

DM, reluctantly: We’ll see.

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to me, here’s what happens: it takes months (MONTHS) of dancing around, occasionally glimpsing the shadowy Nightbrother as he scampers off, leaving food out to try and tempt him into an actual building and possibly a wash of some kind. Maul will linger for a few moments- Obi-wan silhouetted in his doorway, his lights on indoors, trying to make it apparent that he’s home, he’d be open to a visitor- but Maul stands on the border between the reaching light and the comforting shadow, and stares for a moment before retreating.

He stares a little longer every time, though.

Eventually- and it’s a very long eventually- Maul stands with him when he watches over Luke. He does a wild-animal sort of creep, where at first he’s quite far off, then a little closer, then closer still; eventually he’s standing next to Obi-wan like they’re friends, partners even. Like they could work well together.

“You’ll not harm him,” Obi-wan says, stern. This is his line in the sand.

“You’re raising that boy to kill the Emperor.” Maul replies, looking at the thin teenaged form. “I don’t care whose child he is, if you think he can do it someday, I will take first watch.”

They stand together a little while more. The silence is comfortable. There is a sense of having said all that they each need to say; Obi-wan notices that peaceful feeling more and more as time goes on.

“How long has it been,” he mentions off-handedly, “since you slept in a proper bed, Maul?”

“All my life.” Maul answers automatically.

Obi-wan’s stomach drops. He had always thought that Maul had been raised on Dathomir, before being selected as a Sith the way his brother had been; but the more time he spends with the man, the more convinced he becomes that there was no Fall to the Darkness for Maul. He was just raised in it, consumed by pain and terror from earliest infancy.

“Come home with me.” He’d meant it to sound more tactful. But, well. It’s out now. His Negotiator’s tongue had always dried up around Maul, anyways. It’s a bit refreshing, honestly.

Maul quirks his head, like a bird plucking at seeds deciding whether or not the sentient holding the bag of food will eat them. He’s still, there is no anxiety about his form or his stance, but there are little stresses in the way he holds his fingertips together tightly or clenches his teeth.

“You can leave at any time,” Obi-wan soothes. “But- I could use the company.”

Owen calls Luke inside for supper, and the boy pulls himself out from under the vaporator with the same easy grace as Anakin used to. Obi-wan watches him and aches.

When he turns to leave, Maul is still behind him.

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Just read your post on how powerful Danny is (and i gotta say that's pretty freaking amazing). What do you think about Dani's powers and what she is? I mean, Vlad's basically a human with ghost powers and Danny is literally half ghost half human. But what about Dani?

(Thank you! Danny’s an overpowered baby god among ghosts.)

Dani’s probably more ghost than human.

She’s the only clone we ever see in human form. All the others are only seen in ghost form. This leads me to believe that Vlad probably starts the cloning process with the ghost form. Which makes sense, considering he apparently has experience with ghost experiments (see Maternal Instinct.) That would also explain the rather unique reaction they have to mixing human and ghost DNA.

Vlad almost died from an ecto-acne infection, which affected his human form and made it difficult to maintain his ghost form. The clones, however, completely dissolve, and only in ghost form.

With Dani, she’s rarely seen in human form. She instead defaults to ghost form. She doesn’t even transform into a human when she’s weakened or unconscious. Also, humans typically don’t just melt when they’re weak, so you’d think Dani would be able to halt the process of melting by changing into a human. But she never does. That’d be easily explained if transforming into a human actually took energy.

So, Vlad likely started the cloning process with the ghost DNA and then added the human DNA. We’ve seen in most cases that the two don’t mix well, and Danny is a completely unique case. As a result, the clones dissolve after time because they’re unstable. Danny’s mid-morph sample is like the missing piece of a puzzle that’s needed to keep the whole thing from falling apart.

Danny was able to bypass that with the failed ecto-dejecto because it reinforced her ghost form, making her able to maintain it despite the conflicting human DNA. Ultimately, the mid-morph sample would be a better long term solution since it would stop the two sides from conflicting at all, but the ecto-dejecto will probably hold her for awhile.

ghostly soulmates | 2

ghost!reader x hoseok
genre: basically fluff if you want to categorize it
type: ghost x human soulmate au
trigger warnings: none
wc: 1.3k

▸ in which a girl finds out that she’s a ghost the hard way.

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ok so mettaton speculation time


monster souls dont last after death like human souls

yet the ghosts are incorporeal. and ghosts are basically just spirits

as most of us are already aware, mettaton, before taking the form of a robot, was one of the ghosts

this would imply that mettaton used to be human

does this mean he was one of the fallen humans?

let’s see

if you mess around with the fun values in your save file

you might come across this clam person who speaks about a girl named suzy

the clam person is nearby mettaon’s house

suzy’s name is written in yellow

this name sounds very human compared to the monster names

yellow. when you fight with mettaton, your heart turns yellow.

was mettaton the yellow soul?

now, you may be wondering

“how could mettaton be the yellow soul if asgore has the soul in a container?”


take a look at this part of the fight with mettaton

his soul is right-side-up (unlike any other monster)

and… it looks rather empty

perhaps asgore wan’t taking the entire souls per se

maybe… all that was needed was what gave the souls their power. their strength.

red for determination. orange for bravery. green for kindness. etc

and yellow… for justice

what items are associated with the yellow soul?

the empty gun and cowboy hat

where do you get those?

from bratty and catty

where do you get the mystery key to open mettaton’s house?

from bratty and catty

also, it’s widely agreed that mettaton is trans (most likely afab trans man).

it would make sense that Suzy was likely his birthname.

tl;dr Mettaton was a trans fallen human with the yellow soul, and Suzy was his birthname.

ghostly soulmates | 1

ghost!reader x hoseok
genre: basically fluff if you want to categorize it 
type: ghost x human soulmate au
trigger warnings: none
wc: 1.8k

▸ in which a girl finds out that she’s a ghost the hard way.

0 / 1 / 2

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so i just came across the trepidation AU and i dont really know what all it entails?? like basically i understand that danny's a bit more ghost than human and that he's depressed and (i think?) self-harms, but other than that, im not sure. can you give me an idea of everything? are his parents in the picture? vlad? dani? the other ghosts? i read somewhere that he goes to school maybe twice a week. how does he manage that? do people know about his ghost half? i have so many questions.

Phew, this is a load of stuff I have to answer, so just let’s make it as simple as possible:

The trepidation AU is Danny Phantom reimagined in the horror/angst genre. 

(Yes his parents are in the picture but actually are important people who invent a lot ghost stuff, since in this universe, people are not gone bad walnuts who deny the existence of ghost, so they have little time for their kids. Jazz takes over the parenting stuff and also convinces the principal that her little brother is just so sick ect ect, the whole deal WELL BETTER read everything here -> )

tbh i miss talking about the trepi au, but i feel like people slowly growing tired of me rambling on and on about teenage angst

I had a dream about a demon girl and a human boy couple. Her name’s Lucy and she’s the daughter/a proxy/clone of Satan who loves learning new things about humans, she’s bubbly and curious. His nickname’s Beaker and he’s a boy who fell in love with Lucy, killing himself to live with her and now basically is a ghost. Lucy drags Beaker around the human world for new adventures while he tries to keep her safe.
Also Satan is an awkward single dad.

World Building Week: Education

 I think ghosts learn in two ways: Instinct (instinct/logic) and  Mandatory (what another ghost tells/teaches them that must be known)

The “Instinct” itself is control by the Zone as the Ectoplasm of long years before has easily “stored” information of the basic need.

This is kinda like how the ghosts themselves are post human consciousness, in which the ectoplasm in the Zone is used to give them form. Now just as most ghost remeber what happend to them in their past lives,  the Ectoplasm in the Zone basically remembers the instructions on how to “live” in the afterlife and relays them  to the newcomers.

When a new ghost enters the Ghost Zone the first thing they learn is to sense auras, the stronger the aura they sense, the more powerful the ghost and the more imminent danger they are in.

This instantly triggers the flight or fight response in them, If they fight they learn of their abilities (whether the Elemental or Neutral cored Ghosts).

if they choose flight, they learn just how fast and how far they can fly(as well as get lost somewhere in the zone).

Instinct takes over as a “pull” or “tug” on their cores, it leads the ghost to their Region there it “tells” them where and how to build a lair or find one. 

As the newcomers learn to adjust to their new “lives” and such, logic tells them which Ghosts they can and can’t socialize with and which places they can and can’t go(example a fire cored ghost going to the Far-Frozen or any of them going to Skulker’s Island)

As for being told/taught, some newcomers may be lucky enough to end up meeting a Mentor, who would teach them how to control their new found Abilities (like Frostbite and Danny) and show them how they Ghost Zone works.

The Mentors, do not always have to be of the same core type, but at least similar or compatible (a fire core can’t exactly teach an Ice core, without one of them getting hurt)

This kinda brings me to my HC that Clockwork becomes Danny and Dani’s Mentor and teaches them about the Zone (Despite the core Differences as it brings no harm to them)

Mandatory would be things like the Christmas truce and the battle of Pariah Dark  and newcomers must be fully aware of these as they are tradition.