basically how i feel right now tho

im-sans-ational replied to your post: 100% honestly?

[WHY IS UR SNAS MUSE GIVING U HELPFUL ADVICE. All mine does is telling me not to give a shit about anything and then I can basically do what i want without feeling bad about being a fuck-up and a hobo. I am jealous. Can we exchange sanses??????? mine has absolutely no redeeming qualities tho]

LOL i needed that right now, thank you, ilu. 

My bonehead is very good at giving solid (though sometimes borderline cold logic based) advice. Problem is, he’s very shit at taking it. 

We can do like that one Wife Swapping show. My Snas for yours. Let’s see how it goes ;)  

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WOMAN UP, SONIA. Firstly, you have to remember, you were with Eli!!! How do you think Julian feels, being basically your rebound to Eli?? PRETTY MUCH THE SAME AS YOU FEEL RIGHT NOW. Listen, youre getting older, everyone is getting older, and I would assume that most guys have been loved before meeting you! That's just how the world works, k? SO STOP BEING A BRAT AND REALIZE THIS PLEASE.

Roast Sonia Hour ™

Lmao I’m diggin it yall >:~)

Don’t worry tho, anon and all the other Roasters ™ she isn’t totally a lost cause! <3 ;)

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25, for the gay ask game?

25. how do you determine if you want to be them or be with someone

This is such a good question tho… basically right now I have no desire to be in a relationship but if I can talk to you every day and NOT feel like I want to explode I’d absolutely date you lol. Plus, I really have a weakness for people that make me laugh. I usually fall in love a little bit with everyone who makes me laugh a lot.

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I don't get it.. Soccercop was never a thing? How did all of you even get to shipping them? And HOWWWWW could they bring Beth back? Bitch dead remember.. that's like the first scene of the show

And we hardly knew shit about her so why do y’all obsess over her? Genuine curiosity!


oh god i’m so bad at explaining things but for the life of me i can’t find the posts that other people made about Beth.

Basically, about Soccer Cop, we noticed that Alison is the only one who actually cared about Beth. Who cared about what happened to Beth and the only one who misses her. She almost cries while she talks about Beth to Sarah. And at first it started as a joke like “haha they probably banged” but then we noticed how good they’d be as a couple? Like, their personalities match so well.

And no, we actually learned a lot about Beth on the show, you just gotta pay attention. We learned about her depression and addiction problems. We learned how protective she was over her sisters, how much she loved Art and how good friends they were. And she seemed like a cocky asshole, calling people ‘dipshit’, using it as a term of endearment.

The description of Beth in the original script: “Beth reads a bit of a hard ass. Hard shell, soft center. She doesn’t smile a lot, but when she does it’s warm and fragile. She bites her nails. She chews gum.”

Beth was a runner. Beth was very classy, I mean, did you see her clothes? Hot damn. She couldn’t have kids. Her boyfriend was a fucking asshole who didn’t love her. On those home videos he’s like “I love filming you!” and she’s like “yeah yeah” and smiles a little but you can see how hurt she is. Sarah found the letters from Beth to Paul and they were heartbreaking. Someone actually took pictures of the letters, trying to see what they say but that post is like waaaay deep in my Elizabeth Childs tag and I can’t bring myself to go dig for it right now, I’m sorry.

We know that she was one of the youngest people to become a detective. She was a rookie, she was hardworking. She always had Art’s back. She was very smart, she cracked that whole clone conspiracy, found the other clones, found out that Paul is her monitor.

We also know that she wasn’t easy to get close to. Alison said she was “professional” and you can see that Cosima didn’t have a very close relationship with Beth. She had problems with depression which probably kept her from having a deep connection with other people even if she wanted to (and she probably did).

She kept everything inside: the Maggie Chen shooting, the monitor situation, the proletheans.. she didn’t want to worry others, and quite possibly she didn’t feel like talking about it because it hurt her and apparently she was a lone wolf who didn’t wanna talk about feelings.

Nobody noticed when she was replaced by Sarah. Nobody but Alison who knew right away. Not even her boyfriend. And her parents never called during this whole time, so either they were dead or they don’t have a good relationship. So basically Beth was very, very lonely. She had a boyfriend and a good partner at work and her clone sisters but she never felt comfortable enough with either of them to open up to them. So yeah she had a few people but she was very lonely.

She knew a lot of foreign languages (we don’t know how many but Art said she did). She was running and hiking and probably did other sports. She took time to teach Alison how to shoot and protect her family.

God I feel like I’m forgetting something even tho I wrote a hella long and random post but yeah… so in conclusion, we do know a lot about Beth Childs, you just gotta pay attention. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m gonna cry for 84 years about detective Elizabeth Childs.

Oh, right, I forgot. How could they bring her back? Well it’s a clone show, so basically they can always make some other clone to be the one who jumped instead of her for whatever the reason. And you can read Bianca’s post here about all that.