basically gave up on coloring it and just


Well, my brothers and I are all pretty artistic. Flavio likes to sculpt, Ricco likes to do woodwork, and I like to paint, so sometimes we have an art session together.

And Flavio and I like to pick on Ricco so I guess that’s something else we like to do haha.


Ugh. It’s about damn time I drew Rose.

I really liked this scene even though i really disliked the song. Mainly because Susan Egan has a voice of a fucking angel and the song didn’t portray her full potential. 


 I eyedropped the colors from a screenshot because i really love the entire color pallet of this scene and wanted to duplicate it as closely as possible. I don’t generally use these colors so it was fun playing with them. 

This was supposed to be a pretty basic sketch, but then I got carried away.

I honestly don’t know how people make her little stomach cut-out star not look like shit. I just gave up.

Thank you guys. Much love.