basically gave up on coloring it and just

Give Me Love-- Harry Styles

All I want is the tastes that your lips allow,

My, my, my, my, my, my, Give me love. My, my, my, my, my, my, Give me love.

Give me love like never before.


I sit on my bed, staring straight at the creme-colored wall of my bedroom opposite of my bed. My eyes have lost the redness and puffiness from crying, the tears now long dried onto the flushed skin of my cheeks.

 Every time I see his face flash across my mind, I take a swing of the odd yet effective combination of Vodka, beer, Whiskey, and Rum mixed together into the glass beer bottle. In the other hand, I hold what I think to be my eighth cigarette, and I’m gripping onto both objects as if they were the only things that were keeping me alive. 

Come to think of it, they probably are. Every time I think of him, the heavy cloud of emotions that is suspended over me crashes down onto me, threatening to suffocate me under the ruthless, painful memory. The substance of alcohol I hold and a long drag from the nicotine seems to be the only thing that can fix it.

 No. It does not fix it; it suspends it again.

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P A P E R   H E A R T S (Part 1)

P A P E R   H E A R T S [0] | M A S T E R L I S T | P A P E R   H E A R T S [2]

Summary: Every week you wrote a letter of what you wish you could say to your crush and folded it into a origami heart, letting it fly off in the wind. But you never knew they would fly off to who your heart belonged to.

Word Count: 820

Warnings: None I can think of

Note: I hope you guys enjoy this one, because I actually really liked writing it. It took me a while to come up with a couple part series but when I thought of this I squealed following with me covering my mouth after.

This is a couple part series I dont know how long but it wont really be chapters.

It seemed stupid. Sending off a letter you had no idea where would go, but you were doing it anyway, because apparently if it was true love it would reveal itself right? Well that’s what Michelle had told you, the girl was a romantic at heart but hide it so well you had only found out recently.

The two of you were sitting in the library while everyone was at lunch, munching down on your snack while Michelle was reading, but talking every so often. “You now if you love Peter so much then just go and tell him.” She grabbed some of your dry cereal as she said it like confessing to your crush was no big deal.

You rolled you eyes. “You know that’s never going to happen, and I’m all settled on living alone with 25 cats named pietro and 25 dogs named doggo.” You heard Michelle snort, obviously thinking it wasn’t that big of a deal.

“You know my sister was telling me about this one thing you can do if your too much of a wimp to confess to your love.” You straightened up at the mention of another plan.

You weren’t the type of person to just go tell someone something, without thinking. You planned things out and never just ran head first, and telling Peter you had a major crush on him for a year didn’t seem to end well after countless hours of planning.

“Wait you have a sister? Since when?” It was like you learned new things about your best friend everyday, due to how much of her life she kept private. “Since about 5 years before I was born.” She shrugged as if it was no big deal and took the rest of your snack, shoving it in her mouth before you had time to protest.

“Anyway, she was saying you’re supposed to write a letter to your crush or love of whatever and fold it into an origami paper heart. Then left it fly off in the wind and if it’s true love it’ll go to them and return back to you. Supposed to be like your breaking off your heart piece by piece and sending it to them, as they mend it they send the whole heart back to you.” You say her eyes flash, giving off a dreamy color. Without even revealing it she basically told you she always wished for a true love.

“So I write my name on it, send-” You heard her sigh. “No child, you don’t write your name on it, hence it returning back to you if it’s true love.” You nodded just as you heard the bell ring, signaling it was time for your next period.

You gathered up your things and waited for Michelle as she gathered up hers. “But how do you make an origami heart?” She gave you a ‘duh’ look and mentioned the internet causing you to roll your eyes.

“Or we could look through the library for origami books tomorrow during lunch.” She suggested causing your ears to perk. You nodded and walked out with your friend by your side.

And that’s how you and Michelle spent several days cooped up in the library trying to learn origami, and when you finally got it she ripped it up laughing and leaving you in frustration.

But later that night you stood on your fire escape looking out at the view admiring it, with your paper heart letter in hand. You closed your eyes thinking of Peter as Michelle had instructed you to and when you felt the wind pick up you let go of the heart. You watched as it flew off in the air and went back into your room, closing the window and going to sleep.

What you didn’t know was that while you were sleeping, a masked hero had spotted the heart flying in the air, grabbing it with one of his webs and stuffing it somewhere to read later.

Dear Peter,

I don’t even know if you’ll read this since it’s in a folded heart, but if you are then here’s my confession. I like you.

Yeah and you’re probably like no really? I know kind of obvious since it’s in a paper heart, but I’m getting too off track.

I’ve liked you for a while but never had the guts to tell you, that and because the whole school knows you have a crush on Liz Allan so that gives me a 00.1% chance. And because I’m not really into the whole confront thing, I’m actually pretty shy, hence the whole letter thing.

My friend told me about how if I sent a paper heart out in the wind with a letter than it be sent to my crush if it was true love, and all this other stuff, so I thought it was worth a try.


Your P A P E R  H E A R T

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Can you just tell us what coding is? Google isnt being much help ;;

ugh god FINE but this is the last thing im talking about re: race in su and i mean it (maybe)

coding is hard to explain so this will be a very poor explanation (as well as possibly inaccurate) so if anyone who understands coding wants to jump in and explain it not poorly then please do

first of all, coding has to be definite and indisputable. it has to be ingrained into the character and be 100% INTENTIONAL from the writers. it’s not merely a fan interpretation, its something the writers are purposefully and EXPLICITLY portraying in the character that really CANT BE ARGUED

for example, you cant argue that garnet isnt coded as black. people who say “oh but shes an alien she doesnt have a race” just don’t know what coding is. like, you wouldn’t say jenny pizza is “coded” as black, you would say she IS black. garnet ISNT black, shes CODED as black. representational coding (there’s a lot of types of coding) is reserved for nonhuman characters, as it basically means youre ingraining real-world groups of people into the character

and it’s pretty clear why garnet is coded as black

afro, dark skin, physical features, voiced by a black woman, etcetc. if anyone looked at her who isnt familiar with steven universe, they would say she was a black woman, no doubt. she’s probably the most explicitly coded character in media that im familiar with

the point is, it has to be inarguable and extremely explicit and intentional by the creators. some people think pearl is coded as East Asian because of her fighting skills but that’s simply not definite enough. its an interpretation, and its arguable. you could argue that pearl is supposed to be a suburban white mom stereotype as well. pearl being east asian is just a headcanon. same with rose being latina. there’s not a lot of canon basis for that and it could be argued that she’s just white. even amethyst being latina can be argued, as she could also easily be interpreted as black by some people. the su fandom gets “coding” and “headcanons” really really confused.

if you want more examples of representational coding, i have some from other media…i cant believe im about to talk about knuckles the motherfucking echidna on my su blog but here we go

so im just gonna be straight up: knuckles is coded as black. his color scheme is intentionally supposed to be rastafarian, he has dreadlocks for that reason, and his main music genre from the earlier sonic games was rap/jazz/soul. he was originally supposed to have a jamaican accent but sega scrapped that idea. they basically wanted him to be an “island guy” as he was born on Angel Island. (he also has Mayan coding from his ancestry but thats just gonna make this complicated) HOW much he’s coded in different sonic games varies. the sonic adventure 2 game stressed this and even gave him a significantly darker snout color to emphasize it. it’s pretty much inarguable that in this game, knuckles is coded as black. it’s just extremely clear that this was the creator’s intentions…i remember everyone used to call him the “unofficial black sonic character”

there’s other characters who have clear racial coding from other media too…there’s a great post that ive seen floating around that talks about Eduardo and Wilt from foster’s home being coded as mexican and black, respectively. they also compared that coding to garnet’s coding in su. it was more geared towards those of you who think that “garnet is an ALIEN and there’s no instances of black in her” whereas this post im writing here is geared towards people who get “coding” and “interpretation” confused. id love to see that post again if anyone happens to find it

but yeah, coding has to be clearly intentional from the writers. if not, its just a headcanon/interpretation. garnet and knux are explicitly coded as black. pearl can be interpreted as east asian.

and whether representing poc through nonhuman characters is offensive or not is another story.

(anyone who actually truly knows about this stuff, feel free to correct me cuz maybe im just completely wrong. who the hell knows anymore)

sinking like sand in your sea

some people believe in love at first sight. some people say it takes a lifetime. for maya hart it takes five years. // or the stages of falling in love with lucas friar

lucaya oneshot. title from send me the moon by sara bareilles

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Well, my brothers and I are all pretty artistic. Flavio likes to sculpt, Ricco likes to do woodwork, and I like to paint, so sometimes we have an art session together.

And Flavio and I like to pick on Ricco so I guess that’s something else we like to do haha.

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Wasn't expecting to get any promo pics this early so that was a nice surprise! The pics themselves not really groundbreaking considering they're basically a "Previously on Game of Thrones" sort of thing. Though it looks like Jaime gets WW early, so maybe he found Tommen's crown too?

Hi, anon.

Yes, nice surprise indeed!

Yup, basically it’s really a “Previously on Game of Thrones in case you forgot where people were heading to by the end of season 6″, mingled with costume updates (or the lack thereof).

Yeah, Jaime getting Widow’s Wail that early came as a surprise to me as well. Earlier on, before we got any spoilers whatsoever, I thought he may take it for himself towards the end of the season once we get the equivalent of break-up with Cersei and letter-burning, as a sort of last resistance, if you will.

So that raises a lot of questions.

Does he take it himself or is it given to him?

If he takes it, I guess it would be more for sentimental reasons at first. After he tried to be there for Tommen and act more fatherly towards him, I bet it will be shattering for him to see that the last kid he’s had with Cersei is now dead as well, and that, yet again, any effort to protect the children was rendered futile.

It may also be that Cersei gives it to him. This in turn would perhaps be her sort of strategical *reassurance* to further back up her claim that she had nothing to do with the Sept - in then sense of: Cersei gives him that sword and says in a teary voice “that was all that remained of him, our poor baby boy *insert fake sobbing*” - cue for Jaime to find the crown, if Cersei on the show finally shows more of book!Cersei’s inability to follow through with any plan whatsoever, and thus leave that piece of evidence somewhere within Jaime’s reach to find once plot demands it.

I don’t think he will find both (crown and sword) at once in episode 1 onward, since I assume that those promo shots are part of episode ½. My best guess at this point is that they will have an unravel-narrative for Jaime to conclude his breaking away from Cersei towards the end of the season (so basically covering those parts of his AFfC arc that we didn’t yet see) wiht him having learned about Cersei’s true colors and her actual involvement in the HS affair more generally (see Margaery’s, Loras’, and her own imprisonment), and of course the Sept Kaboom she will most likely blame on the Sand Snatches + Ellaria. But yeah, we will have to see if the thing with the crown will be played up or if they aren’t just going to have someone break it to him (someone like Olenna perhaps).

Similarly, it would be epically ironic if Cersei gave the *twin blade* to Oathkeeper to Jaime, whereas Brienne strolls through the North with that other sword of Valyrian steel *belonging to* Widow’s Wail. This would perhaps be a nice first allusion to book!Cersei’s straight-up denial that Jaime may have ridden off with Brienne towards the end of ADwD and that he would *never* abandon her for someone the likes of Brienne.

It’d be ever the more hilarious once we bear in mind how she’s been calling out Brienne on her feelings for Jaime back during the Purple Wedding.

Originally posted by kaorym

I mean, just imagine her being so cocksure of Jaime’s alliance and giving him that sword, thinking nothing of it (because she has no clue that Brienne has Oathkeeper after he gave it to her back during that teary scene - the good old times).

Originally posted by ladybrienne

Because NEVER would Jaime return those feelings because he has *her*, hmmmm.

*plot-twist incoming*

Only to then eventually conclude that part of the arc with Jaime taking his leave. And she gave him the fuckin’ sword on tops to now carry to the North.

I would find that all kinds of epic irony that I ain’t even mad.


Thanks for the question!

Learning how to code (part 2)

Just wanted to take a moment and thank everybody for your support and kind words! I really didn’t expect anybody to read my babbles. I mostly just throw stuff into the void that is the internet and never think to hear from it again. Sort of like yelling into a cave and hearing your voice echo~ is that another view? nope, just me again. 

Without further ado, here’s part two! (holy sheet, does that rhythm?)
For part 1 clicky HERE <<<<<

So I last left off with an animal program that handled two genders, 55 colors, and like 4 or 5 genes. Now that’s all well and good, but the problem is how I’m TALKING to the program. If you aren’t familiar with coding, you sort of build your code in a like… a word-ish document (specifically I used notepad++). Then run it, which then pops open another window. In this case, this ‘other window’ prompts the user to type in the parameters. It says: “What gender?” You type in male or female. Then it asks for the colors, genes, and whatever else it needs to generate the animal image. After you hit enter a few times, BAM- animal image created. However, that gets annoying after a few times. (Trust me, I’ve been working on it for two weeks.) So what I need is a GUI (Graphical User Interface). It’s basically a thingy that allows the user to interact with your program without doing all the stuff I described above. 

So what are my options? Apparently python has a lot of gui packages you can code with. I ended up picking Tkinter because it seemed easy enough to use.

TA-DAAAA~ Isn’t it glorious!? I’ve got check boxes for the genders (which at this point don’t work btw, but at least they’re there), entry boxes for all the goodies and a quit button that’ll actually close the window (took like a hour to get it to work for whatever stupid reason), plus the important generate button which will create the animal image. I have to mention that I spent another day re-writing my code. At this point I’ve re-written my code at least four times. Each time I have to sort of get it to be more flexible which means re-working how it operates. Though that’s what happens when you’re learning on the fly. I find it easier just to fix the whole thing than to patch stuff up and hope for the best. Anyway~ so I got everything hooked up to the right parameters with the right entry boxes. 

I was worried that the data would start getting crossed and instead of making the primary color white like it says in the entry box, it would make the secondary color white, or whatever. You gotta stay organized! But it works and I managed to fix the check boxes so the right gender would get colorized. 

Next step, lets see if we can put the animal image into the gui. It’s a pain in the butt to have to go into your folders and open the image manually.

BOOM, with some bits of extra code, I was able to get the image to display in the gui. Though you know what it doesn’t do? Automatically display the image after you hit the generate button. So what happens is it’ll save a new image, but you have to close and open the program for the new image to load… took me like, three hours to figure out how to get it to update.

Fixed it! So now if you hit “Generate” it will update the displayed image to current parameters typed in. However, that’s what I’m trying to avoid! I’m tired of typing in “cupid”, “basic”, or whatever. Seriously, and if I miss type something I have to shut the whole thing down. So lets figure out how to add dropboxes. 

Oooo, look how it drops. Get low, gurl. Get low. 

So it took me like half a day to figure out a way to add that scroll bar in the dropbox you see there. At first, you clicked on the little arrow and it would open ALL the options you could pick. I’ve got 55 colors. That dropbox took up the whole screen. So scrolling was vital.

It was at this point that I thought adding a save button would be useful. The generate button would create a new animal image, which would save a new file to a folder, but each time you hit ‘generate’ it would override the existing file. So if you click “save” a new animal image would be created and the name of the file has the name of the parameters which make up the animal. This is important for the next step of my master plan: baby makin’.

Now, how am I going to get the program to accept a set of parameters, create a range of options with those parameters, and then randomly select a new parameter list all so it can generate a child image based off of the parents? I basically made a new program just for selecting the options for children. 

So the parents (up top) have created two children (below). The dad is white with tiger and the mom is silver with cloud. The program gave them two girls that take after mom’s primary markings, but with dad’s wing color. Woo! so I got the program to pick gene and color options that make sense based on the parents. Lets see if it’ll work again.

Yep, still working and I got it to randomly pick the gender! You can also set the litter size. Right now it’s set to 2-4 cubs. But you know what’s missing? Actual cub images.

There! Now we got some cute babies to go with the adults. 

The latest gui actually has a “Generate Children” button.

Which will open up this box.

This is where you just copy and paste the parents’ file names into the entry box, click “Create Children” and the program will start popping out babies along with their adult images. So when it’s time for them to get a job, you don’t have to re-create the images for their adult form. 

I’ve finally done it! So where do I go from here? It’s time to take this show on the road. Next stop: the interwebs. I need to figure out how to re-create this program online. See if I can get this sucker on the web for other people to interact with. Nobody wants to install another program. They’d rather have everything in front of them all ready to go. However, I have no idea how to do this. If anybody with web experience could point me in the right direction, I would be forever grateful. I looked up MySQL and php stuff, but I’m not sure if that’s the right answer. Maybe it is? I don’t know. My ultimate goal? Create a website where people can upload their OWN pet templates and start their own pet generating community. I feel like I figured out the hard part, making a program that can do it. Now I just gotta figure out how to easily share it.  

Anyways, thanks for reading and joining me on this frustrating fun ride! If you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know! I plan on adding more genes and species. Hopefully you’ll see this soon online.


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and maybe if the desire strikes you some tidbits on tetchy would be sweet

the best of boys, the worst of boys

1. he comes from an extremely screwed-up gothic Old Money family in England, with a family tree rife with (a) murder and questionable shit and (b) loads of that sweet hereditary insanity. the ancestors that didn’t die in asylums usually died in like, duels and Mysterious Circumstances. so he’s always… kind of anticipated his life was going to be colorfully awful somehow, it was just a matter of when and how

2. he inherited the family business(es) after his father died (Mysteriously) but handed them over to his sister and moved to America after the stress made him have a severe mental breakdown; plus the tutor who actually raised him died around that time (Mysteriously). he had like, no plan for what to do next but Gotham seemed like a good place to be, for some reason

3. Bruce first met him when Jervis just kind of wandered in the door at WayneTech with a disturbingly futuristic piece of tech he invented and was like ‘so are you guys interested in this’

4. despite the stuff he came up with being groundbreaking enough that WT gave him basically anything he asked for any tolerated him acting extremely odd, Jervis really hated his job. part of it was his coworkers, who he very much didn’t get along with, and part of it was that he just… doesn’t like doing what anyone tells him to do, ever. the only thing he liked was that they’d give him money and materials without too many questions after a while. 

5. All the Rogues had colorful first trials, but Jervis’s was a real standout for media attention. Not only did he debut around the time people were really starting to see the Rogues as all part of a movement that wasn’t going to fade away, he had a terrifying gimmick (fear gas and JV affect your body, but he could control minds), a sensational story that nobody could agree on the details of, and he kept on interrupting the proceedings to try and explain his perspective on things, which included such statements as ‘free will doesn’t actually exist’ and ‘actually, God isn’t real’, etc.

6. ‘fell in love’ is not the right term (seeing as Earth 451 Jervis is aromantic) but the moment he forgot his office key at home and his secretary of 2 days responded by pulling some pins out of her bag and picking the lock for him was the moment when Jervis both learned Alice Pleasance’s name and became Very Interested in her

7. He wants to take Batman’s cowl, after a while, for one main reason: Batman keeps taking his hats. look, the Bat can keep his creepy… trophy room, or lair, or wherever he keeps the items he keeps dragging off, Jervis doesn’t care, and Jervis wouldn’t even mind that much if Batman had just taken his first hat, but the damn Bat must have at least seven of them by now and they don’t grow on trees. no man could suffer this and not retaliate 

8. he has tattoos on his upper arms and back (acquired during the ‘I’m going to make all the bad decisions I couldn’t make in my teen years’ phase he had after his father’s death) which very few people are aware of, since he doesn’t like showing any more skin than strictly necessary. 

9. A lot of people tend to get misled by the fact that he’s shortish and dresses fancy and uses tech a lot, and assume he must be easy to overpower. One of those people was Batman, in their very first encounter. It did not happen again. He’s far stronger than most people expect, and was one of the few Rogues actually taught (instead of picking it up out of necessity) how to fight.

10. He went to an actual school for a couple years as a teenager, before he and his sister were both kicked out (long story) and put back into tutoring. During that time, he got really into theater, and even tho he never had much chance to perform the way he taught himself to speak and move onstage influenced him subtly for years, and more obviously shaped his Hatter persona. He tends to talk and move, as the Hatter, as if he’s in a play; staring off to where an audience would be, selecting and enunciating his words so they sound like rehearsed lines. It freaks a lot of people out. 


for the anon who asked me about a week ago to pleease post a tutorial on my art! here u go!!!

i wasn’t really sure how to do this but? i hope this is fine! i’m gonna explain each step a little under the cut, if you’re wondering what’s really happening in the gif!

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plot twist: it’s emma!
(this could just be me, but the look she gave while brooke was talking about him being different, that didn’t look like a ‘wow’ or  ‘i can’t believe it’  that was a ‘oh shit, did i fuck up?’)

Kissing Cousins

If you remember the appearance of Arnold’s cousin Arnie from “Weird Cousin” and “Arnold Visits Arnie,” you may remember that there are some resemblances between Arnie and Arnold. But at the same time, they still look very different and have completely different personalities. In a sense, Arnie is pretty much the exact opposite, or antithesis, of his cousin.

Here are all of the major differences in their appearances:

  • Arnie’s head curves at the bottom and is flat at the top, while Arnold’s head is flat at the bottom and curves at the top.
  • Arnie’s ears point up while Arnold’s ears point down.
  • The spikes of Arnie’s hair are rounded while those of Arnold’s hair are pointed. Arnold has a few more spikes than Arnie does.
  • Lastly, the two cousins significantly differ in their colorings and outfits. The colors of Arnold’s skin, clothes, and hair are darker and brighter than those of Arnie, which are much lighter and duller. Arnold wears black shoes and Arnie wears brown shoes. While both boys wear plaid shirts, Arnold wears a sweater and pants with his shirt, while Arnie wears overalls over his shirt. And though each boy wears a hat in the middle of their heads, Arnold’s is a cap, while Arnie’s is one with a spinner.

As far as different personalities go, Arnie is basically what Arnold would be if the latter gave up on life. Arnie just exists, has very few, odd interests, and is very passive and inactive about doing things that make him happy. On the other hand, Arnold lives, has many interests, and always takes action in order to be happy. Arnie’s unusual hobbies include counting things, collecting lint, reading ingredients labels, and chewing plain-flavored gum. He is also well-known for his gross, phlegmy snort and for speaking in a very low, boring, droning tone of voice.

Arnie is also remembered by fans for being involved in a love parallelogram that includes Arnold as well, in which he likes Lila, Lila loves Arnie, Arnie loves Helga, and Helga loves Arnold. There is never any real explanation provided as to why Lila likes Arnie while the latter likes Helga. If anything, it’s just meant to be pure comedy that Lila falls for Arnold’s exact antithesis when he’s been trying to win her over, then Arnie falls for the very girl who truly loves his better-looking-and-acting cousin.

Then during Arnold’s dream in which he visits Arnie, he meets Arnie’s girlfriend Lulu, who is the exact antithesis of Lila. He also meets Hilda, who is not an actual antithesis of Helga, but is Helga when she is being herself and not in bully mode. The situation with the two boys and two girls creates a mirror image of the real world: Lulu likes Arnold, Arnold loves Hilda, Hilda loves Arnie, and Arnie (supposedly) loves Lulu. (Not much can be said about Arnie’s part, since he just accepts both girls by his side and doesn’t make any real effort to choose between them.) The overall purpose of Arnold’s dream is to help him realize that Helga is the perfect girl for him while Lila is not.

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Do you have any pointers on making new trolls?

Thank GOD I finally got an ask like this jesus christ I’ve waited months for this.

I cant even begin to describe how fucked up fantrolls are god damn.

Like there’s clearly fucking basic headcanons and rules you have GOT to follow that no body does.

Alright so step 1…

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Can you write a fanfic where hope is drunk and decides to have some sexy time with lightning?

This got long lol oops

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Here’s the thing: Every time a cop gets caught on tape doing something evil, racist and shitty and there’s a media firestorm, I never once feel these authority police figures are mad about the cop’s actual actions. No. They’re just mad the cop got caught on tape and inconvenienced the status quo and gave the PD more paperwork.

Let’s be truthful: Sheriff Leon Lott will always be more angry that Ben Fields never checked closely enough around the room to see any discreetly-hidden camera phones than about the fact he beat up a little girl. 

Which is basically the problem here.