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I looked up Chuck Tingle 'cause I had not idea he was. I had hopes that they were going to provide more books for me to read. And well...I went to his site and looked at the paperbacks....I've made a mistake and I don't think I'll be able to un-see some of his covers. x.x

Look, I know it’s weird and if you’re not aware of what he actually writes then it’s hella weird, but the novels are actually some of the best poignant and satirical commentary on current issues.

I forget which one it is, something like “Pounded in the Ass by Medical Debt” or something and he basically breaks down everything wrong with the American health care system and calls out the need for social reformation because we are literally getting fucked by the system. Like I don’t care if his covers are fucking insane. I’m writing about bisexual poly werewolves punching nazis with their cute vampire bf who can’t stop adopting children and their bad ass wife. None of this makes sense just go with it.

I don’t actually post much about myself, but I guess this is my blog. Panic attacks are scary. You’re just laying there trying to fall asleep and then you’re suddenly it feels like your chest is about to catch on fire. Mine are primarily physical symptoms that tend to very closely mimic those of a heart attack. Which I’m not having, but in the moment you’re not thinking right and you have to convince yourself that you’re not actually dying. It’s a chore. I’ve gotten so that I can recognize when it’s starting and with deep breathing pretty much keep it from getting worse, but the feeling kind of lingers for awhile, lurking and just waiting for you to stop concentrating on breathing.

I don’t know what I’m worrying about right now. Usually it’s my health. I have an irrational fear that when I get sick I’m going to be really sick, when in fact I’m in quite good health and in the care of some very skilled health care professionals. My asthma flared up a bit in the past few days, but that’s controllable. Am I worrying about school? I don’t know. There is some uncertainty about what I’ll be doing for the summer session, but I should be happy because I ended the 2nd semester with 4 As. Really that’s something I should be proud of. Getting straight As in grad school is nothing to scoff at. Maybe I’m worried about working after I finish school. I definitely am nervous about getting a job and then being on my own more or less, but that’s still a ways off. Maybe I’m worrying about being alone and not feeling wanted. I never dated anyone seriously in university and I feel like I really messed up there and don’t really know what to do now. I’m shy in person and make friends very slowly. Online I’m outgoing and strike up conversations with people all the time, but in person I don’t know what to do. I’m scared I’ll be alone and not wanted. I know this is irrational because it’s not true, but I worry about it.

I guess by writing this all down it helps me figure out what I’m panicking about. Maybe this helps someone else too.

SnK Chapter 93 Poll Results

The chapter 93 poll closed with 1,143 entries. Can I start with a wow? With so many responses, this is going to be a long one.

(1024 responses)

The Marley Files continue to grow on us. 77% of respondents rated Chapter 93 very highly.

Best chapter I’ve ever reviewed in a while. I hope next month will deliver heavy stuff.

My Jaeger reunion hype was amplified by 3000 eggplants after this chapter

Loved the diversity in the new characters. Riener is so torn mentally & emotionally. I believe few more pages on the warrior are still needed before getting back to Paradise. I sense a glimpse of hope in escaping a doomed end. somebody will live & achieve freedom. who? hard to tell.

Everybody has different opinions about the plot, but I do not think anyone can argue about the art. Love this manga. Want to see Levi again!

I never imagined I could love these characters even more. Now I do. Bravo Isayama-sensei, I never felt so hyped for this chapter for the longest time!

Stop trying to make these new kids happen, Isayama. It’s not going to happen.

My interest in the manga is reaching an all time low with this focus on Marley. And it looks like we’ll still be there next month. I’m so done.

I haven’t minded these recent chapters, but I haven’t felt like I enjoyed them since its a virtually unknown cast. I did however enjoy chapter 93!

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Memeing the Enneagram Neuroses

Shame Triad
2s want to appear helpful because they feel shame if they aren’t.
3s want to appear successful because they feel shame if they aren’t.
4s want to appear individual because they feel shame if they aren’t.

Fear Triad
5s fear being overwhelmed by the world.
6s fear fear itself and are just fucked (sorry 6s).
7s fear being deprived of basic joy.

‘Angery’/Instinctual Triad
8s are angery if you control them.
9s are angery if you disturb their peace of mind (and the #1 thing that disturbs it is anger, which they habitually deny in themselves until it gets the best of them).
1s are angery because you’re doing everything wrong.

The Basic Bitch Triangle
3s are most out of touch with confidence in their own feelings (center of feeling center).
6s are the most out of touch with confidence in their own minds (center of thinking center).
9s are most out of touch with confidence in their own instincts (center of instinctual center).

My family
  • Mother: *forces gender norms on me* *makes nasty comments about people who don't follow said norms* *gagged at the sight of gay couple kissing* *dismisses my anxiety*
  • Father: *makes homophobic, racist, and transphobic jokes *makes negative comments on my appearance and body* *also gagged at the sight of gay couple kissing* *makes fun of people with disabilities* *also dismisses my anxiety*
  • Grandmother: *makes homophobic comments* *only talks about herself and is inconsiderate of others* *also forces gender norms on people and comments that "I'm not like most girls"
  • Me, the gay daughter who is forced to live in the closet with family: How did I turn out this good?

It’s selfish to want them both, Percy tells himself, in the thin hours of morning when he can’t sleep and sits at his work-table, taking his gun apart over and over as if he’s looking for secrets in its metal guts. It’s selfish, and it’s wrong, and they’re twins – tall and identical and perfect, all dark elegance and long, silky hair and a razor’s-edge of something feral and hungry and angry just beneath the surface.

He’s always liked sharp things, hungry things, things with teeth – and the twins are sharp all over, lined with teeth, in their own unique ways. He wants to stick his hand into the steel trap of their souls, just to see what it would feel like when they slammed shut around his wrist, what it would be like to be caught there. Trapped. A wild animal wounded by the bladed edges and honed points of their love, bleeding out in their arms.

The smoke curls around the soft insides of his chest, an over-affectionate cat, crawls up his throat until it chokes him, and he digs a thumbnail into the soft meat of his palm until it bleeds. Another mark to add to his collection. It’s selfish, and it’s wrong, and he knows that him and his guns and his smoke are bad news of the worst kind. They don’t need that in their lives, don’t want that in their lives – don’t deserve that in their lives. Don’t deserve him.

But, by god, does he want them both.

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You think Clarke is in love with Bellamy? When L.exa drawing is the first thing she wants to see every day? Or Niylah's face sharing her bed? It just goes beyond my understanding that she can do those things while Bellamy is right there, in the same place as her. Niylah's love isn't possesive or passional but it's still love and makes Clarke feel comfortable. In your opinion why have the writers put Clarke and Niylah together, as a couple? What's the point?

(Listen, you sent this to my Bellarke blog, and you’re challenging my understanding of love, and the primacy of CL over Bellarke, so I’m going to tell you without worrying about your sensitivity. If what I’m about to say was going to trigger or harm you, you shouldn’t have come to me. And you know it. You’re either asking for real about how I can make this claim, or you’re trying to find a flaw in my reasoning and call me on… I don’t know? hypocrisy? lesbophobia? delusion? In which case, I’m just going to answer the way I’d answer the first possibility, with my reasons.  And if I say Bellarke is more important to Clarke [not as representation in the real world but in the narrative] I run the risk of being called a lesbophobe anyway, so I’ll say what I have to. But thanks for abbreviating Lxa. That’s kind of you.)

Yeah I think Clarke is in love with Bellamy. And has been for 2 seasons now. 

I think Clarke realized she was in love with Bellamy while he was in the mountain and she was spending all her energy and attention trying to keep him alive. I think when she told Lxa she wasn’t ready for anything with anyone, because of her first love’s very recent death, she was talking about both L AND Bellamy. That’s why she couldn’t hug him when she met him under the mountain and that’s ONE of the reasons she left Camp Jaha. Because it was all too much. But she did kiss him then. 

Yes. That means that Clarke was in love with Bellamy the entire time she was in Polis. Yes. I am saying that Clarke loved Bellamy before she loved Lxa. She sent him away from Polis to protect him from what happened to Costia. She knew already that L and Roan knew she valued him. They had already put his life at risk. And she also didn’t go home because she still wasn’t ready. It was still too much. She had not healed yet. She was not ready.

She stayed in Polis and worked with Lxa and for the most part it was pretty business like. She came to her in a nightgown and was sent away. Clarke did not open up to Lxa until after she visited Bellamy in Hakeldama and he refused her partnership and basically told her everything she’d done wrong and how she had hurt him and then tried to lock her up. In other words. She thought there was no shot with Bellamy anymore. She thought he hated her.

And then suddenly Clarke was open to Lxa and letting her in and more friendly. Yes. I am telling you that Lxa was a rebound. Or rather, the man she loved rejected her and she turned to the woman who loved her and she cared for a lot, and yes, loved… maybe not the same way that she loved Bellamy, but she loved her. They had a great chemistry and a connection that was a singular thing. And that is what allowed Clarke to love Lxa when she was already in love with Bellamy. And that was right and good. No one should ever have to pine away and deny themselves love because someone else doesn’t feel the same back. They should DEFINITELY move on and find love where it is. 

I mean, listen. love is not this thing you imagine it is, with One True Love and Never Again Shall I Love Another Or At Least Not Until I Have Suffered Enough And Am Old And Ugly And Not Hot Anymore.

She did love Lxa and it was a passionate, painful, traumatic love affair. It also lasted a couple weeks tops. If I’m feeling generous about what constitutes a love affair, and not a difficult, fraught political arrangement and royal imprisonment. But honestly, as someone who was in a passionate, painful, traumatic marriage for ten years, I’m really not all that impressed with a few days on vacation in a tower.

Do you know that I still have photos of my ex lovers that I look at from time to time? And they didn’t die a horrible death. Did you know that sometimes, when your heart is broken, you just need to feel human comfort and touch? This has already been their relationship, Clarke and Niylah. Human comfort, which I think is wonderful. We should be able to find that with each other, as long as both partners are on the same page. 

So how could she turn to Niylah when Bellamy is right there? 

Ahh…. my theory on Clarke turning to another lover when she is rebounding from Bellamy’s rejection has actually been proved.

Clarke touched his hand and opened the door for more intimacy, pressed her face to his hand, sought out more contact than they’d ever had before and he… told her to go to sleep. He shot her down. This does not mean she doesn’t love him. She puts it away, and goes back to work like he told her to. Her feelings for him, her caring for him more than anyone, are confirmed by his hostage situation. But she does not think he wants to be romantic with her. The comfort from Niylah, her friend, is the comfort she needs, because she cannot have the man she loves. She is SAD, nonny. And lonely. And Niylah is so sweet and supportive and beautiful. There is nothing wrong here.

Scratch my other OC concepts, she’s the one. My child.

Her name is Rilo, Night spirit. Protector of the nocturnal creatures at the forest and swamp areas. Uses her magical abilities to cast spells from her deck of cards that was passed on from the previous protector, her mother. The cards are also sharp enough to throw them shuriken-like and cut sinner’s throats ayy. She’s at the early stages though, still learning. Manages to complete her tasks (ish) on the less orthodox way stumbling through and doing everything wrong basically but looking very badass, failing while looking pretty epic. Best friends with nature. 

If you wanna draw her pls go ahead and tag me i’ll cry forever


Some expressions from Hanami 2017 aka probably the most chaotic con I’ve had in a while. But still worth it
Credits to Weinheim for becoming a new meme in our group.

Dennis’ Double Life

“I feel like a lot of people are assuming that the dissatisfaction with the episode stems from MacDennis and while that’s very true for a lot of people (especially the newbies), it’s not true for everyone.

I have zero stock in MacDennis. I would have been amused if it had happened, but I am just as okay with it not happening.

My dissatisfaction from the episode is that it just felt… off. Like, it didn’t feel like a good episode.

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betty x archie headcanons
  • archie brings betty flowers on every. single. date. roses, tulips, sunflowers- different types of flowers every time. he says that she deserves no less, and it never fails to make her blush.
  • sometimes archie convinces betty to go to the gym and he tries to be her personal trainer but ends up frustrating her because he’ll tell her she’s doing basically everything wrong and try to correct it.
  • archie is the king of chivalry. he walks betty to school, to each of her classes, he opens doors for her, pulls her chair out for her, carries her bag for her. she always tells him that it’s unnecessary, really, she can do it for herself, but he insists. she doesn’t mind as much as she lets on.
  • he writes songs for her. some of them are silly and sound terrible, and some of them are unbelievably beautiful. he shows her most of them, but he has an entire notebook full of songs about betty that nobody knows about.
  • when she’s sick, he comes to her house and sits beside her bed and sings to her softly, all of her favorite songs he’s written about her. sometimes his voice alone makes her feel better.
  • the’re basically always holding hands. whether they’re at school, at one of their houses, at pop’s- anywhere. they hold hands and archie rubs the outside of her hand with his thumb.
  • sometimes, when betty’s parents are being particularly horrible, she sneaks out and goes over to archie’s. she just likes to lay in his bed for a while, his scent and often his voice calming her down and making her feel safe again. 
  • betty loves dancing with archie. anywhere, any time of day, they put their arms around each other and just sway, or sometimes they jump around and dance crazily, depending on their moods. it usually ends with both of them in such a violent giggling fit they nearly fall over.
  • whenever archie’s had a rough day, or reggie gave him a hard time at practice, or he has writer’s block and can’t write a single verse to save his life, betty shows up with some snacks and they sit on his bed and eat while he tells her all about his day. she offers her best advice sometimes, but mostly she just listens.
  • they spend most of their free time at pop’s. they just sit in their booth and share a shake and a basket of fries, and they talk about anything. sometimes they stay there so long that pop himself has to come ask them to leave, because “it’s an hour and a half past closing and i’d really like to go home soon, kids.”
  • their guilty pleasure is watching disney cartoons together. they act out the cute romantic scenes and sing along to each song. they’re favorite scenes to act out are love is an open door from frozen and i see the light from tangled.
  • just like he promised, archie proposes to betty when they’re eighteen. it’s the summer after they graduated, and he’s set up a whole elaborate date with candles and roses and her favorite dinner. 
  • she says yes.


so kudos to @shamefulbirb for helping me out with this concept, check out her other cool dark!youtubers :D

now, with Marzia being an ambassador for cute/creepy aesthetic, I came up with my own version of a dark!Marzia. basically, she one day bought a doll because it had a charming, creepy quality to it and it happened to look a bit like her (imagine Coraline). Marzia began to experience minor lapses judgement, per say, where she would do something strange and couldn’t really explain why. Then, she had minor lapses of memory, but they were still nothing serious. certain things are in a different place than where she left them, she gets to a room without remembering how, etc.

she, of course, didn’t know the soul of a little girl was haunting the doll she bought, which so happens to adopt the idea that Marzia is her “mom” because they look alike. she has the ability to possess anything she has an emotional connection to, i.e. the doll, and as she spends more time with Marzia, the spirit eventually gains the power to possess Marzia for short periods of time. She (the spirit doll) doesn’t have bad intentions, and like a regular child, is just needy and wants to spend time with her parents. however, when she gets mad, things can go very, very wrong.

What happens to Marzia while the spirit possesses her body? well, her own spirit has to go somewhere, since it can’t just float around, so they essentially trade bodies. The first few times, Marzia has no recollection of these exchanges, they’re just memory gaps. She then becomes slowly more aware, but dismisses the experiences as dreams

This is most of what I’ve got so far, I apologize for typos and basically everything else wrong with this post lmao.

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ok so im new to the more fandom-y part of panic so why was 2009 not a good year for ryan ?? and I read somewhere he led brendon on ??

Well basically it was like the year everything went wrong, yknow?

  • Ryan apparently cheated on Keltie, she found out after Valentine’s Day and they broke up
  • The creative differences between the members of Panic grew more pronounced
  • Ryan started spending more time with his hipster friends like Z Berg, Alex Greenwald etc
  • Eventually Panic split and Ryan and Jon formed The Young Veins
  • shortly after, Ryan’s infamous cocaine pic went viral
  • 2009 also killed ryden rip 💔

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I have a question: Where does one draw the line between redeemable villain down the wrong path and a sociopathic Villain who needs his ass whooped and probably killed (*cough* Zeref *cough)

Depends a lot on the character in question. Mashima seems determined to try and redeem his villains for one reason or another, but he tends to fall in flat in the execution. It seems like the commonly held belief is that if a character had a tragic backstory, their actions can be excused. This is especially prevalent in this fandom, with characters like Minerva, Flare, Zeref and - most recently - Eileen. I’ve seen many a character’s actions get handwaved because of their backstory - they had a hard life, so everything they did was excusable and made sense.

See, that’s bullshit. 

What makes a good redemption a good redemption is the villain’s propensity to accept they did the wrong thing and willingness to take responsibility for what they did. You can have a completely unsympathetic villain with no tragic backstory accept that they did the wrong thing for whatever reason and have it read as character development - you know, like Gajeel. Gajeel has zero excuses for his behaviour in Phantom Lord, but got the message that he was an asshole beaten into him and then never did that shit again. Gajeel didn’t even really change his personality that much; he’s still an abrasive dick, only now he’s an abrasive dick that isn’t going to torture people for fun anymore. He learnt his lesson.

No excuses. No backstories. Just a lesson learnt. Gajeel’s a decent person now.

As for Mashima’s time honoured standby…

There’s an art to managing tragic backstories, and how much they do and don’t absolve. The way I like to think of it is this: a tragic backstory can be presented as an explanation for why someone acted the way they did, or as an excuse for why they acted the way they did. 

Ultear had a tragic backstory, but almost as soon as she accepted she’d been used and had done the wrong thing, she stopped doing the wrong thing and started trying to make up for it. Laxus, similarly, had a shitty past and did the wrong thing. He’s punished for it and accepts he screwed up. The narrative doesn’t make any excuses for him either; Laxus fucked up, everyone knows it, he’s trying to redeem himself.

In other words, characters like Ultear and Laxus don’t use their pasts as excuses for why they did the wrong thing. Their pasts aren’t presented as reasons to absolve them of guilt - they’re presented as the reason why they act the way they do, and from there the characters have to try and actively improve themselves and make up for what they did. 

On the flipside, you get characters like Minerva and Flare. Flare does terrible things like trying to hurt a child and torture and humiliate Lucy because she didn’t know any better. That’s it. We’re told that Flare didn’t know better, and it’s presented as an excuse. Minerva does terrible things, but she was abused as a child, so it’s forgivable- it’s a last minute excuse. Minerva does barely anything to earn her redemption - her backstory is revealed, it’s very sad, but Sting and Rogue have already forgiven her, how touching, and the next we see her she’s totally forgiven. That’s not a good redemption - Minerva’s just been given an out.

Flare and Minerva are forgiven almost instantly because their backstories are designed to excuse their wrongdoings - it wasn’t their fault, they had a tough time, boo hoo. Ultear and Laxus own up to their pasts and wrongdoings, and try extremely hard to make up for it. Minerva and Flare are handed their redemptions on a silver platter.   

And that’s where I draw the line: I consider how a character accepts what they did was wrong and how they act with the knowledge they fucked up, as well as how the narrative treats the fact that they fucked up, or if the author gives them excuses. Do the characters get treated like they’re bad guys, or do they get given excuses as to why what they did wasn’t their fault, etc. 

As for Zeref… well, Zeref’s a selfish, murderous dickwad and infamously so. He’s kind of a strange case in that he tried to be a better person, it didn’t work and he turned back into a villain. His backstory explains why he’s in his situation, but he’s also demonised for… y’know, basically everything he did wrong… and that would have been fine. Zeref could have been played straight as a villain that got dealt a shit hand if not for literally everything Zervis, wherein Mavis tries to give Zeref more sympathy than he deserves. I… fully believe that Zeref doesn’t deserve redemption, because every attempt he’s had at becoming a better person ends with him backstepping into being a villainous peanut. It’d be easy enough for him to… you know, not get his entire empire curbstomped, or, I don’t know, actually deal with the remaining demons he let loose, but he doesn’t seem willing to do that. The best redemption Zeref can possibly hope to get is to surrender and die gracefully, but I have a niggling fear that he’s going to get redeemed by the power of love and… ugh.

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whats the "facebook interview"?

It’s an interview of Normani that started a shit load of drama over nothing, because she struggled to find a word to describe Camila and her answer was a lot shorter than for the other girls, so to the very stupid part of this fandom, which unfortunately is a big one, it automatically meant that Normani hates Camila and that they were fighting 🙄  It basically started a war in the fandom between the Camilizers and the other fans, then the medias made things worst by headlining it - it always comes back to the same old stupid fight of who’s the victim and who’s the bully, which girl gets the more hate, which one deserves it, which one doesn’t - basically showing everything that’s wrong in this fucking fandom

Here’s the part of the interview : 

…we know nothing about Sappho. Or worse: everything we know is wrong. Even the most basic “facts” are simply not so, or in need of a stringent critical reexamination. A single example. We are told over and over again that Sappho “was married to Kerkylas of Andros, who is never mentioned in any of the extant fragments of her poetry” (Snyder 1989:3). Not surprising, since it’s a joke name: he’s Dick Allcock from the Isle of MAN. It’s been over 139 years since William Mure pointed this out… yet one finds this piece of information repeated without question from book to book, usually omitting the dubious source, usually omitting any reference at all.
—  Holt Parker, ‘Sappho Schoolmistress’, Transactions of the American Philological Association 123 (1993)