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Kurogane having a same-gendered daemon is what I live for, and Fai with a magpie is so perfect that I’m kind of amazed.


My family
  • Mother: *forces gender norms on me* *makes nasty comments about people who don't follow said norms* *gagged at the sight of gay couple kissing* *dismisses my anxiety*
  • Father: *makes homophobic, racist, and transphobic jokes *makes negative comments on my appearance and body* *also gagged at the sight of gay couple kissing* *makes fun of people with disabilities* *also dismisses my anxiety*
  • Grandmother: *makes homophobic comments* *only talks about herself and is inconsiderate of others* *also forces gender norms on people and comments that "I'm not like most girls"
  • Me, the gay daughter who is forced to live in the closet with family: How did I turn out this good?

It’s selfish to want them both, Percy tells himself, in the thin hours of morning when he can’t sleep and sits at his work-table, taking his gun apart over and over as if he’s looking for secrets in its metal guts. It’s selfish, and it’s wrong, and they’re twins – tall and identical and perfect, all dark elegance and long, silky hair and a razor’s-edge of something feral and hungry and angry just beneath the surface.

He’s always liked sharp things, hungry things, things with teeth – and the twins are sharp all over, lined with teeth, in their own unique ways. He wants to stick his hand into the steel trap of their souls, just to see what it would feel like when they slammed shut around his wrist, what it would be like to be caught there. Trapped. A wild animal wounded by the bladed edges and honed points of their love, bleeding out in their arms.

The smoke curls around the soft insides of his chest, an over-affectionate cat, crawls up his throat until it chokes him, and he digs a thumbnail into the soft meat of his palm until it bleeds. Another mark to add to his collection. It’s selfish, and it’s wrong, and he knows that him and his guns and his smoke are bad news of the worst kind. They don’t need that in their lives, don’t want that in their lives – don’t deserve that in their lives. Don’t deserve him.

But, by god, does he want them both.

I had a dentist appointment today and I was super stressed about it because I overslept and didn’t really know the way there and basically everything went wrong, and just as I wanted to leave the house I get a call from my dentist telling me there was a blackout in the whole area and that they had to cancel my appointment. Sometimes problems just solve themselves. 

riverdale episode 4 review: I honestly cannot stand how everyone in-universe just fucking loves Archie so fucking much (aside from Betty’s mom, who has always justifiably been portrayed as being in the wrong about basically everything up til now). Like holy shit you cannot just let a child predator fucking leave town like that just to spare her victim’s feelings or whatever. And the worst thing is, is that she’s probbaly not gonna be gone for good - the whole ‘she was at the river or whatever on July 4th and maybe shot that other kid’ thing still hasn’t been properly resolved. So goddamn this fucking subplot, it needs to die already.

Aside from that? I still don’t really give a shit about Archie as a character. He’s just not interesting to me. In fact, he’s downright irritating.

Veronica and Jughead are the top-tier characters in terms of overall likeability. Jughead especially was pretty damn sympathetic by the end of this week’s episode. Betty’s still good, but she has lost a couple points for going a bit overboard last week and making a couple questionable decisions this week (seriously, why the fuck did she bring the damn gun home???). Her and Veronica are still absolutely the best ship in the entire show though.

Oh, another thing that bothers me about this show? Every adult woman of note has been sketchy as fuck. Even Veronica’s mom, as this episode revealed. As for the men…well, they’re basically sketchy as well, but not as obvious about it? Archie’s dad used to be good before he was totally okay with letting Grundy just fuckin leave without being exposed.

So…yeah. Basically everyone sucks but Veronica, Jughead, and Betty.

I made a new son, basically he patrols Flipside at night acting like a cop basically. He makes sure everything is safe and sound and if something seems wrong he’ll rush to the problem and confront it. Lampt can trigger his light at will and uses the light from his eyes like spotlights. Whenever he triggers his light, Lampt does a little bounce. Despite having no hands, Lampt can still interact with things, as if his hands where invisible. 

Still ref under the cut, I wanted to keep the post short and clean looking.

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It’s sad to think about it too deep but the theme of the Sumerteen Romance PS is really obvious

It’s Karkat’s fanfic, and it’s basically Karkat in a way trying to fix everything that went wrong with their session and with his friends.

He wrote it so that Vriska gets her chance to be a hero, Tavros gets to stand up for his friends and for himself, Equius gets over his inferiority complex and stands up for Nepeta, Nepeta showing off that she’s actually completely capable of taking care of herself, Gamzee doesn’t go fucking nuts and kills everyone, hell even Eridan got some cookie points seeing as he managed to save everyone from being blown up by a bomb (even tho it was played for laughs), he gets to be the inspiring leader he always wanted to be.

When you start over thinking it, this is basically Karkat just wanting to fix all the mistakes and have his friends be happy, at least in his fanfic. And that sorta makes my heart ache a little.

I was just getting out of my clothes and I was looking at my pierced nipples, let me tell you that it’s fucking amazing for those who are thinking about getting them done but are hesitant in doing so. Before I got them pierced I didn’t really have much sensitivity because whenever a guy would suck on my nipples or lick them like I faked moaning because I didn’t really feel much but ever since I’ve gotten both of my nipples pierced my boyfriend was the first one to play with them (thank god) holy fuck let me tell you that I could feel his every lick, touch and basically everything was just heightened. They weren’t wrong when they said that it increases the sensitivity. But whenever I look at them I smile a little because it’s like simple minuscule “decorations” for my nipples which I used to hate but I love them so much now and I’m content that I got them pierced, impulsively.
Agents of SHIELD: Season 4's Next Storyline Will Reward Long-Time Fans - IGN
"For the people who have been here since the beginning, you're going to see some stuff that only you can appreciate."

SHIELD is on fire. There’s smoke and dust in the air, the top secret base is burning, and Daisy Johnson is fighting one of SHIELD’s own: former director Jeffrey Mace. Pursuing him down a hallway, she takes a punch, jumping up and off a pillar for a stronger advantage…

And, cut.

Spoilers about tonight’s episode and pod 3 below!

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The First 25 Minutes of ‘Revenge of the Sith’ Were a Goddamn Gift: Anakin and Obi-Wan (1/?)

anonymous asked:

I dont watch the show anymore since lexa but i always visit your blog and basically its happening everything you said in your analysis. Right? Or i am wrong? Btw you are awesome.☺

First off, thank you for still visiting my blog! And for the kind words! 😊 And yeah the general gist of what I have theorized has come true…they are going to try to make everyone into nightbloods and try to recreate the serum becca made. Also, I predicted that ALIE’s drones would be used this season and that Raven would hack into them, something she did.

  • me: hey there's this word "asexual" and this other word "aromantic" and i'm pretty sure they describe me bc i don't feel sexual or romantic attraction... just thought you should know haha
  • some kid: ok cool... now look at this hot guy omg how do you not find him sexually and romantically attractive

how orna feels about everyone aka ornas weekly ranking

bell- Awful Boy she thinks hes pretentious and doesnt trust him w/ basically anything and relishes in everything he does wrong for various reasons that,, arent necessarily all bells fault

cezall- Okay Boy hes quiet and doesnt bother her much so hes pretty okay in her book he seems like he cares about other ppl and thts not esp ornas schtick but she wont stop him from doing his thing 

cik- Large???? not v health stable so she kinda keeps an eye on him bc he does a lot of the fighting and if cik goes down she might have to so its in best interests to keep him up and alright

keen- Tall Girl. Very okay. would have a 10 minute talk w/ very adequate 6/10

selxi- a small bean that could probably fight everyone in this group and win?? orna probably admires that but also does Not want to get into the middle of it. very small, good for reading over shoulders

seraphina- the other small bean?? quiet and not super intrusive so ornas pretty okay w/ them too 

maedis- rude but competent so hes probably a solid Okay in her book 

simmingbee replied to your post: *eats a cup of cookie dough* me, with my weak…

Make it without eggs! Then it shouldn’t upset your stomach! I eat “fake” cookie dough all the time. (Fake meaning I made it to eat and not to make cookies with) message me and I’ll give you my recipe!

awh u r very sweet, but i do have fake dough (they make it kind of like how Dairy Queen cookie dough would be made for edibility) i just have acid reflux and basically everythhing else wrong with my tummy so its just easily upset haha. ty tho <3 <3

I will never understand where the interpretation of Legends of Tomorrow’s Rip Hunter as some kind of creepy, controlling expert manipulator comes in.

I mean, look, the guy’s definitely got asshole moments.

But seriously?  This is a guy who can’t keep to a lie for more than half an episode.  And do we really need to count how many times he gets punched in the face?

This is a guy who will toss his only workable plan to go after Savage in the trash to bring back a corpse because he’s feeling guilty.

This is a guy who starts off the first mission pointing out that he’s the actual time traveler and is in charge, gets a response of astounding indifference, watches his new recruits basically do EVERYTHING WRONG and almost destroy the future by leaving technology behind, and he doesn’t once consider, y’know, firing them for people who will actually listen to him.

This is a guy who has Martin trying to destroy his marriage, Snart trying to rewrite his father’s past, Sara going rogue in Star City, Ray constantly playing hero, Mick wreaking general havoc, Kendra bursting into Hawk Goddess, Jax…well, Jax is probably the least problematic recruit, but even he’s tried to save his dad and so on.  And his response to all of this just seems to be to face palm, sigh, and regret his life.

Okay, and that one tantrum at Mick.  But there were stressors there.

(Also, I’m pretty sure a ruthless manipulator would have waited until they were safely back on the ship before blowing up at one of their allies anyway.)

This is a guy who, when Kendra refused to kill Savage, made one plaintive statement, and then let it go and backed up her choice instead.

Honestly?  He’s kind of the worst manipulator ever.

snarkysnartes  asked:


Nice! :D 

  • my all-time ultimate fave character: Ravi; I love him so much <3 
  • a character I didn’t used to like but now do: I wasn’t the biiiggest fan of Major at first, but now I adore him. 
  • a character I used to like but now don’t: N/A
  • a character I’m indifferent about: I as a bit indifferent about Drake. 
  • a character who deserved better: LOWELL </3 
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get into: This is hard bc I pretty much ship everything
  • a ship I’ve never been able to get over: RAVIOLI I’M ALWAYS GOING TO SHIP THEM OKAY 
  • a cute, low-key ship: Really any combination of Liv/Major/Ravi (and all three) and also Bozzineaux 
  • an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it: Honestly what IS unpopular in this fandom? I feel like everyone basically ships everything. 
  • a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened: While I really enjoy the dynamic, I don’t think Bliv should ever legitimately happen in the show (even with Amnesia-Blaine). 
  • my favourite storyline/moment: I can tell you my favorite scene, which was when Liv had the voiceover where she said Ravi is her heart and then he gets bitten by Hope. 
  • a storyline that never should have been written: Hm I’m pretty good with the storylines (but PLEEEASE fix Liv’s relationship with her brother bc I’m hurt by that). 
  • my first thoughts on the show: *when I heard the premise* ‘Ugh this sounds so DUMB. Honestly the shows they have lined up sound so stupid.’ (This included JTV, which ended up also being something I love.) 
  • my thoughts now: THIS SHOW IS SO GOOD and fandom seems nice enough bc we’re fairly small as DCTV fandoms go so it’s just? Such a nice show and I’m happy when I watch it it’s fab. 

After his spurt of growth Nico stopped getting mad at basically everything, but just one very wrong thing can piss him off for weeks like


And Will is like

“There we go again”

I’m endlessly amused that the proposed list of pairings for the @swrarepairs fest is basically “Everything Roane Ships Passionately”. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some TFA ships, but not on the same level. 

Right. Guess I’m signing up for that.