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Y’ALL WE MADE IT !! hi hello, my name is cas and this intro is gonna be lame af but i’m tryin. i just moved to good ol’ minnesota, so i’m in cst now :~) by looking at all the blogs, it’s so apparent how dedicated and involved everyone is gonna be. i am so excited to be a part of this little family, please hmu bc i love to talk to people. i can’t wait to rp with you guys !! i love plots and chem based interactions, so I hope we can work out something !!  

( read below for info on my bby )

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The Science Teacher (Jared Kleinman HEADCANON)

ok but like imagine you’re an English teacher and jared is a science teacher at the same high school…
- you guys would highkey flirt in front of everyone before you two got together
- like he would always steal your chalk/white board markers
- he would always be wearing his lap coat because he’s probs a chemistry teacher

- your guys’ classrooms would be so different from each other’s
- like yours is filled with books, plants, and other home-y things
- and his is filled with lame science posters
- all of your students would ship you
- everyone would tease you guys like
- “I can’t seem to reach this,”
- “Maybe you should get Mr.Kleinman to help you?”
- and everyone would giggle
- there would be times where jared would just walk into your classroom while you’re in the middle of teaching and just stare
- “did you need something, Mr.Kleinman?”
- “Nope.”
- everyone in the class would laugh
- “Don’t you have a class you need to teach?”
- “oh it’s nothing, just grade 12 AP chem”
- during lunch hours he would chill in your classroom and you guys would watch funny YouTube videos or RIP vine compilations
- Halloween?! U guys always have matching costumes
- you two were the talk of the school
- who cares about the most popular guy in school??? the real talk was if you and Mr.Kleinman had lunch today
- when you guys started dating it was so obvious
- he would leave little messages on your board during your prep period
- and would always make the joke of “Mr.Kleinman will see you now”
- you guys are seriously the cutest. Ever.
- after dating for a while I definitely see him proposing to you at a school assembly or like getting your students involved somehow.


- Alana is a history teacher who everyone has a love/hate relationship with. Because she is an AMAZING teacher but gives out so much work it’s insane
- Zoe is the music teacher!!! She spends her lunch hours doing stuff with the glee club and the school band. She’s that teacher that everyone goes in and talks to when they are having a bad day. Everyone loves her.
- Evan is the Environmental Science teacher. He basically teaches everyone about trees and other things involving nature!! He loves it but everyone hates his class lol. He just rambles on about trees and doesn’t know when to stop.
- Connor is the art teacher that keeps a flask under his desk LMAO. He went to art school, failed at trying to make a living as an artist, so restored to teaching at high school. None of the other teachers like him but all the students do. They think his pessimism is “funny” and “relatable”.


I’m the happiest when I’m with you.

SCENARIO ALERT: After Dom wins the temptation, she tells Jessica and Josh that she won it because they were the only ones who didn’t shun her. Jess and Josh keep the secret that Dom won until tomorrow night and come up with a plan that involves Dom and Jess blowing up everyone’s game on live television and basically dragging them. The house will be so shook and mad that they won’t know who to vote out. So it will be a tie and it will come down to A**x wack ass. She will of course vote out Dom, but then Dom, Jess, and Josh will burst into laughter and Dom will be like “you thought” and pull out the temptation and that will make everyone SHOOK™. Then the consequence will be two new people have to be nominated and It will be Back To School Day and Mark and Mark ass will go because he wants to act like a bitch. THE END 

Let’s talk about Mickey Milkovich’s shitty life:

Here’s the thing that pisses me off more than any other shit with Mickey haters: they ignore all the shit Mickey went through. So we’re going to talk about it & maybe it’ll change your mind about the beautiful gift that is Mickey.

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Okay, let’s get started. The first thing I’d like to talk about is Mickey’s mom. When we first meet Mickey in 1x03, Lip asks Mickey about Iggy getting out of jail & Mickey tells him his mom went to go get him. Then fast forward to when Monica comes back after Frank’s mom dies. Ian & Mandy are talking about his mom & Ian says “You’re so lucky your mom is dead.” That means that some time between season 1 & 2, Mickey’s mom dies. Now during this time Mickey is also in juvie, so it’s possible she died before he got to say goodbye.

Originally posted by stilestielinski

Now we also see in 1x03 that Mickey is still in school (he thanks Lip for the B on his paper), but later in season 3 when Mickey gets out & comes to find Ian he says he would still be a freshman. So this reveals a couple things about Mickey. One, Mickey is around the same age as Lip & Ian. Two, he drops out some time between season 1 & 3. Now, I want to suggest something, so go with me for a minute. We know during this time that his mom dies & that his dad is in prison during this time (he is picking his dad up when Ian comes looking for Kash’s gun). So is it possible that Mickey dropped out of school in order to take care of his family? The same thing Fiona gets so much credit for? Is it possible that his mom died & his dad was in prison & Mandy needed to eat, so Mickey dropped out to help take care of her? Is it possible that this boy everyone just assumes is a stupid thug (though we know is not the case because he’s a whiz with numbers) is just a kid trying to take care of the ones he loves?

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It always gets me that everyone says Mickey is so unloving because he clearly loved Mandy. Hell…the only reason he even gets involved with Ian is because Mandy said Ian had tried to rape her & Mickey was coming to get him. And the only reason he ends up giving Lip a beat down is because Lip basically calls Mandy a whore & Mickey gets pissed. And then we see his love for her again when she gets beat up by her boyfriend. Mickey brings her to the Gallagher house. He could’ve pretended like he didn’t see anything (Mandy was sure trying to act like it didn’t happen) but he didn’t. He took her out of the scary situation & got her to the safest place he could think of.

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Alright now let’s get into the real shit that gets me:

First, let’s talk about how everyone always talks about what a shit husband Mickey is. I am going to say this very clearly for you all to hear: MICKEY WAS MARRIED TO HIS RAPIST. OK? No he wasn’t a very good husband to her. But for fuck’s sake, why do we expect him to? He was in love with Ian (even if he hadn’t admitted it to himself yet) & he was happy with Ian. But then his dad finds out & pays this woman to rape him. Then he is FORCED to marry her. I mean Fuck! Would you be in love with that? Would you be able to sleep next to that person every night? Sit across the table from them at every meal? And on top of that, he lost the one person he did actually love because of this woman. She & Terry ripped away the only good thing he had. I might be a bitch to her too. But it’s not like she loved him either. Everyone seems to miss that point when talking about their relationship. Lana was just as awful to Mickey as he was to her. She constantly threatened him & belittled him about his feelings for Ian. She didn’t care about him anymore than he did for her. 

Now let’s chat about his son & the whole “he’s a horrible father” thing. Yes, Mickey had his faults when it came to his son. But…..this baby came from his RAPE. This baby is literally a daily reminder of one of the worst days of his life. And he was expected to love him from day one. Yes he responded in a mean way in regards to his son at first, but as we know with Mickey, this is how he responds when he feels scared & vulnerable. But he didn’t stay that way. Mickey steps up in the dad department. It takes him a while but he does it. The thing is that Mickey is a victim, probably suffering with a form of PTSD, who is forced to live with the people who made him a victim. And furthermore, is expected to love them. How is that fair? We can see from the way he loves & cares for Ian that Mickey has it in him to be a wonderful partner & caretaker. Under different circumstances I believe Mickey would be an amazing father & husband.

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Now the final point I want to talk about goes back to something I brought up earlier: Mickey is about the same age as Ian & Lip (we also can assume this because he goes to juvie both times meaning he wasn’t charged as an adult). Now while all this is going on Lip is somewhere around 18 to 19 & Ian is 17. That puts Mickey around that same age. So Mickey is somewhere in his late teens when he drops out of school, gets a “job”, is raped, forced to marry said rapist & becomes a dad. No wonder he is a little messed up. Lip can barely keep his shit together when Karen gets pregnant & that situation is no where near as fucked up as Mickey’s.

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So in conclusion, yes Mickey is a bit of a fuck up & a hot mess. But with all the shit he went through, can you really blame him?? I think the important thing to point out is this: Mickey was always trying. He knew he had faults but he was trying. He was trying to be a good brother. He was trying to be the son his father wanted. He was trying to provide for his family. He was trying to get along with Lana. He was trying to be a good father. He was always trying. And he deserves credit for that. 

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You should do road trip headcanons!

This is perfect, because I just finished a month long road trip across the continental United States (I’ve seen it all), so I definitely know what’s it like to drive for hours and hours with people. 

So, considering there are seven people, they take a SUV (2 seats in front, 3 in the middle row, and two in the back)

So Hunk gets motion sick, and this applies to cars too, so all Hunk really only has two options:

  1. sleep
  2. listen to music

He ends up sleeping a lot, and as a result he misses a lot of the countryside and such. The rest of the Paladins are nice though, and they wake him up for anything they find interesting. 

(At one point they are going through some very bumpy roads, and since Hunk was asleep he kept bouncing up and down, ‘cause he couldn’t control it…Lance took a video)

Pidge sits in the WAY back, and uses the time to build new gadgets and when they pull the car behind a tour bus they’ll piggyback off of the bus’ wifi. 

Lance is the kind of guy who will want to stop everywhere he can just to get pictures ‘it’s the journey, not the destination’

Keith is the exact opposite, he just wants to get where they are going, and why is Lance making so many unnecessary stops?

Shiro is the main driver, and when he drives Allura is in the passenger seat, Hunk in the middle left window seat, Keith in the middle and Lance on the right middle window seat. (Coran and Pidge share the back).

Shiro is the only one who can keep the peace. Basically the entire car is a constant ticking time bomb that follows a simple cycle. 

First, Keith and Lance start arguing about who should be sitting in the window seat, and then Hunk complains about his headache. Pidge then tells everyone to shut it so they can concentrate, and Coran mumbles about how he’s never seen such a disrespectful group of paladins. 

Then Pidge, Lance, and Keith all team up on Coran and tell him “Of course we are fighting, it’s perfectly normal.”

Now it’s time for Allura to get involved, and she’ll comment something like “Perfectly normal for savages” and that sets off everyone again. 

Meanwhile, Shiro is trying to concentrate on the godamn road and he has a semi-truck pulling up on his right side and why won’t these idiots shut up and finally Shiro yells “QUIET!”

Everyone immediately quiets down and Shiro gets another hour of silence before the whole cycle starts ups all over again. 

Magi 348 Spoilers

Warning: As usual, please note that my level of Japanese is basic at most, and this is just a translation of text summaries available online, so I cannot guarantee that the following snippets are accurate. In other words, these can be just rumors or misinterpretations, and I might have left some parts out because I didn’t understand them. Feel free to share the link, but please DO NOT REPOST, and don’t forget to support the official releases!!

In which Alibaba explains his idea.

I know I’m alone in this, but to be sincere, I’m rather angry that these came out so early. The chapter is supposed to come out in a week.

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what are the rest of the deh crew doing if jared and reader are teachers in this au / hc

- Alana is a history teacher who everyone has a love/hate relationship with. Because she is an AMAZING teacher but gives out so much work it’s insane
- Zoe is the music teacher!!! She spends her lunch hours doing stuff with the glee club and the school band. She’s that teacher that everyone goes in and talks to when they are having a bad day. Everyone loves her.
- Evan is the Environmental Science teacher. He basically teaches everyone about trees and other things involving nature!! He loves it but everyone hates his class lol. He just rambles on about trees and doesn’t know when to stop.
- Connor is the art teacher that keeps a flask under his desk LMAO. He went to art school, failed at trying to make a living as an artist, so restored to teaching at high school. None of the other teachers like him but all the students do. They think his pessimism is “funny” and “relatable”.

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basically Puppet Master tweeted this 

which made everyone go crazy !! Someone else tweeted back at them with this

Chair Air because new Air was seen sitting a lot during the last two concerts.

Shortly after, Puppet Master tweeted THIS…. AND..

well… HE FUKCING @ HIM!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!

So then someone said that old Air basically did the same thing and only pretended to play which got PM understandably upset.

Old Air’s S O N is involved with Priest (his idea??), so obviously he’s going to be angry.

Then PM replied to someone who said that they missed the “old band” with this:

which made EVERYONE FLIP SHIT… bc it’s rumored that Alpha is actually PM!! That makes this rabbit hole super, super deep.. What did Papa do?? Is this a joke? WHATS HAPPENING???

Some people are theorizing that they’ve been hacked and others are saying it’s just a joke or part of the lore. We don’t really know anything, really!

Currently, I’m trying to screenshot everything they tweet (replies included) for my sweet #receipts folder. >:3c

Hope this?? Helps?????

Just thanks. LokixReader

Warning: NSFW

You had been reading in the common room for 20 minutes.  Everyone was gone except Loki and yourself.  It was a rare occurrence for anyone to be alone here.  Most missions involved everyone now a days.

You and Loki however were unneeded as it was a basic ground and pound mission.

Laying on the chase you started to get twitchy.  It had been months since anyone had touched you.  There were just some days you thought you would crawl out of your skin you were so horny. 

This was one of them.

You put down your book completely unable to focus. Closing your eyes your neck leaned back onto the pillows.  Your hands tangled in your hair. Lush curls spilling around your head.  The light enhancing the golden undertones of your chestnut mane.

A contended smile gracing your lips as your hands worked down to your neck.  Fingertips sliding while your nails grazed your sensitive skin. Peaking over you spotted the god. Your hand dipping into your top to tease your nipple into a hard bud.

While you and the god didn’t like each other there a certain amount of respect.  Mingled with a decent amount of sexual tension.

“Loki.” You said grabbing his attention.

“Hmm.” The only response as he turned a page.  After a verbal sparring match that left you both bereft.  You had an unspoken agreement to keep the sass to a minimum.

“Are you busy?” One hand now stroking your inner thigh.

“Not particularly. Why?” He had noticed your movement.  Watching you out of a mirror that was angled so he may watch you. You were other worldly for a midgaurdian.  The sexual chemistry between the two of you was enough for him to view you as fantasy.

Smirking you turned to face him.  Hand falling from your thigh only to dive into your panties.  Your finger teasing your clit as you felt your body slicken.

“Want to have sex?” Loki jerked momentarily startled by your surprising request.

Arching his eyebrow he turned to take in the full effect. One hand supporting your head.  Lips parted while your chest began to pant in time with your strokes.

His eye’s darkened to a stormy blue. Placing his book down while his hand stroked himself through his pants.

You were nearly irresistible, wantonly displaying your sexuality before him.  Slowly lifting his head into a nod.

That was all you needed to move yourself over to him.  Positioning yourself so as to straddle the Asgardian.  Your hand moving to untie his leather pants.

Eye’s locked while his hands slid up your skirt.  Hands cupping your ass as he pulled down your panties.

Both of you trying to remain in control of your breathing.  Both of you slowly losing that fight.

When his member was finally free standing completely erect you positioned yourself.

Grasping him enough to guide him in to your slick heat. Placing his cock at the bundle of nerves as you slid it down to your waiting heat. A gasp escaping you while your other hand grabbed his shoulder. His hands squeezing your ass in an attempt to fully impale you upon him.

The second his head popped between your lips you had to close your eyes. Biting your lip to keep the sounds in. You didn’t want to give Loki the satisfaction of knowing how good he felt.

Getting your breathe under control you began the achingly delicious slide down. Loki slowly filling you, him grinding his teeth.  He had never had sex with a midgaurdian before.  You were so tight he couldn’t help but begin to pant.  Using all of his will to stay his desire to cum right then.

When you were finally filled to the hilt completely taking him in. Grabbing each other in an attempt to rediscover your self-control.

Both of you giving a satisfied smirk at the success. The next moment you were moving your hips up and down in a steady rhythm.  Smiling with abandon at the friction it was creating.

“Fuck Loki.  Mmmmm yes oh fuck. Hnnnn” Your hand grabbing your breast as you bounced on his cock.

Loki pulling you forward to grind his hip bone into your clit.

All you could do was gasp a small laugh escaping. Leaning into his muscular body whispering indecencies into his ear.

Right before either of you could cum Loki flipped you onto your back. Your legs in the air while he grasped your thighs.  Pounding into you with more force.  Hitting the G spot behind your wall.  Your back arching as you came hard onto his dick.  Loki still sawing into you as your orgasm wracked your body.

“Fuck stop nnnn soo good.  Fuck me from behind.” You managed to mumble out.  Loki putting you onto all four’s.  Upon reinsertion Loki nearly lost it.  Forcing himself to stop, which gave you a moment to recover. 

Your skirt up above your ass his cock penetrating you was sight to behold for Loki.  One of the most powerful and intelligent creatures he had ever met was on her knees. Bouncing on his cock while you turned to look at him.

You gave him a smirk as you rolled your hips.  Loki grabbing your skirt to maneuver you better. A moment later he was cumming inside of you.  Causing you to shiver.  You loved this feeling. Which was why you were on birth control. Being immune to all diseases was just an added bonus.

Loki was hard by the time the thought was done.

“Again?” Loki smirked smacking your ass as he rotated his hips leaning forward to hit a new angle.

“Oooo good choice.” Rocking his hips into you slowly. 

“Faster Loki.  I don’t want to leave my chambers tomorrow.”

Loki kissed your back moving to a seated position he had seen called reversed cow girl.

“Hmm dammit.” You gasped surprised by the move.

“Thought you might like that pet. Now ride.” His dominant behavior riling you up and making you hot.

You rolled your hips while rubbing your clit.  When you didn’t go fast enough Loki pulled your hair. His fingers wrapped in your curls. Lifting his hips at an angle to get as deep as possible.

“Loki that was my cervix stop it.” He smirked hitting it once more to prove he could.  Then lowering himself back down. After you partook of a second orgasm. You layed next to each other.  Each relaxed and content in post orgasmic bliss.

“Thanks.” You said after a few moments of silence.  Each of you getting dressed.  Leaving to your room.  While the only evidence of the interaction the smell of sex in the air.

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hi colin! ive just started taking photography classes in school and the camera im using is a canon rebel g. (we use ilford hp5 plus 400 black&white film) whats the best way to utilize it to its full potential for a beginner?

Ooh, great question! Here are some (hopefully) helpful thoughts, with examples the ol’ photo blog.

1. If you’re doing street photography and see a dog, take a photo with the dog. It’s basically impossible to take a bad picture that involves a dog.

(Goggie = good. Everyone loves a dog photo. Everyone.) 

2. For just about any photo-related uncertainty, there’s almost always an online guide, video, or forum discussion on it. There’s an absurd amount of material available, and it makes it all very nicely figure-out-able.

3. Moments trumps technical details any day. As great as it is to work on having camera settings are precise as possible, they matter a fraction as much as what you shoot, especially while learning. 

(A dog, PLUS an unusual and engaging moment? Automatic intrigue!)

4. Experiment to a fault. It’s better to attempt a lot of unusual things you have no idea what they’ll do than to be simple and safe. Especially on film, don’t waste shots, but don’t live in fear of things not working out.

(Sometimes, when looking through the chair storage unit, you’ve gotta trust your gut and do somethin’ with those reflections)

5. Be deliberate. Go somewhere new, and really explore the space. Look at it like an extraterrestrial that’s never seen anything remotely like it. See where you could go to get an usual perspective, notice the way objects and shadows line up, figure out how you can twist them into new scenes.

(It’s a chance to present the world in a previously-unseen way… as they say, photography is a creative interpretation of reality)

6. Kneel down. It’s so simple, but little changes like getting low or holding the camera above you gives the world a radically-different feel.

(Especially crucial with shots involving kids)

7. When in doubt, just shoot something where a person is mid-stride. It always works.

(No matter what you’re shooting, if it’s in monochrome and a human is in the middle of a step, it’ll look super deliberate and cool.)

…oh yeah, and the same goes for mid-stride dogs, if you combine it with point #1.

Boom. Easy interesting photos. Nothin’ to it.

TL;DR, dogs are good, try to see the world in interesting ways, and don’t take things too seriously. Now, go shoot stuff!



Movie Night with Mumon in the Land of Stealth - Japan Cuts - NYC - 7/13/17

Director Nakamura was special guest and he has fans & supporters in the NY artsy film scene

Spotted some Ohno fans in the audience during Question & Answer time. Spotted fan girl with the Are You Happy Con bag.

Mumon is not a true period piece, like an off beat genre set in the Sengoku Era. No cool samurais or ninjas here, ordinary people trying to survive. Though the love for $$$ kind of reminds me of Nino….XD And director used a weird off Jazz music as the movie’s BGM which works.

Very funny but in off beat kind of way, people killing each other but accepted in quirky weird way. No doors & gates can keep Mumon out except his wife can lock him out of his own house.

The climatic scenes were heartbreaking, you really cannot watch or hear Ohno scream or cry. In the theater, the scream was primal. Someone who didn’t show true emotions before and just discovered heartache. Whole theater was silent and I think everyone held their breath.

Go see it if you can, you do laugh, cry, and lots of OMG, they just did that.

Questions to director: old lady fan asked why Ohno was chosen. Wasn’t sure if director was kidding, but he basically said that some of the battle scenes require a lot of $$$$ and Ohno being involved guarantees the $$$ will be there.

Memorable moments during shooting: it was really hot and when you have armies of men sweating, it stunk. He told everyone to bear with it until they move the shooting to Nagano where its cooler. Also the Ninjas in black were sweating so much, the salt from their sweat was crystallizing onto the clothing. Crew had to get sand to blast the white streaks of salt off.

Future project with Ohno? Tea ceremony?

Toho and TBS - if you are reading this, please put the cut fight scenes back into the DVD. Leader, Suzuki Ryohei & Iseya Yusuke’s fight scenes were terrific.

Listen. Pynch au based on that episode of friends where joey has to keep monica and chandler’s relationship a secret. But instead it’s noah who has to keep ronan and adam’s relationship a secret (he’s alive in this au btw). So like one day Gansey finds adam’s underwear under his bed but he doesn’t know it’s adam’s obviously so ronan and adam make noah pretend it’s his. And then one day noah finds an inappropriate pic of adam that he left for ronan at monmouth but just as noah’s staring at it in shock the rest of the gangsey walk in and everyone thinks he’s perving on adam and noah is # stressed so he makes them confess in front of everyone and it’s basically just extremely awkward and hilarious for everyone involved

Just friends, right? pt 3

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Warnings: Mild swearing

Word count: 1087

Summary: Bucky and the reader are madly in love but they are both unaware of the other’s feelings

A/N: I’d really enjoy some Steve x reader prompts if you guys have any ideas! I’ve been meaning to write some Steve but have yet to stumble upon any inspiration! My requests are cleared out so I would be able to get it out really quick. I’m thinking that there are going to be 1 or 2 more parts to this series! Leave some feedback if you’d like :)

Part1      Part2     Part4

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Your POV

Bucky had been avoiding you for two weeks now. He hadn’t allowed himself to be in the same room as you for more than 10 seconds before he thought of some bullshit excuse and bolted. You would be lying if you said you didn’t miss him like crazy.

A week ago you had a mild nightmare and went to see if Bucky was awake, only to find his door locked. He obviously expected to hear the worst from you, so he would rather just not hear anything at all. If only he knew that you had been pining after him for years.

You were being driven mad from being separated from not only your crush, but your best friend as well. Your texts and calls were never returned by him and he barely even looked at you. There had to be a way to make him hear what you had to say, and you were going to find out what that way was.

“Hey Steve, is Bucky around?” You questioned nonchalantly.

“I think he went out for a run with Sam, why?” Steve quirked an eyebrow at you. He knew that something had happened between the two of you but Bucky wouldn’t spill.

“I need your help” you stated and looked at him with pleading eyes.

“With what? I’ll do anything I can” Steve suddenly seemed concerned. This was obviously bothering you.

“Okay- I- well I’ve basically I’ve been in love with Bucky since well, forever and a few weeks ago he took me to the botanical gardens. We were sitting down and he told me that he loved me when he thought I was asleep but I wasn’t and I heard him. I was shocked just like any reasonable person would be. He ran off before I could say anything to him and now he’s been avoiding me like that plague. I need you to get him to talk to me. But please don’t tell him that I love him. I need to be the one to do that” you rushed out. The words came so fast that you were winded by the end of your speech. Steve’s face held surprise but also a shocking amount of happiness.

“So that’s what’s been going on? I knew something was up. Bucky has always been in love with you and of course I knew, but it wasn’t my place to tell anyone. And you love him back! You guys were practically made for each other. Everyone has always said that you guys would get together eventually. Speaking of, Tony owes me some money. He said that Bucky didn’t have the balls to tell you. I can’t wait to see the look on his face-” you cut him off.

“Wait so everyone knew except for me?” You were shocked

“Yeah basically, he was pretty obvious about it too. Always staring and talking about you when you weren’t around” Steve chuckled. Your heart warmed from Steve’s words.

“So will you help me?”

“Of course I will! Whatever you need, I’m on it” Steve smiled, clearly happy to be involved in uniting two people meant for each other. It was just a bonus that they were some of his best friends.

Just then Bucky stumbled into the kitchen and spotted you immediately. His body went stiff and he headed for the fridge. He grabbed a bottle of water and then muttered something about having to take a shower. Before you could blink, he was gone again.

“Did you see that? He’s been driving me mad!” You huffed to Steve.

“He’s been super irritable lately and now it all makes sense. Let me go talk to him. I’ll be right back, wait one sec” Steve said and then jogged down the hallway towards Bucky’s room. While waiting for him you popped a hot pocket in the microwave. Hot pockets always helped to ease your stress.

Bucky’s POV

I couldn’t help looking at her. I tried to but she just draws my attention every time I’m in a room with her. After dragging my eyes away from her I did what I had been doing for the past few weeks. I ran.

My hands were in my hair as I paced back and forth in my bedroom. All I wanted to do was talk to her, but how could I? I should never had said anything. Being in her presence should’ve been enough for me, but I had to go and ruin everything by running my mouth while I thought she was asleep. I heard my door open and twisted my head to see who it was. Steve.

“Bucky, Y/N told me what happened” my blood ran cold and I started to stutter.

“What do you mean? Nothing happened” I stammered.

“Come on Bucky. You should really talk to her. You can’t run from her forever.” I could sure as hell try “The both of you live on the same floor for god’s sake” Steve stated firmly. He was giving me his disappointed dad face. I hated that face.

“It’s not that simple. I can’t just talk to her, and even if I did, what would I say?”

“Well, for one, you could tell her that you love her when you know she’ll be listening, and after that you could take her dancing or something. You know how much she loves when you show her how to dance like we used to” Steve smirked obviously proud of his smart ass response. My hands flew back to my hair and I sunk down onto my bed.

“Steve, I can’t just tell her that I love her-”

“It’s not like she doesn’t already know, Buck. Trust me on this one. You know you need to talk to her” Steve began to plead with me.

“Dammit Steve you’re right. Of course I need to talk to her, it’s not like I could live without her. It’s just I- well- I can’t. I can’t do it”

“It’s okay Buck, I’m not gonna make you. I’ll leave you alone for now, but hows about you meet me in the gym to train at 8:00? It’ll help you blow off some steam” Steve said and placed a hand on my shoulder before shooting me one last smile and leaving the room.

Your POV

Just as you were about to bite down on your hot pocket Steve jogged back into the kitchen. You looked up at him and his face held a proud smirk.

“I’ve got everything covered. Just be down in the gym at 8:00”



Deep Space Nine RECAP: 5x06

I mean obviously.

Season 5, Episode 6: ‘Trials and Tribble-ations’

A coupla suits arrive in Ops, announcing they’re from the DEPARTMENT OF TEMPORAL INVESTIGATIONS, good god yes.

Dax grins. “I guess you boys from Temporal Investigations are…always on time.”

Kira laughs, the space bureaucrats do not, and I am flipping my shit because no one told me that Deep Space Nine’s love letter to The Original Series was also their tonally perfect homage to the X-Files comedy episodes?? BUT IT SO IS. [Update: SO VERY IS]

Kira shows the suits in to Sisko’s office, where Ben, eager to share Deep Space 9’s bounty of space bevs, the glue that holds this society together, asks, “Are you sure you don’t want anything?”

“Just the truth, Captain,” Suit One responds.


Ok here’s some elements essential to the BRILLIANCE of the meta-tastic comedic episodes of The X-Files, which would have been in its own fifth season at this point, and clearly known and loved by the Star Trek: DS9 writers:

- suits, whose demand for explanations provides narrative framework and ballast — check, just brought those in by turbolift
- outlandish supernatural plot devices — born ready
- diegetic jokes — Jadzia Dax has us covered, now and always
- genre jokes, always with the ~feel~ of puns even when they’re not, delivered straight BUT
- with this pervading sense that everyone involved, actors fully but on some level even characters too, are playing it Extra Straight as their way of having as much fun with it as possible
- basically, everyone holds their stares for one hilarious beat too long to leave space for the imaginary *wink*

It is HEAPS OF FUN because the sense of everyone being in on the joke includes us, the audience, and so we love these episodes for their sense of community and affection as much as we do for their creativity and cleverness in taking a break from form to comment on the form. These kinds of episodes are the best and bounciest and all silliness in the service of sincerity and I’M SO HAPPY and we’re only just starting, ahh, AAHH.

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The first year of Shizumo Week is here! This week is for the ship of Shima Renzou and Kamiki Izumo and the fans who support the ship! Please join the ship week and spread the love for our favorite pink-head and tsundere!

This event is taking place April 1-April 7.

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Day 7: Family

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I hope everyone will have fun participating in this year’s Shizumo Week!

Theory: What if Rika Had a Wish? And Met the Wizard?


WARNING: This theory SPOILS the secret endings of both of these games. Please do not read if you have no idea what happens in them. 

It’s easy to know exactly what kind of wish Rika would desire: a wish where everyone will be able to live in peace without any hurt and pain. 

From what we learn in the secret endings, we learn that Rika was the one to found Mint Eye in the first place. The reason? To create an organisation whose aim is to spread happiness among all it’s members and to invite others to join them in this everlasting party. 

Now… we know for certain that Rika was crazy enough to the point where she would even drug innocent people *cough* Saeran *cough* in order to forcefully follow her ideals of a perfect world. 

As much as Rika damaged the majority of the RFA members, in my personal opinion, many people in the fandom still don’t understand the fact that she’s a victim of mental sickness. I mean, the poor woman even knew herself she was ill and tried to warn V. 

Take a look at this screenshot:

This statement is alarming. By a lot. Like, a lot. 

Rika is a Catholic, and judging her saying, this shows she has completely lost hope in even her own Savior. Her own God. Now what if…

She met the Wizard before these chain of events happened?  

I’ll retell the theory in a simpler way, so imagine this scenario is set before she meets V:

  • Rika hopes for a world full of peace and no harm
  • She gets absorbed into this hope, and eventually this hope in turn, becomes a desperate wish. 
  • This wish whisks her away to the Wizard.
  • Introductions are made. And the Wizard finally asks Rika her wish.
  • However, instead of fulfilling Rika’s desire, he refuses to grant it
  • Why? 

Well, think about it. There are two reasons for this:

1) It would perhaps take up a large supply of energy to grant this wish. As much as it may cost ALL of Rika’s memories, it still wouldn’t be enough due to the fact that her wish applies to EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING ON EARTH (maybe even including the cats and rabbits from the Grimm Continent as well as the dolls with living souls in them). 

  • Basically, this means she could lose all of her memories of everyone around her (like loved ones) since her wish is related to them (because she has the need for everyone to live in peace). But it still wouldn’t be enough.   
  • This wish is very big and Rika’s memories alone wouldn’t be able to sustain the amount of energy the Wizard would need in order to carry out this wish. 

2) Remember that if the Wizard were to be involved in Mysme, and he still had his powers, MysMe would be set either BEFORE or DURING the competition of Dandelion (since the Wizard loses his powers in the end). 

  • Granting this wish could mean losing all the progress he made into hosting the animals’ competition. His goal is to make Heejung suffer through the confusion of why her lover is gone. Thus, finally gaining a wish that will lead her to him. 
  • The keyword is there: “Suffer”
  • Meaning, if the Wizard were to grant Rika’s wish, he would lose the chance to meet Heejung face-to-face since she wouldn’t be suffering and making a wish due to the help of Rika’s own wish.

So he rejects the idea, and sends her back to her world without taking away her memories of their meeting. 

  • This would leave Rika agitated, and wondering why her wish has been ignored by the Wizard, the being himself who claims his job is to grant any desperate wish, and even having the power to raise the dead.
  • This leads her to being diagnosed with mental illness, and thinking that no one will be able to understand her. Somewhere along the way, she meets V for the first time. 
  • She plans forming Mint Eye with the idea of thinking that she is able to carry out peace through the method of drugging people .-. However, V is unaware of this. 
  • V finally finds out about her illness. And she says, “Even God can’t save me”, showing that she’s still sane enough to know she is mentally crazy and ill. 
  • And this is where her line is assuming that no one, absolutely no one, can help her now that the Wizard has rejected her wish
  • And this all happens due to the Wizard refusing to grant her wish.  

I will be splitting this theory into two parts, so the next part will be explaining the timelines of Dandelion and Mystic Messenger and how they line up in relation to Rika’s story. 

NOTE: Please know it is very important to let me know if there are any flaws in my post. If there are any, please don’t be afraid to inform me :) If anyone has any theories or thoughts around this theory, any of the Cheritz games or pretty much anything else, please feel free to share them to me ^.^ 

A Thing That Should Happen

//So, I was thinking - quite fondly - back on the phenomena that was the SOLDIER Olympics. If this doesn’t ring a bell (it was almost a year ago, you might not have been around then/following the people involved) here’s some links:

  • full tag as Lazard and I experienced it, chronologically
  • Summaries one and two

But a quick tl;dr for those not interested in reading all the shenanigans…. basically @firxga started an event, not really seriously but it caught on like wildfire. And all of a sudden there’s multiple roleplayers jumping into threads so you have multi-person threads and some of the most delightful chaos I’ve ever seen. Shyness went out the window. Everyone was interacting with everyone and it was glorious.

And the side effect was people who might not normally interact suddenly were. I think there were probably a lot of new interactions that led to later threading and even friendships (that was when I first really started interacting with @firxga and @engineershands, for example) and it was just… so much fun.

I want that again. I want to see everyone just interacting without all the (natural, admittedly) shyness or worry about what is or isn’t “good enough” performance anxiety that “formal” threads often bring on. These were short, rapid replies with literally no goal other than to have fun, which really is what roleplay should be about at its heart.

But I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know how to bring that spark back again. So I’m reaching out to see what everyone thinks about it. I know I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed it, and I think the community as a whole would definitely benefit.

My thought, tentatively, was that we could have a situation set up with the understanding that anyone could pop in anywhere. Multiple open starters for the same situation, so things are overlapping with the sense that all these threads are simultaneous and loosely related.

The first thought that’s been knocking around in my head was possibly some sort of costume party/masquerade, because that would be easy to cross departments and even universes in - so long as you could think of an excuse (even a flimsy one) to handwave your muse into that time period, you’d be good. I want it as inclusive as possible, and hopefully something that might last longer than a couple days because then no one has to worry about missing things because of work/timezones/what have you.

Any thoughts? People interested? Better ideas? I literally want to hear everyone’s opinion on this, don’t think because we haven’t talked I don’t. So either comment on here or reblog whatever you’d like. I’ll be in and out today, but keeping an eye on this as much as I can.

anonymous asked:

Hi Rachel what are the differences and similarities between Scott and Stiles?

I think the main difference between Scott and Stiles is that Scott embodies selflessness and Stiles embodies selfishness.

Now lemme explain.

Scott is always willing to put himself on the line, push himself to the edge, and go above and beyond for other people. He’s trusting and he’s willing to give people second chances. His heart is open. 

Stiles is always suspicious and wary of others. There are a couple times where he would rather someone he doesn’t care about get hurt than extend a helping hand. It’s played as a joke but he’s also said “nah just kill ‘em” a few times.

But something that Scott and Stiles have in common is their fierce protectiveness of each other and the other people they care about. Scott was mostly ambivalent towards Lydia initially (maybe somewhat cool because she wasn’t giving Stiles a chance and tbh Lydia was a bitch in s1 sometimes) but when Lydia was missing Scott wholeheartedly promised Stiles that he’d find her. He promised to protect her from Derek’s pack when they thought she was the kanima.  Scott defended an entire library’s worth of students from La Bete and basically exposed the supernatural in order to protect them. He wanted to keep the chimeras all alive so that they could help them.  Scott cares about everyone, but he cares about his friends and his pack and his family so much.

And Stiles is the same way (ok minus the everyone part obviously). There are a few times where Stiles would rather remain in danger (when Gerard has him, when he’s lost in the woods in s3) than risk his father coming out and getting hurt or involved. He steps into a pile of gasoline while his best friend is holding a light flare because he won’t let Scott kill himself, even though stepping closer to Scott is putting himself in grave danger. Lydia warns him multiple times to get out of Eichen House in s5 because she can feel herself building up to her death scream and if Stiles stays, he’ll be in the blast zone. But Stiles fights his way back to her side multiple times and stays close despite her scream almost killing him a few times (while they were running out, in the jeep, he dove on top of her to protect her from the falling glass at Deaton’s…)

Their motivations are completely different in this (Scott sees everyone as deserving of protection and Stiles makes rare exceptions for people outside of his close circle). But they’ll walk through fire (literally) when it comes to protecting others.