basically everyone is invited

in the heights au: everything is the same except sonny is actually invited to ninas dinner

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im starting uni soon too (T▽T) im really bad at interacting and getting to know people in general so at my orientation camp i didnt talk to anyone and was by myself the whole time ally do you have any tips for approaching people easily

hmmm….i’m quite a sociable/noisy person irl but i used to be really introverted and awkward too, and what really helped me break out of it was just, the simple belief that everyone is just like me? everyone at orientation camp is confused, new, probably scared and excited! everyone appreciates a new, friendly face, confessing that they’re just as confused and tired as i am! (i practically made friends with everyone in my group over mutual complaining lmfao)

another thinking that helped is repeatedly telling yourself that you’re not someone in the spotlight. you’re just a new random person in someone else’s eyes and have the power to shape a brand new image of yourself right then and there. and how would you like a new friend to approach you? using a very casual approach worked all the time for me at camp!

seeing everyone as potential future friends and thinking up of simple questions like “hey, yknow what the facilitator is saying? didn’t catch it..” (even if you DID hear it) could be the very first step towards making new wonderful ties!

You're No Peter Parker! || Peter Parker x Reader

{summary: you unintentionally get super drunk at a party, forcing your friendly neighborhood spider-man to come to your rescue as he escorts you home.}

tonight’s been a stressful night for me, so i need some peter parker fluff. i promise i’ll work on requests as soon as i’m better…my anxiety has been through the roof and today was a particularly bad day….

but i’ll get better, i promise. so here, how about me and you indulge in some peter fluff?

**please if you have any respect for the writer at all, do not repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine.**

warnings: drunk kisses, tbh


You had no idea what crazy part of your brain thought that attending a party was a good idea. You weren’t the particularly social type, and the fact that you were surrounded by girls making out with several guys from the next door fraternity house made this all the more unbearable for you.

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dating baejin scenarios please??

Originally posted by winkdeep

shoutout to carina ( @imagineproduce101 ) for helping me w this u the real mvp bless u — aka please go follow her, thank u!! she also writes pd101 scenarios and they are really good!!

and also, combing boyfriend!baejin w this too!! 

- a cutie who loves to show a lot of affection!!

- constant hugs 

- especially back hugs

- once u tackled him into a back hug and jinyoung just,,,stopped functioning 

- ‘’are u ok???’’

- ‘’…’’

- ‘’ jinyoung?” 

- ‘’…you’re so cute stopmfeimflsndfndsl’’ 

- cue him covering his face in order to avoid eye contact w u lol 

- ok cuties anyways

- sometimes talks to u about the weirdest things that don’t even make sense LMFAO 

- but even if it doesn’t make sense, u enjoy listening to him anyways 

- bc he looks so cute and u don’t mind listening to him bc his voice is soothing too bless 

- matching phone charms!! 

- also giving u random gifts even if u tell him not too 

- ‘’i thought of you when i saw this so i had to buy it!” 

- buys u cute plushies and charms and probably little trinkets that are cute 

- likes crafting things so diy projects lmao 

- arcade dates 

- u two like to have a competition on who can win the most tickets

- but in the end, the two of u combine tickets to get random stuff at the ticket store whatever idk 

- also,,,

- did i hear karaoke dates??? 

- invites basically everyone LMAO 

- but when does happen, he clings onto jihoon more than u :(( 

- aka u pouting every time u see them together 

- eventually at the end, he would reassure u that it meant nothing and cuddles for the rest of the night!! 

- dating bae jinyoung would include:

-cuddling every time the two of u just want to relax

-  fingers running through each others hair bc u both like people playing with ur hair and it relaxes the two of you

- tons of aegyo that u have video recording of lMAO

-  cue baejin cringing right after doing aegyo bc he found it so embarrassing but u found it sO CUTE

- ‘’please do gwiyomi !!” 

- ‘’ no!” 

- ‘’please!!!’’ 

- ‘’…okay’’ 

- because he never could say no to u and seeing u fawn over him was worth it

-  cheesy jokes and pick up lines, 

- ‘’do you know what my shirt is made out of? boyfriend material.’’, 

- ‘’…’’ , 

- cue embarrassed jinyoung and u just laughing LMFAO 

- omg he does the dad jokes LOLOL

- ‘’jinyoung, im hungry’’ 

- ‘’hi hungry, im dad’’ 

- ‘’…’’

- ‘’HAHAHAHA- please stop hitting me,,,,’’ 

- ok anyways 

- going out on late night runs to get food

- basically buying out the whole store once the two of u go out at 4 am 

- ‘’should we make grilled cheese or brownies??” 

- ‘’why not both?? wb getting tomato soup and ice cream w the brownie?” 

- ‘’,,,u rite lets get both’’ 

- but its ok bc once u get home, u two make sm food to last the whole week 

- so u invite over the pd101 trainees to help u finish the food 

- but they just eat all of it, including food that u didnt make bc they r poor hungry boys pls feed them :((

- aka u guys going out on 4am runs again bc ur so hungry 

- and the store owner is just like ‘’u guys again???” 

- lol save ur guys

- and support baejin pls my fav 

Acotar: Halloween

Modern AU

-Halloween is Azriel’s favorite holiday and he goes all out. Lights and decorations outside? Check. Everybody has a costume? Yup.
-Cassian isn’t that in to Halloween but will celebrate for his friends.
-Everyone is wearing superhero costumes. Except Cassian.
-Feyre is Wonder Woman, Amren is Catwoman, and Mor is wearing a Hawkgirl costume.
-Azriel goes as Batman, Cassian is a police officer, and Rhysand is superman.
-Everyone is mad because Cassian is a police officer so he basically put no effort into his costume.
-Az throws a huge party and invites basically everyone in their town. Including Feyre’s sisters.
-Elain is batgirl and Nesta is Black Widow. When Elain first walks through the door Rhys says that she’s his new sidekick and they chill together at the party.
-The party is so much fun for everyone. There’s a bunch of attractive people, a dance floor, a looottttt of snacks, and streamers. So many streamers.
-Feyre is to busy talking to Amren and Mor that she almost didn’t notice Nesta and Cassian talking in the corner. Almost.
-She immediately starts shipping them and spends the rest of the night trying to get Cassian to ask Nesta out.
-Amren and Mor are then talking to each other when they see two really hot strangers. One is a man dressed as Poseidon and the other is a girl dressed as Scarlet Witch.
-They both work up courage to talk to them separately and then disappear for the rest of the night.
-While chilling with Rhys, Elain gets introduced to his old college friend Lucien. They hit it off and are going out for coffee next week.
-At the end of the night everyone goes home and for the rest of the night everyone talks about how awesome Az’s party was.

Back to You

Super belated prompt request I received forever and a year ago. Inspiration came and went, but here it is. Finally!

“Caroline, come on!”

She hears them calling her name but in that moment, she’s too entranced by the dancer on the television to look away. Her eyes eagerly take in the lithe and graceful movements of the young woman as she spins around, her beautiful skirt flowing around her in a way she aims to imitate whenever she’s at her own dance class when she envisions herself older and up on that stage looking as beautiful and graceful as the dancer on the screen.

She hears a bike break behind her but she doesn’t turn. It’s probably one of her friends getting impatient.

“That’s going to be me one day,” the blonde bubbly six year-old breathes out excitedly when the dancer bows after finishing her number.

The response that follows her comment has her snapping her head around in surprise and she’s met by dimples and blue eyes that echo his words.

“Again from the top. Caroline, you need to watch your timing. You almost came in late there. Pay more attention, hm?”

She apologizes with a sheepish smile and absentmindedly pushes back some of the hair that had come undone from her bun as she went to resume her place.

“You okay?” she hears her partner ask quietly as he moves to take his place too.

She turns to find him regarding her almost curiously.

“Yeah,” she smiles. “I’m fine.”

She can tell he doesn’t quite believe her but thankfully they get started again, putting an end to that conversation as soon he’s moving along with the other dancers while she stands back and waits for her cue.

As she stands there, watching the other dancers moving so beautifully and gracefully, it’s hard for her not to be reminded of the dancer on the screen and his words from that day that had somehow remained with her throughout the years.

“That’s going to be me one day.”

“I know.”

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Hey Google? My Boyfriend Is Sick?

Anon: if you still remember the post w the kinda angsty sentence request thing, can you do: “have you been eating enough?” “Why aren’t you eating?” “Did you just throw up?” With richjake maybe??? I’m feeling pretty down and self-indulgence would be great


Jake pushed the door to his motel open with his hip, his hands full of groceries. He smiled to himself and the junk food and sodas he has just bought, he was gonna throw a kickass party at Jenna’s house and basically everyone was invited. It’d been a while since his legs were good enough that he could walk without crutches, and he needed a good party before the pain came back.

He walked into the small one bed room and placed the bags down with a clink. He stood up tall, starting to crack his knuckles, neck, and back as he called out “rich? Bro you still here?”

“Yeah.” The voice was small, and not as excited as usual.

He frowned, Rich had seemed a little out of it this morning but he figured that was because he slept in so late. He looked at the clock, it was three in the afternoon, Rich should have his energy back by now. Jake bent down and started to put the sodas into the mini fridge when he noticed Chinese take out was still there, not even opened. That’s weird, didn’t Rich say he was going to eat that today?

“Whaddya doing, bro?” He listened closely, piling up sodas, trying to leave space for their own food.

“Nothing really.” God he sounded really tired.

“You feeling ok?”


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“Just friends” *WARNING: SMUT

Request from anon: Could you do a Sammy visual or regular smut where y/n is Nate’s little sister and all the guys come over for their traditional movie night, but y/n and Sammy have always flirted and so they cuddle during the movie and Sam starts to tease y/n when almost all the guys are asleep and he fingers her? LOL uh, 


“What’s up sport?” Nate walked in the house, rubbing my head, messing up my hair. “Ugh, hi,” I said annoyed because he knows I hate when he does that to me. Just then the guys started walking through the door too. As a routine, as each walked by living room table, I would hand off to them their favorite snacks and drinks. This wasn’t my first rodeo for these kind of nights with these boys. Every other Saturday was movie night at the Maloley house hold here in LA. Everyone was invited, even the couples. It was basically our only tradition as a whole family. We may all be doing our own things, but in the end, we will always come back to each other where we began. I love doing it. I love hearing the stories, hearing the laughs, trash talk, and “OH!” I squealed out, snapped out of my thoughts to my ass getting slapped. 

I turned to my left and smirked, “Missed me much?” I said, looking at Sam. Sam and I have an on and off flirtatious relationship. There are times where we’ll be really flirty and there are times where we are just friends. Those ‘we are just friends’ moments are when Stass, Jordyn, and or Kylie are around. Sam turns into a whole different person when he’s around those 3. I don’t know why but I really don’t question it. For the past couple movie nights, he would bring one or all of them. It’s not that we didn’t mind, we did sometimes, but we just didn’t want to piss him off that he wasn’t allowed to bring people he wanted. Nate and I love them, don’t get us wrong, but sometimes, it would be nice if it was just the crew. But the crew has been adding numbers to the crew so we don’t question it. 

“What’s on the menu for tonight?” He looks down at me with hungry eyes. He plants his hand on my ass cheek and squeezes it. I just bit the bottom of my lip, “Me.” I winked, and walked away to the living room where the guys were. I sat down on my usual spot and Sam walked in front of Johnson, “Move.” “What? This is my spot. This has always been my spot.” “Tonight, your spot is next to Hayes. Come on man.” I watched them argue back and forth. “Give me your gummy bears and it’s a deal.” Johnson said and Sam threw him his bag of gummies. Johnson smiled and got up to switch spots. Sam quickly sat down next to me on the two person couch and looked at me, and I looked back at him. “Oh no.” Nate said, getting up and sitting between us. “Nuh uh.” He crosses his arms, looking back and forth to Sam and I. Nate knew Sam and I were flirty with each other but it never went that far. He always prevented us from sitting next to each other or walking with each other or any of that. 

I just laughed at his childish big brother ways, “Oh Nathan. Nothing is going on between us. Swear.” I threw my hand up. “Then why did he switch seats with Jack?” He looked at me. “I was tired of the side view of the tv. I wanted front row seat this time.” Sam said behind Nate but he didn’t turn his face, still looking at me. I stared back at Nate, “We are just friends. Can you relax?” I put my arm around his neck and leaned my head on his shoulder. “I love you big brother.” I said sweetly. “Fine. Just friends?” He looks at me again. “Just friends.” He gets up from between Sam and I, slaps Sam on the side of his head, and goes back to his regular seat. Sam and I look at each other and burst out laughing. 

Whoever was the last game night champ got to pick the movies. Harry Potter SERIES. We started the first movie, and everyone was focused on the tv. My legs were wrapped under my blanket that I always use, sitting criss cross on the couch. The couch is so small for a 2 people couch, that my left bent knee extended onto Sam’s lap. But he didn’t mind. I didn’t notice that during the movie, he placed his hand over my thigh and just left it there. It didn’t bother me, he likes to do that a lot, so I am used to it. 

As the night went on, everyone got more comfortable in their seat, to the point where they started falling asleep. At the beginning of the second movie, I saw that everyone was sleeping, light snoring, heavy breathing, slow breaths, eyes closed, no response to my calls. Then I looked to my left and saw Sam wide awake. “So,” he says. I quickly glance at Nate and saw he was sound asleep. I made myself comfortable and cuddled up on Sammy’s side. We started whispering to each other, not wanting to wake anyone up. We were talking about things like his music and my work and helping out with Nate and his stuff. Talking to him made me remember some videos I came across on twitter the other day. 

“So,” I chuckled a little, “I heard you liked being called daddy.” He just threw his head back and quietly laughed to himself. “You saw the video?” “I did. I didn’t know you had a daddy kink.” “I don’t know what started it but a girl moaning daddy to me is the sexiest thing to my ears.” He whispers as his hands grip onto my thighs. “Oh really?” I placed my hands on his shoulder and leaned my chin on my hands as my face was facing the side of his head. “What if I said it?” I said seductively in his ear. I feel him squirm a little in his seat, “Nah, you’re my best friend’s sister.” He says calmly. I bit the bottom of my lip, smiling without him seeing me. I slowly moved my hand on his inner thigh and gently slid it up and down. I watch as he sits up straighter in his seat, and his eyes glued to the TV. I smirk, and started breathing softly in his ear as a tease. “Mmm,” I heard him groan in his mouth. “Quiet, daddy,” My hand slowly gliding up higher to his area, “You don’t want to wake everyone up, do you?” 

He groans again, his teeth gritted together. He quickly grabs my wrist with his free hand, and looks at me whispering, “Don’t start what you can’t finish baby girl.” His eyes were full of lust. “Fine.” I pulled my wrist from his grip and faced toward the TV. Sam threw the rest of my blanket over his legs. His hand slowly made its way under the blanket and lied on top of my inner left thigh. I tried to ignore it as he was trying to get me back. He slowly moved his hand closer and closer to my area. His gentle little glide sent shivers all over my body. He stopped once he reached my clothed pussy. I turn to look at him as his eyes were still glued to the TV. I felt his middle finger go up and down on my clothed slit making me wetter. “Do it.” I whispered to him. To my surprise he actually did it. 

His hand made its way up to my lower stomach and down my shorts and panties. My shorts and panties were tight around my figure so it felt like his hand was suffocated. I helped him out and moved my position where I sat in a normal position, legs hanging off the couch and my feet flat on the floor. I slipped my shorts and panties down to my ankles and opened my legs a little. He grins, “Easier access, I like it.” He whispers and continues his movements. His middle finger went up and down my wet slit, teasing me. My eyes roll back as his touch gave me chills. He leans closer to me, his head lying on my shoulder, looking at me. His finger still teasing me, “Fuuuck.” I murmured right in his left ear. I feel him laugh a little as 2 fingers go in fully. I started breathing harder as his pace went as fast as he could, without the sound of my wetness overpowering the movie. He started leaving kisses on my lips as I was too distracted at the pleasure he’s giving me. I started whining with my mouth closed, looking at him with pleading eyes. “Mmmmm, shiiiiiii,” I whispered., breathing heavily. “Please daddy,” I pleaded. He started fingering me faster but the sound of my juices got louder, 

I held tight on his wrist to prevent him from going faster because of the sound. Although it is music and sexy to both of our ears, not with 14 other people around. “God you’re so fucking wet.” He clenched his teeth next to my ear as I felt the need to return the favor. I kept my eyes wandering from person to person just in case they woke up. I stuck my hand in his pants and started jacking him off, pleasuring each other. 

Once I started jerking him in a faster pace, I felt him groan, “Ungh, Babygirl,” and he bit my collarbone. I guess he was so turned on by everything that it didn’t take him long to cum in his pants. Me on the other hand, he was going to slow that I have yet to cum. As I slowly took my hand out of his pants, Nate started moving and we froze our bodies. I turn to look at him as Nate’s eyes were still closed, his arms still crossed, and his head slouched on his shoulder. We waited a 2 minutes to make sure he was fully sleeping. As I gave Sam a coast clear, he started rubbing my clit. 

He slowly fastened his motion and started leaving kisses on my neck. I felt myself starting feeling on edge. He knew I was close too as he sped up on my clit, making me want to moan but can’t. “I’m going to come,” I started panting. “Daddy, I’m gonna cum.” We look at each other straight in the eyes, as he passionately kisses my lips. My body starts to shatter as I cum all over his fingers and moan in his mouth. His fingers start slowing down to a stop and removes his hand from my clit, making me shriek at how sensitive I felt. We release from our kiss, as his eyes were lazily looking from my mouth to my eyes. 

I turn to look to see if anyone woke up but no one did, and quietly stood up and quickly pulled up my shorts, tip toeing upstairs to the bathroom to clean myself up. I looked at myself in the mirror after i was done, “What just happened.” I took in a deep breath and walked to my room, sitting on my bed, back towards my door. Out of nowhere, I jump at the touch of someone, and Sam makes his way around, and sits in front of me. “Just friends?” He asks. “Just friends.” I reply back. He looks into my eyes, as our heads lean forward and kiss again. I pull away, confused. “Just friends?” 

“Friends who like to do this,” He leans in closer to me and leaves trails of kisses from my cheek to my collar bone. “Just friends.” I whispered to myself. Nathan can never find out about this, I think to myself. 

Note: I will not make make another part to this of “nate finds out.” or “they get together.” Just letting you know if you request it, it will not be done. 

Life is fragile but still beautiful Part XII

Part I   Part II   Part III   Part IV   Part V   Part VI   Part VII   Part VIII    Part IX   Part X   Part XI

A week later

“Are you ready?” Charlotte came into the room cheerfully.

“Yup.” Amelia sighed heavily.

“Hey,” Charlotte kneeled in front of Amelia, who was sitting in a wheelchair, “what’s wrong?”

“They’ll all looked at me and whisper and…”

“Amelia, stop! They won’t because I’ll kill them with my glance before they can even think anything about you.” Charlotte squeezed Amelia’s knee.

“Thank you, Charlotte.” Amelia smiled warmly.

“Always for you.” Charlotte stood up and put a comforting hand on Amelia’s right cheek. “We should go.” Charlotte walked behind Amelia to wheel her outside of the room.


Charlotte had kept her promise. There was no one in the halls. Amelia was very thankful for that.

“Hey. You look amazing.” Addison came running when she saw the hospital doors slide open.

“Thanks. I guess.” Amelia looked serious but couldn’t hold her laugh back. “Sorry, I just had to.”

“I know.” Addison smiled and took over from Charlotte. Addison leaned over to Amelia’s ear. “Owen is the best guy there is.”

Amelia smiled like a teenaged girl. This time not a fake one.

They got closer to the car where Owen and Jake were waiting for her. Owen was the first one to greet her outside of the hospital and kissed her quickly on her lips.

“Can we please go?” Amelia pleaded.

“We actually should. Violet is waiting for you.” Charlotte said.

“Aghh. No, Charlotte. Not today. Please.” Amelia tried her best to get out of the shrink talk.

“Amelia. You have no power over this.” Addison said.

“Fine.” Amelia was definitely not okay with that.


Everyone were quiet during the car ride. Amelia sat behind Addison, who was on the driver’s side, and Owen in the middle because he knew Amelia likes to look out of the window when she needed some time.


When the elevator doors opened Owen pushed Amelia to the practice. She stopped the wheels with her hands.

“What’s wrong?” Owen asked.

Amelia was quiet and Addison, Jake and Charlotte knew it’s their time to leave.

“We’re in the kitchen if you need anything. Violet is waiting for you in her office.” Charlotte said and smiled warmly.

“Thank you.” Amelia smiled a little. When she was alone with Owen she said, “I want to do it alone.”

“What?” Owen was shocked.

“I don’t want you to push me around here. I want to do it on my own.”

“Ohh, okay. I’ll be in the kitchen then.”

“Thank you.” Amelia said and Owen got in front of her. He looked into her eyes and said. “You’ve got this.” Owen kissed her passionately with all the love he has.

Amelia didn’t want to break the kiss because that meant she had to go meet with Violet.

But Owen did and said, their foreheads still together. “You should go.”

“Yeah.” Amelia sighed and felt Owen’s lips on hers again.

“See you soon. I’ll be here waiting for you if you need me. Take your time.” Owen said and squeezed Amelia’s shoulder before he walked towards the kitchen.

Amelia stared Owen’s back till he stepped in the kitchen.


Amelia sighed again and started to push herself slowly towards Violet’s office. She could see Violet sitting there with her notepad.

“Great.” Amelia thought.

She tried to open the door but opening it while you’re sitting was way harder than she thought.

Violet heard Amelia trying to open the door. She stood up to help her inside but Amelia raised her hand to let her know she doesn’t need any.

Violet was familiar how Amelia responds in situations and knew the best she could do was let her do it on her own way.

After 10 minutes of trying Amelia said angrily. “Fuck this chair!”


It was loud enough for everyone to hear. Owen wanted to go help her but Charlotte stopped her. “She’ll get through this.”


Another 5 minutes passed till she got the door open and pushed her quickly between the door, so it wouldn’t close again, like it did the other hundreds of times she had tried.

“Those doors were never that heavy when I was here few weeks ago.” Amelia pushed herself in front of the couch where Violet was sitting.

“They are still the same, Amelia. Just your condition has changed.”

Amelia said nothing.

“We actually should’ve met earlier about other stuff. So you choose which one you want to start with.”

“I don’t know. I’d better just leave. I don’t need the shrink talk.”

“You do need one, Amelia. Just admit it. If not to me or to Owen, admit it to yourself, in your mind. How you reacted when that little boy died or even what happened few minutes ago are talking for themselves. You need help. You’re not dealing with your demons and that will kill you. Slowly and painfully.”

“Just ask me those questions, so I could leave.”

“No, I won’t let you just answer my questions today.” Violet stood up and walked to her table. She came back with a white sheet of paper and pencils.

“I’m not interested of playing some little kids games.” Amelia said.

“Just take these. I’ll say a word and you draw whatever and use whatever colors what describes your feelings about it. Okay?” Violet held the paper out for Amelia.

“Fine.” She answered and took the paper from her.

“You can think about your personal view of these words or you can take them just as simple words.”

“Yeah, I get it.”

“The first word is woods.”

Amelia drew a hike trail which reminded her the times she went for long runs. She also drew Owen’s trailer and the view from the dream house porch to that old tree what was cut down after Derek died.

“Let me know when you’re done.” Violet said softly.

Amelia took few more minutes to use some colors too.

“I’m done.” Amelia said.

“Good.” Violet smiled. “Now write words around your drawings which come in your head first.”

Around the hike trail she used green to wrote words like running, free, alone, quiet, no obligations, calm. With Owen’s trailer she changed the color to red and remembered the kiss, love, no nightmares, Owen, sparkling water, no game, safe. And the dream house the first thing she wrote with blue was Derek. Happy, the porch, the kids, stars but suddenly she took the black pencil and wrote ALONE, nightmares, no one, oxy. Amelia also wrote Mer, Owen, the dream house, Derek.

“Are you done?” Violet asked after Amelia hadn’t written anything in the last few minutes.


“Next I want you to turn the paper over. Write words to describe these couple of days before and after you came to LA few weeks ago.” She saw Amelia still not moving. “Take your time, there’s no rush.” Violet said calmly.

Amelia still had the black pencil in her hands and wrote Penny, Derek, the dinner party, Mer. She changed the color to blue Owen, surgeries, Edwards.

Amelia kept going with the blue when she wrote words about LA. Family, practice, fun, laugh, enjoy, love, ocean, friendships.

Then she stopped. Amelia put the blue pencil slowly on the table and took the black one again. Violet was already expecting that.

Amelia started writing slowly. Patient, my baby, flipping out, no control, the car crash, no memory about what happened. The biggest word she wrote was THE CHAIR.

Amelia threw the pencil on the table and sighed. “I’m done.”

“Great.” Violet smiled. “Do you mind if I read it?”

“Nope. Go ahead.” Amelia said.

Violet took the paper from the table and started analyzing it. “I can see you draw very well.”

“Thanks.” Amelia said without any emotions.

“Should I ask you questions about what you’ve drawn or do you want to tell me yourself?”

“I’ll tell you.”

“Okay.” Violet smiled and handed the paper to Amelia.

“So, with the woods my first memory is from after my first rehab. I took up with running till I got hit by a minivan. I could go for miles because there was no one to blame or judge me. I felt happy there. But after ending up at the hospital I started using again.”

“Okay. That’s good, Amelia. What’s the next picture about?”

“Okay. That’s good, Amelia. What’s the next picture about?”

“It’s Owen’s trailer. We kissed for the first time in front of it. I took a sparkling lime water with me because I don’t drink.” Amelia smiled to the memory. “So, I told him I have no game and was about to leave. Owen called out if I want some too but I yelled back that I’m not thirsty. Owen ran after me and told me to stop walking. We looked in the eyes and he told me “I’m going to kiss you now, so don’t say anything.” It was seriously the hottest kiss I’ve ever had.” Amelia laughed and so did Violet. “When we pulled apart he said that I can go home now. I felt awkward because we hadn’t said anything about having feelings towards each other but we both had them.” Amelia smiled again.

“That’s seriously very romantic.” Violet smiled too.

“So the next thing is that tree. It’s the view from the dream house porch.”

“What’s the dream house?” Violet asked.

“We call it the house what Derek built for Mer. She sold the house after Derek died and now we live in her mom’s house.”

“Okay but why did you decide to draw that view?”

“It was my hiding spot. I loved to watch that old tree and think how much it had been through. All the storms and very hot days, all the damage people have done to that place and the kids playing around it. It just calmed me down. But then they shut out that tree and I had no hiding spot anymore. Mer left with the kids, Owen went to the army, Derek was gone and they even took the tree from me.” Amelia said coldly.

“Is that why you striked through these names and words?”


“Did you write oxy there too?”

“Yes. It was when Owen came back. Richard, he goes to AA too, was worried about me after everyone left and I basically lived at the hospital. He invited me for a coffee but I started yelling at him and then Owen showed up. I got oxy and went to the porch. I was deciding if I’ll take it or not. Again, Owen showed up and he made me feel all that pain and grief. So I didn’t relapse, he saved me.”

“He does change you a lot.”

“I guess.” Amelia responded.

“Do you think some of those problems still haunt you?” Violet asked.

“It still hurts of course to think about Derek and once in awhile it gets very hard but I push it through.” Amelia left the nightmares out because she knows Violet will ask about them too but she’s not in the mood to talk about them.

“How’s your sobriety going?”

“It’s been okay. People at the hospital know I’m the junky, so.”

“Still no filter, huh?” Violet said and they both laughed. “You can use the words on the paper but you don’t have to. I’d like to hear about what happened in Seattle.”

“Umm, we had a dinner party with Mer and Maggie. Callie, she’s in ortho, invited her new girlfriend to meet us because she’s working with us now. That resident, her girlfriend, came from the same hospital where Derek died. Meredith knew her from the beginning but she said nothing to me. I even hugged that killer.” Amelia was disgusted.

“Why do you blame her?”

“Ha, why? She killed my brother. Penny killed him. He should’ve had the head CT but they didn’t make it. Penny, ughh even that name is just horrible to say. Well she told us she thought Derek needed it but the attendings said there’s no need. She just…” Amelia was definitely worked up now.

“She what?” Violet pushed her more.

“Doesn’t matter.” Amelia said coldly and crossed her arms.

A paus

“Okay. What feelings did that little boy bring back?”

“Can I just go?”

“We’re not done yet, Amelia.” Violet said calmly.

“Oh, I think we are.” Amelia started pushing herself towards the door.

“Amelia, why you run?”

Amelia stopped and turned her chair, so she was facing Violet once again. “That’s a really good joke, you know.” She turned around again.

“Amelia, we’re all here to help you.”

“Why don’t you all just step back and leave me alone?” Amelia said angrily.

My Headcanons #10

Ren is a big gamer.

Though he never played video games much growing up, because well, he and Nora grew up with basically nothing.

Over break from school Yang invited everyone to her dad’s house to play video games and that’s when Ren realized his love for gaming.


‘How Old are You?’ (2014) is important because it’s a successful (Malayalam) Indian movie that sheds light on the sexist ageism that is still rampant in Indian society

  • Someone decides that this year, they’re gonna let the Brownies handle some of the cooking. They leave out a turkey, and various spices. Nothing sweet of any kind. The next morning, they find that they have still, somehow, managed to turn it into a dessert.
  • Kendra and Warren having a pie-baking contest. The result is that everyone present basically has their own pie.
  • Seth talks the grandparents into inviting Newel and Doren. They try to tell the story of the first Thanksgiving. Bracken, who was locked in Living Mirage at the time of the actual event, believes them.
  • Grandma Sorenson has one too many glasses of wine, gets slightly drunker than she ever intended to, and everyone has to pretend they don’t notice. It’s completely hilarious.
  • Vanessa has completely mad cooking skills that nobody knew about
  • Vanessa uses the turkey carving to demonstrate different methods of self defense in close combat with a small knife.
  • Hugo is given a mud pie. He promptly places it on his head.

I just remembered a story about that sister that said her schizophrenic brother was actually possessed.

So there’s a family in my congregation that has three kids of different age groups. The mom throws a lot of parties so that her kids can spend time with their friends outside of meetings, which I applaud. One of those parties was a fake prom that basically everyone was invited to, but it was aimed at the teenaged girls.

Anyway, the sister was invited, because everyone was, and the host had asked if anyone had requests for songs before the date if the party.

I found out while dancing pretty late into the party from the oldest daughter of the host, who was very involved in the planning, that several people had asked for Michael Jackson songs, but that the sister had asked that they not be played.

I’m sure we all know why.

But like, honestly? I get not listening to thriller because it’s “spiritistic” or whatever, but the rest of his music should be judged separately? And I don’t listen to much MJ, so I don’t know much about the music, but I’m sure there are plenty of songs that are fine?

If we stopped listening to every artist that was a “bad influence” we’d only be able to listen to WT music. Which I’m sure is the end goal anyway, but still.

Mod Void

When you are already feeling sad, angry, and frustrated because it seems like with the exception of you, basically everyone and their brother was invited to one of the Rep fan events the past few weeks. Then, BAM, your phone blows up with friends telling you to get to a specific Target in your city because Taylor Alison Swift is there buying her new cd and meeting fans. You have literally just pulled up in your driveway from work and it would take at least an hour in this traffic to get back to that Target. Never mind this is the Target you shop at most. In fact, you were just there the day before and you were there release day buying merch and taking photos. Swift leaves Target ten minutes after my phone blowing up with notifications. This is the story of my life. I can’t make this stuff up. I have had more near misses with possibly meeting Swift over these almost eleven years than Gerber has baby food. Another chance bites the dust. I will say this: I hope with a passion Tay has left the city already. I can’t take these pop up appearances. A person could have a heart attack rounding a corner of the music department at Target and literally running into Shifty Swifty in the flesh.

Genesis members at their birthday parties!
  • Tony: a little embarrassed that everyone is making a fuss about his birthday, especially when the naked roadie brings him the cake, but he takes it all in good grace.
  • Peter: is actually the naked roadie. Or the dancer that pops out of the cake. He just wanted an excuse to dance naked at his own party.
  • Mike: so glad that all his friends could be there with him. Makes a lot of jokes about being old, but drinks enough wine for a much younger man.
  • Phil: pretends to be grumpy about being a year older, but is actually very gleeful and giggly at the party! Mostly, he just wanted to eat lots of cake. :)
  • Steve: invited Daryl, Chester, Ant, their families, and basically everyone who was involved with Genesis ever, because they are so important and he didn't want any of them to be left out!

Neil’s graduation

  • Neil is both excited and nervous because the Foxhole Court is his home but he’s also excited to join his new professional team
  • with the permission of Neil, Dan invites basically everyone Neil knows
  • Wymack, Abby and Bee are of course there
  • and Wymack looks like such a proud dad even though he tries to hide it
  • all the old foxes clear their entire weekends so that they can be there for the graduation ceremony and can celebrate with neil the rest of the weekend
  • Neil is pacing around his apartment already in his cap and gown when Andrew walks in 
  • “I can’t believe I’m graduating! Oh Andrew what if I fall when I’m getting my diploma?” 
  • Andrew just rolls his eyes and takes a bunch of pictures of Neil in his cap and gown 
  • Then some more with Neil and the cats 
  • He says he’s taking the pictures because dan would be annoyed if he didn’t but let’s be real Andrew thinks Neil looks adorable and needs to document it 
  • All the foxes are there by the time Andrew and Neil arrive at the graduation hall 
  • They all hug Neil and send him on his way to stand in line 
  • As Neil gets closer to the head of the line all the foxes arrange them selves in order 
  • Matt, Nicky, Dan and Allison are holding up a sign that spells Neil’s name
  • Renee and Kevin are holding a banner that says “Congratulations Neil” curtesy of Allison 
  • Andrew was gonna bring an air horn but after a stern warning from Wymack he refrains from bringing it
  • When Neil’s name is finally called the entire hall is filled with cheers, not only are the foxes cheering but a bunch of classmates and parents are cheering because they have heard of Neil Josten the amazing exy player
  • when Neil meets up with the foxes Matt is the first person to pull him into a hug and tell him congratulations
  • by the end of all the pictures and congratulations, Neil has so many bouquets of flowers, balloons and a bunch of posters
  • the only person Neil hadn’t taken a picture with was Andrew who is kind of standing off to the side letting Neil have his moment but Wymack forces both of them to take a picture
  • but to everyone’s surprise Andrew actually smiles and all the foxes ask Wymack to send the picture to them and each one has that picture framed
  • Neil has the picture as his phone wallpaper because it’s his favorite moment captured forever; it’s Andrew and him standing side by side and looking so happy
  • and also neil never thought he would go to a university let alone graduate from it which still feels so surreal to him
  • Aries: would wear a slinky dress and have a nighttime wedding with lots of people and party music
  • Taurus: would wear a super flowy dress and have an outdoor wedding with great food & lots of friends
  • Gemini: would wear an eye-catching dress, but not too flashy. the wedding would be somewhere cool and vintage & they would only invite people they like, and then they would post about it on social media to make the people they hate jealous
  • Cancer: would wear a simple but elegant gown and the wedding would be at a small, but beautiful venue with the people who mean the most to them. their vows would be super sentimental and sweet.
  • Leo: would wear a very fabulous and sparkly dress & the wedding venue would be huge so they can invite everyone they know plus celebrities and strangers they want to impress.
  • Virgo: would spend a lot of time planning the wedding to make it perfect. the dress would be very simple, yet beautiful, and the wedding venue would be very traditional.
  • Libra: would have their wedding at a beautiful venue with a nice view and their dress would be very traditional with added sparkles. they would invite basically everyone they've ever met, because they wouldn't want to leave anyone out or hurt anyone's feelings.
  • Scorpio: would want a very non-traditional wedding & would wear a black dress or something equally unique. the venue would be somewhere very cool & dramatic, like in the mountains, and they would be surrounded by close friends and family.
  • Sagittarius: would spontaneously elope in another country & they probably wouldn't even buy a wedding dress because all they care about is that they get to spend the rest of their life with the person they love.
  • Capricorn: would have a traditional lacy dress but they would put their own twist on it. they would invite people from their school and their church/synagogue/etc and they would have a charity box for donations.
  • Aquarius: would want to have their wedding at a unique place, like having a destination wedding, or a wedding in a big city. they would have a beautiful dress that is representative of their personal style, and they would only invite close friends and family.
  • Pisces: would have a lovely beach wedding with either a ball gown or a very flowy dress. they would have a very touching ceremony & a medium sized crowd.

anonymous asked:

If you still do DMC, what do you headcanon Dante and Vergil's childhood as?

Hi there!

So I actually only accept requests that explicitly are for reader-inserts. Something general like this I’m going to answer just since you’re genuinely curious. So here’s a couple bullet points on what I think.

Then after Sparda left when they were 8, they were on the run a lot. Eva had a lot on her plate trying to keep the boys afloat- Sparda’s funds were rapidly depleting from all of the different cities they had to travel to. It’s not like Eva had a reliable family network either, since when she married Sparda that basically invites all kinds of demon hell to murder everyone you know.

Dante and Vergil themselves were raised as happy go lucky children that didn’t really fully comprehend their mother’s situation. Dante always viewed his mother as someone that just “worked hard”- not worked until she was so stressed out she could hardly sleep at night. She did her best to put up a strong face. It’s probably why Eva’s death scars Dante so much, since she was “so strong” before. Vergil has similar feelings, but was slightly more observant about their mother, and probably had some interpretations on what happened to their father. Dante believed Sparda left them, like your typical abandoning-shitty-dad.

Things very rapidly go to shit when Eva herself dies, and the boys cling to each other to stay alive. They become thieves and basically have to fend off the very demons that are hunting them. They have no money- they have to steal and so on. Eventually they manage to open a “mercenary” business when demon attacks become so common they can actually profit on it- this is in their teens. And then something happened. And they separated.

Hope that’s a good enough answer. :)

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Why do you think Ten could be demisexual? It's a VERY interesting theory and I actually really wanna hear more about it.


not long after i learned about the concept of demisexuality, and gravitated towards it as an identity for myself, i started to realize how fitting it would also be as an identity for the tenth doctor. i gave it a lot of thought and did some research, and after all was said and done, for at least a year and a half or so now, i’ve strongly believed ten is as demi as they come, both in the sexual and romantic sense. 

i’ve never really been vocal about this theory, because in many circles (whether it be allo or lgbt or even ace, believe it or not) demisexuality isn’t even accepted as a real thing. but now that i’ve received enthusiastic support before even posting this answer, i feel confident that many of the points i am about to make will resonate with many of you in the d/r fandom.

*rubs hands together*

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i really like to think that when Stiles gets his first boyfriend, he’s kinda low key about it but gains confidence when malia keep asking the dude to hang out with her so she can “bond” with him properly, and when scott keeps inviting him to group outings, and when basically everyone acts like it’s no big deal and the most normal thing in the world. even JACKSON or someone equally baffling.

except derek.

derek is.


he’s a douche.

there’s just no way around it.

when he talks about it, he speaks the word “boyfriend” like it’s some kind of new venereal disease. he’s back to frowns and very long silences, and he’s basically very awkward and the worst to be around.

and stiles hates it, but like, whatever, derek’s an asshole, big fucking whoop, news at 11. so he slowly but surely lets their new and fragile relationship go to waste and stops hanging out with him.

“you coming to derek’s place, tonight? we’re gonna go over some plan of attack for the trolls,” scott asks distractedly one day at lunch.

“no, i’m seeing adam.”

“he can come too,” scott shrugs, like no big deal.

“no, i really don’t feel like dealing with derek’s disapproving eyebrows tonight. seriously, the dude is a werewolf! you’d think he’d be a little more accepting of—but whatever,” stiles says.


“scott. derek is like, a major homophobe. he never looks at adam, barely acknowledges him. and he looks at me like—like he’s, i don’t know, grossed out,” stiles explains, nervously ripping a piece of paper to shreds, “but whatever you know. i just don’t want to deal with it. i already have enough problems with adam himself.”

scott stops his nervous fidgeting with both hands. “stop making confetti out of my notebook.”

stiles tucks his hands in his pockets.

“i thought adam was being less of an asshole?” scott asks.

“he’s still less of an asshole than derek, but yeah. i don’t think—i don’t know. let’s just say derek will probably be thrilled to know i’m being dumped tonight.”

“you don’t know that,” scott huffs, scandalized. “don’t—don’t worry about derek. he’s—weird. i promise it has nothing to do with the gay—i mean the bisexual thing.”

stiles just gives him a look.

turns out stiles does get dumped that night, and turns out derek’s mood DOES improve. weeks pass and stiles keeps looking across the room at scott when derek is here, making silent conversation with him with the sheer intensity of his eyes and the twists of his mouth, like “YOU SEE WHAT I MEAN? RAGING BIGOT WEREWOLF ASSHOLE DEREK JUST SMILED AT ME FOR THE FIRST TIME IN A MONTH!!!!! I NEVER GOT SMILES WHEN I WAS BEING GAY KISSED BY MY GAY BOYFRIEND.”

and scott’s eyebrows do a little thing where they dip to the side of his face making him look like a sad labrador. he telepathically tells stiles to calm down and wait a second. stiles receives the message and does just that; crosses his arms and puts on an ANGRY face that he hopes doesn’t look too much like a cute pout.

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