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i got into kpop when i was young, 11-12. as i left anime and delved into kpop, i grew disgustingly ignorant - basically the epitome of a koreaboo. i told myself (and everyone around me) that i was "blackanese" and wanted to marry an asian man. i accessorized the language constantly. i told my younger brothers to call me "noona." i even gave myself a korean name. (this is just to name a few, i regret this part of my life honestly.) it's been almost 7 years now and i can say i've grown (1/2)

tremendously since then. i’ve learned that all of my actions were racist and wrong. but sometimes i feel like i still fetishize lightly? i imagine being w/ korean men, other poc, even white men. ik fetishizing is wrong given what we see in kpop is mere fantasy. whenever it happens, i start to hate myself because the mentality is gross. but it rooted in me at a young age, so sometimes it still happens. is this something any of the admins or bkf followers have dealt with? do you have any advice?

You cannot fetishize white people (or at least not quite like how poc are fetishized), but besides that, I would say that you just have to drill in your head that people are people and that idealizing them is harmful. 

I’m not sure if that’s advice because it’s kind of vague but does anyone else have suggestions for this anon?

-Admin Kim 

I’m not sure why I edited this… then again the scene was exactly like this but the panels were changed so, is really not that different, lol.

Letting My Guards Down

I want more people to get to know me as a whole person and that includes not leaving the fact that I have Crohn’s Disease. I already know in my head that I am going to be telling at least two or three more people that I know I can trust with it. I would never thought I would see the day again where I am taking the plunge into telling new people and see where it goes from there. I kept telling myself that it had to remain a secret, but I should keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be something that I keep from basically everyone around me. I want more people to get a sense of who I am and how Crohn’s Disease impacts my life. It is weird to me how something so insanely scary for me has now become something that I am truly overcoming. I don’t have to feel like I have to cover up how I am feeling all the time and I can actually express my true feelings as it relates to my disease to some people. 

The people that are so quick to judge me based on my exterior are the people that I wish to never know. The people that do not crack jokes about my weight or my body in general are the ones I have been thinking about telling. I have certainly liked being able to discuss how I am really feeling to people that know I have Crohn’s Disease. I encourage my Fellow IBDers out there to tell someone new this year. I never thought I would be in the place I am in now where I feel okay enough to tell someone and educate more people. I don’t have sit there and wear my I am fine mask in front of nearly everyone anymore. I can actually be truthful and honest and not have to feel like I have to always say that I am doing good when I am not. Lowering my wall of trust issues has not been easy, but I think that through telling someone, I have realized the benefits of having the ones you surround yourself with know. Hope everyone is having a good day and I wish for as many as good days as possible for all of us battling either Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis.

Big Hugs and Lots of Love,


Dear Ms. Isom, Thank you for promoing rape culture and being incredibly sexist! Interrupting my school day just because you can see my legs sure has taught me a lesson! Thank you for making multiple girls change their clothes, that was VERY distracting to my learning!!! The fact that boys suffer no consequences for their short shorts is incredible!!! 😊 You really are an inspiration to us all to not let girls show their legs, shoulders, heck, even knee caps because those just cross the line!!! Keep doing what you do! (not really) ALSO, the way you teach victim blaming is incredible! The way you teach boys that they’re not responsible for their impulses is just the greatest, please keep doing it! You’re the best! From, Anonymous

okay so i thought of another stucky au

this time modern!bucky and 1940′s!cap

so bucky runs in to steve, just fresh out of the ice but before the battle of new york, somewhere in SHIELD headquarters in nyc and since bucky is a talkative, friendly guy he starts up a conversation with this random stranger and then coulson comes in to the room and steve looks and suddenly bucky’s disappeared?? wtf?? but coulson talks to steve and is all “*heart eyes emoji* captain america”

 and steve’s like “all i wanna do is leave this building – withOUT an escort, honestly, how can i get lost in manhattan all the streets are numbered, please i’ve dealt with things much scarier than cell phones and desegregation” but coulson won’t let him go and eventually leaves the room or whatever

“you’re captain america????” bucky says

“why are you in the ceiling??? how did you get up there so fast???”

“practice,” he says, which leads steve to wonder what in the world would’ve caused him to get said practice, “so is that shield i saw the real thing?? didn’t you die like 70 years ago??”

so they talk and bucky’s just like… “so i was gonna get chinese food after this”

“i haven’t had chinese food before”

“?!?!?! now that’s a downright crime

and that leads to steve joining bucky in the ceiling and bucky sneaks them out of SHIELD and they go on a date get chinese, which leads bucky to reveal why he was actually there in the first place

“so me and my friend barton had this bet to see which one of us could find out why coulson was acting so weird first, and i wasn’t actually supposed to talk to you let alone sneak you out and also coulson’s going to kiLL ME for this”

and steve’s like, “don’t worry, i’ll say it’s my idea. besides, for what it’s worth, i’m really glad you brought me here” and does that stupid cute genuine smile (the first one really since he woke up) and sort of looks at bucky through his stupidly longs lashes

and bucky’s just like (⁄ ⁄☉⁄︿⁄☉⁄ ⁄)⁄;;;;;; [internally screaming] oh no. oh shit. i’m so fucked. i am so completely fucked. barton and nat are never going to let me hear the end of this ever

because he definitely wasn’t supposed to fall for him either, and coulson is DEFINITELY gonna kill him for that

recently i’ve been noticing how inherently beautiful humanity is. like it is legitimately hard to find an ugly person in this world. it’s become a fun game training myself to notice something positive about someone first before anything negative. plus it’s been making me feel a lot better about myself. basically the mentality is that if everyone i see around me is beautiful, i must be beautiful too, even if i have a harder time seeing it in the mirror. more people should try thinking like this!

I just want to thank troye sivan.

When I first discovered your channel, which was in the beginning of august 2014, I literally felt sick seeing your video titled ‘coming out’. Not because I had a problem with gay/LGBT people, not at all, but more for what was behind that word, or what people around me (friends, family, basically everyone) loaded it with. I started wondering if I was gay myself, and so I started crying, terrified.

Congrats society, you made a twelve year old girl cry because she started questioning her sexuality.

Anyways, I started crying, it was midnight, it was dark and my family had already fallen asleep a long while ago. I felt like I was going to throw up and I was extremely lightheaded for some reason, just because I had watched a coming out video for the first time.

So I sat there and wiped my tears, nearing a breakdown, and for the next few days I avoided your channel, I avoided thinking about your channel, I basically pretended you didn’t exist.

Pretty difficult when you had just released my new favorite song (I found you through Happy Little Pill, right before TRXYE) and, again, I started thinking about you, convinced myself to watch some videos of yours since you really seemed like an amazing guy, despite what society might have to say about you, and ‘people like you’.

Long story short, you were awesome. I loved you about five minutes in, and that is nothing compared to now. I stopped thinking about what my sexuality might be, since that really doesn’t matter when you’re twelve years old, and focused more on the community you had created, the people who cared for you and who cared for the same.

Now, only days until the one year anniversary of finding you and becoming a person who doesn’t solely rely on people who might let me fall, I still haven’t figured what my sexuality is and I do not really care. ‘Do not label. Label is scary and also bad.’

And if I turn out to not be a cis, straight person, well then. At least I’ll be able to watch your videos and enjoy your music rather than sulk over the people who might hate me for who I am, since I know you’d never do that. And I will never let myself hate who I am, either. 

So just a genuine thank you troye, if it wasn’t for you I don’t know what life I’d be living. It’d probably be miserable, since I’d burst into tears just from fear over the chance of not being ‘normal’.

It’s now five am and I should go to bed. Goodnight. troyesivan

It’s Happening! Steven Universe Season 3

As a Steven Universe fan, I’m basically Peridot…

Me all day today (note how everyone around me is wondering what is wrong w/ me):

Me during the new episodes:

Me after the new episodes:

Bonus: Me waiting for more episodes like:

I think we’re all Peridot.


I’ve been Diabetic for a pretty long time now and something I’ve come to realize is, the worst part about being Diabetic isn’t the shots and the bad blood sugars, it’s really the divide it creates between you and the people around you. This might be just me, but I’ll explain what I mean anyways.

A few years ago my mom passed away and since then I’ve felt this huge separation from the people around me. My mom was the person in my family who took care of me when I was diagnosed, who took me to support group, who knew the ins and outs of the disease as well as I did myself. My dad and my brothers don’t really even understand the basics of the disease and it’s kind of super upsetting. It isn’t just them, it’s my best friends, my co-workers, basically everyone around me doesn’t understand Diabetes. I’ve had some friends for twenty years that don’t know what it means when I say my sugar is low.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that everyone should know what an A1c is or what DKA is, but it would be nice for them to know the basics and for me to be able to connect with them about it. It’s a big part of my life. I can’t say that I’m mad at them for not knowing, but it would be really great if they did.

Sometimes I see things about “ways to love a Diabetic” or “how to show them you care” and to be completely honest, just learning about the Disease will suffice. Knowing what insulin does, what high and low blood sugar is, and how to fix those things shouldn’t be too much to ask, so if you’re a non-Diabetic reading this get to it because we love you and show interest in you, so do us a small favor and learn about us.