basically every book to movie adaption ever


Hi everybody! (Hi Dr. Nick!) If you’re like me, you’d rather stay in on this Halloween weekend and watch a whole bunch of scary movies, whether by yourself or with friends, and I’m here to say: I’ve got you covered. This list is far from comprehensive, so please feel free to add on to it! 


-Repo the Genetic Opera (Netflix) Blood! Gore! Guts! Plus Anthony Steward Head actually acting like his Ripper Giles self! A must watch!

-Pontypool (Netflix) I will love you forever if you watch this movie. It’s a Canadian film that takes on zombie lore in a way you’ve never seen before. 

-Trick ‘R Treat (Google’s your friend) If you love sort-of mindfucks but a solid story where five separate stories are actually seriously interconnected, this 2007 film is a must-see Halloween flick. 

-Session 9 (Netflix) Haunted asylum? What could go wrong. Lots of creepiness. Toted as a “psychological thriller” AKA? Mindfuck. 

-Donnie Darko (Netflix) Seriously one of my favorites. It’s a yearly must watch. 

-Cabin in the Woods (Netflix) Joss Whedon makes a scary story about a bunch of teenagers in the woods and subsequently paraodies every supernatural movie ever in a way that is both honestly terrifying and hilarious. 

-Tucker & Dale Vs Evil (Netflix) As the summary says, “Life is tough when screaming teens keep mistaking you for a backwoods killer.” Not as scary as it is hilarious. I laughed so hard I cried and had trouble breathing…definitely a must-see. 

-The Nightmare Before Christmas (Netflix) Because what list would be complete without this childhood gem?

-The Stand (1994)(Google) A super long miniseries that is a fantastic adaption from the amazing book by Stephen King. Basically a virus wipes out most of the world’s population and the survivors must make the ultimate literal choice between good and evil. 

-Nosferatu (Google) - No Halloween is complete without Count Orlok. It’s a classic. 

-White Zombie (Netflix) - Hollywood’s very first zombie film (1932). It’s black and white which may be off-putting to some, but it does feature Bela Lugosi! 


-Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Netflix) There’s a full list of what I think are the best BtVS episodes for a Halloween marathon below.

-Supernatural (Netflix) Scary? Funny? Heartwrenching? SPN has it all. Hell House (1x17) is a Halloween favorite. 

-Black Mirror (Netflix) A giant WTF in one box. 

-The Walking Dead (Netflix) It’s a show about zombies, you know this one.

-Paranormal Witness (Google’s your friend) A SyFy “retelling” of first hand paranormal experiences that people have supposedly had. Some of the stories read like Creepypasta, but are creepy nonethless. 

-Kingdom Hospital (Google’s your friend) A great story about a haunted hospital based off a book by Stephen King.

-Rose Red (Google/Youtube) More of a miniseries than a TV show, but another great story by Stephen King loosely based off the legend of the Winchester House.

-Ghost Adventures (TV/Netflix) The Travel Channel is having a 2-day marathon of the show. Think of it like Ghost Hunters except with bros. “Duuuuude.” The show doesn’t take itself too seriously which is part of what makes it so great. 

-Simpsons Treehouse of Horror (Google) No better way to pass the time than marathoning the best of the Simpsons Treehouse episodes….back to back to back to back to back….

-American Horror Story (Netflix) I’m really just advocating the first season here - a truly haunted house makes for a super scary Halloween story. 

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 

This is a Buffy blog after all, so here’s a list of the best BtVS episodes that I think would be best for a Halloween marathon (especially with people who are unfamiliar with Buffy!) 

-Witch (1x03) A witch makes people blind, sets things on fire, and wreaks all sorts of havoc…just to win a place on the cheerleading team. Spooky.

-Nightmares (1x10) Your worse nightmares come to life? Eeep! 

-Some Assembly Required (2x02) Two boys use their scientific genius to make an undead girlfriend for an undead brother…..still super creepy. 

-Inca Mummy Girl (2x04) An ancient mummy sucks the life out of people to stay alive? Where’s Brendon Frasier when you need him?

-Halloween (2x06) The name says it all. 

-Gingerbread (3x11) Witches. Dead children. Burning people on stakes. Are we still sure Buffy’s a kids show? 

-Fear, Itself (4x04) A haunted house comes to life in another Buffy Halloween episode! 

-Pangs (4x08) Anxious to skip Halloween and head straight to Thanksgiving? Buffy’s got you covered! Plus, ancient Native American spirits summoning bears and coming to kill people? Nice. 

-Hush (4x10) Buffy is visited by The Gentleman. Widely regarded as THE scariest episode/villain in the Buffyverse. 

-Buffy vs Dracula (5x01) Dracula. Need I say more?

 -Normal Again (6x17) The episode that asks the question, “Is this real life or am I just really, really crazy?” 

-Lessons (7x01) The spirits of all the dead children at Sunnydale High come back to haunt the freshman class. Building a school over a Hellmouth? Never a good thing.

Well, there you go! I hope you all have a very happy (and safe!) Halloween this year!