basically eridan

throughout my impoverishing fever i literally could not stop thinking about a gemstuck eridan

probably a tanzanite? kunzite?

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do you personally think there's an Eridandiscourse or is he "pure evil"?

If there is an Eridan discourse it’s mostly people going “Eridan is a bad guy” and then people replying with “Okay, but he was doing it for X reason”, and then someone going 

and that’s basically that. Eridan isn’t as complex a character as Vriska or Gamzee so there’s not as much material to form an argument around. Plus he killed Feferi, a person he had been salty about not dating him for the entire story so there was less sympathy for him because it felt like something that could probably happen in real life (just with less white magic and lasers). That’s my interpretation of the matter at least

My birthday present to myself is the squiggliest otp doodle of dave not warning eridan about the flash in photobooths because it has been so long since i last drew the otp

Dave obviously took Eridan on a date to a carnival because there is nothing like flashy lights and cheap prizes to teach your boyfriend ALL about true genuine 100% accurate human culture things. Yes Eridan, the ferris wheel is how we teach our young to be vigilant. We take them in one every day until they know all about the layout of the land around it.

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I'd like to see more of him and Mituna before his accident. I mean I have the feeling Mituna was a douche with Cronus but after things changed between these two. Of course I admire Cronus a lot even if he dresses like a greaser. Also I love your blog! The best blog ever about Cronus!

boy oh boy these two sure are the bestest of friends. 

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~●●● About Rankstuck AU ●●●~


Title: Prince of Hope

Ranking index: 0,94 (#2)

Hope skills: operating the environment, changing properties of objects

(left - casual outfit, right - formal).

Eridan is the second heir of the Great Alternian Empire, he got the position because of his high rank. Technically, his rank is higher than Feferi’s (0,946 vs. 0,942), but once Condesce found out about it she said the ranking index should be cut at the second digit after the decimal point, thus making them equal and allowing Feferi to become the main heiress.

Despite being good friends with Feferi, Eridan always felt like he was in an unfair competition against her, and tries to win Condesce over by supporting all her politics. Like her, he is proud to be a seadweller and is prejudiced against humans (with exceptions for Jade, John and sometimes Jake).

Before the Class trial he wanted to become a Horrorterror fighter like his ancestor Dualscar (who mysteriously disappeared years ago and whose Ahab’s Crosshairs Eridan is currently using), and was focused on training with using firearms and his Hope powers. However, because he was afraid of humiliation, he refused to join any studying groups and was self-taught. He preferred to train in the Horrorterror forest, since nobody would see him there; and this is where he firstly met Sollux and then the Magenta Shadows group.

Later, after Feferi convinces him to join the rebellion, he becomes a double agent, pretending to serve Condesce and passing the information about her plans to Feferi.

The purple streak in his hair is a result of experimenting with Hope powers on himself when he was a child - he can’t change it back.

The stars on his sash are in the form of Aquarius constellation, the four biggest are insignia for achievements in military training.

Original Drafts

Alright here was the original plan I had going on for the story, as requested. Like i said, this wasn’t written properly since this wasn’t the format I’d originally be posting it in. It is PRETTY LONG so I’ll tell you guys now the estimated reading time is about 8 minutes average. 10 if you wanna be fancy and round it off. theres also another post i will make later. the sketches!

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Okay rant time. So my friend was Eridan. What annoys me the most is did Karkat forget that trolls live in a cannibalistic, murderous society? Murder is probably far more common on Alternia than hugging someone. They literally have a type of sauce called Grub Sauce…. Grub sauce is basically the blood of their babies…. And Karkat is going to attack Eridan for killing Kanaya and Feferi? … Now yes I get that they were his friends but Vriska killed Tavros and was involved in the death of Aradia and Gamzee choked Equius to death, brutally beat Nepeta to death, and stored dismembered body parts in a fridge, even Terezi stabbed Vriska to death… So would this Karkat attack Vriska or Gamzee or Terezi the same way? Or is this some already established disposition this Karkat has towards Eridans? Neither of them have starters or modifiers so it isn’t like he was acting this way to suffice a plot. He joined with an Eridan basically to be a dick. So I wonder how many Eridan’s have encountered this bullshit. Moral of the story. If you don’t like certain characters don’t have them selected to roleplay with. You are just trying to start problematic frustrating bullshit. If you are looking to have a roleplay like this confirm it is okay with the roleplay partner or have a starter and mod to give people a heads up. Don’t just join and immediately act like a cock to someone. Sorry but this is the prime behavior that annoys me.

erisol/arafef au bc I am trash

OK SO royalty Arafef and Erisol AU where they’re all royalty and Aradia and Sollux and Feferi and Eridan are married, and Feferi and Sollux are best friends in the AU so they talk one day and are like “Yo this marriage is not working” so they kinda vent to each other about it and then Sollux suggests “hey, why don’t we switch partners for a month and see how that works?”

And Aradia and Feferi like get along instantly while Sollux and Eridan are basically constantly at each others throats until like the end of the month and they’re both like “FUCK I AM STARTING TO FALL FOR THIS ASSHOLE”

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why did eridan kill feferi, kayana, and her egg thingy? i neverunderstood like did he get all poed and just like " screw it lets kill my friends!, ya that sounds good"

he literally says why though?? do people even read the pesterlogs


  • eridan decides only way to survive is to join jack noir
  • eridan asks feferi to join him, feferi refuses
  • sollux realizes he has to stop eridan and challenges him to a duel, get’s KO’d
  • feferi gets mad and attacks eridan, eridan kills feferi
  • kanaya gets mad and attacks eridan, eridan kills kanaya
  • kanaya later comes back and takes revenge in what may very well be the greatest sequence of panels in the entire comic

like. eridan basically came up to sollux and said like “i’m going to join jack (and get everyone on the meteor killed as a result by leaving my scent tracing back to the meteor) and i’m taking your girlfriend with me and don’t try to argue with me about it or i’ll slit your throat” and solluxs reaction was “wow now i have to kill you to make sure you don’t get everyone else killed that pretty lame i was going to take a nap” and eridan apologists are so dumb they accuse sollux of being overly violent and aggressive and “provoking” eridan like i’m sorry your favorite character is a genocidal moron who doesn’t listen to anyone else but i’m not going to tolerate u blaming sollux for his flaws