basically crying at this bit omg

Taeyong as your soulmate (Soulmate AU!)

I dunno, this is a new blog and I’m super confused😂 Well I just wanted to say that I accept requests for nct and seventeen. I’m having Taeyong feels lately. Basically, the first sentence your soulmate will say to you is engraved in your wrist.

  • As a kid, you lived an embarrassing life. Everyone around you seemed to have beautiful words engraved to their body, many kinds such as “wow, your stunning” or “is this love” (I dunno smh)
  • Well..not really everybody, some of ur friends also have shitty words like “uhm..can you shut up for a little bit” or “ur being annoying”
  • but urs is like on a whole different level, it literally said “Oh shit, fuck, sry for slapping you, omg, ur crying, holy crap, sorry” like who the fucking hell is this guy (author: taeyong you beautiful shit!). Your parents was so embarrassed they had you wearing long sleeves for years.
  • one day you intentionally slap yourself cause your bored af as well as practising for the day u’ll meet your cursed soulmate.
  • every time you see those annoying kids from the neighbourhood, you imagined them being ur soulmate. U’ll end up cringing and run for your life.
  • One day you got a part time job in a famous music store near your house and ur super happy.
  • Music was your passion and you had talent in dancing
  • Every day you always wonder why there was nobody that unintentionally slap you, WHY ARE PEOPLE SO NICE DUDSVCUVFUSJX HF!!
  • One day there’s this guy (u cannot see his face) holding a cup of coffee while taking selfies in front of a bunch of TVXQ albums
  • his selfie stick almost hit your precious albums, so you walked to him to tell him to be carefull.
  • but he suddenly took a 90 degrees turn and unintentionally slapped you with his selfie stick and spilled his coffee all over you.
  • “Oh shit, fuck, sry for slapping you, omg, ur crying, holy crap, sorry” he said frantically trying to wipe ur shirt.
  • While doing that he accidentally touched ur thighs and screamed “ OH MY GOD SORRY I DON’T MEAN TO”
  • Truthfully you were just crying coz it was too funny
  • You stopped crying and started laughing insted. “HAHAHA YOU JUST SLAPPED ME…”you stopped to take a deep breath “….WITH A SELFIE STICK AHAHAHAHA
  • He just smiled sheepishly and a second later, HE WAS SCREAMING AGAIN “ YOUR MY SOULMATE!!OH MY GOD IM SO SORRY”
  • You just reached out your hand and said “Your so handsome, Im Y/N by the way”
  • He blushed furiously “Ahh you’re also beautiful, Im Lee Taeyong” he shaked your hand “Well your stuck with me forever then”
  • “Yeah i’d love that” You said.
  • There is no way you won’t fall in love with this precious bean.

That’s all my lovelies, if you have any request just send it to me. if there is a lot of good response, I’ll write a continuation of this scenario.

anonymous asked:

Wow! Omg thats really really cool! How did you make your drawings change like that? (I cried a bit when i saw hamu thats just beautiful holy shit)

super basic concepts:

  • apparently like colours are invisible next to / on top of each other
    • a white / off-white mark is “invisible” on a white bg
    • a dark mark, such as black, set to a low opacity will appear invisible next to or underneath ( ** important! it will be darker above) a solid gray matching its apparent colour
  • when placed over a differently coloured bg, colours similar to the bg dissapear
    • ie. black text disappears and white text appears on a black bg
    • on tumblr this is a translucent grey on click or blue for dragging (unless someone has a theme changing the lightbox / dashboard) and on twitter this is a solid black. personally, the solid black is the better of the two to work with

making things a little more complicated:

  • grays that are actually black set to a low opacity will show on white but not on black
  • so by setting solid line art to the colour the grays appear on the white bg, line art can be hidden in dark parts of the art that are only visible on the black bg
    • you can even add hidden shading/highlights by using different shades of gray set to different opacities that look the same shade as the other grays on the white bg, but appear different shades on black
  • likewise, whites and light grays set to low opacities will be invisible on a white bg but appear as different shades of gray on black
  • ^ this is basically how i got the tarot card to flip upside down, though bc the cards were low opacity blue+red it was a little more complicated
  • colours set to opacities other than 100% are harder to apply this to since they change colour, but clipping layers help with this

colour changes:

  • essentially guess and check all the way through
  • need to be set at an opacity lower than 100%, greater than 0%, ideally somewhere in the middle for stronger colours
  • colours can only change from lighter to darker and the the saturation will decrease
  • however they may appear to be bolder in colour than their paler counterpart
  • getting a mid-colour to go black (for example for hidden line art) is pretty much impossible unless the original colour is very light and unsaturated (ie if grays can go unnoticed in the surrounding matching solid colours) you can get close though if you’re okay with very muddy colours. dont worry so much if the hidden dark line art doesnt match up exactly with the nearby colours on the white bg
  • the same applies for trying to get a colour to appear a light gray (ie. from yellow to “gray” you’ll get a brownish colour instead)
  • you’re not going to be able to get a very strong say, blue, to become a strong red because the colours are too different
    • the best way to approach more drastic colour changes is to find a midpoint and use a gradient, and have the first colour be the lightest of the two (the larger the difference in lightness the better)
    • the colour should be more saturated that what you want, darker than the first but lighter than the second
  • the darker you want a lighter colour to become, the lower the opacity needs to be, however the colour on the white bg will become even paler

other things:

  • have a black (or whichever bg colour) set as a layer you can toggle on and off to see how things change, and lower the opacity of this layer to somewhere near 50% to see both drawings overlayed
  • having a bg that is neither white nor black (ex: blue) and set to a low opacity so that the bg changes is possible too, and follows similarly to having hidden lineart
  • draw your sketches first and see where they may overlap
  • use [protect alpha] layer setting to colour hidden line art with the nearby colours if you have lots of different layers for the colours that make up the nearby areas, or use clipping layers
  • stay away from blending modes

I hope this helps!